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 ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership

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ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership Empty
PostSubject: ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership   ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership EmptyWed Jul 22, 2015 1:29 am

Word Limit: 3k to 4k
Deadline: August 4th, 2015
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ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership   ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership EmptySat Aug 01, 2015 9:25 pm

The camera, returning from a commercial break, cuts in on the ring as Laura Watts is ready to announce the next match.

Laura Watts: “Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest, scheduled for one fall, is our main event of the night! The winner of this match will become the new number one contender for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship!”

Twin columns of pink smoke gush from the stage floor as “Ten Seconds Of Love” by Motley Crue plays and James Best steps out from the back and through them wearing nothing but a towel and his wristbands, turning to the back and slowly removing his towel, spinning around with his hands up as the camera zooms in on his crotch and thrusting his pelvis intensely, grabbing hold of the camera and doing wicked wicked things with it before shoving the camera aside and swaggering down to the ring with a smug smirk. Nearing his arrival, his coming even, James skips into a sprint and slides inside the ring , crawling around the mat and toward the corner of the ring, pumping the turnbuckles in shocking fashion before turning and blowing out an invisible cigarette.

Laura Watts: “Introducing first from Australia, weighing in at two hundred and thirty-five pounds.. JAAAAMES BEST!”

James Best stands in the middle of the ring, his music dying down as he awaits the arrival of his opponent to the scene. The waiting is abruptly ended, as the opening guitar riffs of a very unfamiliar theme song, “King for a Day” by Pierce the Veil hits the arena, the fans are briefly confused, until the lyrics start rolling as EG Deal comes out from backstage, met with a huge amount of cheers from the fans.

Laura Watts: “And his opponent, from Cairo, Egypt, weighing in at two hundred and seventy-four pounds.. E! G! DEEEAAAL!

“The Destiny Holder” appears to the camera, sporting his usual attire, looking like a man on a mission willing to do whatever it takes to win his match tonight. Deal walks straight down the ramp, climbing up the steps and entering the ring before raising both of his arms above his head, as James Best looks on from the other side, probably planning his tactics to beating his much bigger opponent. As the music gradually fades, the referee checks on both men, before ringing the bell to officially start the match!

Ding, ding, ding

Both contestants start circling each other, moving around the ring in a steady, controlled pattern, before they both decide simultaneously to lock horns in the middle of the ring. However, instead of locking up, James Best does makes a very ballsy, yet very intelligent maneuver. Knowing how important this match is, how he needs to win, and how Deal is easily infuriated, the Australian directly slaps his adversary across the face! Deal, clearly enraged, turns around slowly, his eyes fully widened like they are gonna pop out of his face, and his face red of anger. James, on the other hand, draws a huge smirk on his face, knowing that he can get handed the win now due to disqualification, as EG decides to push him to the corner. The Egyptian runs at him and starts unloading on him, bunching his hands into fists and delivering anger-fueled, blind, uncalculated punches at the taken aback Best, who tries to protect himself by a shell using both of his arms to cover his face. The referee quickly steps in, trying to push Deal away from the “Metrosexual Predator” to avoid disqualification. EG nods his head, seemingly a bit calmer now as Best holds onto the top turnbuckle and pulls himself up to his feet. Deal sees this and tries to seize the chance, darting at Best trying to attack him again, jumping up but the only thing he hits is the top turnbuckle with his chin! Craftily, Best rolls out of the way, running to the ropes as Deal bounces off of the corner. The Australian rebounds off of the ropes, running at his opponent before jumping up and lashing out his knee, using it as a weapon to viciously strike Deal in the face, performing a Running High Knee! The Egyptian reels backwards, resting against the ropes, before he is met by a sprinting James Best, who jumps up and gets him out of the ring with a beautiful Dropkick! Deal doesn’t fall on the concrete yet, however, instead hanging onto the top rope and balancing himself on the rope, but he doesn’t get a second to breathe as “The Smooth Criminal” leaps up aimlessly, landing with an elbow to Deal’s head, which sends EG onto the floor, next to the entrance ramp. Best doesn’t stop his great burst of momentum there, grabbing the top rope in front of Deal. He waits for his opponent to stand up. With Deal now on all fours, James firms his hold on the top rope, preparing to execute an outside dive of sorts. With Deal slowly getting to his feet, James pulls himself to the top rope, agilely rotating on it so that his back is to EG, before he springboards, moonsaulting off of it looking to do his perfected Quebrada. He is only one step short of completing it, though, as Deal impressively catches him midair. “The Real Deal” proceeds to run with him, heading towards the ringpost, before he ducks down a little bit so that he brutally and smartly smashes Best’s legs against the steel!

