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 Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller

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Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller Empty
PostSubject: Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller   Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 11:15 am

Due: Saturday, September 21st at 11:59 PM EDT

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Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller Empty
PostSubject: Re: Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller   Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 9:34 pm

~Ding! Ding! Ding!~

As the bell has rung and the match is underway, AJ Miller stands across the ring, pacing back and forth as he tries to size up his opponent and second former world champion out of only two matches, that opponent being Caleb Spires who is kind of just looking at this as another match, not too familiar with one of XWA’s newest stars. Miller walks toward the center of the mat, one hand in the air, insinuating that he wants a test of strength with the smaller Elite One. Spires decides to humor him as he walks toward AJ with his hand up and locks palms with him to start a test of strength. Before the test can even begin, The Hollywood Highlight switches gears. It turns out he wanted no test of strength in the first place; instead, he suckers him in with an elbow right into the eye of Caleb, causing him to snap back and fall to one knee. The fans gasp, taken back by the elbow and Spires clutches his face, rubbing his throbbing eye all while The American All-Star stops and poses for the camera and photographers stationed throughout the arena, trying to get a good snapshot. The elbow to the face was a good way to tick Caleb off in the early going, giving him the mindset of “Ok, this fucking rookie is about to pay.” He gets off his knee and charges his adversary, who counters his offensive attempt by hooking his arm and dropping to the mat, sending Spires flying over the top of him with a arm drag. After the two land on the mat, Miller attempt to straighten out Spires’ arm so that he can lock him into a brutal arm bar. Before he has the chance to lock it in, the 5x heavyweight champion wisely inches his way to side and wraps his legs around the bottom ropes, thus forcing the referee to start a five count. AJ breaks the hold immediately, perhaps a show of respect for the legend. He backs up, giving the veteran the proper respect he—oh wait, never mind. The newcomer continues to make his mark on his second legend in a row by puncing on top of him while he grasps the ropes, kneeing him in the ribs and clubbing him in the back as hard as he can as the referee starts his count again.


Before risking a disqualification, AJ backs up, putting his hands up innocently in the air with a smirk on his face, acting as though he has done nothing wrong, getting a negative reaction from the arena. The referee gives him a good stern talking to, telling him that when a wrestler has the rope, he must break it, and The Hollywood Highlight nods as though he understands and will no longer break the rules. He shrugs the referee off and begins walking back to Spires to inflict more pain. But while he was being lectured by the referee on breaking rules, Caleb was recovering and getting angrier. He explodes off of the ropes and takes Miller down to the mat with a double leg takedown that knocks the wind out of Hollywood’s Gift to Wrestling and begins laying in fist after fist into his face, getting the fans behind The Elite One who has a growing mean streak. The referee leans down and scolds Spires, telling him to stop punching him, thus getting The Inspiring to get off of him which gives Miller the time to roll out of the ring, his hands covering his face as he stumbles over to his Big-Titted Bitch Jessica. He removes his hands from his face and asks her “Is it alright?!” hoping that his movie-quality good looks were not destroyed by that heartless monster Caleb. Summers checks his face to make sure there has been no disfigurement as The Elite One rolls out of the ring, trying to get the match back underway. The Elite One comes from behind AJ and pushes him forward, stumbling right into the commentary table. He turns around, lying back against the commentary table as he is slightly dazed. Caleb marches over to him and gets ready to unleash hell. This time, Miller covers up his face, not even going to risk any harm to his money-maker. No problem for Caleb, as he winds back and knife-edge chops him right in the chest, drawing a blood-curdling screech out of the Hollywood Highlight yet still keeping his face covered in fear of having his face broken. This allows Caleb to draw his hand back and chop him yet again, even louder and sharper than the previous chop which receives a loud “Woooo!” from the crowd who is encouraging the veteran to do it again. At the request of his fans, he gives him the hardest chop imaginable and leaves a huge red handprint on his chest that stings worse than a hornet attack. Miller finally removes his hands from his face to rub chest to help soothe it. Before giving AJ the chance to soothe himself, Spires grabs him by the head and rushes him into the ring, tossing him into the ring, and gets onto the apron, clutching the top rope waiting for Hollywood’s Gift to Wrestling to arrive back to his feet. AJ gets back up to his feet with a red chest and his inevitable fate from the apron awaits him. The Elite One springs up to the top rope, catches perfect balance and uses the top rope to slingshot him toward the newcomer as he sticks his legs out into a missile dropkick striking his mark completely, and knocking the Hollywood Highlight off of his feet. Before he can recover, Spires scampers across the mat on his knees and makes the first pin fall attempt of the match.


