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 CHIKARA "Whisper House" & "The Distant Future" Results (5/7/16)

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CHIKARA "Whisper House" & "The Distant Future" Results (5/7/16) Empty
PostSubject: CHIKARA "Whisper House" & "The Distant Future" Results (5/7/16)   CHIKARA "Whisper House" & "The Distant Future" Results (5/7/16) EmptySun May 08, 2016 2:16 pm

CHIKARA The Whisper House
April 7, 2016
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
Credit: Women’s Wrestling Co-host Dave Muscarella

Quote :
Silver Ant def Frightmare with a roll up

Wani def Jonah Rogan in under 2 minutes

Jakob Hammermeier & Jaka attacked Kimber Lee from behind and stole her crown in a segment

The Batiri def The Boar of Moldova and Mr Azerbaijan
– during the match Ultramantis Black came out in a wheelchair and said, “Take. Me. Home.”

Hallowicked def Soldier Ant

NRG def Juan F D Coronado & Prakash Sabar after being DQd because the ref saw Mr Touchdown hand them a chair
– it was the plan to get them to lose their points
– Juan F D Coronado promises to get even during the Infinite Gauntlet

Grand Championship
Kimber Lee def JAKA via Alligator Clutch to retian in her fourth defense

The Distant Future
Quote :

Team SeaStars def Orange Cassidy & Swamp Monster to get their first point

Officer Barksdale def Argus with a powerslam

That Ol JukeJoint walks out on Kondron and Missile Assault Ant attacked Snowflake

Osirian Portal def TDT (Tabarnak De Team)

Infinite Gauntlet. 33 participants. Winner gets a golden opportunity
Pins, submissions, and over the top rope eliminations

Frightmare won after Juan Francisco was eliminated by Mr Touchdown and Mr Touchdown gets pulled off the top rope by JFDC

Arctic Rescue Ant
Blind Rage
Brian Meyers
Missile Assault Ant
Shane Storm
Worker Ant
Juke Joint
Pinkie Sanchez
Heidi Lovelace
Mr Touchdown
Prakash Sabar
Steve the Turtle Weiner
Gene Snitsky
Ice Cream Jr.
Bakabella’s Mystery giant man
Fire Ant
Touch Philips
El Hijo Del Ice Cream.
Dasher Hatfield
Jakob Hammermeier
Hermit Crab
Kimber Lee
Juan F D Coronado

Encore match
Race Jackson def Boar of Moldova after he hits a moonsault
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CHIKARA "Whisper House" & "The Distant Future" Results (5/7/16)

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