As the referee initiates the count of 10, EG Deal throws the Brisbane native into the ring, then steps up and enters the ring himself. James tries to writhe away, but he is disallowed by Deal, who yanks him up from his long, slick hair, before flinging him into the corner. Not even allowing Best the time to be hurt by that, Deal runs after him, completely squashing him against the corner with a Splash! The Australian ricochets off of the turnbuckles, stumbling forward like he’d been drinking all night before he inadvertently walks right into a kick to the midsection, which doubles him over. EG snatches the opportunity, pulling his head and powerfully planting him headfirst into the canvas with his signature dangerous Spike DDT, better known as Dark Thoughts! James’ body bounces up highly, like a see-saw, and the moment it drops down Deal flips him over and goes for the pin!



Kick-out at two!

James Best raises his shoulder in time, quickly rolling away as he tries to create some room to regroup. He isn’t allowed the chance to do so, however, as Deal immediately chases after him, effortlessly getting him back to his feet, before “The Golden Eagle” whips his opposition to the corner. Best stands against the corner, his head on the top turnbuckle as he breathes heavily out of tiredness and agony. With his back to Deal, EG capitalizes, lifting James and seating him on the top turnbuckle, then pulling his body back so that the Australian is hung upside down across the corner. The Egyptian proceeds to the next step of his evil plan, making his way onto the apron, before he stands in front of the ring post, grabbing both of Best’s legs and pulling them to the back! This clever move forces a massive, agonized scream from the top of Best’s lungs, as he feels the blood being cut out from his legs. The referee rapidly steps in, as this is an illegal move, and starts the count of four. Deal continues to wrench the woeful hold, before releasing it as the official reaches the count of three. “The Narcissist” is dropped to the mat like dead weight, wrapping his arms round his right chin as he groggily rolls around the ring, suffering from the pain in his legs. Deal returns inside the ring, this time standing still and awaiting his opponent to get back to his feet, giving himself a bit of a rest as James squrims his way towards the ropes, using them for assistance as he struggles but manages to get back to his footing, his right hand still on his knee. As Best reaches a standing base, Deal edges ever closer, anticipating his opponent as he attempts to catch his off guard. Right when the Australian turns around, Deal crouches down, wrapping his arms around Best’s torso and lifting him up, looking to hit his signature Spinebuster. Unfortunately for him, however, he may have given Best too much time to recuperate, as “The Metrosexual Predator” pulls his foe’s head beneath his armpit, hanging onto it like a little child holding on his father’s back. Deal instinctivly closes his free hand into a fist, trying to deliver aimless shots into Best’s sternum, but it’s to no avail as the Australian cheekily rakes EG’s eyes! “The Destiny Holder” staggers and releases James into the mat, immediately tending to his sour eye, screaming “ahh” from the overwhelming yet short pain. James on the other hand lands on his feet, gingerly reeling to the back but he manages to keep his balance just in time, as Deal turns around. “Big Jim” instantly leaps into the air, striking Deal right in the chest with a Single Leg Dropkick - a Dropkick Named Vendetta! Deal covers his chest and bends down, his torso turning into a pinkish red from the effect of the hit, as James proceeds to club him on his back with a forearm. The Brisbane native doesn’t stop there, placing his larger opponent’s head under his arm, before he swings both of there bodies to the left, advancing to swing back to the right and slamming Deal neck-first into the canvas with a bruising Swinging Neckbreaker!

