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 S3) John Blade - Untitled

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S3) John Blade - Untitled Empty
PostSubject: S3) John Blade - Untitled   S3) John Blade - Untitled EmptyWed Aug 05, 2015 1:35 am

One Post by @Johnathan Blade
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S3) John Blade - Untitled Empty
PostSubject: The Champ   S3) John Blade - Untitled EmptyFri Aug 14, 2015 1:02 am

[Camera opens when John Blade is talking to some Random person in the hallway while Jennifer light stops him]

Jennifer: Excuse me John, but can I get a few moments of your time before your match on Vendetta this Tuesday on Vendetta show.

John: Sure Jennifer why not.

Jennifer: how does it feel to face Joey Jobberton in your Million Dollar Chamber Qualifier match next Tuesday on Vendetta So any thoughts John ?
S3) John Blade - Untitled Mqdefault
John: Well you see Jennifer the reason that they added me to Vendetta is because they want me to challenge joey Jobberton this Tuesday in our Million dollar Chamber Qualifier match on Vendetta so that I can enter the Chamber match at the PPV after i defeat my Opponent Joey Jobberton next Tuesday on Vendetta then I might get a chance to become the XWA World Champion at the PPV in my Million Dollar Qualifier match on Vendetta this Tuesday.

Jennifer: John can you even defeat Joey Jobberton this Tuesday on Vendetta.
S3) John Blade - Untitled Screen-Shot-2014-03-20-at-9.10.28-AM-370x215
John: if it depends on hows the Million Dollar Qualifier match gonna go when I win my first match on Vendetta in five days when i challenge Joey Jobberton in our Million Dollar Qualifier match this Tuesday night Cause if he wants some of me on Vendetta then he knows where I'm gonna be at right here on Vendetta in beat the living crap outta Joey Jobberton in our Qualifier match next Tuesday.

Blade: Because the Champ is here.

(John leaves when Jennifer Light Continues talking)

Jenifer: there you have it folks cause in five days on Vendetta John Blade will debut his first match on Vendetta to take on Joey Jobberton in his Million Dollar Qualifier match next Tuesday on Vendetta.

Jennifer: So we hope that John can win his first debut match this week on Vendetta in his Qualifier match on Vendetta when he enters that Chamber PPV after his Match on Vendetta this Tuesday.

[Camera fades when John Blade goes back to his Locker Room before Vendetta begins]
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S3) John Blade - Untitled

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