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 KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil

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KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil Empty
PostSubject: KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil   KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 10:59 am

Due: Saturday September 21st, at 11:59 PM EDT

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KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil Empty
PostSubject: Re: KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil   KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil EmptySun Sep 22, 2013 12:04 am

The crowd cheers as the familiar sound of a motorcycle engines carries throughout the arena. Axel rides into view on his black Harley-Davidson. Clad in black biker attire and shades, he stops on the entrance stage as a mix of boos and cheers welcome him. He looks out to the ring to see his opponent for the night. Dante is sitting in the corner of the ring, his hair matted on his face and a look upon his face that showed a sort of contempt for Axel. The motorcyclist continues to make his way down the ramp to the ring.  As he draws closer he halts and gets off of the bike. Axel Anvil’s face is expressionless as his lips show no flicker of a smile nor frown; a look of seriousness about him as he walks to the ring. He gets to the ring and jumps up and down, looking to the ground as he moves his arms and neck, loosening up for the match.

Ted Cedar: HOLY---!!

Adam Dennis: Dick move..

As Axel Anvil looks up, he meets a pair of boots as Dante has run at him sliding forward, and hitting Axel with a Baseball Slide through the ropes. Axel is sent back about 4 feet as he is lifted off of his feet, lands hard on his back, and rolls onto his stomach, sprawled on the floor from the surprise attack.


Dante slides out of the ring and rushes over to Axel before he can get back to his feet. He grabs Axel’s jacket and pulls it over his head, blinding him. He quickly follows with repeated kicks to his face, getting the cheap upper hand to start the match. He mounts Axel and begins to punch him with his right hand as his left keeps the coat over Axel’s face, obstructing his view. Axel reaches out blindly and grabs hold of Dante’s arms, tucking his legs inward; Axel brings them up and into Dante’s chest, his flexibility working to his advantage here as Dante lands on his back a few feet away after being propelled off of Axel Anvil. Axel gets to his feet and Dante looks up, and backs away on the ground as Axel comes closer. Dante rolls over and gets to his feet, scrambling away to avoid Axel. As Axel comes around the corner, Dante rolls into the ring.

Cedar: And we start the match with the usual antics from Dante.

Axel sighs, and removes his ring jacket, tossing it to the side, before grasping the ropes, and climbing onto the ring apron. Dante has a jerk of his body, as if he was going to run over and knock him off the apron, but thought better of it. Dante steps back as Axel Anvil puts his legs over the top rope and climbs into the ring. The two men encircle each other. Dante crouched slightly, waiting for an opening, while Axel stands tall, slowly circling. Dante jumps forward, but steps back quickly as Axel does not fall for the feint. Dante lifts his right arm, moving his fingers slightly, inviting Axel to clasp his hand to lock up. Axel grabs his hand and both men at the same time lock up with the other hand as well. Dante pushes forward; trying to overpower Axel in the game of strength but it is in vain as Axel overpowers Dante easily and pushes Dante with such force that he falls to the mat. Dante speedily gets back on his feet and stays along the edge of the ring, keeping a hand on the ropes as he walks. He seems to be thinking, contemplating his next move as he looks back at Anvil who seems to be growing impatient. Axel moves forward but Dante makes as if to hop out of the ring, to which Axel backs off and yells out.

“Come on and face me like a man!”

At this, Dante chuckles and shakes his head. In the next moment Dante is off the ropes and running towards Axel at full speed. Axel swings out with a Clothesline to catch Cross but Dante ducks it and goes on to rebound off the ropes. Axel turns around and swings out again, missing Dante once more with a punch that would have leveled him if it connected.

Cedar: Cross using his speed to an advantage, literally running circles around Anvil.

Dante goes to the ropes once more but this time he slips through the middle and hops onto the top rope in one fluid motion. In the next instance he springboards off the ropes at Axel for a Flying Forearm.

Dennis: Look at that form.

Cedar: Cross is—Oh wow! That had to hurt.