Not too close as AJ manages to shoot his arm off the mat and send Caleb off of him slightly after two. While he scurries over into a corner to catch his breath, The Elite One tries to gain momentum by bouncing off the ropes so that he can rebound and knock Miller back on his ass. However, as he reaches the ropes, he loses his balance and falls flat on his face. What could be the cause of this lack of balance? Perhaps Jessica on the outside standing by with an innocent look on her face as the referee asks her “Did you do this?” She shakes her head no, though all the fans could clearly see her grab Caleb’s ankle as he came by. While the referee argues with the Big-Titted Bitch, Spires gets back up holding his nose and walks straight into a poke of the eyes by Miller, making Caleb take a step back, losing a bit of his sight in an already swollen eye from the elbow he took earlier. This immobilizes the Hall of Famer long enough for Miller to gain the upper hand. Miller stumbles over to Spires and gets him in a double underhook. The Elite One attempts fighting out, but the stronger AJ manages to hoist him up in the air, and fall back as he slams Caleb into the mat, double arm suplexing him. The recent string of attacks just may be enough for the new star trying to make a name for himself in defeating two top names as he hooks a leg as fast as he can.


With only about half a second to spare, The Inspiring kicks out, preventing what could have been XWA’s biggest upset in recent memory. Miller gets to his knees and thinks about what to do next. All the while, he has his best dramatic look he can possibly have on his face, reminiscent of his roles in the movie industry and he almost forgets he’s actually in a wrestling match for a second. He snaps out of it and gets up to his feet once he notices The Elite One getting back up to his, swaying back and forth. Not letting the hall of famer even catch his balance, AJ grabs him by the arm and pressures into him, making him fall into a corner and immediately unleashing fist after fist into his ribs, side, and even a couple to the face, sparking an anger in the ref. “Hey! Stop it! Get him out of there!”


Right before the five count, AJ backs out of the corner with his hands up and away from Spires as he gets scolded by the referee again. While the referee scolds Hollywood’s Gift to Wrestling, he has his eyes on Spires the whole time, not giving a damn what he is being told but making sure his adversary doesn’t recover like he did last time the referee had a word with him. In fact, just to make sure he doesn’t, he rushes to the corner and gives a nice boot right to the side. “Did you not hear what I just said?!” He doesn’t even acknowledge the referee in this case, as he drags Spires out of the corner by his hair. He picks the 5x heavyweight champion up in his arms, turns him upside down and body slams his back straight into the mat, causing a loud thud sounding throughout the arena. Instead of getting on the mat and terrorizing the veteran, he stands above him, yelling for him to get back to his feet. While in a bit of pain, Caleb is not one to back away from a challenge so, holding his back, he pushes himself back up to a standing position, ready to continue fighting. This doesn’t work out quite how The Inspiring had hoped. For, you see, he is met with a boot to the gut, causing him to double over and get right into a gutwrench position. As you may have imagined in the previous sentence, he is hoisted in the air in a gutwrench position, and held there for a reasonable amount of time in an effort for AJ to show off his own strength. While holding the dangling general manager in his gutwrench, he flashes his pearly whites at the camera and winks before throwing him overhead with a gutwrench suplex that sends him flying halfway across the ring seeing as how small he is. Yet again, the Hollywood Highlight lunges to the downed body and makes the cover as fast as he can to try and finish Spires off.


No dice for Miller, as The Elite One kicks out yet again, not going to be put away that easily.  It’s time to start pulling out the big guns for Miller. It’s going to take more than suplexes to finish off Spires. He stands up and circles the body of The Elite One, who is slowly getting back up to his feet. Once the groggy Caleb is to his feet, he is caught in a double underhook again, this time being set up for an Oscar bomb. But as AJ tries lifting The Inspiring off of his feet, the hall of famer tries fighting it off. His fighting is a success, as once his is lifted into the air, he uses all of his momentum to keep rotating forward and fall off of his shoulders behind him. Miller turns around to face Spires but is caught with a back flip kick that catches him right in the temple known as the Encore getting a solid cheering section backing Spires up again after a long time of his opponent being in the driver’s seat of the match. It takes a bit of time for Spires on the ground to catch his composure as he has just been handled for an ok amount of time and used a move that requires a lot of energy, but he crawls to the ropes and makes it back up to his feet, all the while Miller tries getting up, shaking the cobwebs out of his head and trying to figure out what exactly is going on as his brain may be scrambled. Once both are to their feet, they turn to face each other and The Hollywood Highlight swings at Caleb to try and take his head off, but his veteran instinct screams “DUCK IT!” So The Inspiring has no choice but to listen to it, ducking it and getting him in an STO position, right before lifting AJ up in the air and sitting out to the side with a Caution managing to get an even louder cheering section. This time, after gaining the upper hand, Spires rolls over on top of him as the fans scream along the counts.


