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 Mack vs. Razor Xtreme

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Mack vs. Razor Xtreme Empty
PostSubject: Mack vs. Razor Xtreme   Mack vs. Razor Xtreme EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 10:59 am

Extreme Rules -- Elimination Chamber qualifier
Due: Saturday September 21st, at 11:59 PM EDT

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Mack vs. Razor Xtreme Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mack vs. Razor Xtreme   Mack vs. Razor Xtreme EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 11:36 pm

Prologue: At long last, these two men will face off, now both being big stars. Both of these guys have had so much history. From being friends for a short while, to feuding over the IC title which Razor ended up winning, to Mack screwing Razor out of the world title against JHalc, causing him to have to leave during the most successful time of his career. While there has been an unspoken animosity between these two, that will no longer be the case, as these two men are ready for war against one another. The silence has been shattered, and the only way to settle it is in an Extreme Rules match where the winner will be granted access to the Elimination Chamber, and thus a shot at the coveted XWA World Heavyweight Championship.


The match is now underway. Weapons of all sorts are scattered all over the arena, ranging from barbed wire rolls, to tables, to chairs, and many other neat objects. Rellim and Eric Bull stand outside the ring, looking menacing. Mack and Razor stare each other down; they know what’s at stake. Not only a chance at the Elimination Chamber, not only a chance to get back up to the top, but a chance for both men to prove that they are better than one another. Razor Xtreme holds his signature weapons, the twin lead pipes, which he uses not to knock someone out, but to weaken them at the start of a match. He charges at Mack as Mack eyes him down. He swings both pipes, but Mack ducks both. Razor turns quickly in shock of the fact that Mack countered and Mack swings a hard right hand. Razor drops the pipes and leans on the turnbuckle. Mack begins to swing away hard right hands, each powerful blow catching Razor on the cheek. Mack then hooks his right arm over Razor’s head and throws him over with a nice Headlock Takeover as he then attempts to lock in a grounded headlock. However, almost instantly as he hits the ground, Razor throws one foot up and scissors Mack’s head, Mack does a small kip-up to free himself. Both men get back up and Razor quickly swings his leg and decks Mack in the gut with a kick. Mack bends over a bit and then Razor swings his own hard right hand. He swings at his cheek as Mack backs into the turnbuckle. Razor pummels away with right hands as Mack leans in the corner. Because this is an extreme rules match, the referee can do nothing to stop him. Razor quickly grabs Mack by the hand and then whips him across the ring. Mack leaps up onto the middle turnbuckle as Xtreme darts over to him. Mack leaps straight backwards, swings his right leg back and hits Razor on the jaw with a Springboard Back Kick! Razor doesn’t fall, but he bounces back while holding his jaw. Mack quickly regains his balance and darts to the ropes. He bounces up to the middle rope then drops back with a nice Springboard Clothesline! Razor hits the mat as Mack quickly hooks a leg for a pin. “1!” – kickout by Razor!

Ted Cedar: “What an amazing reversal by Mack, already showing his expertise in the air early on in this match!”

Adam Dennis: “It doesn’t matter! No has-been wannabe superstar is gonna take Razor Xtreme down a peg!”

The heel commentator completely ignores both of Mack’s nice springboard moves as Mack is lucky to not have to listen to him. Mack pulls the Rated Y2X Superstar up to his feet and whips him to the ropes. As Razor bounces back, Mack throws his knee up to go for a kitchen sink, however Razor has dealt with this move before. He leaps over his knee while rolling over before hooking his arm under his legs to bring him down for a school-boy roll up, but he instantly grabs both of Mack’s legs instead as he tries to turn him for the Xtreme Walls. The fans mark out at this, even though they hate him. Mack quickly fights out of it, as since he’s fairly near the ropes, he manages to kick Razor back, sending him flying through the middle rope and to the outside. Mack begins to get up to his feet, but the speedy Razor has already grabbed a Singapore cane off the ground from the outside near where his friends Bull and Rellim stand. He slides into the ring. Mack has barely gotten up to his feet when he notices Razor holding a cane. He charges at Razor while throwing both of his arms up for a double axe handle, but Razor quickly swings the cane directly at his ribs! Mack grabs his stomach in pain as Razor then raises the cane and lashes at him on the back. Mack drops to the ground as Razor swings and swings in a wild frenzy of blows. Mack’s back gets welshes of red, showing the gross markings of the cane. Razor swings and swings before finally pulling Mack back up. He gets him up slowly by grabbing his head before sticking the cane under his neck and throwing his leg over Mack’s leg before swinging backwards and dropping him straight to the mat with a cane-aided Russian Leg Sweep! Razor releases the cane and goes for a pin. “1!” “2!” – Kickout.

Ted Cedar: “What a sickening assault by Razor Xtreme, right off the bat.”

Adam Dennis: “I love it, Ted!”

Razor angrily slides out of the ring. He begins to grab anything he can and throwing it into the ring. He tosses barbed wire, steel chairs, a trash can, a barbed wire 2x2, and he picks a table off the ground and slides it into the ring to finish off his onslaught of weapons. He slides into the ring but Mack – whose back faces Razor – quickly jumps up while doing a backflip, thwacking his feet into Razor’s jaw with a beautiful Pele Kick! Mack lands on the ground while holding his ribs off the attack from before. He gets back up to his feet and instantly eyes for a weapon. He picks a folded steel chair off the ground and works his way to the corner. He manages to wedge the steel chair between the ropes as to keep it locked in place. Before he can turn around, however, his sneaky opponent leaps up off the ground and dropkicks him from behind, sending him straight into the chair. Mack turns around groggily and bounces towards Razor, Razor Xtreme quickly hugs him before launching him across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly Suplex! Mack grabs his back but rolls up to his feet as he leans against the turnbuckle. Razor is already on him as he grabs his arm before sending him to the other side of the ring with an Irish whip, his back hits the chair which is still wedged in the corner. Razor charges at him full speed and throws his knee into the air, attempting to hit a corner high knee, but Mack kicks in some energy and avoids the move as Razor is sent straight into the steel chair legs-first! Razor grabs his leg as he falls back slowly. He turns around as Mack has already leapt to the other side of the ring. Mack springboards off the ropes at full speed, kicks one leg up into Razor’s face and uses it to ricochet into a corkscrew, nailing Xtreme with a neat Corkscrew Dropkick! Razor hits the mat as Mack quickly drags himself on top for a pin. “1!” “2!” – Kickout at almost 2.

Adam Dennis: “I guess I’ll give Mack that one, that was a neat maneuver.”

Ted Cedar: “Neat? That takes a lot of skill! A great move by Mack, and nicely executed as well!”

