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 Ring of Honor Road to Best in the World Results (6/5)

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Ring of Honor Road to Best in the World Results (6/5)  Empty
PostSubject: Ring of Honor Road to Best in the World Results (6/5)    Ring of Honor Road to Best in the World Results (6/5)  EmptyMon Jun 06, 2016 8:56 am

Ring of Honor Road to Best in the World Results
Columbus, Ohio

Veda Scott d. “Crazy” Mary Dobson

-Rough match at the beginning, but picked up at the end. Scott had to sell elbow smashes that were nowhere near her face. Kelly Klein comes post-match and nails Dobson with a Michinoku Driver. BJ Whitmer forces ring announcer to say that she is the only one that matters in Women of Honor.

Jay Briscoe cuts a promo on his health, says he can’t compete. Roderick Strong comes out and cuts a heel promo, tells Briscoe to rest up for Best in the World, calls him a “little bi**h” and leaves. Briscoe says he plans to compete tonight, so it will be Strong vs Briscoe in the main event.

ACH d. Caprice Coleman

-Very solid match. ACH wins with the 450. Coleman cuts a heel promo against Ohio State, and was taking people’s hats off and throwing then during the match.

Mark Briscoe d. Stevie Richards

-Match could have been a bit cleaner, but they recovered well from a few botches and miscues. Briscoe wins with the Froggy-Bow.

Beer City Bruiser d. Cheeseburger

-Very entertaining match, with Cheeseburger over huge. Bruiser wins with the Greetings from Asbury Park. Silas Young cuts promo and bullies Cheeseburger post-match, talking about ACH. Puts him up in a fireman’s carry, but ACH makes the save.

Motor City Machine Guns d. ANX

-Really good match. Kenny King hits an awesome Anderson-style spinebuster during the match. MCMG wins when Sabin hits the Cradle Shock on Kenny King.

Jay Lethal d. Adam Page

-Amazing match. Very hard-hitting throughout. Pace was very good as well. Young Bucks interfere towards the end of the match, superkicking Lethal with Page following it with a flipping lariat from the apron. Lethal kicks out at two. Page accidentally kicks one of the Young Bucks, Lethal kicks the other, then executes Lethal Injection to both Page and Matt Jackson. Pins Page for the win. Crowd was very into this match.

BJ Whitmer begins to cut a promo about the animosity between him and Steve Corino. Gets a ton of heat from crowd (Vickie Guerrero-like). Even stops and asks if he could cut his promo, and the crowd chants “No!”

Then, every time he would start to talk, crowd would interrupt him with boos. Crowd then starts “We want wrestling!” “Shut up!” and “BJ sucks!” chants. Wow. Whitmer lives up to being one of the best pure heels in the business right now. Enormous heat. After multiple times of trying to start his promo back up, he throws the mic down and walks out.

Dalton Castle d. Kamaitachi

-Solid match, with Castle over big with the crowd. Lots of suplexes during the match, and creative counters. Castle wins with a delayed German Suplex after picking Kamaitachi up from outside the ropes.

Adam Cole d. Lio Rush

-Good match, with Lio getting over with the crowd as the match progressed due to his athleticism. Cole wins with the Vertical Suplex/Neckbreaker. Cole hugs Rush post-match, he then turns around to superkicks from the Young Bucks. Cole & Young Bucks superkick him again, MCMG makes save.

The Addiction d. War Machine

-Great hardcore match. Crowd on their feet the whole time. Huge bruises on both Daniels and Kazarian’s backs because of match. Shane Taylor and Keith Lee come out during match and attack War Machine, allowing The Addiction to put Hanson through a table for the win.

Roderick Strong d. Jay Briscoe

-Slower paced match, picked up a bit at the end. Todd Sinclair gets knocked out, Strong wins with a Strong Breaker. Briscoe cuts a promo post-match, saying that he is glad that he got that loss out of his system. Promotes his match against Lethal at BITW, and thanks the crowd.
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Ring of Honor Road to Best in the World Results (6/5)

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