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 3) EG Deal vs Sean Young

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3) EG Deal vs Sean Young Empty
PostSubject: 3) EG Deal vs Sean Young   3) EG Deal vs Sean Young EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 11:46 pm

Due October 5, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST (UTC -4 Hours)


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3) EG Deal vs Sean Young Empty
PostSubject: Re: 3) EG Deal vs Sean Young   3) EG Deal vs Sean Young EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 5:42 pm

E.G. Deal vs. Sean Young w/ Jacob Eulson

After a grueling first round of the annual King of Xtreme, tournament, Vendetta 61 marked the beginning of the Quarter-Finals, with the inclusion of E.G. Deal vs. Sean Young, our next match. The theme of this week's matches are Table matches. E.G. Deal qualified on Vendetta #59 at the expense of Akira, while Sean Young wrestled his round 1 match on Vendetta 60, upsetting Xtreme Icon to advance. It's noteworthy that E.G. Deal wrestled both Sean Young and Jacob Eulson, in both XWA and 2WWF, respectively, losing both matches. It's a high stakes match between E.G. Deal and Sean Young, a tables match, and it's starting right here, right now!

The two competitors await the ring of the bell, with Eulson standing at ringside. Eventually, after the official finishes checking both of them, he rings the bell, commencing the contest. Cautiously, the two superstars start circling around each other, trying to find a flaw or exploit a weaker body part. They may have faced each other before, but that was approximately two years ago, a long time indeed. After a long while of measuring each other, with a few mistimed attempts to gain the upper hand from both superstars, E.G. takes the initiative, throwing caution to the wind and charging at Young. "SKY" smartly avoids the incoming Clothesline, however, ducking down and reverting himself behind Deal. Young intercepts E.G., who was just turning around, by balling his right hand and delivering a hard punch to the Egyptian's jaw. The punch isn't enough to make E.G. merely dizzy, however, and so Young positions his hand and delivers another punch to E.G., this time more efficient. "The Real Deal" reels backwards, feeling a slight yet stinging burn in his cheek. Sean tries to add to his combo, briefly rotating his body to the side and viciously striking Deal under the chin with an expert European Uppercut!

Jacob claps from the outside, impressed by how his client has taken advantage against his bigger opposition. Very few people have managed to gain the upper hand over Deal by overwhelming him with strikes. E.G. leans against the corner, trying to recuperate, but Sean gives him no room to breathe, launching himself. E.G. smartly sidesteps, however, forcing "The Entity of Entities" to collide with the corner! Luckily, Deal steps his way out of the ring as his foe staggers back, holding his chest in agony. Deal takes a minute to regroup, leaning by the ropes, before going behind Sean and locking him n a very quick Wrist Lock. E.G. then swiftly raises him and throws him backwards, lightning-speedily, performing his signature German Suplex dubbed the Guten Nacht! Sean horrifyingly lands neck-first on the mat, his body cringing as he falls to his stomach.

E.G. makes his way out of the ring, taking off the apron and pulling off the first chair in the match. He slides it into the ring, where Sean is still floored, and sets it up. He then holds Young from his head, dragging him to the vertical base, before clutching him from his throat, elevating him up and violently smashing him through the table to abruptly end the match!
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3) EG Deal vs Sean Young

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