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 M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match

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M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match   M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match EmptySun Sep 20, 2015 7:19 am

Due: September 29th, 2015

Word Limit: 2,000

Singles Match
The singles match is the most basic of all professional wrestling matches, which involves only two competitors competing for one fall. Victory is obtained by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification.
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M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match   M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match EmptyTue Sep 29, 2015 4:53 pm

The camera pans to the announce team following the previous segment.

Ted Cedar: "Welcome back to Vendetta ladies and gentlemen! That was certainly a hellacious tables match betwee Niko L. Genero and Azrael we just witnessed, but we've got plenty more to come ladies and gentlemen, and we're about to pick up where one of last week's King of Xtreme tournament farers left off."

David Michaels: "That's right Ted; Dante Cross not victorious in his match last week, but he has a chance to turn that around tonight against a young man by the name of David Malakian...  on second thought, can I sue for name infringement?"

"White Knuckles" by Alter Bridge hits the P.A. system as the camera pans to the ring, where we see Laura Watts standing at the ready with a microphone.

Laura Watts: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at one-hundred ninety-five pounds... he is  ”The Crucifixionist” … Dante… CROSS!”

The lights flash on and off for the first few seconds. The crowd, expecting Dante to appear from anywhere in the arena, are looking around frantically. The skylights are zipping in and out of the crowd, trying to spot Dante in the crowd. The lights are black, white, and blue, shining and flickering from here to there. But none have yet to catch sight of Dante Cross. Suddenly, the lights stop and they set upon the entrance stage. All eyes are on the stage as Dante slowly turns the corner holding his head down as he comes out of the tunnel. The crowd has a mixed reaction of boos and cheers but Dante pays neither any mind. He is clad in his black buckle ring cloak, which is a black hooded cloak, under which he wears his black boots and shin guards with a red gothic style cross on either leg. His trunks are black with a red star on both sides, and stop just where they meet is shin guards. He begins to walk and does not even seem to notice the people trying to grab at him, to just touch this man, or simply punch his lights out.

Ted Cedar: "Dante Cross has had a rough couple of weeks to say the least. Going into the Million Dollar Chamber and putting up a hell of a fight,  only to not walk out the winner, and then last week, being thrown into not only the King of Xtreme Tournament, but an Intercontinental Title defense against Shade in a qualifying Tables Match, which saw Shade leave with both the Intercontnental and LionHeart titles!"

David Michaels: "I've seen worse losing streaks Ted, though I can't say I've been on any quite that rough. I do, however, have a pretty good idea of Dante's mindset right now. After watching everything go down the drain in the last two weeks, you can bet he's going to be out for blood. I just hope this rookie realizes what he's in for."

He slowly makes his way to the ring as he can be seen slowly moving his mouth in what can only be a silent prayer. He keeps his eyes on the ring as he ascends the steel steps. He gets into the ring, only after the referee opens the ropes so that he may go through. Standing with his back to the turnbuckle, Dante spreads out his arms, and his cloak slips off of his body and slowly falls to the floor. His hair, reaching just below his neck, is wet and straight. A few strings have gotten in his eye; he slowly brushes it away with his index and middle finger.

"White Knuckle" fades out, to be replaced after a brief, anxious silence by the instrumental version of Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page's "Come With Me". The arena lights grow dim as an intense drum beat overpowers the airspace unoccupied by more than the crowd's murmurs, and a thick, gray fog floods the stage, occupying roughly a foot and a half of the air above the floor.

Laura Watts: "And his opponent... standing six foot six and weighing in at two hundred eighty pounds... from  Athens, Greece... David... MALAKIAN!”

David Michaels: "Did she just say six-six and two-eighty?"

Ted Cedar: "I believe she did, David. And that's either a lot of target for Dante to hurt, or a lot of man for Dante to want to avoid!"

As the guitars kick in, bringing the timeless-and-aggressive riff of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" with them, a synchronous flash blinds the arena-goers for no more than a split second. A dim spotlight draws attention to the stage as "The Ivory Colossus" makes his way out from behind the curtain. His impressive form towering over the stage. He stands in silence, momentarily. His chest rising and falling as he breathes deeply, glaring at the squared circle in the distance. Baring his teeth, David raises both arms to his sides and begins to flex, demonstrating his perfectly sculpted and battle hardened musculature for the cameras. Turning once and allowing the muscles in his back to ripple for the camera. His show-boating ceases for now, as his focus returns to the ring itself. Turning to face the ramp, David rolls his shoulders twice, before beginning a powerful stride towards the ring. Ignoring the fans on either side of him until he reaches the foot of the ramp and casts a glance out over the thousands in attendance. His lips quiver into the etch of a smirk for a brief moment, prompting David to stroke the front of his short beard, briefly.