Mack walks over to the corner and pulls the slightly dented chair out of its wedge. He walks back to Razor, picks it up over his head, and drives it down as hard as he can into Razor’s stomach. Razor curls into a ball and then turns onto his belly. Mack begins to swing the chair up and down, smacking Razor’s back repeatedly. Mack then turns around and drops the chair on the ground, parallel to the ropes. He bends over and grabs another chair and lines it up with that one, so both chairs make a sort of “metal floor” on the ground. He turns towards Razor, who is struggling to find his balance on one knee, and helps him up to his feet. He quickly wraps his arm around Razor’s head and tries for a DDT on the steel chair. Razor quickly gains his posture and counters the DDT by throwing Mack straight overhead and slamming him on the mat with a nice Northern Lights Suplex! He keeps the position in for a pin. “1!” “2!” – Mack kicks out. Razor rolls onto his feet as Mack slowly works his way up on his hands and knees, but Razor intends to continue his aggression, not willing to let someone as dangerous as Mack get some leverage. He grabs Mack by the head and pulls him up before he wraps his arm around his stomach, pulls him up, and drives him straight down onto his knee for a Pendulum Backbreaker! Razor drops Mack onto the ground and then works his way to his feet. He walks over to one of the tables he slid in earlier and he pulls it up. He opens both legs and then stands it up in the middle of the ring, setting it up for whatever his sinister intentions are. Razor walks over to Mack and pulls him back up. He leans him against the turnbuckle and swings a huge right chop to his chest. The fans give a big “Wooooo!” and they’re certainly not representing AJ Miller. Xtreme chops Mack once more, giving the fans the opportunity once again to go “Wooo!” as he then climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle and begins to pummel away at Mack with hard rights. If Razor were a face, the fans would be counting his punches, but since they don’t care about him, he simply pummels away at will.

Adam Dennis: “I always love when there’s tables out in the open, Ted! You just KNOW something is going to happen!”

Ted Cedar: “Inevitably Dennis! It’s impossible for nothing to happen with these people out there!”

Razor gets off the middle turnbuckle and then hooks his arm over Mack’s head in a suplex position. He grabs his tights and pulls him up to the top rope, ready to follow. Mack quickly pushes him back, almost out of instinct. Razor lands on his feet as Mack pushes him back. He turns towards Mack again, but Mack quickly leaps forward, kicking both feet into Razor’s sternum for a Missile Dropkick! Razor hits the mat and Mack does as well. Mack then turns around and eyes that same cane that left all those red marks all over his back. He picks it up and then looks back at Razor, receiving a huge cheer from the crowd. He looks down at him and then begins to swing away like a mad-man! “Thwack!” “Thwack!” “Thwack!” A nasty slap after each and every single cane hit. Razor struggles on the ground as he doesn’t know what is hitting him! Mack drops the cane after he feels he has dealt enough damage to the Rated Y2X superstar. He pulls the larger man up off the ground and then slowly pulls him up onto the open table near the middle of the ring. He manages to get him up after a small struggle and the fans begin to cheer. Mack points to the top rope cockily and the fans give another cheer. He gets out onto the ring apron and climbs up to the top rope, with the table set close to him a bit under. He stands up as Eric Bull’s face gets a look of worry, as if he wants to interfere. Mack quickly does a full frontflip before doing another one in midair, going through the table and demolishing Razor Xtreme with a devastating 450 Splash right through that table! Mack grabs his ribs and rolls off to the side in agony as he just sent Xtreme into heaven! He rolls around on the mat grabbing his ribs in pain. Mack slowly drags himself towards the rubble, realizing he has to pin his opponent to win the match. He finally manages to get an arm over Xtreme’s chest as he gets him for a pin! “1!” “2!” “3!” – NO! Razor kicks out at 2 ¾! The entire crowd goes “Awww!”

Ted Cedar: “How the hell did he manage to kick out of that? I thought it was over!”

Adam Dennis: “He’s Razor Xtreme, Ted. He will never go down easy!”

Mack is insanely frustrated now. He thought he had it in the bag, he thought it was over already, but he was completely wrong. Mack is angry as he stands up and looks around for another weapon. He reaches down and grabs the barbed wire 2x2 and raises it up into the air as he threatens to bash Xtreme’s head with a nasty pointy wire. But almost instantly, Xtreme is dragged out of the ring by his manager, Eric Bull! The crowd instantly begins to “booo!” at the cowardly escape. Mack instantly looks to the ropes behind him as Eric Bull tries to bring Razor back to life. Mack leaps towards the ropes and then bounces towards Eric Bull before leaping through the middle rope and landing on Eric Bull with a Suicide Dive that makes the entire crowd pop! Bull lands on the ground as he groans and rolls off to the side. Mack lands on one knee and begins to get up. He turns around and looks right into the eyes of an angry Rellim! Mack begins to mouth some inaudible things while pointing at the ring. Forgetting the fact that he completely missed his actual opponent with the suicide dive. As he’s distracted with Rellim, his sneaky opponent quickly leaps up, having picked up his lead pipes off the ground, and he bashes both pipes to the back of Mack’s skull! Mack hits the ground as Xtreme shakes off whatever pain he is currently in. He then raises his pipes and begins to swing away, each hit makes a sick cracking sound. He bashes his back, his arms, and just everywhere he can. Mack curls into a ball and turns onto his back as the vicious Razor Xtreme begins to bash away at his ribs and then swings at his head! Some sick cracks as metal begins to viciously meet skull! Razor drops the pipes as Mack continues to endure. He continues to cover his head as all he sees above him is a sick man who just beat the crap out of him with pipes. The top of Mack’s forehead begins to trickle a line of blood from where the pipe made contact.

Ted Cedar: “An absolutely atrocious assault at the hands of those vicious lead pipes!”

Adam Dennis: “Poor Mack! Imagine looking up while on the ground and seeing Razor Xtreme bashing you with pipes! Must be a nightmare!”

Razor Xtreme walks over to another part of the outside and grabs a table off the ground. He walks over to the side of the ring and places it right off the ring apron. He then goes back around and lifts the ring flap before pulling out… two fluorescent light tubes! He pulls them out and then goes back over to the table and lays them on top of the table. He then walks over to Mack, who is somewhat conscious but checking himself for blood, which he is successful in finding, and he stomps him on the forehead nastily. He bends over and grabs him by the head. He slides Mack into the ring near the ropes before getting up onto the ring apron. He bends down over the ropes and pulls Mack up to his feet before hooking in a suplex-position! He tries to raise him over for a suplex over the ropes and send him through that table! But Mack uses his quirkiness to quickly counter and pull Razor up instead! He throws him INTO the ring for a neat Suplex! Mack grabs his back and rolls to the side. He gets up on one knee and groans a bit in pain. He realizes he is wide open right now and he quickly runs to the ropes. He leaps up onto the middle rope, bounces back before corkscrewing in the air and doing a full 450 spin, landing on Razor Xtreme with a beautiful Springboard Phoenix Splash! Mack grabs his ribs in pain and then drops on top of Razor for a pin! “1!” “2!” “3!” – NO! Razor once again kicks out! Mack gets up on two knees and slaps the mat. Mack then quickly slides out of the ring and picks up a trash can off the ground and throws it over the top rope into the ring. He looks around and grabs yet another table before sliding it into the ring. He then picks up a big red STOP sign off the ground and slides into the ring with it. He drops the sign and then walks over to the table. He drags it near one of the turnbuckle and then opens the legs before standing it up on one side of the ring. He walks over to Razor Xtreme and picks him up off the ground before dragging him towards the table. He raises him up and manages to lay him down on top! The fans begin to cheer as Bull begins to get frustrated outside the ring. Rellim looks completely nonchalant as he just stares at Mack. Mack climbs to the top rope and foolishly raises a single arm to the fans, receiving a very positive reaction. Eric Bull suddenly snaps and leaps up onto the ring apron! Bull grabs a hold of one of Mack’s legs and tries to pull him back, but Mack responds by stomping down on Bull’s head, making him fall on his feet outside the ring, holding his face. Razor has taken this time to recover, however! He leaps off the table and runs the short distance towards the turnbuckle! He jumps up onto the top rope, kicks his right foot into Mack’s arm and then swings his left foot all the way over and catches Mack on the top rope with a Step-Up Enzuguiri! Razor hits the mat stomach-first as Mack pretty much dies on the top rope as he falls straight to the right and he falls straight through the light-tube covered table outside the ring!


