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 M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson

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M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson Empty
PostSubject: M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson   M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson EmptyWed Jul 22, 2015 1:16 am

Word Limit: 1k to 2k
Deadline: August 4th, 2015
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M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson Empty
PostSubject: Re: M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson   M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson EmptyTue Aug 04, 2015 11:43 pm

The match begins with all 3 men staring at each other in the middle of the ring. Icon looks at John then at Riley, then throws a kick to Johns midsection, Icon follows that up with a right hand to the jaw of Williamson. He turns back to John Bane and hooks him in a front face lock. Then flings him over with a swift snap suplex. Icon stands up and steps over to Riley who as recovered from the right hand. They lock up in a collar and elbow tie up. Icon overpowers him into the ropes. Icon lets go then irish whips him into the opposite side of the ring. Icon steps forward ad Riley nears him. Riley ducks and hiRiley ts the ropes behind Icon. Icon turns around then drops to his stomach forcing Riley to leap over him. Icon pops back to his feet as Riley nears him again, Icon leaps into the air and hits a perfect dropkick to the jaw. A very audible smack is heard as feet hits jaw. Icon flips backwards in the air and lands on his stomach. He gets up and throws his fist into the air.

Cedar: What a dropkick!

Michaels: Did you hear the smack of Icons feet hitting the Jaw of Williamson?

Icon looks at John who has about gotten to his feet, he steps over to him and takes a left hand to the gut. John jumps into the air with a knee to Icons face. He stands straight up and stumbles back a few steps. John comes flying into Icon with a solid forearm shot, knocking him back into the ropes, he leans against them. As John lands on his feet Riley waist locks him from behind and heaves him overhead with a vicious German Suplex. As this happens Icon shakes his head and regains his senses. Riley stands up as Icon hops up to the middle rope, and springs off with a backflip. Riley turns around and gets hooked ina reverse facelock as Icon lands behind him. Icon quickly snaps back with a reverse DDT.

Michaels: The action is fast and furious to kick off the show.

Cedar: Leave it to Icon to fly around the ring, he hit that Monnsault DDT perfectly.

Icon sits up and John locks in a rear chin lock. But Icon stands up then drops back to a seated position. Using a jawbreaker to counter the hold, he stands up and as John stumbles backwards. Icon steps over to him and wraps his arms arounds Johns waist then launches him with the overhead belly to belly to belly suplex. Icon gets back up as Riley gets to one knee. Icon steps over to him and hooks his head under his own arm then lifts him into the air and hits a suplex with a floatover for a cover, only getting a one count before Riley kicks out.

Michaels: Icon is going to have to do more than that to get the win.

Cedar: He’s wearing them down. He is dominating this match so far

Michaels; Has to be with what Dante said earlier. He’s trying to get another shot at the IC Title.

Cedar: He has a legitimate claim, Dante got himself Disqualified last time they were in a match.

Icon throws a few carefully aimed punches at Rileys head before John comes in and dropkicks Icon in the back of the head. Icon grabs his skull and drops to the mat. John Grabs Icons leg and drags him away from Riley. John turns Icon over in a single leg crab and cranks back on it. Icon starts screaming in pain as he raises his hand but then grabs the back of his head. Refree Jackhammer asks Icon if he wants to give it up. Icon emphatically yells no before he starts to push himself up to his feet. Riley comes in and clobbers John in the skull with a forearm shot and tries to grab Icons leg. Icon kicks him off and grabs his knee. Trying to block out the pain from the hold, Riley rolls under the bottom rope and out to the floor. Icon rolls to his stomach then pushes himself to his feet, a bit slower this time. John is up to all fours as Icon gets to one knee. Icon stands up then turns to John as Riley grabs him by the ankle and pulls him to the outside of the ring. John throws a right hand to Riley who responds in kind. John then throws a stiff knee to Rileys midsection, then puts his shoulder into the gut of Riley and rams him into the announce table. Icon runs at the ropes then leaps over with a massive flip dive and lands on Bane.

Cedar: Icon getting those frequent flier miles here tonight to kick off Vendetta!

Michaels: He does it so easily, remember he’s 240 pounds. With insane athletic ability.

Fans roar as Icon rolls off the prone body of John. With his adrenaline pumping, he stands up and grabs John then rolls him into the ring under the bottom rope. Icon follows him in and grabs him by the head. He tries to lock in a double underhook, John slips out of that and in one fluid motion goes for his Franchiser finisher. He tries to lift Icon up but Icon slips behind him. Icon spins him around then Irish whips him into the ropes. As John comes in Icon blasts him with a superkick, John doesn’t fall down, but he stumbles into the ropes once again. Icon steps forwards and John stumbles out. Icon throws him into the air and powers him down with a brutal Pop Up Powerbomb. John slams into the mat with a resounding thud. Icon drops down and hooks Johns leg. Jack Hammer is immediately in position for the count as Icon covers a prone John Bane

1…….2……3! (Riley comes in a split second too late to break up the pin)


As American Badass hits the sound sysem Icon stands up and the ref raises his hand in victory.
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M1) Xtreme Icon vs. John Bane vs. Riley Williamson

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