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 2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper

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2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper Empty
PostSubject: 2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper   2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 11:45 pm

Due October 5, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST (UTC -4 Hours)


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2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper Empty
PostSubject: Re: 2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper   2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper EmptySat Oct 05, 2013 6:25 pm

As we return from commercial break Whisper has entered the ring already to no entrance. Across the ring stand two men that on any usual circumstance would possibly strike a chord of fear in the opposition due to their size, but this is entirely different. On one side stands the seven foot behemoth Axel Anvil, the other is a relative newcomer named Whisper whom was hand selected by the former commissioner Richard J Maxwell. None know of Whisper’s intentions just yet or if Maxwell shall be making another appearance, but his young protégé has a challenge unlike any other in his debut. Although impressive in stature, Whisper still is much smaller than Anvil by giving up half a foot and almost one hundred and fifty pounds to the giant. As the bell tolls the two behemoths spring into action, Anvil much fired up from his words before the commercial break springs into life and comes towards his adversary. The two men collide in the center of the squared circle with a collar and elbow tie up, Whisper not showing any sort of fear in facing someone who has greater mass and size. The newcomer holds his own for a few seconds before Anvil finally amasses his strength and shoves the rookie backwards onto his haunches.

Cedar: While a relative newcomer, one has to admire the way Whisper comes head on to face Anvil with no remorse of what might happen. Not many people are that fearless in facing such a daunting task.

Dennis: Of course he is bat shit crazy enough to go head on into all this. Maxwell wouldn’t pick some weak person to do his bidding.

Rising back to a vertical base, Whisper analyzes the moment and seems to find a weakness in the armor of Anvil, coming back and calling for the same tie up. When the cinch is complete, Whisper raises his right leg and kicks it into the calf of Anvil just above his knee cap. The strategic placement causes the leg to buckle and Anvil to fall down upon one knee. The rookie seizes the opportunity he has given himself and lashes out with an elbow shot to the head of Anvil stunning him. Methodically the Rebus Hivemind backs up until he is against the ropes and launches himself forward after the recoil increases his movement speed and blasts Anvil face first with a big boot. Upon connection the force of the maneuver causes Anvil to fall backwards, Whisper showing his innate dominance even over a veteran in these opening moments. Being a rookie however has it’s downfalls and Whisper makes his by choosing to taunt the crowd while Anvil rises behind him. In the early goings it is never safe to taunt a bigger foe and Whisper finds that out as he turns around into Anvil delivering an uppercut to him.

Dennis: Maxwell has to do some work with Whisper, this isn’t the way he was trained damn it. If there is anything Richard knows it is that your foes don’t get mercy.

Cedar: Win or lose it shall be something Whisper shall learn in this match as with his retirement imminent it is unlikely we see Anvil relent on his assault.

Momentum shifts again as Anvil arises and locks up with Whisper. Pushing back Anvil uses his strength advantage and pushes him against the ropes, pushing forward to where Whisper has to fight not to fall over the top rope and out of the ring. Without warning the Australian giant releases his hold upon his foe and proceeds to switch his right arm across the throat of Whisper. The left hand follows suit quickly enough and unleashes a vivacious chop across the barren chest of the newcomer, which unleashes a howl from him.   Anvil doesn’t relent and does so again before finally backing up and the camera zooms in upon the now reddening gigantic hand prints upon the chest of the smaller Whisper. While others would be howling away at the pain after the blows are struck and he is freed, the newcomer shows his composure by collecting himself and coming out with a discus elbow into the sternum of Anvil. While it doesn’t knock the Sovereign away it does momentarily stun him, but Whisper fails to take advantage of it as Axel proceeds to grasp his arm and fling him into the far corner. The giant follows quickly and barrels into Whisper with full force, squashing him into the padding with four hundred pounds.  Backing out Anvil watches his foe stumble about before easily scooping him up and holding him upside down. Walking about Anvil then turns and propels Whisper forward in a distance akin to a back body drop, but it is simply a body slam from him with an extra heave to increase the velocity.

Dennis: Well I knew this would happen, the rookie mistakes are costing Whisper, but I fail to count out his ruthless training until the final bell as one doesn’t know what tricks he could have up his sleeve.

Whisper crawls over to the nearest corner and uses that for assistance to getting back to his feet, before ducking and moving out of the way as Axel attempts another body splash into the corner. Catching him as he turns about, Whisper shocks everyone by grasping the monster and catapulting him head over heels with a belly to belly suplex. With the impressive feat of strength behind him, Whisper rolls to a kneeling base smiling at the feat that has silenced the crowd who is split upon whom to cheer for really in the bout. The decision doesn’t take long however as the newcomer foregoes anything else and proceeds to place his boot across the throat of Anvil and choke him. Being close to the ropes Whisper grasps them for more stability as he lifts his other foot off the ground balancing his full weight precariously across Anvil’s neck as the referee begins his five count. Upon the declaration of four the newcomer relents and moves off to escape disqualification and losing the contest. Anvil gasps for breath now that he is freed, where as Whisper leaps into the air and drives his knee into the side of Anvil’s skull forcing the behemoth to roll out of the ring for some recovery.

Dennis: This is what we all should expect from Whisper from here on out, ruthless aggression, this is perfect against as towering behemoth and shall only be more perfected in the months to come.

Cedar: If he has Axel reeling from the assault, I fear what others who don’t have his strength capability might not be able to do.