“The Golden Eagle” crashes into the ground, covering his neck and rolling about, as James Best performs probably the strangest move of the night so far - he puts both of his hand in his pelvic area, seductively pulling them up and throwng them high in the air, much to the discomfort of pretty much anyone in the arena. The Australian proceeds to sway his body to the left, swiftly returning to the right then spinning around, delivering an impactful Pendulum Elbow Drop to EG Deal. The move prompts Deal to blanket his chest in oozing pain, as Best continues the attack on his grounded foe. James firstly goes to his left arm, stomping on it, then he quickly takes a lap around Deal’s body. He stomps his left leg, right leg and right arm, in quick succession, before he stops in front of his face. By that time Deal’s limbs were very damaged, the Brisbane-native jumps up, landing with his boot right onto Deal’s face, stomping it right in, in violent fashion! Knowing that his gigantic opponent will remain unmoving for a while, Best subsequently gets out onto the apron and ascends the turnbuckle, looking to execute the first high-risk move of the match. “The Smooth Criminal” balances himself on the top rope, measuring the flight he’s gonna have to do in his head, before he leaps off and soars through the air, straightening his body out before he lands headfirst right onto Deal’s big cranium, performing a huge signature Diving Headbutt, called by him the Head Job! An instant replay is shown on the screen, showing the height of that jump in slow-motion as it actually gathers a rather rapturous response from the crowd, as Best drapes his arm over Deal’s chest.




The fans all cheer for Deal, happy that he survived and kept hisambitions to fight for the world title alive, as James sits on his knees and bangs the mat in utter frustration, thinking he had the match won there. The Australian heads over to the corner again, this time taking more time and struggling a bit with climbing, a clear sign of a mixture between exhaustion and pain in his legs. Deal, on the other hand, starts to stir around, albeit slowly, as his face starts closing in and his teeth grind themselves from the agony. Best gestures with his hand for Deal to get up. As the Egyptian delicately gets to his knees, Best prepares to jump off, looking to hit his finishing Jumping Curbstomp, by he is stopped by a very surprise act by his opponent, as Deal pushes himself with all the force and velocity he can muster, pushing the ropes next to Best, forcing the Australian to land crotch-first on the top turnbukle! Best’s cheeks turn red from the pain, as he holds his crotch, blowing air from his lungs out of pain. Deal, ever the opportunist, tries to take advantage immediately, using the top rope to get to his feet, before he clubs Best in the face with a nasty right hand. Deal proceeds to adjust Best’s legs behind the ropes, climbing up the first turnbuckle and catching Best with another punch to the face, this time forcing Best to lower his head, which prompts to Deal to pull it under his arm. “The Real Deal” climbs to the second turnbuckle, draping Best’s arm over his shoulder, before lifting him up, dropping back and executing an earth-quaking Superplex!

Deal’s body bounces off of the canvas, as he places his hand on his back, arching into an all-fours position, obviously feeling the effects of the move himself, but he doesn’t feel like his Australian opponen feels it, as James Best remains unmoving on the ground, immobile like a souless mannequin. Surprisingly, however, EG doesn’t go for the pin, instead taking a route that he feels would secure him the win in dominating fashion. He heads over to the grounded James Best, and flips him on his stomach, before he grabs the Australian’s leg. Deal proceeds to place his hands around his foe’s right ankle, then he wraps them and wrenches, locking in what should be a very hurtful Ankle Lock! Deal tightly locks it in, trying to inflict as much damage as he can, as Best starts screaming, trying to yell the pain out, flailing his arms around seeking anything that could be helpful to him. Deal starts to put more pressure, swaying Best’s leg to the left like he’s gonna break it as Best’s screams go higher, his hands pulling his hair now, as he tries to let the pain out on anything, whether it’s biting his hands or smashing the ground or pulling his hair. The referee slides down, asking James if he wants to tap out, but the Australian responds by wildly shaking his head, a clear ‘np” who is accompanied by misery, as he tries to crawl to the ropes. He is denied that chance, however, as EG pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Best seems like he’s going to give in for a second, raising his hand up like he was going to tap out, but he bunches it into a fist and starts smashing the ground, succumbing to the pressure being applied as he starts to fade slowly. “The Narcissist” refuses to give in this easily, and chooses to continue fighting, using his hands to push himself up before he starts swinging his free leg at Deal, trying to strike him but every time it just comes too short, until he gathers every bit of strength into his free leg, aimlessly shooting it up, that it luckily catches Deal right in the jaw, forcing him to break the hold! Deal unadvertently backpedals, covering his mouth to check for any blood, as Best instantaneously and rapidly crawls towards the ropes, clenching into them as hard as he can as he tries to recuperate under them. Deal witnesses him regrouping and decides not to repeat the same mistake he did earlier, immediately chasing after him, as Best seems to confusingly reach down. Just as Deal ducks down ad tries to pull him in, Best pulls his right arm up, sneakily striking Deal in the face with what seems to be brass knuckles! Deal instantly falls on his back, blood apparently dropping from his nostrils, as Best drops what he held in his hand, with the referee confused as he couldn’t see how Best hit Deal. As the Cairo native covers his nose with both of his hands, rolling about dizzily, Best uses the ropes to stand up, limping around with his leg clearly not one hundred percent. Deal manages to wriggle his way to the opposite set of ropes, using them for assistance as to regain his footing and successfully doing so. Best steps forwards cautiously, trying to measure Deal up, as “The Golden Eagle” turns arund, trying to catch his opponent off target by running at him, but Best ducks down an incoming Clothesline, immediately turning around himself. Unable to run, James flings himself forwards, wrapping his arms around Deal and felling him on the ma with every bit of strength he can get, performing his finishing Spear, dubbed The Coming, out of nowhere! Best instantly goes for the pin!