As Dante dived forward, Axel spun around and struck out with a devastating Spinning Backfist that caught Cross square in the face. Dante is stopped midair and falls to the mat on his knees in a dazed state, as if he hit an invisible wall. Dante swayed back and forth at a somewhat 90 degree angle. Axel Anvil ran to the ropes, bouncing off with momentum and charges at Dante with a Big Boot that knocks the wind out of Cross and sends him flying through the middle ropes and landing on the outside of the ring.

Dennis: Cross has to be seeing stars after that combination from Axel Anvil.

Cedar: Stars? The man’s seeing constellations! Did you see the way his head snapped back from the big boot?

Dante is on shaky legs from that last shot, though the first still had his ears ringing. Axel drops down from the apron and goes over to meet Cross. Dante sends a quick Dropkick to the leg of Axel, sending him to a knee. With that, Dante hurries back into the ring before Axel can rise. He runs to the opposite ropes and rebounds. He runs forward and comes off the ropes with a Springboard Plancha to the outside on Axel. Anvil bends his legs, avoiding the brunt of the attack but pops up in time to catch Dante by the legs, wrapping his arms around Cross now.

Cedar: Oh this doesn’t look good for Cross. He’s got the legs.

Dennis: He’s got to be going for his signature move, Brutal.

Axel hoists Dante up, runs to the ring post and throws him forward with the Brutal Powerbomb, his back striking hard against the ring post before he falls to the floor. Dante slides to the ground holding his back, his eyes shut tight from the aching brought on by impact into the metal post.

Cedar: Anvil looking under the ring to bring out the first weapon in this Extreme Rules match.

Axel goes under the ring and searches for a moment before coming up with a steel chair. He makes his way back over to Cross, who is slowly getting up to his feet, using the ring post to slide upwards and keep himself steady. Anvil brings the chair over his head and swings it forward at Dante’s head. Cross moves out of the way at the last second, the chair hitting the post and causing a loud resonating ping to carry throughout the arena. Dante whirls around and sends Axel into the very chair he was holding and slamming hard into the ring post. Axel slumps against the ring post as Dante looks on, taking a moment to admire his work before he rolls back into the ring.

Dennis: I don’t think it’s wise for Cross to just be waiting around like that. If you have Axel Anvil on the receiving end of punishment you want to do everything in your power to make sure he doesn’t get back up.

Cedar: I agree Dennis but you have to remember, Cross is a man with his own motives. He is someone who is always thinking in the ring but at times his arrogance can get the better of him.

Axel slowly climbs onto the apron. Dante runs forward and meets him as he comes into the ring, sending out a series of fast punches at the big man. Against the much taller opponent Dante resorts to midsection strikes but they seem to not both the bigger man. Axel swings forward and catches Dante with a hard left hand that wobbles Cross. With that, Axel grabs Dante under the arms and turns around, pushing Dante against the ropes now. He follows with another hard left and a right, putting Dante on wobbly legs. Cross tries to go through the ropes and onto the apron but Axel holds onto him and pulls him back through the middle rope, sending another shot to his skull, letting him hang limp on the middle rope.

Cedar: What’s Axel got planned here? He’s measuring Cross now.

Axel backs away a few steps from his opponent, now halfway hanging in the ring. He runs and comes off the nearby ropes for momentum and goes forward with a Running Knee Trembler that makes a loud crack, twisting Dante inside out as he lands inside the ring. Axel Anvil bends down to pick Dante up, but Dante, off his back, brings his legs up and around Axel’s neck and whips him across the ring with a Kip-Up Hurricanrana. Axel flips over and lands on his back, as Dante rolls backwards and gets to his feet. He looks at the fallen Axel, and runs, leaps over him, and goes through the ropes onto the ring apron. Cross jumps onto the top rope and bends his legs before propelling himself off the ropes with a flip, landing a Springboard 450 Splash onto Axel. He hooks the leg and goes for the quick pin. The referee slides onto the mat. 1…2…Axel Anvil kicks out before Dante could take the victory.

