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 WWE 2K16 Team Talks Horsewomen & Cody Rhodes Exclusion, “Unmentionables,” More

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WWE 2K16 Team Talks Horsewomen & Cody Rhodes Exclusion, “Unmentionables,” More Empty
PostSubject: WWE 2K16 Team Talks Horsewomen & Cody Rhodes Exclusion, “Unmentionables,” More   WWE 2K16 Team Talks Horsewomen & Cody Rhodes Exclusion, “Unmentionables,” More EmptyFri Oct 02, 2015 11:26 pm


A collection of recent official responses to different questions about WWE 2K16 has been collected in the 2K forums. They include a discussion on what added a Superstar or Diva to the game entails (and thus why the Horsewomen are not being included), whether “unmentionable” superstars like Chris Benoit can be uploaded to the Community Creator section and more. Check out the highlights:

On the Four Horsewoman not being in the game despite Sasha Banks being scanned: “When we travel to do scanning sessions we scan everyone that we can get into our scan booth. WWE Superstars and Divas are very busy so we take every opportunity to scan them regardless of whether or not we are using the scans for the upcoming game. We want to have as many scanned as possible because the scan is the starting point for us adding someone to the game. It is true that it only takes around 5-10 minutes to scan the SS and Divas but that is step 1 in a long process. After they are scanned it takes our team about 2 months to complete modeling work from start to finish. The kicker is that the model is only part of the work required to add a SS or Diva into the game. Entrances, moves, taunts, attire, entrance attire, music and roster images all need to get developed. In addition, we need to record commentary for each SS and Diva which is a large undertaking all on its own. So, as you can see, scanning a SS or Diva is the least amount of work involved in getting someone into the game. Ohh and by the way, we have almost filled the double layered Blu-Ray media. We have been working very very hard.”

On when DLC info will come out: “Using last year’s DLC announce timing is probably a good call. We’ve still got plenty of base game content to go over.”

On “inaccurate” attires: “Hey everyone. Thanks for starting this thread. When you notice something about the game that you’d like tweaked we’re glad to hear it. I checked with Mark Little on the subject and hope this offers some clarification. ‘We submit the models looking as close to real life as possible to the WWE for approval. We are obligated to follow feedback/requests for changes from the WWE. The shorts are one thing that we are consistently asked to adjust. We continue to strive to deliver the most authentic experience possible and continue to work with the WWE to make that a reality for the fans. We make sure the WWE hears your feedback as well where it can help. Please remember to be respectful in these forums. It is hard to show the WWE threads on our forums from the fans if they devolve into name calling and personal attacks. Respectful and well thought out critiques are much more effective and impactful.'”

On removing masks: “The WWE has strict rules around how we represent the past and present WWE SS/Diva in the game. For SS and Divas that wear masks we are not allowed to remove them in game. This follows the long standing tradition that if you remove a luchador’s mask, that is the end of that persona. Of course like all things WWE there are some special cases like Kane and Mankind who we are allowed to show without masks as well. For masked SS like Fernando, Diego, Kalisto or Sin Cara; we uphold the tradition, the mask cannot be removed.”

On Cody Rhodes (not as Stardust) being in the game: “We requested to have Cody Rhodes in WWE 2K16 but it was not approved by the WWE. Much like the masked wrestlers, the WWE doesn’t like to mix personas of active roster Superstars and Divas. If the alternate persona is from long enough ago then we are sometimes allowed to include the alternate persona, but with recent history that is generally not allowed.”

On community creations of the “unmentionables” like Benoit: “We’re still determining the official standards for creation. I’ll be sure to post the complete guidelines in the forums before launch.”

On AJ Lee not being in the game: “She’s not with the company anymore and thus wasn’t approved for inclusion. This isn’t a big mystery.”

On non-Horsewoman Divas like Lita and Trish: “We’re not talking DLC yet beyond the announcement. However, [the previous] story only ruled out the Horsewomen. Take that as you will.”
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WWE 2K16 Team Talks Horsewomen & Cody Rhodes Exclusion, “Unmentionables,” More

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