David Michaels: "Jesus, he's ripped! He also looks like a friggin' ghost. And I don't think that's makeup. Damn. Dante might have more of a fight than he bargained for against this newbie."

Ted Cedar: "You're not kidding! Dante's most certainly got the veteran's edge, but he's got a hell of an uphill battle against a man of Malakian's size!"

Sauntering over to the steps, David adjusts his pace as he quickly jogs up onto the ring apron and climbs into the ring over the top rope. Throwing his arms up over his head, fists clenched and biceps bulging, David unleashes a titanic, intimidating roar as the lights come up to about half their usual brightness. Bringing his arms down, David clutches at his right wrist and flexes his biceps from the front before backing into a corner of the ring and relaxing against the turnbuckle, his eyes locked in a determined, stony gaze. His music fades out as he awaits his opponent / the beginning of the match with a look that is both focused, and yet simultaneously displeased. The crowd seems split. Not between Dante and David, necessarily; but simply between liking or disliking the newcomer.

On one hand, Dante was Dante. That would normally be more than enough of a reason for them to cheer on David. But by the looks of things, Malakian didn't give two shits about them either. And they'd be right. In the end, for the fans, it'd come down to whichever one they decided to hate less. Kind of like a Sheamus versus Orton match.

Following David's entrance, the lights come up somewhat but not as much as they usually would. The observant would probably catch onto Malakian's evident condition, but the rest likely wouldn't pay it mind, seeing as the commentators hadn't done so either.

Laura Watts exits the ring as the referee signals for the bell to sound.


Ted Cedar: "Here we go folks!"


Though the commentators are worked up over the size of the debutant, Dante isn't easily impressed. Regardless, the ensuing staredown is... intense. To say one could cut the tension with a knife is an understatement. Eventually, The Ivory Colossus and The Crucifixionist begin a slow saunter around the ring. Circling... closing in, like vultures. You can feel the clash of aspirations- Dante's raw anger and desire to reverse his losing streak, versus David's intentions of making a lasting impression in his debut- as the two inevitably lock up in the ring's centre. You'd think a collar-and-elbow tieup would favour Malakian... and you'd be right, as David aggressively powers the ex-Intercontinental Champion into the ropes as a display of power. Hurriedly, the official gets close, demanding a break. David slowly begins backing up as the official begins to count, breaking his hold cleanly at three. Barely two steps back, David throws a surprise left hook, but Dante has the wherewithal to duck, avoiding the punch and pivoting behind him to secure a rear waistlock.

Ted Cedar: "A Keen eye, and some quick maneuvering by Dante Cross to avoid that heavy hand by his opponent. He's gonna need to use every bit of that quickness in order to overcome that monstrous size advantage that Malakian has."

David Michaels:  "Yes indeed. Seven inches taller, and eighty-five pounds heavier is Malakian, and by the looks of things, he knows how to use that size. But he's not intimidatng Cross, even with all that power, and that's just as important to the dynamic of this match!"

David stiffens, locking his knees as he reaches down and rips Cross' hands apart, pivoting behind him to reverse the rear waistlock. Squatting down, David looks to take Cross overhead with a mighty suplex, but The Son Of Sin immediately halts to that plan, stomping David's right foot repeatedly, until the big man's grip breaks, allowing Dante to run at the side ropes. Bouncing back, Dante takes the low road as he dives, driving his elbow into the back of the staggering giant's knee! Chop Block! The move wobbles David, but doesn't bring him down. Determined, Dante bounds back up and throws a Low Dropkick that causes the Grecian to stumble further, grabbing the top rope for support. Incensed, Cross slaps the mat as he rises back up and begins repeatedly kicking David's leg, alternating blows between the albino's calf and thigh. Just as it looks like he's about to chop this tree down, however, Dante finds his foot caught in Malakian's grasp! With a vicious snarl, David yanks the former IC Champion in by his leg, cradling the appendage as he hooks Dante's arm around his neck and powers him up, bringing him right back down across a bent knee with a savage Leg Cradle Backbreaker! Dante hisses as he arches his back to numb the pain, but David pancakes him into the mat with both hands, instigating a rough cover. "One!" Kickout!