Dennis: Cross failing to get the quick win here.

Cedar: It won’t be that easy to take out Axel Anvil.

Dante gets to his feet and grabs Axel by the hair, pulling him up as well. Cross places Axel’s head between his legs and extends his arms outwards, as if signaling the end.

Dennis: Is he? Is Cross about to go for the Hellbound on Axel?

Cedar: It’d be a show of strength just to pick the man up. Can he do it?

Dante wraps his arms around his opponent’s waist and goes to lift him up into Powerbomb position. Axel plants himself firm, going to a knee to halt the maneuver. Dante pummels Axel with a hard forearm into the big man’s back, followed by another. He goes for the waist again to lift Axel up but Axel takes ahold of Dante’s legs and rises, putting the Son of Sin in quite the position.

Cedar: Axel gets out of the move and looks to be in position to hit the Alabama Slam.

Indeed he does as Dante waves his arms in an attempt to free himself, but Axel begins walking with Dante hang behind as he keeps a hold on Cross’s legs. Anvil begins to spin around, sending Cross on a dizzying ride before running full speed to the ropes and with such force, he flings Dante out onto the floor with the Alabama Slam. Dante holds his back after the move and rolls onto his stomach, crawling towards the ring apron as Axel climbs down out of the ring. Dante gets under the ring but Axel grabs Cross’s legs and pulls him back out only to receive a hard Kendo Stick shot straight between the eyes. Axel cries out in pain as he falls to his knees holding his face, a red mark now present down the middle of his forehead.

Dennis: And the first weapon shot has connected in this match. Really thought it would’ve been sooner than this.

Cedar: I can only imagine what Dante is going to pull from the ring after this.

Dante wields the kendo stick like a baseball bat and as if a batter on plate, he swings the stick forward at Axel’s head with such velocity that it seemed like only a blur. The only way to describe it is that the weapon exploded upon impact, the pieces shattering as the wood met the side of Axel’s face. Axel falls to the floor in a heap, his hands to his head from the shot. Dante stands over him holding the only thing left of the kendo stick, the handle, now jagged and broken. He looks at Axel, then his eyes slowly turn to what remains of the weapon in his hand. With a devilish grin, Cross steps towards Axel and comes from behind, grabbing the big man around his neck and pulling him off the ground and to his knees. With a look of glee, Dante takes the jagged handle and stabs Axel in the forehead. Axel cries out in pain, something that only intensifies as Dante begins to scrape the wooden piece across the head of Axel, drawing blood.

Cedar: Look at him Dennis! Look at him! Cross is just grinding that handle of the kendo stick into Axel like he’s carving up a turkey!

Dennis: I think carving a turkey would be a lot less vicious but holy hell Cross is taking the match to the next level now. It can only get bloodier from here on out.

With one final swipe, Dante pulls the now bloody wooden handle away from Axel and throws it on the ground. He looks down at Axel on his knees, the blood seeping from the multiple cuts upon his head. Cross tightens his arm around Axel’s neck and begins to rain down a flurry of punches, striking Axel in the head, opening the wound even more, blood splattering about with each connecting shot. Following a final strike, Dante releases his hold on Anvil and pushes him face forward onto the arena floor. He looks around the ring and upon seeing it, his eyes alight and a sly grin plays across his face. Dante sends a kick to the back of Axel for good measure before walking around the ring and back towards the entrance ramp. He stands in front of Axel’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He hops on the bike and revs the cycle as the crowd cheers in anticipation. Cross grabs the large chain that Axel keeps on the bike and swings it in the air.

Cedar: He’s got Axel’s bike!

Dennis: He’s got the chain too and he looks like he’s about to bring them both back to Axel.