Adam Dennis: “Show us a replay, now! Holy crap!”

Ted Cedar: “He does his signature Step-Up Enzuguiri as Mack stands on the top rope and Mack goes flying down through that table outside the ring, and through those light tubes!”

Mack lies unconsciously outside the ring as Razor lies semi-consciously inside the ring! Razor grabs his ribs and rolls onto his side. Bull begins to frantically yell “motivational” words to Razor, telling him to get up now! Razor hears him and rolls under the ropes. He looks at his work. Mack is on the ground, sent through the table, completely destroyed! The tubes leave a fine white powder that mixes with the blood in Mack’s back. Razor limps over to Mack and grabs him by the head. He drags him slowly up and begins to yell obscenities. “You thought you could mess with me Mack? YOU’RE BITCH MADE!” before slapping him on the back of the head. He pulls Mack up and slides the dead weight into the ring. He slides in as well and slowly lies on top of Mack for a pin. “1!” “2!” “3!” – NO! Mack now pulls off a surprising kick-out! The fans explode with cheers as Razor’s facial expressions tell the entire story. He yells “WHAT?!” – As he then begins to argue with the referee over the decision. The ref tells him he kicked out at 2, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Razor slaps the mat and starts pulling his own hair. He drags Mack towards the middle of the ring before sitting him up onto his ass. He then wraps his arm around Mack’s neck and locks it in with his left for a Seated Sleeper Hold! Razor violently squeezes the life out of Mack with his arms, Mack is actually awakened by the sudden pressure, however. He begins to throw his arms around wildly. Razor yells at him to tap out, but Mack simply ignores him and begins to swing elbows behind him wildly. He misses a few times, but then he manages to deck Razor on the forehead. He swings another one and hits him. Razor weakens up his hold and Mack grabs his arms and throws him overhead. Razor does a full frontflip and lands in front of Mack. Mack grabs a hold of his legs and rolls him back for a pin, but Razor rolls out of it before the ref can count! Razor rolls all the way over and gets him for a pin instead! “1!” – Mack kicks out of it, both men stand up and Mack quickly takes him down by his legs and does a frontflip to pin him. “1!” “2!” – Razor reverse bear-hugs him and raises him up off the ground before rolling all the way over and managing to land a backslide pin! “1” “2!” – Mack kicks out! Both men quickly stand up with their backs facing each other. Both men have the same idea as they turn and sprint wildly towards each other! They both swing lariats and catch each other at the same time with Simultaneous Clotheslines! Both men are on the ground as the fans begin to chant “THIS IS AWESOME!” followed by several claps and they continue to chant!

Adam Dennis: “I think these fans are liking the show these two men are putting on!”

Ted Cedar: “They better Dennis! These two men are going all out!

Both men roll to their sides and begin to get up to their feet. Both men are beaten and bloody, Mack is bleeding from his forehead and back as Razor’s bleeding from his forehead. Razor and Mack make it to their feet, Razor sneakily picks up the Singapore cane, which has caused so much damage in this match so far, as Mack is unaware. Both men turn around and Razor quickly swings the cane, but Mack ducks it. Razor turns around as Mack leaps up into the air and throws him over with a Hurricanrana! Razor’s back slaps the mat and Mack quickly runs back up to his feet before throwing himself over and nailing Razor with a Seated Senton! Mack remains in position on top of Razor and hooks one of his legs! “1!” “2!” – Kickout at 2 and ¾! Mack looks frustrated as he stands back up. He looks around and notices his table is still opened very near the turnbuckle! He walks over to it and notices a roll of barbed wire that Razor brought in earlier. He scurries it across the table nicely. He then slides out of the ring and looks under one of the ring flaps before pulling out a canister of oil! The fans cheer as he raises it up into the air. He slides back into the ring, unaware that Razor is almost up! Razor swings a big right leg out of nowhere and catches Mack on the side of the head with his signature Roundhouse Kick! Mack cripples to the ground as the fans instantly begin to “Booo!” Razor raises a single hand and then charges to the ropes parallel to Mack and leaps up onto the middle one before doing a full backflip. He attempts an Xtremesault but it fails when Mack kicks both of his knees up into the air and nails Razor with a counter! Mack quickly rolls up off the momentum as Razor stands on two feet but holds his ribs. Mack quickly charges to the ropes instead, but Bull is way ahead of him! He leaps up onto the middle rope, only to get clubbed between the eyes by Bull! He bounces back to the ground on two feet, the move didn’t have too much effect but it was enough to ding him for a bit. He looks back angrily, but as soon as he turns towards Razor Xtreme, he gets caught with a quick but vicious Big Boot! Mack hits the ground instantly!

Ted Cedar: “That damned Eric Bull will not stop interfering, will he?”

Adam Dennis: “He has every right to interfere as he sees fit! This is a No-DQ match!”

Razor bends down and picks Mack back up before pressing his head between his own legs. He lifts him up and then drops him into the turnbuckle with a nasty Turnbuckle Powerbomb! Mack’s back smacks the turnbuckle and he yelps a bit. Razor runs back a bit and then charges across the ring back towards Mack before nailing him in the corner with a beautiful Corner High Knee! Razor smiles as Mack eats a knee. Razor drops down and then hooks his arms around Mack’s neck. He’s going for the Razor Sharp Cutter off that knee! He charges forward to try and surprise Mack with it, but Mack quickly pushes him forward! Razor is the one that is surprised now, he turns around and Mack quickly leaps up and decks him with a Calf Kick! Razor drops to the mat one more time, but only for a few seconds as he uses his energy to try and get back up. He turns around and limps towards Mack groggily and foolishly, Mack throws him over with a quick [b]Hip-Toss! Razor hits the ground and then slowly tries to get up once again. Once he is up, Mack leaps up onto the middle rope and springboards back towards Razor, catches his head under his arm, and drills him to the mat with a beautiful Springboard DDT! Razor doesn’t try to get up off of that one, though! Mack gets up to his feet and raises his hand for the fans one more time! The fans give him a loud cheer. He goes out to the ring apron and climbs up to the top rope! He signals for his finisher, the Shooting Star DDT! Razor slowly rolls onto his side, blinded by sweat and blood. He works his way up by grabbing the ropes, but before he is all the way up, he leaps over to the turnbuckle and smacks the side of it, dropping Mack nuts-first onto the turnbuckle! Mack moans as the falls down to the mat. Razor yells at him on the ground, but he is so tired no one can even understand what he’s saying. Razor picks up the canister of oil and walks over to the table. He sprinkles the table with oil and then reaches into his boot before pulling out a few matches. He scrapes it against his boot and lights it before dropping the match on top of the table, causing it to light ablaze!

Adam Dennis: “Look at those flames shine! Holy crap! They must be 10 feet high!”

Ted Cedar: “I always feel uneasy around a burning table, I just know something sick is ready to happen!”