Whisper doesn’t wish to give the opponent a chance to make his come back and follows Anvil out of the ring. ‘The Epitome of Excellence’ counts on this as he staggers around the ring post with his foe in hot pursuit, before spinning about and clocking him with a haymaker to the jaw. Staggered, Whisper stumbles slightly before coming back with his own blow. The crowd is switching between the two men with Axel getting far more cheers for every blow he manages to land. With the referee’s count escalating quickly Whisper quickly rolls into the ring and then out the other side where he is free from Anvil to stop the count not wishing to have neither win. Axel meets him on the other side of the ring post only to have a boot delivered to his mid section. Grasping his arm Whisper goes to Irish whip the Australian into the ring steps, but it is countered and the Swiss star crashes back first into the ring steps instead!

Cedar: The steps were dislodged from that blow! Talk about sheer power in this match.

Dennis: This is so brutal, I don’t know how to even describe it between these two. I couldn’t dare imagine if they had no rules to follow.

Whisper slowly crawls away while clutching his back in pain, but Anvil is the lion with prey in his sights. Pouncing upon him Anvil hoists Whisper off the thinly padded concrete before hoisting him up and holding his perpendicular across his chest, emanating a loud roar before charging forward and slamming Whisper spine first into the ring post. To emphasize the brutality the seven footer proceeds to push against Whisper much to the admonishment of the referee. Pulling away and rolling him back into the squared arena, Anvil follows suit and climbs onto the apron and inside the ring. Now in the ring Anvil walks over to Whisper whom is laid flat out still before placing a boot upon his spine and steps upon it and walks over to the other side while pausing to let all four hundred pounds rest upon it.

Cedar: This is actually smart of Anvil, as Whisper is losing his ability to nail the Sound of Silence finishing maneuver.

Dennis: He better not cripple Whisper here, I swear there shall be a major lawsuit if he does that.

Cedar: They are wrestlers partner, they know the risks when they come into the business.

Dennis: …Shut up already…

Anvil kicks Whisper enough to roll him over before kneeling and going for the first pin of the contest.



Whisper kicks out just after the two count. Seeing the resilience in the newcomer to endure through this so far, Anvil rolls Whisper over once again and proceeds to hoist him up slightly. Kneeling down Anvil throws the arms of his opponent over his legs before clutching his head and pulling back in a cobra clutch! The strain upon the back is unbearable for Whisper who struggles and frees his arms but can’t break the grasp of Anvil upon him. Wiggling about he can’t get out. Finally enough is enough and Anvil stands up dragging his opponent with him, whipping his legs out from underneath in the process. When air born Anvil slams downward and proceeds to drill the Swiss natives head into the canvas. Wanting to emphasize the control Anvil walks over to the ropes and bounces off before jogging back and leaping in the air to deliver an elbow drop. Or so he thought until Whisper rolls away and the Australian meets nothing but canvas as the Rebus Hivemind slowly collects himself. The two men slowly struggle to their feet but Whisper manages to get there first. Not wanting to get destroyed even more Whisper launches at Anvil and proceeds to daze him with quick repeated forearm shots to the skull. Not only from the right but Whisper rotates himself enough to swing from both sides and leave Axel unsure where the next one is hitting at. Finally Anvil is thrown to the canvas as Whisper spins around and delivers a discus forearm shot to the temple that lays him out. Whisper covers the bigger man, but before a two count can be administered he is chucked off with force. Whisper scurries back over to the behemoth as he begins to rise and applies a side headlock upon him to hopefully stop him ascension. The hold staggers Anvil, but amidst the crowd cheers for him slowly he manages to gather enough momentum and grasps Whisper before hoisting him and delivering a thundering side walk slam driving his injured spine down into the canvas!

Dennis: This looks very dire for Whisper if Anvil continues to focus on the spine. He can’t power him to submission like this.

Anvil scoops Whisper up to a standing base with him before grasping the man and hoisting him into the air with a bear hug. The grip is focused on the lower back of which Anvil is squeezing tightly in hopes Whisper submits. Whisper writhes in the hold and starts hammering at Anvil’s head to no avail. When it seems Whisper is about to succumb to the maneuver the man instead uses his remaining strength to bell clap Anvil’s ears to force a release. As he is dropped he staggers and releases a shot at Anvil, only to have Axel repay and slam back into him. Whisper stumbles backwards before turning and running into the ropes, coming back only to be picked up and spun around before delivered spine first into the canvas with a spine buster that would make Arn Anderson proud! With Whisper cringing upon the canvas Axel stands up and yells at the crowd who in approving fashion applaud as he motions this match is about to be over.

Dennis: Oh shit, the Darkness Drop, Whisper better be ready for annihilation.

Anvil circles Whispers prone form and awaits him arising from the canvas, the referee patiently moving away from the duo to avoid any conflict. As Whisper starts to stand up his back is to Anvil who spins him around and dizzies the man before hoisting him upon his shoulders. With a low guttural roar Anvil marches about the ring before propelling the legs of the Swiss native and slamming him with full force into the canvas with a Darkness Drop while hooking the legs. Pinning him, Axel holds Whisper down in such a predicament it would require all his strength to even kick out.




Cedar: He has done it, Axel Anvil has defeated Whisper here tonight!.

Dennis: I can guarantee you the pain in his back shall be nothing compared to what Maxwell will do to him for losing this bout.

As the match is now over Axel goes to ringside and grabs a microphone.

Axel: You people, you have made my career what it is. Between now and King of Xtreme, everything is for you. You may like me, you may hate me, I don’t care, but I will put my body on the line to make sure you go home happy.

With one final massive cheer from the fans Axel leaves the ring and exits on his bike while Whisper lays motionless in the ring.
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2) Axel Anvil vs Whisper

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