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 XWA on YouTube Championship History

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XWA on YouTube Championship History  Empty
PostSubject: XWA on YouTube Championship History    XWA on YouTube Championship History  EmptyFri Oct 09, 2015 5:58 pm

XWA World Heavyweight Championship

Danny Diamond - Vendetta Episode 1- 1 defense- Defeated Razor Xtreme to win the title.

Vacated- Super Hype- Due to head injuries caused by Razor Xtreme, XWA management had no other choice but to vacate the title.

Razor Xtreme (current) - Vendetta Ep 5- 0 defense- defeated Rob Chapman to win the title.

XWA International Championship

Minkaro - Vendetta Ep 4- 1 defense (at a house show)- defeated Jared Jerusalem to win the title.

TK (current)- Bloodlust - defeated Minkaro & Justin Stoppable

XWA LionHeart Championship

Dominik Diveraz - Vendetta ep 2- 1 defense- wins battle royal to win the title

Thomas Barnez- Assault & Battery- 0 defense- defeated Diveraz to win the title

Mark Storey- Vendetta ep 4- 0 defense- defeated Thomas to win the title

Ace Andrews- Super Hype- 0 defense- defeated Storey to win the title

DC Hennig- Vendetta Ep. 5- 2 defense-  defeated Andrews to win the title

Caleb Spires- Blood Lust- Defeat DC Hennig

Noah Statski- Vendetta Ep 7- Defeated Caleb Spires

XWA Tag Team Championship

Superkicks & Piledrivers (David Michaels & Jeremy Paisley) - Assault & Battery- 1 defense (house show) - Defeated Evan Flare & Nate Insano to win the titles.

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XWA on YouTube Championship History

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