Razor goes back over to Mack and pulls him up off the ground. He picks him up and lifts him by hooking his arm around his neck and raising him onto the turnbuckle. He begins to climb, as he is ready to superplex Mack through the burning table! The table is so near the turnbuckles, he can almost feel the flame radiating onto his back! He tries to hook Mack, only for Mack to quickly drop him down to the middle rope! He begins to swing hard right hands and swings away at his rib cage. Razor bends over and Mack instantly positions himself. He raises Razor in a piledriver position only a few feet away from that burning table! He then carefully wraps his legs over Xtreme’s arms one by one. The fans begin to scream and get anxious, they know what’s coming! Mack leaps forward in a dive of faith, driving both Razor and himself dangerously and carelessly through the burning table with a beautiful Mack Clash off the top rope! He lands on top of Razor as the combined weight of him and his opponent take the fire out. Razor’s ribs are scathed with barbed wire cuts and Mack simply lies in position. Both men are completely down but Mack begins to drag himself to the side. He rolls Razor over and pins him! “1!” “2!” “3!” – No! Rellim quickly drags the referee from under the bottom rope! The ref begins to yell as Mack looks out. Mack makes his way to his feet and picks up a steel chair! He slides out of the ring as Rellim continues to yell at the ref, as soon as Rellim turns around, Mack nails him in the face with the steel chair! Rellim falls to the mat and he starts swinging the chair, slapping him on the back! Mack angrily goes off, swinging chair after chair! Meanwhile, Bull slides into the ring and smacks Razor around, trying to wake him up. Razor regains consciousness as Mack smacks and smacks away at Rellim! Mack then notices Bull inside the ring and slides into the ring! He swings a chair as Bull tries to scurry away, and he wrecks Bull’s back! Bull groans and rolls out of the ring as Mack yells at him! Bull grabs his back and stands groggily outside! Mack drops the chair and turns around, straight into Razor Xtreme leaping up into the air, wrapping his arms around his neck and drilling him to the mat with a Razor Sharp Cutter! Mack springs onto his back and Razor uses the rest of his energy to shake off the pain and drape an arm over for a pin!




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[ Tonight two men who haven’t met face to face in over two years will duke it for a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Both competitors have faced against on another before, a match that by many has been forgotten. Perhaps they each want to make this one a more memorable one. Each man is a veteran and Hall of Famer in this business. Looking at stats, a match between these two would come off as a great back and forth action showdown. What you have to wonder is whether or not it will really play out that way? While one man has stuck around XWA, at the top his game, fighting week after week; the other individual has been sitting on his couch, eating ice cream for half a year. Mack was clearly not himself at last night’s PPV, losing his return match to the new comer AJ Miller. You have to wonder if he has shaken off some rust after that match. You have to believe the man isn’t very confident, having lost last night, as well as being out for so long. Should he be taking it easy in his first couple matches? Mack sure doesn’t think so, demanding he get some of the best competitors Vendetta has to offer. This is his first time being on Vendetta in months, butterflies have to be running through this guy’s stomach. On the other hand you have Razor Xtreme; the man has held the tag team championships as well as putting on great in ring performances. He’s looked very impressive, despite taking a loss at the PPV; the man has been dominant in singles action. Despite being one of the best in this company, Razor hasn’t held the world championship in years. He’s seen so many others come in, snatching his championship opportunity year after year. The Hall of Famer has to be frustrated by this. It’s time to stop letting others walk all over him, time to finally take what he deserves. The World Heavyweight Champion; winning this match he will be assured a spot in the chamber. A dangerous match indeed, but what better way to prove how hardcore you are than to defeat one of the most hardcore superstars XWA has ever had? Although they have never been in the ring with each other much, both have been around XWA for a long time. These competitors know a lot about one another. Each must have sort of plan going into this match, but will it pay off? Can someone still be as good when his greatest advantage is taken from him? We will find all this out right now, as this match is just seconds away from starting. Both competitors want this win more than anything. Not only do they need to redeem themselves from their losses last night, they have to show everyone that they still have what it takes to be world champion. This match has been made Extreme Rules, anything is legal, and there are no disqualifications. A match like this would normally be in favor of Mack, but he doesn’t have the word “Xtreme” in his name for nothing. The veteran backs it up. As for Mack, the guy has to be worried that either Rellim or Eric Bull can come into this match, costing him the victory. Nobody knows what’s going to happen in this hugely anticipated main event match. We’ll just have to wait and see how this match plays out. Both men are already in the ring, the referee stands in the middle to make sure no early shots are taken. Once both men are prepared, the referee looks over at the bell keeper, officially getting this under way. ]

The bell is rung three times, signaling the start of this hardcore battle between two gladiators. Both men stand in opposite corners of the ring, the crowd in favoring of the four time world champion, while Razor Xtreme gets jeers thrown in his direction. The referee steps out of the way, leaving an open gap in the middle of the ring which gets filled as both competitors start approaching one another. Mack extends his left hand out, looking for an elbow tie up but Razor has something else in man. The long haired hall of famer kicks his opponent in the gut, forcing him to bend over. Razor grabs Mack by his back hairs before tossing him towards the nearest turnbuckle. The Californian superstar starts to quickly deliver closed fist wherever he can make contact. Mack trues to protect any part of the body he can but the speed behind his opponents strikes are too much to keep up with for the hall of fame superstar, who is still trying to shake off some ring rust. Razor drops his opposition to a seated position on the turnbuckle. This is just what the former tag team champion needed, Razor takes a few steps backwards before darting as his opposition, Mack sees the Y2X superstar coming but not nearly in time to roll out of harm’s way. Razor drives both boots into the chest of his seated foe, connecting with a turnbuckle drop kick! Mack falls off the turnbuckle before dropping to his knees. The Tennessee native wraps both hands around his chest and tries breathing heavily, clearly having the air knocked out of him. Razor Xtreme knows he has this contest going in the right direction. He swings his right leg with all the force he can before smashing it on the low back of his challenger. Mack instantly feels the pain, he tries crawling away from the physical assault but Razor gives him no chance to do so; he delivers another kick to the lower back! Razor takes a few steps back before bring his leg forward once more, this time he hits Mack on the back of his head, knocking him belly first on the canvas. The fans boo Razor Xtreme who is taking advantage of a rusted and unmotivated Mack. Razor slowly lowers his arms in order to pick his downed opponent up to a vertical base. Mack, who is still trying to get his head straight, looks like a punching bag to his opposition. XWA’s savior tosses his foe to the turnbuckle once more, but this time Mack finds it in him to counter. The Aviator hops on the top turnbuckle before he got full collision with it. He tries to backflip off the top but Mack feels unconfident, not sure if he measured his opponent accurately. This allows Razor to take advantage once more. He runs at the five time tag champ, pushing him forward, causing Mack to go face first into the steel pole before landing on the outside!

Ted Cedar: Razor is taking early control of this match, great early action to start things off.

Adam Dennis: Yeah, did you see how Mack’s head bounced off that pole? I heard that shot all the way over here. Guy might have been knocked out.

Ted Cedar: Surly he hasn’t, sure he’s shaking off some rust but Mack is a tough guy.