Best backs away slowly from Deal, in a state of disbelief as “The Destiny Holder” kicks out of his finisher. He even tries to convince the referee that it was a three, but he fails doing so,  as EG starts to awaken, slowly and confidently, holding onto the bottom rope while laying on the ground but he is temporarily detained by Best who chases after him, miserably and desparately stomping away at his opponent, viciously kicking away at his chest, sternum and legs without any goals, only out of frustration. The referee hastily steps in, pushing Best away. Acknowledging that he needs to calm down or else he might get disqualified, Best backs off to the corner, as his adversary slowly starts to get up again, taking more time than usually as he gets on his knees, before grasping onto the top rope and pulling himself up. James steps forwards gradually, looking to measure up his opponent before he attacks, as Deal dazedly turns around. Once Deal turns around, Best makes his run, again throwing himself forward like a Spear looking to hit The Coming again, but he is powerfully denied this time as Deal swiftly steps aside and drives Best shoulder-first into the ring post! Best’s shoulder collides with the steel, creating a huge thud, as Best ricochets in slow motion, falling on his butt right before the corner. Deal immediately takes advantage, yanking Best by the hair into a doubled-over position, where Best is looking at the sky, before Deal forcefully lifts him up in a Reverse Suplex position. Deal keeps holding him up for a few moments, cutting off the blood from reaching his neck, before he plants him headfirst into the ground with his finishing Reverse Brainbuster, the Explosive Chemistry! He instantly hooks Best’s leg and goes for the count.




Ding, ding, ding

Laura Watts: Here is your winner, the new number one contender for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship… E! G! DEEEAAAL!

“King for a Day” hits the arena, as Deal celebrates his hard-fought victory, walking around the ring and celebrating with the fans, as they cheer him on.

Ted Cedar: “What a victory here tonight by EG Deal! What a match for our main event.”

David Michaels: “It was only last week when EG promised the world to become World Champion, and he has a chance to do that as he go- wait, what is that?”

David Michaels is interrupted by the familiar song of “Zero Visibility” by Rise Against, as the current World Champion, Razor Xtreme, comes out to a chorus of boos, wearing the title around his waist and standing at the top of the ramp. Deal turns around, sweat and blood running down his face as he stares at Razor Xtreme, who takes the title of his waist and proceeds to lift it up, high in the air above his head. An epic staredown occurs, with Razor raising the title, and Deal staring at it, as the final scene in tonight’s Vendetta.
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ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership   ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership EmptyTue Aug 04, 2015 11:55 pm

The bell rings and James’ cowering sniveling façade disintegrates into a focused deliberate dash at his larger foe, clobbering E.G Deal with an onslaught of punches.  Taken completely by surprise, Deal finds himself pushed back against the ring ropes behind the wild blows, shaking off the daze he reaches out finding James skull and shoves him backwards yet James is right back at the jugular like a Great Dane, clobbering down on the hunched giants shoulders, taking control and grabbing EG Deal up and wrangling him through the ring ropes, strangling Deal in a tight front facelock placing him into position for his Welcome To Electricity, or in this case Welcome To Viagra Rope-Hung DDT!  James Best laughs through gritted teeth, struggling slightly to carry such an immense human being even with the assistance of the ring ropes, yet his smile soon fades at the sight of EG Deal fighting back with one foot firmly down on the ring mat, then the other, James tries to force Deal’s skull into the mat with a DDT anyway only EG Deal plants James on his back with a barbaric shove, leaving James staring wide-eyed in disbelief at the towering monolith looming over him and Deal reaches down, grabbing James throat with both hands and ripping him upright on both feet almost easily, rearing back for a big headbutt and heads clash, only James desperately tucks his chin down and Deal’s forehead meets the top of his skull, sending both men reeling in different directions, James mustering enough wits to charge at EG Deal and topple the giant down with a chop block, panting and groping his own throbbing skull.