Ted Cedar: "A dominant cover following that excellent Backbreaker by David Malakian, but he's going to have to pull out a lot more than that in order to put Dante Cross away, like it or not."

David Michaels:  "Malakian's showing a lot of confidence, countering Cross at every turn. So far. But, Dante is a lot more crafty than his opponent's is giving him credit for, and he needs to watch out. If that confidence becomes overconfidence, Dante can turn that around on him in a hurry."

Unimpressed with Dante, David rises hurriedly with a handful of Cross' hair, standing him up. Ignoring the referee's admonishment, David sends Dante into the ropes with an Irish Whip. Far from helpless, Dante turns around in a hurry, rebounding and throwing himself at Malakian with a Shoulder Block! The added momentum isn't enough to topple Malakian, who simply laughs in Dante's face. Sneering, The Crucifixionist returns to the well and comes back with a stiff Clothesline, but the blow to the chest does little to the big man. With grim determination Dante takes off a third time; as Cross comes back with a vengeance, he raises his arm in a feint, only to go low, attempting a Front Chop Block, but Dante steps to the side and Cross faceplants with a nasty skid! Continuing the motion fluidly, David swings his leg to the side to give himself momentum as he comes down, driving the point of his elbow in between Cross' shoulder blades! The Elbow Drop connects flush. David hastily rolls Cross onto his back with a pinfall on his mind, only for the Son of Sin to latch onto the Ivory Colossus' bulging arm, bending it back as he scissors it with both legs, securing a tight Crucifix Armbar!

David Michaels:  "And this is what I was just talking about! When you get a guy like this Malakian character who thinks so highly of his own strength, playing possum is one of the best strategies you can take, because he'll believe wholeheartedly that he hit his opponent hard enough to keep them down for that long, and now he's got a tight Armbar on Malakian!"

Ted Cedar: "Indeed he does, and if anybody in XWA can use this tactic to the best of their ability, it's Dante Cross. We saw him fool Shade last week this same way in order to get the advantage, and now we're seeing it used to perfection against Malakian."

Malakian bares his teeth as Dante ensnares his arm in a scissor-like vice. With a bestial roar, David stands up, despite almost two hundred pounds hanging from his arm! The hanging weight makes the next action a spectacle, as, with a mighty heave, David lifts Dante towards him and spikes him back down with a savage elbow! Dante hits the canvas in a crumpled heap. clutching at his- for once literally- swelling cranium. Casting Cross a disgusted look, he raises the previously-barred arm above his head and roars defiantly! A moment later, David reaches down and pulls Dante from the mat, hooking him up for a Vertical Suplex. Cross fights back, peppering Malakian's chiselled abdomen with punches, but finds his assault ignored by the brute, who takes him vertical with one arm! Suspending Cross in the air, David once begins to show off, flexing his free arm. Malakian's arrogance costs him, as Dante wriggles free, dropping down behind The Herculean. As David whirls around, Dante connects flush with an open hand strike to the throat, doubling him over. After straightening David back up with a punt between the eyes, Dante takes off into the ropes. As the speedster returns, he throws himself at Malakian with a Cross Body Block! However, much to Dante's chagrin, the big man catches him, utilizing the momentum by twisting him and delivering Dante to the canvas with a Spinning Bodyslam!

David Michaels: *laughs*  "Man, Dante can't catch a break. It's like watching Verne Troyer try to fight Shaquille O'Neal. He's pulling out every trick in the book, and hardly anything is fazing this guy for more than a few seconds!"

Ted Cedar: "I never thought I'd say it, but Dante Cross is indeed the underdog in this one! What's it gonna take to keep David Malakian down? Hell, what's it gonna take to knock him down?!"

Puffing his chest up, David roars angrily at his writhing opponent, before lifting him up by the throat!

"You think your pathetic attacks can hurt me? I! AM! A! GOD!"