Mack wraps both his arms around his head, feeling the pain after his head hit the cold hard steel. Meanwhile, Razor rolls to the outside and reaches under the ring. Prepared to put this extreme rules stipulation to work, Razor pulls out a steel chair! Razor rolls back in the ring with a steel chair in hand, waiting for Mack to get on a footed base. What he doesn’t see is his foe reaching under the ring to pull out a steel chair of his own. The southern superstar grabs the chair with both hands but keeps it lowered so that Razor doesn’t see a thing. The Highest Level waits patiently for Mack to get on his feet, once he sees the Tennessee native nearing his footed base; Razor dashes at his groggy opponent. The Californian dives through the middle and top rope with a steel chair in hand; he places the steel chair in front of him while in mid-air, trying to crash into Mack with the hard steel. However, this time his opposition was ready for it. Mack lifts his chair up just in time, letting steel collide with steel! The crowd let out a loud “Ohhh!” as they see Razor with a chair in hand suicide dive onto Mack who also had a chair in hand! Both men lay on the ground after a huge collision. Fans in the front row start pounding their hands on the barricade, trying to get either guy back into it as both appear to have been knocked out. Suddenly, time for rest appears to be over when Razor starts pushing back to a vertical base. Once on both feet, Razor walks over to the edge of the ring; he reaches down and grabs a hold of the heavy steel steps. Mack still pushing to his feet has no idea that his foe is coming behind him with steel steps. Razor looks down at his kneeling, showing no remorse, the Californian smashes the edge of the steps to the back of Mack’s head! The Southern Aviator falls back to the ground, he looks up at the entrance ramp, trying to get a good idea of where he’s at but everything appears to be a blur. Despite his opponent being completely out of it, Razor is still not done. He lifts the steel steps over his head before quickly bringing it down and smashing the right leg of the highflying superstar! Mack starts squirming around the floor like a worm from the pain of that first shot! However, his opposition still isn’t done. He lifts the steps over his head before bringing it down on that right leg once more! Razor Xtreme looking to take the highflying abilities of Mack away for this match, he smiles knowing that he has complete control of this contest. Just to make sure nothing goes out of plan, Razor lifts those steps once more, smashing it on that right leg for a third time!

Ted Cedar: This is disgusting; Razor Xtreme is targeting that leg of Mack, trying to take the highflying ability out of this contest.

Adam Dennis: this is genius Cedar, Mack’s best when he goes to the air. You take that away and he’s nothing, excellent strategy.

Ted Cedar: It’s a good plan, but Razor is taking it over the limit, Mack was done after the first shot, the last two were not needed.

Nobody in this crowd likes what they are seeing. Razor Xtreme may have broken the leg of his opponent. Despite everyone being disgusted, the former tag champion is taking joy in what he did; looking down at his work with pride. While the crowd continues to show their dislike for how the match is turning out, Razor goes back to work. He picks the injured superstar up to his feet before sliding him back into the ring. The Californian prepares to follow him inside the ring but he remembers that all weapons in this match are legal. Razor Xtreme reaches under the ring to search for yet another weapon. He moves stuff around until he finally comes up with a very common weapon used in these kind of matches; thumbtacks. Razor slides into the ring with the bag in hands, he opens the bag up so everyone can see the tacks, but rather than dumping them; he places the bag on the canvas, leaving the pile of tacks inside the bag. XWAs savior then walks over to his downed adversary, pulling him up to a footed base. Razor tries pulling Mack over the pile of tacks but this time the Southern Aviator begins fighting back. He places both hands on Xtremes chest, pushing him backwards. The highflyer now having some space to work with, he tries reaching down for the tacks but as he leans over, the majority of his weight goes on that injured right leg. The pain forces Mack to slow down which then allows Razor to come back. Xtreme walks towards Mack; he kicks him in the chest area, forcing the Tennessee Native to stand up straight. Razor looking to keep momentum on his side, he runs to the ropes, quickly rebounding off them; Xtreme runs in his foes direction. Y2X wraps his left arm around the back of Macks head before bringing him down; head first into the pile of tacks with a running DDT! The Southern Aviator instantly starts screaming in pain! He rolls off the bag and starting clawing away at his head with both hands, trying to pull out some of the tacks that had pierced into his flesh! Even Razor Xtreme got some tacks stuck on his arm but the man could care less about the pain. He’s enjoying this punishment that he’s dishing out to one of the greatest in XWA. Razor gets back to a vertical base before he starts walking towards the southern superstar. Rated Y2X sees spots of blood on the head of Mack; only thing going through Razors head is that it’s not enough. Xtreme starts driving closed right fist to the head of his downed opposition, trying to further damage those wounds. Once red is dripping from the face of Mack, gets back to his feet. He admires his work for the time being while letting the bitter jeers from this crowd rain upon him. Even after all the punishment, Mack refuses to give up. He slowly rolls on his belly and tries pushing back to a footed base.

Adam Dennis: Looks like we are finally getting some blood. Man what a shot Mack took there.

Ted Cedar: Look at Razor taking advantage, targeting those wounds to get more blood on his hands.

Adam Dennis: Razor is doing exactly what he needs to do. He’s had control of this match from the start; Mack has had no answer for him so far.

Razor not surprised that the veteran is still showing some fight. Both these guys having been in this company for so long know exactly what it takes to win. Xtreme walks over to his adversary; he grabs him by his left arm before whipping him to the nearest turnbuckle. Following this, Razor takes a few steps backwards to get some more speed behind him for this run. Mack on the other hand, takes advantage of the little seconds he has to try getting his strength back. Once Razor is ready, the Californian darts at his challenger, trying to connect with a big boot. Mack however, finally shows some signs of life! The highflyer ducks under the kick, leaving Razors leg stuck on the top turnbuckle. While Xtreme tries getting his foot off the turnbuckle, Mack walks over to the thumbtacks brought in earlier. He picks them up but as he looks up, Rated Y2X is already walking towards him. Not having time to think, the hall of famer panics and throws the tacks at his opposition. Millions of tacks are seen flying in the direction of XWAs Savior who places his hands over his face, making sure no takes sink into his face. Luckily for Razor, not much damage was done. However, that was just a decoy. With Xtreme trying to protect himself, Mack runs at Y2X. However, like earlier in the match, pain in the leg forces Mack to slow down, this gives Razor enough time to recover; he reaches down for Mack’s feet, lifts him up over his head to connect with a back body drop right on the tacks! The Southern Aviator starts screaming in pain! He’s right back where he was a few minutes ago. Fans are starting to think Razor is toying with the man who hasn’t been in much wrestling action in over half a year. Mack rolls out of the ring to try and recover from all these hits. He’s given nothing but seconds as Razor follows him to the outside, looking to get right back on the offense. Xtreme grabs Mack from the back of his head; he drags him towards the nearest steel pole, tossing his opposition face first into the steel pole! The four time world champion falls to the ground once more, he’s finding it hard to get anything going in this match. The arena has become silent as they watch Razor bully their fan favorite, a man who clearly is not at the same level he was when he left XWA for months. While Mack is down and out, Razor walks over to the steel chairs used in the match earlier. He lifts one chair up, opens it and sits it right in front of the ring. He reaches for the second chair before does the exact same thing. The seated area are facing and touching each other, it almost looks like Xtreme has made a small table out of both chairs, which isn’t good for his opponent.

Ted Cedar: I don’t know what Razor could be planning here, but I don’t think Mack can take any more of this.

Adam Dennis: Razor came into this match with a great game plan. Mack cannot go to the air and now he can do nothing but take this beating.

Ted Cedar: I think I’ll be the first to say Mack does not look like he’s in ring shape right now. Razor has an easy advantage, having been a full time wrestler these past months.