Just before a three-count, Miller kicks out to keep his undefeated streak of one match still intact and raise a bit of frustration upon Spires who used two of his best moves and even those couldn’t put away AJ. He pushes himself back up to his feet and backs up into a corner, cocking his leg and getting the crowd to start hollering for what they know is coming next. Sadly for The Hollywood Highlight, he cannot see Spires out of his peripherals as he gets back up to his feet. The closer he gets to his feet, the more Caleb inches his way out of the corner, ready to spring into action. Hollywood’s Gift to Wrestling turns around and gets his Lights Out courtesy of a superkick from the 5x heavyweight champion causing him to collapse to the mat potentially unconscious, but a little close to the ropes. The Elite One fist pumps the air quickly, happy that his move succeeded as he falls on top in an attempt to get the pin.


There is no third count, but also no kick out from Miller, which makes an eyebrow on Spires raise. He looks over and sees a foot on the bottom rope with Summers standing off to the side, pretending as though she has no idea what is going on. Spires stands up, pissed off and leans over the rope screaming at her as she tries to act as though she has done nothing wrong. Caleb turns to the ref and screams, “Get that bitch out of here!” Jessica’s jaw practically drops to the ground as the ref points at her and then points up at the ramp, ejecting her from the match and causing an eruption of fan happiness. She tries to debate it and tries to stay ringside, but the referee looks over at the time keeper, prepared to call for a disqualification if she does not leave. This action finally gets her to begin walking away, shaking her head as the fans holler at her “Nah nah. Nah, nah, nah, nah. Hey, hey, hey. Goooooood bye!” Caleb leans over the top rope and yells more discouraging things at the cheating bitch and in his head he is thinking how much easier the match will be without her. Think again. Once he turns around, he gets a boot right to the gut, driving the wind out of him and making him bend down. Miller grabs him around the head and pulls him up into the air, planting his head into the mat with an implant DDT known as the Golden Globe leaving the crowd in a panic that there is about to be a major upset on Spires who looks to be out cold. AJ goes for the cover, hoping to pull one off.


Kick out by the veteran, making Miller roll over to his stomach pounding his fists on the mat in anger as he says to himself hypothetically “seriously?!” He figures that it is time to end Spires and do it in style. He reaches his feet and stands about 6 feet away from Caleb, his back to him as he begins doing the moonwalk. Many of the fans wonder what the hell he is trying to accomplish with dance moves, but he answers that by turning his moonwalk into a moonsault, attempting his finishing maneuver LIVE from Hollywood. As he does his backflip in the air, The Elite One manages to stick a knee up, so that the move is blocked and causes Miller to crush his ribs into the knee. This makes AJ scream out in pain as he begins wiggling around the mat like a worm in a bird’s mouth. He rests on one knee, trying to support himself as Caleb recovers. The Elite One comes from behind him and lifts his rookie adversary onto his shoulders in a reverse death valley driver position.  Miller tries to fight out of it, but his attempts are futile as he is thrown off of The Inspiring’s shoulder and spiked right onto the top of his head performing his finishing burning hammer, possibly out cold with a glazed look in his slowly-shutting eyes. With all the strength he can muster, Caleb drops on top of him, trying to get the match over with.

(Yeah, I know. No commentary seems lazy and it was definitely rushed.. I tried to make it as good as I possibly could for a match that I considered no showing earlier today because I haven't even started. Ace may as well be given the win now. Funny)
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PostSubject: Re: Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller   Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 10:41 pm


(w/'The Aussie Bitch' Jessica Summers)



Ted Cedar: “And this match is about to get underway! Caleb Spires managed to triumph in a triple threat match at the PPV, but wasn't able to claim the World Title, while AJ Miller managed to sneak past Mack in his XWA debut and steal a win!”