Seeing the shouting referee in his peripheral vision, David rolls his eyes and lets Cross go by shoving him toward the ropes. As Dante rebounds groggily, trying to catch his breath, he's hoisted into a Military Press! Up and down he goes, as David shows off his spectacular strength (benching a guy half his size, of course) before dropping Cross eight feet to the mat below! He hits the canvas with a sickening THUD, striking it so hard that he literally bounces back up onto his knees, and by then, David's already taken off at a dead run into the ropes. Rebounding like a cannonball, David drops to his knees (thankful for kneepads) and nearly decapitates Cross with a vicious Sliding Clothesline! Again, Dante's head snaps back and bounces, causing The Crucifixionist to land seated. Angry with physics, apparently, David corrects this wrong by slamming a size fourteen boot straight into Dante's jaw! He finishes this vicious slew of attacks with slow-falling Elbow Drop, driving the point into Dante's black heart and leaving his arm draped over his opponent's chest! The referee begins to count. "One! Tw-!" Kickout!

Ted Cedar: "A cover and two, by David Malakian. I'll tell you what, this kid hits with the force of a freight train. He's quick, too. I don't envy Dante Cross at any time, and particularly not right now, but I have to give him credit for kicking out there. If it were me-"

David Michaels: "If it were you, you'd have been pinned within about four seconds of the bell ringing. I think that elbow just doubled the size of Dante's chest cavity."

Malakian huffs angrily as the Son of Sin continues defying his will. Hardly a two count! Bah. Rising up, he lifts Dante, intending to Irish Whip him, but Dante wrenches David's arm around, then blasts him with a shoulder thrust to the midsection! Hoping he's winded, Dante once again bounces off of the ropes. David throws his arm out for a Clothesline, but an anticipative Cross hooks an arm around the attacking limb and swings around, wrapping his leg around David's other arm in a Crucifix! David doesn't budge, even with Dante draped across his back, and Cross realizes that this isn't going to work. Hastily, he frees a leg and fires a series of knee strikes into Malakian's skull before dropping down behind him and rolling to his feet. As David turns around, Dante throws a high kick but the big man ducks the attack. He doesn't see Dante continuing said momentum, spinning a full three-hundred-sixty degrees, until Dante's foot clocks him with his signature Return to Sin Kick! The blow to the head causes The Ivory Colossus to spin, stumbling headlong toward the ropes. Dante races past his opponent and springs off of the middle rope, flipping over David's head, securing an Inverted Chancery as he lands! Malakian's balance compromised, Dante throws himself back-first toward the canvas for his signature DDC, but David throws his hands out behind him and avoids the Inverted DDT by inches as he lands in a bridge!

David Michaels: "Whoa! That's some serious agility for a guy who's nearly three hundred pounds. Nice counter by Malakian!"

Ted Cedar: "Indeed it is, but Dante's still got a chance to press the advantage, since that counter didn't hurt him any!"

Dante quickly rolls back to his feet- quicker than Malakian can un-bridge, in fact- and attempts to punt David's spine, only for the Greek giant to dodge instinctively. The sheer force behind the kick causes Dante to fly head over heels, landing land spine-first! Malakian recovers and makes haste for a winded Dante, only for Dante to reel him in, executing a perfect Small Package pin! The referee drops to count! "One! Two!" Kickout! David explodes out of the pin, rising so quickly he gives himself a headrush and groggily backs into the corner, leaving himself wide open for Dante to drill him with a running High Knee! As The Herculean stumbles out of the corner, Dante firmly wrenches his arm and backs up the turnbuckle. After a precarious Walk of Fate along the top rope, Dante leaps from the steel coils, seating himself atop Malakian's neck and attempting a Hurricanrana, only to lose momentum inches from the canvas as David deadlifts him back onto his shoulders! Furious, Malakian turns around, suspending Dante over the ring's edge, but before the God of Thunder can deliver a Powerbomb, Dante desperately claws at his opponent's eyes to save himself! Rolling backwards off of David's shoulders, he lands nimbly on the ring apron. Malakian lunges at a blurry Dante Cross, only for the Son of Sin to grab a handful of blanched hair and drop to the floor, snapping David's neck back with a Hotshot!

Ted Cedar: "I'm inclined to think that the referee let that blatant eye rake go solely because of the fact that a powerbomb from that height could be life-threatening."

David Michaels: "Absolutely. You can blame Dante Cross for a lot of things, but self-preservation isn't one of them. Dante has excellent ring presence, knowing where he is at all times, and what he can use as a weapon against his opponent. Legal or otherwise."