Xtreme walks to his downed foe; he slides both hands under the arms of the hall of famer before dragging him towards both chairs. Razor lifts Mack up to a footed position; he delivers two head-butts to the head of his challenger, following this he lays the southern superstar on the chairs. Mack’s back lies on the chairs while his back and head are in the open. To make things worse, Razor hops on the apron. Fans no something big is coming as Razor begins to measure his opponent who lays helplessly on the set of chairs. Fans watch on as Razor hops onto the middle rope, he quickly backflips off, going in the direction of his adversary for what appears to be the Xtremesault! However, the move doesn’t go as planned. XWAs Savior gives Mack too much time to recover. The four time world champion is able to roll out of harm’s way, forcing Xtreme to crash belly first on both steel chairs! Instantly the air is knocked out of the Californian. He slides backwards, lays on his back with both hands around his waist. The man went high risk but it didn’t pay off, now he left an opening for his opponent. The crowd begins cheering Mack to get on a vertical base, Razor still on the ground trying to recover and it doesn’t look like he’ll beat the hall of famer to the punch this time. Mack stands on both feet, looking around trying to find out what he can use to his advantage. Not wanting to give Razor too much time, he picks up the nearest thing to him; that being one of the steel chairs. The Southern Aviator stands behind Xtreme with a good grasp on the steel chair. Once Razor gets up on his knees, the Tennessee Native swings the steel chair to the upper-back of the long haired superstar! Razor crawls away in pain but Mack wants to continue his assault. Xtreme crawls up the steel steps that had been used as a weapon earlier. This only works to his foes advantage. Mack once more swings the chair at his opposition while he lies on the steps. Causing double the damage! The steel chair slams on the back of Xtreme, forcing his belly to be crushed into the steps! Razor is in excruciating pain while Mack takes shot after shot. This time it’s the Aviator who shows no remorse, beating the life out of Xtreme. The fans count up to five chair shots but Mack continues to swing away until Razor rolls off the steps. His face is red, his body bruised and damaged. Just when he feels he’ll have some time to recover, Mack lifts him up on a footed base before tossing him into the ring. While Razor rolls to the middle of the ring, the five time tag champ reaches under the ring to pick out a weapon of his choosing.

Ted Cedar: Looks like its Mack turn to pick out a weapon; I wonder what he’ll choose to get back at Razor.

Adam Dennis: I’m not Razor’s side for this match, but I can’t say I’m not excited to see what the master of hardcore has planned.

Ted Cedar: Well this is one of the few openings Mack has had to take control so let’s hope he doesn’t blow it.

It doesn’t take Mack long to find what he is looking for, pulling out a barbed wire steel chair. He slides into the ring with the weapon in hand, but his veteran opponent senses he is in danger. He rolls out of the ring, falling to the outside right next to the announce table. Mack does the obvious, following his foe to the outside. He exits the ring through the middle and top rope. However, it appears Xtreme had been playing possum on the outside. He grabs a hold of Mack’s right foot, shoves forward, forcing the Southern Native to be tripped on the apron. As he bounces off the apron, the impact forces him to drop the weapon; Razor sees the chair in the clear. He quickly reaches down, grabbing a hold of the weapon. Y2X looks back at his adversary who is already walking in his direction, Mack realizes Razor has the barbed wire chair in hands but it’s already too late. Razor delivers a huge chair shot right to the forehead of hid already bloodied competitor! The barbed wire sinks into the flesh of the highflying superstar who falls to the ground. His lights look to have been put out after that huge chair shot. Blood is dripping down to his neck, the sound of steel meeting his head could be heard all the way in the cheap seats. As satisfied as Razor Xtreme is with the status Mack is in, he knows it’s not enough. XWAs Savior turns to the announce table and he starts tearing is apart. Anything he sees on it is tossed off, both announcers step away from him. Not wanting to put themselves in danger. Once the announce table has been cleared of everything, Razor reaches for his opponents head, pulling him up to a footed base. Mack could barely stand on his own at this point, though he doesn’t have to do it for long, Xtreme lays him on top of the announce table and then turns his back on him. Mack lies on the announce table while Razor is looking up at the ring; glaring at that turnbuckle. A smile forms across the face of Rated Y2X as though he had a genius idea go through his head. Razor reaches down, picks up the barbed wire steel chair; he then turns back in the direction of Mack, placing the weapon over his foes head. Razor pushes the chair down on the Tennessee Natives face, letting the barbed wire sink into his skin once more. Once he’s sure Mack is unconscious, he turns his back on the four time world champ once more, this time he starts walking towards the turnbuckle. Xtreme hops on the apron, puts both hands on the top rope before jumping on the top turnbuckle. He turns his body around so that he’s facing his challenger; fans in the arena rise to their feet so they get a good view of what’s about to happen.

Ted Cedar: Razor is going high risk in this match; Mack has to get out of harm’s way if he wants to stay in this!

Adam Dennis: I’m feeling for Mack and that Spanish announce table right now Cedar. Good thing we’re on this guy.

Ted Cedar: Oh will you stop. Razor’s going to end this man’s career if something isn’t done!

Razor Xtreme starts measuring his opponent, once he feels his calculations are accurate; Xtreme jumps off the top turnbuckle, he goes flying towards his opponent with his elbow pulled out in front of him. Mack is completely helpless from doing anything; Razor drops his elbow along with all his body weight on top of the steel chair! The impact causes the announce table to snap! Razor Xtreme from the top turnbuckle hits a diving elbow drop to the outside right on the steel chair! XWAs Savior rolls off holding his elbow; his bones met with steel and barbed wire. He rolls on his belly aiding to his wounds; Xtreme knew he could take some damage from this high risk move but in the end it was all worth it, knowing his opposition is in more pain. Mack had the barbed wire along with steel and Razor’s body weight crushed into his face. To top of all off, his body was crushed right through the table! Fans are feeling a little worried for the Hall of Fame superstar who just returned. This is his first match on Vendetta in months and it may very well be his last if this punishment continues. Once Razor is able to shake off the pain, he rolls up to his knees, looks over at his bloodied opponent, instantly he realizes that this match is done. He goes to pick Mack up on a footed base. Y2X drags his foe to the apron before sliding him into the ring. Razor follows shortly after; he quickly rolls Mack on his back going for a pin! The first pin attempt in this match, though it looks like it’s all Razor needed, everyone in the arena is shocked when Mack gets the should up just as the referees hand was coming down for the three count! Somehow the Southern Aviator found it in him to get a shoulder up; Razor cannot believe that Mack is still fighting through this. The veteran superstar doesn’t want to let his fans down two weeks in a row. Razor on the other hand, wants to win this match so he can get his spot inside the chamber. He thought he had done enough but it looks like he’ll how to turn it up some more if he wants to put Mack away. Razor rolls to the outside, looking for another weapon to use. He reaches under the ring looking for something good he could use to his advantage. Finally he’s able to find exactly what he needs; a glass table! Xtreme slides the table in the ring; letting is lay right next to Mack. However, Razor still isn’t done, he reaches under the ring ounce more, pulling out yet another glass table! Two glass tables have been brought into this match; you can only wonder what Razor plans to do with both of them. Rated Y2X slides in the ring with the second glass table, he quickly gets to a vertical base and lays the table on the nearest turnbuckle.

Adam Dennis: I love it when glass is brought into this kind of matches. You it’s one of the best ways to put away your opponent.

Ted Cedar: How can you sit there and enjoy pieces of glass shred a human’s body!

Adam Dennis: Well it’s entertaining for one Cedar. If he didn’t want to go through all this, Mack should have given up earlier, now he deserves what’s coming to him.