Adam Dennis: “A wins a win, Ted! And lets not forget, Miller has an added bonus tonight as we have Smoke Xtreme and his bodyguards here at ringside. It's a pleasure to have you here, Boss.”

Indeed, Reiko and Scorpion are standing on either side of the announcers table, each man standing tall, their eyes focused on the ring, while Smoke is leaning back, his feet kicked up and chewing gum as he commentates.

Smoke Xtreme: “I know it is, Adam. Just try to focus on calling the match more then you kiss my ass, and maybe I won't fire you and Ted.”

Ted Cedar: “You can't fire us! We have contracts!”

Smoke Xtreme: “Ted, please. XWA goes through announcers like CB Punk at a Cake Eating contest.”

Adam Dennis: “Or Razor at a Cock Sucking contest?”

There's a momentary pause on commentary, during which Smoke turns to glare at Adam, while Ted can be seen face-palming and shaking his head. Finally Smoke turns to Scorpion and clicks his fingers.

Smoke Xtreme: “Scorp, kindly take Mr. Dennis backstage and teach him some respect. You can bring him back out when the match is finished.”

Adam Dennis: “NO! NO! WAIT! I DIDNT MEA---”

Adam is cut off by the large hand gripping him around the throat and dragging him backstage. Theres a momentary pause as the crowd watches Dennis be dragged away, and then Smoke turns to look at Ted.

Smoke Xtreme: “Anything you want to say, Ted?”

Ted Cedar: “No Sir. Razor Rocks, Sir. Razor is my Hero, Sir.”

Smoke Xtreme: “Alright. Lets get on with it then.”


And with the pre-match distraction over and done with, the referee finally calls for the bell to start the match! AJ and Caleb both seem to tentatively flicker their eyes to ringside at Smoke, the Vendetta GM especially not looking happy to see his boss there. Finally Spires turns back to look at Miller who is still standing in the corner. Spires waves Miller on, the two men slowly circling the ring and each other as Mississippi cheers loudly, ready to see some more action. The two men circle closer and closer, Spires raising his hand first, signalling for a tie-up. The Hollywood Highlight closes in, readying his legs to balance his weight as he reaches in, but just as their fingertips brush, Miller pulls his hand back, turns to the side, struts a few steps away, letting out a loud 'WOOOOOO!'. Miller doesn't get a chance to savour the moment though, as Spires is having none of his antics, spinning Miller around and drilling him with a right hand to the face! The Elite One keeps the pressure up, firing of a second and third right hand to back Miller into the ropes, before grabbing AJ's arm and whipping him across the ring.

As Miller hits the opposite ropes though, he grabs the top rope to drop himself from rebounding, then drops to the mat and rolls outside, getting an early break from the action! Summers comes around the ring, coming over to AJ to give him some words of advice, but in the ring, Caleb isn't waiting for the niceties like a ring out count, and instead brushes past the ref, grabbing the top rope. Spires leans back and slingshots his body forward....as Summers pulls Miller aside! The Big Breasted Bitch is proud of herself, believing she's saved Miller from the aerial assault, but she hasn't looked over her shoulder, and completely missed Caleb pivoting his body to land on the apron! Caleb looks over his shoulder, gauging the distance and raising a single finger to his lips to quieten the crowd, which doesn't work. The surprise is still in full effect though, and as Miller and Summers turn back around, Caleb leaps up to the middle rope, and then springboards backwards and crashes down on both of them with a crossbody!

Ted Cedar: “Air Spires! AJ and Summers are down!”

Smoke Xtreme: “At least Miss Summers remembered to pack her airbags. That flight might have hurt Caleb otherwise.”

Indeed, landing on such a great pair of comfortable airbags gets Caleb up quickly, and the former XWA World Heavyweight Champion drags Miller up by his long hair, dragging him back to the ring. Spires rolls Miller back into the ring, then hops up on the apron, a grin on his face. Inside the ring, Miller pushes upto his hands and knees, And Caleb leans back, slingshots in, and drops a leg across the back of Millers neck, driving The Hollywood Highlights face into the mat! Spires rolls AJ over, draping himself across Miller's chest as the ref slides in.