Dante drops to the floor, turning to face the crowd with his arms out, soaking up the jeers as if they were chanting his name. He snaps back a moment later, recognizing the sound of footsteps coming from the ring. Whirling around, he comes face-to-face with Malakian as the big man flies toward him, shoulder checking him through the ropes! Suicide Dive! Dante goes down, but David pays a price too, colliding with the barricade! The crowd comes alive as the referee begins to count to ten. David stands at the count of six, rolling in and out of the ring to restart the count, to the referee's annoyance. Turning his eyes to Cross- presently up to a single knee- David crouches down in preparation. Waiting. The moment Dante reaches a vertical base, Malakian takes off toward Dante at high velocity! But David doesn't have time to react as Dante cuts him off, turning his attempt at a Running STO into a Reverse STO! Malakian's face smacks hard off of the floor while Dante maneuvers like a spider, trapping David in a Leg-Sling Crossface also known as the Koji Clutch, or, more accurately, the Sinner's Sorrow! Malakian flails helplessly in the hold, unable to stand up due to the unorthodox position of his opponent, and having an arm trapped by Dante's leg! Eventually, the fight in the Albino begins to die down, and as the referee hits a count of six once more, Dante untangles himself with a satisfied smirk, returning to the ring and raising his arms victoriously. Or, at least it would be...

Ted Cedar: "I don't believe it! David is back on his feet and he's gonna beat the count!"

David Michaels: "So close! I think if he'd been able to lock in that Sinner's Sorrow in in the ring, he'd have had this match won. No count-out for you, Dante!"

Dante can't believe his eyes as David crawls back into the ring just in the nick of time! He cuts the big man off in a hurry, raining hard stomps onto every and any appendage he can get do. Hands, neck, shoulders, head. Throwing a temper tantrum with Malakian on the receiving end! Lifting The Ivory Colossus by his head, he screams at the Grecian before throwing a hard knee into his skull.

"Fuckin' amateur! Take your pale ass back to Greece, or wherever the fuck you came from, and stay outta my ring!"

As David crumbles, Dante covers him, grinding a vindictive forearm across his face as he tries to hold the big man down. "One! Two! Th-!" Kickout! Dante stares in disbelief, before furiously rising and getting in the referee's face, calling bullshit on the close count. He turns back around to see David on all fours next to the ring ropes, and promptly ceases his tantrum, taking off running. Using David's back as a platform, Cross launches himself onto the top rope, landing seated to catapult himself into a backflip, but David rolls underneath the bottom rope, causing Dante to eat shit as he misses the Arabian Press! Rising up and clutching at his jaw, he once again turns around to come face to face with David on the opposite end of the ropes. Malakian quickly closes that distance, launching himself into the ring with a Slingshot Shoulder Block! As he collides with Cross, you can see the force of the impact go through Dante's body, like a ballistics dummy. Crawling toward Dante, David attempts to cover him with an arm, only for Dante to roll away, using the ropes to recover. Both men slowly clamber to a vertical base, and Dante is the first one up. Realizing he's got a chance to take the advantage back, Cross runs across the ring. For the second time, he springs off of the middle rope with impressive athleticism. Twisting in mid-air, he flies at David with a Verical Cross Body Block- BAM! David unloads like a coiled spring, leaving his feet as he propels himself into the airborne Dante with a brutal Superman Punch! The Hammer of Heracles comes down! Dante hits the canvas like a ragdoll. Broken and immobile. An unkempt Malakian saunters toward the former Intercontinental Champion, covering him with an arrogant boot across the chest. The referee counts. "One! Two! Three!" The camera cuts to a replay of match highlights.

Ted Cedar: "That's it! David Malakian puts Dante Cross away in his debut with a wicked right hand!"

David Michaels: "Is it ever! Jesus christ! It's not often you see a punch take down an XWA wrestler! I see big things in this big man's future!"

"Come With Me" begins to blare throughout the arena as the referee raises David's arm in victory. He celebrates with a mighty roar, though ultimately pulls away a moment later, favouring said arm and shoulder as Vendetta cuts to the next segment.


(I wish this was better, but I'm not used to the smaller word limits, and it definitely hurt me. I went over the word limit by 277 words, not counting the commentary. That's after editing it down from 500 I can't do anymore. Funny I planned out a bigger match than this with a lot more offense on Dante's part, but found myself out of words when I got about half way through, so my finish is mega-rushed. I guess I'm not the only one who had this problem this week, though? I'll get the hang of it, it'll just take awhile.

Good luck Dante! Still had a ton of fun with this, and it was nice to get back into the swing of things. Smile )
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M4) Dante Cross vs. David Malakian - Singles Match

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