Razor Xtreme turns his focus back on the downed competitor. Mack still unable to find strength to fight back, once again he looks like Razor’s toy. Xtreme picks the Aviator up on both feet, he drives his knee into the gut of the highflying superstar, making sure he stays on the offense. XWA Savior then lays the Nashville born superstar on the glass table. Fans once again rise to their feet, realizing something big is about to happen, but Razor still isn’t done setting up. He grabs the second glass table, and then lays that one right in front of Mack. Right now it looks like Razor has created a glass sandwich and Mack is the meat. Following this, Xtreme quickly rolls to the outside; he picks up the steel steps that had been used as a weapon earlier before sliding back in the ring. Fans in the arena are screaming their lungs out, trying to get their fan favorite to wake up and move out of harm’s way. However, Mack is still feeling too much pain to move out of harm’s way. By the time he sees where he is at, it’s already too late. The Aviator opens his eyes only to find Razor Xtreme dashing towards him at full speed. Rated R2X sticks the steps out in front of him, driving the edge of the steps into the first table, forcing it to be crushed on Mack’s body! The table the Southern Native laid on has also been crushed. It almost looked like Razor had tackled him with the steel steps, forcing both tables along with the steel steps to decimate Mack’s body! Fans in the arena instantly start chanting “Holy Shit! Holy Shit! Holy Shit!” from the huge move put on by Razor Xtreme. XWA’s Savior lays his head on the bottom rope; he looks over as his opponent who looks like he had been left for dead. Mack looks like he may have been killed but Razor isn’t worried about a thing. He wants to win this match. Xtreme may have put the finishing touch on this match; he gets to his feet with a huge smile on his face. Boos are heard all around the arena but Razor doesn’t care, he’s going to King of Xtreme for a chance at the world title, that’s all he cares about. Razor pulls Mack’s dead weight out from the turnbuckle, he drags Mack to the center of the ring and watches him while he lays there unconscious. Y2X could go for the pin and take the win but he wants to make sure a repeat of what happened some minutes ago doesn’t happen again. He slides under the bottom rope; once again he searches under the ring. Once he finds his weapon, the fans aren’t too pleased about it. Xtreme pulls out another table, only this time it’s wooden as well as covered in barbed wire. Normally fans want tables, but this time they have seen too much.

Ted Cedar: Oh come on now! You have this match won Razor; you don’t need to rub it in.

Adam Dennis: Mack surprised everyone by kicking out earlier; Razor wants to make sure this doesn’t happen again, I love what he’s doing here.

Ted Cedar: After being put through all that glass, there is no way that Mack would kick out. This is for Razor’s own enjoyment.

Rated Y2X slides the barbed wire table inside the ring, letting it laid right next to the five time tag champion. Razor could taste the win, but before he does, Xtreme wants to make sure he leaves a message on the man who is considered one of the best of all time. Razor reaches down for both of Mack’s legs. He looks out at the crowd and just about everyone knows what’s coming next. Y2X wants to embarrass the Southern Native; he wants him to tap on the night of his return to Vendetta. Razor turns his opponent over, he lays Mack belly first right on top of the barbed wire, forcing the sharp metal to pierce into the belly of his opposition while Razor keeps the Xtreme Walls locked in! Fans boo Razor as he locks in his deadly finishing submission right on top of the barbed wire table! The Tennessee born superstar is screaming in pain, his body has been put through so much in this match, there isn’t much more that it could take! Mack tries twisting out of the submission move, but whenever he moves he can feel the sharp barbed wire scratch all over his upper body. It seems like there is no hope, Razor forces all his weight on the lower back and continues to pull Mack’s legs backwards. He applies all the pressure he can. His challenger continues to fight, he doesn’t want to tap out but it seems like there is no other option. Razor is screaming at Mack to tap out but Mack is listening to the fans in the arena who are cheering him on, telling him to not give up. Mack looks around him but he can’t find anything useful. There are no rope breaks in this match, so Mack is going to his last resort. The four time world champion slams his hand on the canvas repeatedly. The referee turns around to call for the bell, but as the referee turns around he is instantly struck in the face with the ring bell! The fans in the arena erupt with cheers as someone just ran in through the ring to save Mack! A look of confusion forms on the face of Razor Xtreme. He turns around to try and figure out what’s going on. A look of anger forms on the face of Razor Xtreme as he sees the referee out cold and none other than Christina Clair standing there with the ring bell. Rated Y2X releases the submission hold; he slowly walks towards Clair, glaring at the women who has just cost him the match. Razor Xtreme looks like he is just about ready to strike but right before he does; Eric Bull is seen walking down the ring. Razor looks back and sees his manager coming down to the ring. Bull slides under the bottom rope, he walks in between Razor and Clair, telling Razor to let him handle it.

Ted Cedar: This match is getting out of hand now, what’s going on!?

Adam Dennis: Now this isn’t right Cedar. Razor should be walking out of this match the winner right about now.

Ted Cedar: I don’t know what Christina was thinking, she needs to get out of there before she gets seriously hurt!

The man who was just seconds away from winning this match decides to listen to his manager. Bull turns around and asks nicely for Clair to hand over the ring bell. Clair looks scared to death; she has a hard grip on the ring bell like she wants to strike. She knows she can’t trust Bull, thus refusing to hand over her weapon. Eric is now becoming impatient; he gets slightly closer to Christina and gives her one more warning. “Hand over the ring bell, or else” Fans can hear the words coming out of Bulls mouth, a negative reaction is instantly given towards him. Bull looks at the crowd for a second, being distracted by the noise. In that split second, Clair swings the bell at Eric, knocking him on the side of the head! The fans erupt with cheers, but their satisfaction only last a few seconds. Razor immediately reaches down for Clair’s legs, now he looks to get her in the Xtreme Walls! Christina is trying to claw her way out of it, but Razor is able to roll her belly first on the canvas. Locking in his submission move for the second time tonight! Christina instantly taps out but Razor refuses to let go. He’s giving this punishment for his own satisfaction. However, Razor is forced to quickly release the submission hold once he sees Mack getting back on a footed base. Xtreme charges at his adversary, trying to knock him down with a clothesline but the Aviator ducks out of harm’s way. Mack looks down; he quickly sees and picks up the ring bell brought into this match by Clair. The Southern Native lifts the bell over his head, once Razor turns around; he’s instantly knocked back to the canvas with a huge bell shot to the head! Mack drops to his knees after that huge shot, the man is exhausted. Despite how tired he is, he knows he has to fight through it all to pick up this victory. The Southern Native rolls out of the ring and starts searching for more weapons. Mack moves some weapons around until he finally finds something he likes, a ladder! The highflying superstar pulls out a 15 foot ladder from under the ring! Fans rise to their feet and cheer; they finally get to see some high flying action in this match! Mack sets the ladder up right next to the ring; he makes sure it’s nice and steady before he begins climbing it. The veteran superstar is slow to climb the ladder, having been through so much, it’s not even sure he’ll be able to connect with whatever he is planning. Meanwhile, Razor Xtreme is back on his knees. He looks up only to find Mack climbing the ladder. Realizing he needs to get back on offense, Xtreme slides out of the ring and he begins climbing the ladder on the other side. Mack is already near the top but Xtreme climbs up the ladder much faster than he did.

Adam Dennis: This is a bad idea by Mack, why would you go to the top of that ladder, knowing your leg is still in pain? Not only was it crushed earlier but Razor just had him in the Xtreme Walls!

Ted Cedar: Mack is willing to do anything at this point Adam. He knows his best chance of winning is by going to the air, he has yet to be given that chance in this match.

