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 Ed Sheeran making £63,000 per concert

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Ed Sheeran making £63,000 per concert Empty
PostSubject: Ed Sheeran making £63,000 per concert   Ed Sheeran making £63,000 per concert EmptyMon Nov 02, 2015 12:53 pm

The multi-million selling star is making staggering profits during his 17-month world tour and had already raked in £6.2 million halfway through the series of concerts.

Accounts lodged with Companies House show his finances until March this year, by which he'd played 99 of 179 shows, revealing he had assets worth £6.6 million and £4.4 million in costs, leaving his company with £2.2 million of profit.

Separately-filed accounts from another of his companies indicate he earned almost £3.4 million from record sales and royalties last year, according to the Daily Mirror newspaper.

And he's set to make even more money from his live shows having released his concert film 'Jumpers For Goalposts' which was shot during his three sold out shows at Wembley Stadium earlier this year when he performed to 270,000 people.

But he'll soon be taking some time out of the spotlight to enjoy his earnings.

He said recently: ''I'll put a post out saying, 'I'm with friends and family - if you love me you'll allow me to disappear for a few months and I'll speak to you in a bit'. I think a break for me is coming off my phone, social media and emails.

''I am constantly on my phone, texting, replying to emails, on Twitter, on Snapchat, on Facebook.

''I just want to get off it and live and drive to places and listen to music and have normal conversations with people and get back to normality. I've got a packed schedule, then, when December 12 comes, it's done.''
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Ed Sheeran making £63,000 per concert

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