Dante drives the bike around the ring and towards Axel who is just now getting to his feet. Cross swings the chain at Axel, but Axel ducks the attack in time. Dante spins the bike around just before hitting the barricade and goes back for a second try. Axel is in a kneeling position near the ring post, facing away from Cross as he drives forward. Dante swings out at Axel and Axel spins around and cracks Dante in the face with the steel chair. Dante goes flying off the bike and the motorcycle crashes against the barricade. Dante is holding his face as Axel comes forward. Axel grabs Dante by his hair and rolls him into the ring. The blood is still flowing from Axel’s head as he goes to wipe his face. Dante begins to stir in the ring, slowly getting to his feet as Axel climbs onto the ring apron. Axel again wipes his face. When he looks up, Dante comes forward and pulls Axel’s neck into the ropes with a rope choke. Axel holds onto the rope but he teeters on the apron. Dante wastes no time, pulling the big man Axel into the ring, hoisting Anvil onto his back in an Inverted Fireman’s Carry.

Cedar: He’s going for it Dennis! He’s going to try and end it here with the Life Ender!

Dante takes Axel’s own arm and wraps it around his neck in a cobra clutch form, using the man’s own arm against him. He moves into the center of the ring and brings Axel down and brings his knee up—but Axel knocks the incoming knee out of the way and lands on his feet. Dante stumbles back from the move but is able to roll under strike from Axel and is now behind the biker now. Before Axel can turn around, Dante leaps into the air for a Jumping Reverse Cutter. Just as Dante wraps his arms around the big man’s neck, Axel reaches around and grabs Dante by his head. Dante cries out in surprise as Axel holds him off the ground by his head. Dante tries to free himself, kicking his legs in vain as Axel takes him up and over, into an Inverted Piledriver form.

Cedar: Axel Anvil’s got to have eyes in the back of his head to catch Cross with that move.

Dennis: And it looks like he’s eyeing to put Cross away right now with this piledriver—OOOHH that impact looked devastating.

The inverted piledriver shook the ring on impact. Dante it out of it. Axel rolls the limp Dante over and lies over him for the cover. The referee drops down for the pin and slaps his hand on the mat.1…2…Axel yanks Dante’s head off the mat, breaking the count.

Dennis: Did he? Axel broke the count himself? What is he doing? He could have finished it right there!

Cedar: I don’t think he wants to finish it Dennis, he wants to bring Dante as much pain as possible before this match is done.

He picks the groggy Dante up and sends him to the ropes. Dante comes back and ducks a Lariat from Axel but Axel catches Dante from behind and puts him in the Condemnation, the much taller wrestler lifting Dante off his feet with the move. Dante, wide eyed and surprised, flails as Axel tightens the hold. He’s kicking his legs and moving his torso trying to break free. With a well-aimed back kick, Dante’s foot catches Axel in the groin. Axel lets go of Dante and doubles over holding her groin.

Dennis: Ooohh right in the nuts.

Cedar: It’s all legal here. Have to remember, when it comes down to it, if Dante Cross sees the opportunity, he will take any possible opening to attain victory.

Dennis: If you have the balls to face Dante in an extreme rules match, he will hit you in them.

Dante lands on the mat and runs to the ropes, hits a springboard backflip and catches Anvil with an inverted DDT otherwise known as the DDC, planting him hard on his backside, his head crashing to the mat. Cross takes a short breather as he sits up beside the fallen Axel. With a glance at his opponent, Dante gets to his feet and runs to the ropes, hitting the middle, then the top, springboarding off for the corkscrew moonsault, the Deadliest Moonsault Evermore. He hooks the leg for the pin immediately on landing. 1…2…Axel kicks out, though weaker than normal, the match taking its toll on him.

Dante shakes his head and brings Axel to his feet. In unceremonious fashion, Dante leads Axel to the ropes and throws him to the outside. With Axel on the floor, Dante takes a few steps back and falls to the mat, his chest going up and down as he rubs the back of his neck.

Cedar: This match seems to really be taking a bit out of the Son of Sin.

Dennis: You have to remember Ted, the early goings of this match saw Dante taking a royal ass whipping at the hands of Axel. That Powerbomb into the ring post had to take a lot out of him real fast as you can see how he’s holding that neck of his.