Adam Dennis: Razor has shut the air attack down; he has a chance to do it again if he gets to the top of that ladder.

Once both men are on top of the ladder they begin exchanging rights and lefts, hoping that the other falls off the ladder. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Clair is back on her feet. She sees Mack fighting on top of the ladder, from the looks of it. The Aviator was winning the fight, so she wanted to do something to help. Christina picks up the barbed wire table brought into the match some minutes ago. She sets the table up near the center of the ring but it doesn’t look like she’s done. Clair rolls to the outside, quickly grabbing something from under the ring. Fans are unable to see what she holds in her hands until she’s back in the ring. Clair walks towards the barbed wired table with lighter fluid in her hands. She starts pouring it all over the wooden table. The fans chair as they know fire comes next. Right as Clair prepares to light the table ablaze, she looks up at the ladder once more, and realizing things are not going as planned. Both men are up there still battling it out. Both men wanting to win this first fight fifteen feet in the air, but in the end, it’s Razor who gains the advantage. Delivering blow, after blow, after blow; dazing Mack fifteen feet in the air. For a second it looked like the bloodied superstar would have fallen off the ladder into a pile of fans, but that’s now how Razor wants to finish this one. He wraps Mack’s right arm around the back of his neck, locking him in a suplex position on top of the ladder. Razor lifts his foe off the ladder, looking for a suplex off the top of that ladder, but Mack quickly jumps over his opponent, countering the suplex so that he’s standing on the same side of the ladder as Xtreme. The Southern Native almost loses his balance but he’s able to catch his footed, preventing himself from falling. Razor turns around, he tries reaching down for his challenger but Mack quickly drops a closed right first to the lower-back of XWAs Savior! Down inside the ring, Clair realizes that Mack is taking control once more, she pulls out a lighter, igniting it right before she drops in on the table. Letting the hot flames rise! Up on the ladder, the highflying superstar lifts Razor up on his shoulders. Razor begins swing at the top of Mack’s head, trying to get free but his adversary refuses to let go. Mack pushes off the ladder with both legs, bringing his opponent down with him; sending Razor Xtreme crashing through the burning barbed wire table with a huge electric chair drop off the fifteen foot ladder! Fans in the arena erupt with “This is awesome” chants as they just watched Razor fall down to hell from fifteen feet in the air! Both men our out cold, there’s carnage all around the ring, Christina Clair is the only one standing, she walks over to check on the Nashville hall of famer.

Ted Cedar: Oh my god! He just broke Razor Xtreme in half! The flames, the barbed wire! This is too much for the human body too take!

Adam Dennis: I have to give it to Mack this time that was an amazing counter. I still can’t give him full credit, someone needs to take Clair out of this match, she’s helping Mack get closer to that victory.

Ted Cedar: There’s nothing anyone can do Adam. The referee is out cold and we sure as hell can’t take her out. But you have to give it to Mack. The guy is still fighting, his body has been through so much but the guy is still in there trying to win this thing!

Christina Clair helps Mack get back to a footed base, the highflyer can barely stand right now, but he uses the ropes to help stay on two feet. Mack looks over and he sees Bull getting up to his feet. He looks at Clair and tells her to take care him. Meanwhile, the Southern Native rolls to the outside, he reaches under the ring looking for one more weapon to perhaps put an end to this match. Fans are eager to find out what Mack is searching for, when he pulls it out, he lifts it in the air for everyone in the arena to see. A glass box! It almost looks like a squared fishing bowl, only it’s nothing but pure glass, how Mack plans to use this weapon; nobody knows. While Mack slides in the ring with his weapon, Christina rolls to the outside. She slides her hand under the ring, pulling out a pair of handcuffs. Eric Bull who is slowly getting back to his feet has no idea he’s about to be trapped. Christina Clair quickly wraps one cuff on the wrist and the other on the ropes. Eric Bull looks down at Clair, looking at her with furry in his eyes. Clair simply smiles and reaches into the ring to grab the ring bell, taking it back to the bell keeper’s desk. Bull tries to get his hands on her as she reaches in but the cuffs prevent him from doing anything. In the center of the ring, Mack looks to send this thing to its close. He drops the glass box and grabs Razors right arm, dragging him near the turnbuckle. Once he has Razor where he wants him, The Nashville Native lifts Razors head just enough for him to slide the glass box through. Mack places Xtremes head inside the glass box. The Southern Aviator then turns his back on his foe, he hops on the top turnbuckle and sits there for a seconds trying to catch his breath. Once he has his balance on the ropes, he looks over at Clair and calls for a steel chair. Christina Clair grabs the nearest steel chair to her, and then takes it over to the four time world champ. Eric Bull can do nothing but watch on as Mack looks to dish out the punishment this time. Mack puts the steel chair in front of his chest, he leaps off the top turnbuckle, doing multiple spins in mid-air before he crashes on top of that glass box with the steel chair! The glass shatters into a million pieces as Mack hits the 450 splash off the top rope, right on top of that glass box, completely crushing Razors skull, leaving him a bloody mess! Mack lies next to Razor after connecting with the 450 splash. It’s his first risk taker of the night but will it pull of? The Southern Native is in pain but he knows he’s just seconds away from getting the win. He pushes the chair out of the ring before rolling his arm around Razor Xtremes chest. The referee who had been taken out earlier, crawls towards both men and makes the pin.


Ding, Ding, Ding

The song “O.G. Loko” by Of Mice & Men plays on the PA system, making it clear this one’s over. Eric Bull lowers his head in disappointment while fans rise to their feet, cheering for Mack who just pulled off his first win in months. The Southern Aviator came into this match with odds against him, he had his highflying ability taken from him, and he had rust needing to be shaken off, but by the end of this match; like any hero would. Mack fought through; he overcame the odds, finding the strength do what he had to in order to win this match. Clair grabs Mack by his leg, helping her boyfriend slide out of the ring. The Tennessee Native drops to his knees on the outside. He looks into the ring at all the carnage, not being able to believe all the destruction left inside the ring. Mack starts getting emotional on the outside, this being his first victory in months. Inside the ring, Eric Bull is arguing with the referee, Razor had Mack tapping earlier in the match but an interference by Christina Clair cost Razor a shot at the World Championship. In his final match, Mack defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Trace. Now he’s back and he’s right where he left off; back in the World Title scene. Trainers and Doctors come running down to the ring, to check on both men who are struggling to make it on a vertical base. Eric Bull is still going at is with the referee, he wants the call to be overturned. However, this match is no disqualification; there is nothing the referee could do at this point. Eric Bull has a look on his face as though he wants to tackle down the referee. Only thing preventing him from doing so is the cuffs still holding him in place. The Doctors along with Clair help pick Mack to his feet before they start dragging him to the back. The fans cheer for Mack while he is dragged out of the arena. A great hardcore match put on by these men. Razor had control throughout this entire match; many will argue that Razor is the rightful victor of this contest. Poor officiating and some outside help for Mack kept him put getting this win under his belt. You have to think Xtreme will get another shot to be put in the chamber match. Not only should he have won, but his performance in this contest from start to finish was amazing. He showed how a world champions should compete, taking a legend to the limit. A great conclusion to this show, you know everyone wants to tune in next week to see what happens with Razor Xtreme. Fans in the arena tonight definitely got their money’s worth, the cameras stay focused on the still downed Razor Xtreme before they slowly fade away, taking this episode of Vendetta to its conclusion.

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