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 Drew Goddard Talks ‘Cabin in the Woods 2’

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Drew Goddard Talks ‘Cabin in the Woods 2’ Empty
PostSubject: Drew Goddard Talks ‘Cabin in the Woods 2’   Drew Goddard Talks ‘Cabin in the Woods 2’ EmptySat Sep 19, 2015 11:03 am


The general consensus amongst horror fans is that Cabin in the Woods was a fantastically entertaining and wickedly smart horror film, one that embraced and satirized tropes and clichés. The combination of Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) and Drew Goddard (“Alias”, “Angel”) resulted in a movie that is still talked about and obsessed over.

As anyone who has seen the film knows, the ending is rather epic and climactic, which means it’s either perfectly poised for a sequel or the final period has been typed. There’s no in-between when it comes to a movie like this. So, naturally, questions about a sequel are being raised and director Goddard has let slip a little bit about such a possibility.

Goddard tells Cinema Blend:

They want to make one. I think Joss… we talked about it. I think we just don’t want to, we don’t want to fuck it up.

I mean, I think, I’ve always felt this way. Not everything needs to be a franchise. You know, like we only want to make it if we’re excited about it. I don’t care, I don’t think we need to do it. It’s more about, is there something that excites us? You know, that universe is pretty exciting, so we talk about it from time to time. I don’t know.

If I had to put odds, the tricky part with Joss and I, especially, is it all depends on how we wake up in the morning. If we wake up… I can easily see us over drinks tomorrow going like, ‘Hey, what if we did this?’ But I can also see us being like, ‘The movie is pretty good. We don’t need to revisit it.’
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Drew Goddard Talks ‘Cabin in the Woods 2’

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