Axel begins to make his way back into the ring. Dante sees this and pops to his feet. He runs forward and leaps at Axel as he stands on the apron but Anvil catches Dante and lifts him into the air with a Military Press. Dante flails but all for naught as Axel heaves him over, sending him crashing onto the announce table with a hard thud as he lands on his back. The announcer’s scatter as Axel hops down from the apron and goes over to Cross, who is on his back laid out on the announce table, his head hanging over the side. Axel goes over to the crowd and pulls out one of the guardrails, pulling it up and carrying it over to the announce table. He places the railing onto Dante’s chest. Axel picks up a chair and smashes it into the metal railing upon Dante, who lets out a cry of pain from the shot. Axel climbs the announce table and jumps into the air for a Leg Drop onto the railing. Thinking fast, Dante brings up the railing and upends Axel, sending him crashing to the floor. Dante rolls off of the table holding his back. He stumbles over and climbs back into the ring as Axel begins to get to his feet. Dante goes to the opposite end of the ring and hangs against the ropes.

Axel remains on the ground but begins crawling over to the ring and lifts the apron to look beneath. In the next moment he comes up and is pulling out a table. Axel gets to his feet and is trying to bring a table into the ring. He puts the table on the apron and at break neck speed Dante comes forward and hits a dropkick to the table, sending Axel skidding across the floor. Axel is trying to get to his feet and Dante rebounds off the ropes and hits a Springboard Senton to the outside on Axel, who barely had time to get to his feet before being sent back to the floor.

While Anvil is on the ground, Dante gets the table and sets it up against the guard railing before going back over to Axel who is now in a kneeling position. As Dante reaches out to grab him, Axel hits Cross in the gut and doubles him over. He whips Dante to the ropes but Dante reverses and sends Axel instead. Axel stops himself just before he hits the table and spins out of the way as Dante charges forward. Dante thinks fast and runs up the table and spins around, now teetering on the top of the wobbling table trying to hold a balance. Without a second thought, Dante hocks a wad of spit at Axel, distracting him as he himself is in a predicament. Axel’s hands go to his face and Dante instantly leaps off and takes ahold of Axel’s head in his arms, and with the momentum whirls around and hits a Tornado DDT on Axel into the table. The crowd goes wild as the table splinters and Axel goes through head first.

Dante pulls himself out of the broken mess and goes back to the ring, this time going under and pulls out a trashcan full of weapons. He pulls out a roll of barbed wire; his eyes alight with joy and a look of glee on his face. Dante goes over to Axel who is pulling himself out of the wreckage. Cross comes from behind the kneeling Axel and wraps the wire around his neck. Axel brings his hands up and puts them to his neck, pulling the wire away. All the while, the wire is cutting into his hands and Dante is doing all in his power to add to this as possible. The blood is seeping from Axel’s hands now. It seems that once one wound stops bleeding, another one starts. He elbows Dante in the head and knocks him away as he gets fully to his feet. Cross stumbles but catches himself before he falls on his rear. He runs at Axel and hits him in the back before he turns around. This only irritates Axel, who turns around to face Dante but he is already rolling into the ring. Annoyed more than anything, Axel grabs a chair and heaves it into the ring.


Dante cries out as the chair catches him in the back of the skull. He falls to the mat, cradling his head. With Dante on the mat holding his head in pain, Axel climbs the corner turnbuckle from the outside. Dante sees this and pulls himself to his feet, grabbing the chair in the process. He runs forward and hits Axel with the steel chair. Axel slumps on the ropes and Dante tosses the chair to the side and ascends the ropes after Axel. Just as Dante gets onto the second rope, a hand comes out and latches itself upon his neck. Dante struggles as Axel grabs Dante by the neck and precedes to Chokeslams him off the middle rope and onto the chair.

Dennis: Now that the guys are gone and our table is still intact we are back on commentary people.