David Michaels: “That looked like it hurt but it kinda worked?!!  Hell it’s better than having your forehead caved in by that bigfoot son of a bitch, well played… James killed a few brain cells but hey, it worked!”

Ted Cedar: “I don’t think any man came out of that one on top, David, sure James saved himself but his head must be absolutely pounding right now!”

David Michaels: “Just two guys butting heads for the number one contendership spot right Ted?!”

Ted Cedar: “Just… stop.”

James Best groans to life first, panting heavily and crawling on top of E.G Deal however Deal swats him aside, sitting upright and both men slowly crawl to their feet yet James insists on keeping the big man down, clenching EG Deal tightly in a Rear Chinlock, blinking rapidly trying to shake off the daze as he fiercely attacks Deal with the choke, pushing his knee and chest behind EG’s head to intensify the Chinlock with every motion EG makes, bringing Deal from reaching back for James head to simply squinting his eyes tightly, fighting off the choke for what it is as the crowds boo James on.  Oblivious to their boos, or merely ignorant to the fans in general Best licks his lips, nodding to himself convinced he has broken the beast yet Deal suddenly turns things around with a powerful thrust, reaching one knee and physically dragging James up along with him, James shaking his head in bewilderment mouthing “No! NO?!!” as EG Deal beats his way out both out of his predicament and into James midsection, James tries to come back with a series of quick strikes to EG’s back yet the blows seemingly bounce off the thick-skinned E.G, taking James head in both hands and blasting him with a mighty headbutt, landing on target this time.  James flounders backwards, his eyes lit up in astonishment as he bounces from the ring ropes behind him and back into yet another wicked headbutt from his larger than life foe, sending James reeling backwards almost collapsing had it not been for the second rope to pull himself back, sitting on one knee quickly formulating a battle plan, making a run for EG’s waist in position for his Coming spear however the element of surprise is gone and EG Deal rips James upright with precision timing and James falls hard on EG Deals knee with a big atomic drop and James jaw stretches in excruciatingly painful bewilderment  “Son of a bb—“James manages to gasp out as EG Deal picks him up by the head and neck, taking his time and heaving James high for yet another ball-breaking atomic drop and James grabs at his crotch, a solemn look on his face as EG rolls him on his back for a cover and Ryu Sanu drops on his belly to both inspect and command a clear and concise ONE! TW-NO!! as James throws his shoulder out.

David Michaels: “That’s a man’s balls for crying out loud; leave his balls alone you could paralyze him or something!!”

Ted Cedar: “James with the shoulder up at two and E.G Deal is clearly beginning to find his opening, certainly in the lead I guess you could say right now!”

David Michaels: “Big knees and big balls, it’s just… well… balls anyway… BALLS!!”

rolling to the ring ropes as Ryu Sanu cautions Deal about the drops, all the while EG reaches over the ring ropes with his tremendous reach to grab James by the head in both hands and uproot him from the ringside floor in a classic display of strength, James craftily turns the tables however grabbing hold of Deal’s neck, using the very gravity as a weapon and coat-hangering Deal on the top rope!  James thinks quickly, shooting beneath the bottom rope and into the ring and jumping on Deal piggyback style, applying his best guillotine choke however EG Deal simply turns, ramming James backwards against the turnbuckles, swaggering forward a few steps before backing himself into them once again, leaving James Best practically pinned against them, peeling James from the corner and lifting him high above his head in a military press, breaking into a run and hurling James to the floor and the Australian hits the mats hard on his elbow and left side.  The otherwise smooth-faced James is a facial expression wreck, army-crawling across the thin rubber mats from one elbow to the other, picking himself up only the giant Egyptian adversary drops to the ringside and slams EG’s head down on top of the crowd barricade, spinning him around into a crucifix fashion hang across the wall before unleashing a mighty CHOP.  The crowd respond to the deafening clap of flesh striking flesh with delight, as Deal stalks behind a clearly hurting James Best, James fumbling across the barricade, looking back aghast at this big brute following behind and James tries to throw a cameraman in Deal’s path, only Deal catches him and straightens his shirt, slowly plodding towards James with Best out of road and James puts his hands up with a sheepish grin and a silly shrug as Deal chokes the absolute shit out of him, lifting him up in the air for his Grotto Drop chokeslam only James frantically escapes before liftoff into a roll inside the ring, cleverly looking to defeat EG by countout with a kick to the big mans face, only an enraged Egyptian giant manages to slide inside the ring just on nine and James begins stomping at the big man’s back, jumping on him with yet another Chinlock and the crowd boo James mercilessly.