Miller kicks out! Spires wastes little time getting back to his feet and dragging AJ up with him, Mississippi cheering him on, as Spires takes Miller on a wrestling lesson. Spires drills AJ with a knee to the midsection, doubling him over, before he whips The All-American Allstar into the corner. Spires promptly raises an arm for a roar, and charges in, leaping up for a corner splash, but Miller dives aside! AJ again gets up all cocky and strutting, but behind him Spires stands on the second turnbuckle, facing the audience with a grin. A quick glance over his shoulder shows AJ starting to turn around, and Spires leaps backwards with a Moonsault, crashing down on AJ with a perfect landing! Again The Elite One hooks the leg as the ref slides in.


Ted Cedar: “Miller gets the shoulder up! But if he keeps getting schooled like this, he can't possibly win!”

Smoke Xtreme: “Have a little faith, Ted. I didn't invest in Miller just to bring n idiot to XWA. He'll win. I guarantee it.”

Spires gets back to his feet, dragging Miller up once more. The formerly Orgasmic Legend boots Miller in the midsection, then hooks his head and drops him with a DDT, rolling him over so he's on his back. Spires crosses to the nearby corner, climbing to the top rope. Spires stands tall, ready to take flight, but instead sees Jessica Summers reaching into the ring and dragging AJ Miller out! The Big Breasted Bitch props AJ up, trying to slap some life into him, as on the top rope, Spires merely shrugs and turns towards them, readying to fly again. The referee leans out of the ropes to admonish Summers, and on commentary Smoke whistles. It must be a signal, because at that moment Reiko steps forward, reaches up, and shakes the top rope, forcing Spires to lose his footing and crotch himself on the top rope! There'll be no more Orgasms, I'm afraid fans. At ringside, Summers spots what has happened and shoves AJ back towards the ring, rolling him in. Miller drags himself up on unsteady feet, looking out at Summers in disbelief, but when he sees Spires crotched on the top rope he smiles, and stumbles over towards him. Hollywood's Gift to Wrestling climbs up to the second turnbuckle, drilling Spires with a couple of forearms to the face to keep him in position. Miller slips one of Caleb's arms behind his neck, hooking his arm behind Spires own neck, and then with a loud roar he lifts Caleb up and falls backward, driving Mr. Inspiring into the mat with a Superplex! Both men are down, but Miller manages to get the strength to roll over, draping an arm across Caleb's shoulders!


Ted Cedar: “Caleb kicks out! Despite your assistance, AJ hasn't put him away yet!”

Smoke Xtreme: “My assistance? Whatever do you mean Ted? I've been sitting right here beside you.”

Ted Cedar: “Right. And you just HAPPENED to whistle, just before Reiko HAPPENED to crotch Caleb on that top rope.”

Smoke Xtreme: “What can I say? I like to whistle. And I never saw Reiko do anything.”

Annnnnnnnnnnyway, back in the ring Miller has dragged himself up, still woozy from all the aerial assaults. He turns to look at the crowd, grinning wildly, before he does another Nature Boy Strut across the ring, and lets out a loud 'WOOOOOOOO!'. On the outside, Summers starts screaming at AJ, demanding he focus back on the match, and Miller promptly turns back around to look at Spires, who has rolled over and is pushing himself upto his hands and knees. Miller charges across, booting Spires right in the ribs, with enough force that Spires is flipped back onto his back, clutching at his ribs! Miller wastes little time no, stomping down on Caleb's ribs once....twice.....and then leaping up and dropping a elbow into them! Miller covers Spires for the pin, and the ref is quick to count,


Caleb kicks out! Miller doesn't waste time arguing, dragging Spires up and tossing him into the nearby corner. The Hollywood Highlight drills Spires with an elbow to the wounded ribs, and keeps Spires standing, draping his arms over the top rope. Miller grabs the middle ropes on either side of Spires, and starts driving his shoulder into Calebs midsection, One.....Two.....Three......Four......Five.....Six.....Seven.....Eight times! The ref finally steps in, demanding Miller back off, as he's attacking Caleb while he has his hands on the rope. Miller throws a hand up in innocence, backing away as the ref checks on Spires. It doesn't last long though, as Miller steps in and grabs The Elite One by his hair, dragging him out of the corner. Once more, Miller hooks Spires arm and drills him with a snap suplex! Rather then covering him though, AJ gets back to his feet and climbs between the ropes and to the apron. Pacing across the apron over to the corner, The Hollywood Highlight climbs up slowly, but misses his footing on the second turnbuckle and lands back on the apron. Turning towards Mississippi, Miller screams out “TAKE TWO!” and starts climbing the turnbuckles again. When he gets to the top rope, he's in for a surprise though, as he's caught by a risen Caleb Spires! AJ Miller shakes his head, but there's nothing he can do to stop it, and with an almighty heave, Spires tosses AJ across the ring!