Cedar: And not a moment too soon as it looks like Dante is losing his momentum in this match.

Cross is holding his back as he arises, while Axel waits until Dante has turned to face him and leaps off with a Flying Lariat. Dante reaches out, grabs the chair and tosses the chair into the air and meets it to Dropkick that sends the chair into Axel’s face as he comes down.

Dennis: Man look at the speed that Cross is showcasing here in these tight situations. He is able to think on his feet and counter moves like we just saw there.

Cedar: I think Cross reopened that wound of Axel’s rafter that shot.

Dante rolls out of the ring and retrieves a bag of tacks from the trashcan and slides back into the ring. He takes the chair from earlier and pours the tacks out onto it before going over to Axel, who is getting to his feet.

Cedar: Dante’s got some evil intent.

Dennis: When does he not have evil intents? I just enjoy it when it happens.

As Cross bends over to grab his opponent, Anvil catches Dante with an uppercut. Dante holds his mouth and turns away from, Axel, who comes from behind and takes ahold of Dante in swift fashion. Before Dante can react he is in the air and going down hard from a Back Suplex, landing in the bed of tacks lain out on the chair.

Cedar: Dante’s own idea used against him!

Dante rolls over in the tacks, revealing the beads of blood as his mouth opens and closes wordlessly. Axel grabs Dante’s arms and places his large boot into the back of Dante’s head. He moves Dante back over to the chair that still holds a large amount of tacks.

Dennis: Shit. Shit. Shit! He’s not gonna do it is he? Not on the chair! Not in the tacks!

With unwavering ruthlessness, Axel stomps down on Dante’s skull, hitting the Paralyzer in a bed of thumbtacks, the clang of his head against the steel chair following. Dante cries out and pushes himself off the mat. Blood covering his face as he lifts his head up. As he rises, he glances back and though his face bloodied, he manages a sly grin.

Dennis: I told you! I told you he’d do it again!

Dante rears his leg back and strikes Axel in the groin for a second time. The big man once again doubles over and holds his sack. Dante gets to his feet and launches a spinning kick at Axel, intentionally missing the first but coming back with a second for the Return to Sin Kick, knocking Axel to the mat. Running to the ropes, leaping onto the second, then the first, Dante goes for the DME but just before he lands, Axel catches him by the neck from on his back. Axel on his feet and still holding Cross by the throat, he takes Dante up into the air but Cross hits a Jumping STO and locks in the Sinner’s Sorrow. Struggling against the hold, with Dante’s legs around his neck and his arms adding to the pressure, Axel gets to his feet and falls back with a sort of Death Valley Driver, Dante landing on his neck as Axel falls back on Dante.  Axel goes for the pin but before the referee can drop down for the count, Dante brings his knee into Axel’s side and squirms out of it.

Dante makes it to his feet and holds off until Axel rises once more. Cross charges but Axel comes out of the abyss with a vicious Lariat that looks to have taken Dante’s head off. Cross is turned inside out but Axel wastes no time. He picks Dante up and into a Vertical Suplex and is about to hit the Cranium Fission. As he comes down with the maneuver, Dante strikes out with a knee, dazing Axel enough for Cross to wrap his legs around Axel and lock in the Sinner’s Sorrow once more. Axel goes to a knee as he struggles against the move. Dante tightens the hold and Axel falls to the mat. Dante begins to yell for the referee to ask him.

“Ref! Ask him! Ask him Ref! Aaassk hiiimm!”

Dante turns to Axel and begins yelling at his opponent.

“Tell him dammit! Tell him! End it! Tell him!”

Axel begins to try to get to the ropes but Dante tightens the hold and Axel submits at last.


“And your winner, Daaaaannttee CROOOSSS!”

Dante releases his hold on Axel and gives him a hard kick into the face for the hell of it. An arrogant look of superiority on his face as the referee raises his hand, the blood still flowing from his head all the while. A bloody faced grin carries the audience to commercial.
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KOX: Dante Cross vs. Axel Anvil

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