David Michaels: “That was actually quite clever, he wriggled his ass off out of that chokeslam, landed on the damn ring apron and almost won the match by count out!!”

Ted Cedar: “This Nashville crowd not taking too well to James Best, who is doing everything he can to keep EG Deal from gaining too much momentum, it’s worked thus far!”

David Michaels: “A well placed chinlock will simply drain the fight out of any competitor Ted, you could be an Egyptian freakin giant or you could be an angry Mexican Midget!!  There’s nothing wrong with a solid, legitimate wrestling hold.  Yes chinlocks aren’t the most entertaining thing in the world but maybe James Best doesn’t care what the fans think!”

James hisses and snarls, well within his element as he tightens his forearm around E.G Deal’s throat trying to inch EG Deal back from the ring ropes but Deal’s lengthy arms make it almost impossible for him to fail in reaching things, grabbing the ring rope tightly yet James simply throttles Deal, refusing to release him from the hellish choke and Ryu Sanu quickly steps in, making it his mission in life to maintain order with a quick ONE! TWO!! THREE!! FOUR!!!” and James reluctantly drops EG’s head to the mat, backing away with his hands up in clear view of the referee only to throw himself forward at Deal and clobber him with a diving elbow to the neck, throwing EG Deal back and pinning him.  ONE! TWO!!  James eyes dart for Ryu Sanu as EG Deal gets a shoulder up, Best instantly on his feet in the refs face growling “DO YOUR JOB, THAT WAS THREE! THAT WAS THREE!!  YOU CANT COUNT FOR SHIT!!”  Speaking of counting, one thing James hadn’t counted on was E.G Deal, who’d found his feet and was back to his usual seven foot self, snorting through his nostrils like a wild bull as James slowly turns about and the sight of EG Deal startles the hell out of him, James looks to make a run for it but EG Deal seizes hold of him at the shoulders and throws him into the corner like a rag doll!  The crowd cheer as James smacks against the turnbuckles and EG Deal goes to work, the crowd beckoning him on as he unloads body shot after body shot to James Best’s gut, each impact virtually uprooting him from the ring mat, James acts out in desperation with a quick and sudden eye rake, yet this fails to deter Deal from blindly blasting James in the face with a back elbow, snatching hold of James wrist and propelling him from corner to corner with an immense irish whip, bellowing a deep guttural roar as he closes the room made with a crushing body splash styled attack and James all but flops out of the corner, but before he can flop on his face, EG Deal sprints behind him in great strides to catch James at the back of the head with a fistful of locks and smash Best nose-first into the mat with the running bulldog he calls Full Moon!


Ted Cedar: “tremendous bulldog from EG Deal!  We felt that impact from here!!”

The crowd rally behind the big Egyptian  brute as Deal slowly eases onto his feet, wrangling James up for his devastating Egyptian Pride, a spinning Powerbomb, ,yet the disturbing individual that is The Metrosexual Predator pumps his pelvis into E.G Deal’s forehead, pounding him like a horny monkey and Deal topples onto his back!  E.G Deal sits upright, swiping his face in disgust, squinting as he looks up at James Best with a dropkick which smashes him straight in the teeth and E.G Deal hits the mat flat as James Best gyrates like a porn star, crosses the big mans legs and twists him into his excruciatingly painful BEST SEX EVER, a hybrid of both sharpshooter and anklelock and E.G Deal taps out like his hand was made of sandstone!


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ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership   ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership Empty

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ME) E.G. Deal vs. James Best - WHC #1 Contendership

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