Ted Cedar: “Miller got caught trying to go to the top rope, and he's paying for it!”

Smoke Xtreme: “HAHAHAHAHA! Take Two! I love this Hollywood Guy.”

Spires adrenaline is starting to kick in, and he paces across the ring towards Miller, who rolls onto his knees and starts begging away, pleading for forgiveness. Spires is having none of it, advancing in for the kill, but Miller keeps backpedalling, slipping onto his ass as he back pedals until he reaches the corner. Spires keeps storming in, ready to do some serious damage, but at the last moment Miller darts forward, grabs Spires by the tights, and yanks him forward, The Elite One crashing into the steel turnbuckles! Miller rolls up the stunned Spires, and even throws two feet on the middle turnbuckle!


The ref stops counting, a millisecond before he hits the mat for a third time, as he spots AJ's feet on the middle turnbuckle! The official scrambles up, kicking Millers feet away, and then screaming at him for attempting to break the rules. Miller pleads his innocence “I swear! I didn't know they were there!” And after a few long moments the ref calms down and believes him, backing away. As he does though, Miller turns to the fans and grins wildly, showing he did know, and he's a damn good actor. Miller reaches down to drag Spires up, and Spires catches him by surprise, yanking AJ into a small package!


Miller kicks out! Both men scramble to their feet, and Miller charges in, throwing a clothesline, but Spires ducks under it. As Miller turns back around, Caleb puts one foot on Millers thigh and leaps up, drilling AJ in the back of the head with a Step-Up Enziguri! The Hollywood Highlight stands tall for a moment, before stumbling forward a few paces, and Flair-flopping right onto his face! Spires doesn't take advantage though, still feeling the effects or the earlier attacks, and he lays there for a moment to catch his breath.

Ted Cedar: “Both Men are down! Whose going to be the first one up? Who wants this win more?”

Smoke Xtreme: “Definitely the Undefeated AJ Miller, Ted. He doesn't want to lose that spotless record.”

Ted Cedar: “He's had one match!”

Smoke Xtreme: “All the more reason to want to stay unbeaten.”

In the ring, both men slowly pull themselves to their feet, each man reaching a vertical base at the same time. Again its Miller who strikes first, drilling Spires with a knife edge chop to his chest. Spires winces, but a moment later fires back with a right hand! Now its Miller's turn to stagger back, but The Hollywood Highlight is quick to fire back with another knife-edge chop! Spires barely winces this time, and drills Miller with another right hand, and as AJ goes for another chop, Caleb blocks him, and drills him with another right hand to the jaw, staggering him backwards! Spires is firing up now, and he drills AJ with a left and right to stagger him back into the ropes. Spires whips AJ across the ring, and steps to mid-ring for a Back Body Drop, but Miller slams on the brakes, underhooks both of his arms, and goes to lift Spires up for the Oscar Bomb, but Spires struggles and squirms, and mid lift manages to throw his legs over one of AJ's shoulders. The Hollywood Highlight tries to keep his grip and force Spires to the mat, but there's nothing doing there and Spires manages to drop to his feet behind AJ! Miller turns around to grab Spires again, and is greeted by the Encore Pele Kick, connecting flush with Miller's head! The Hollywood Highlight crumples to the mat, and Mississippi roars loudly, seeing the end in sight! Spires doesn't go for the pin though, instead climbing back to his feet and throwing an arm in the air, signalling its BURNING HAMMER time!

Ted Cedar: “Burning Hammer! Spires is going to put AJ away with the Burning Hammer! This match is all but over!”

Smoke Xtreme: “I don't think so. Reiko, would you kindly.”

Inside the ring, Spires has reached down to drag AJ up, and he pulls himself up as he sees Summers hop up onto the apron, getting the refs attention. The Elite One, starts to step towards the pair, but hears a whistle from behind and turns back around.....just in time to be beheaded by Reiko with a HUUUUGE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! Reiko rolls out the side of the ring and heads back to the announcers table, while Jessica Summers stops showing the ref her tits, leaving him to turn around just in time to see Miller roll over and drape an arm across Caleb's shoulders! Having seen nothing, there's nothing else the ref can do but drop and make the count.





Laura Watts: “Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner of this match via pinfall, The Hollywood Highlight A.....J.....MILLER!”
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Caleb Spires vs. AJ Miller

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