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 KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett

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PostSubject: KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett   KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 10:55 am

Extreme Rules
Due: Saturday September 21st, at 11:59 PM EDT

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KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett Empty
PostSubject: Re: KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett   KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett EmptySat Sep 21, 2013 12:29 pm

The atmosphere right now is one of pure disgust, as both superstars are hated, and of confusion for what just occurred mere moments ago. The two contestants stare each other down, but not for long as Robert Howlett charges at his opponent. Shade (who believes he’s Leon) sidesteps the move and runs towards the other side of the ring where Robert just came from. It seems as if he’s trying to provoke something in Robert. Robert chooses to charge at Shade again, except this time “The Glooming Masterpiece” charges as well. Robert extends his arm for a clothesline, yet Shade beats him to executing a move by jumping into the air and delivering a dropkick! Both superstars fall to the mat, just to stand up around the same time. The South Carolina-native comes towards Shade and wraps his hand around Shade’s neck, but then turns it into a European uppercut. Shade staggers backwards, allowing for Robert to follow up with a brutal spear through the top and middle ropes! Robert seems content so far, yet there’s still so much more he can do. He reaches under the ring and pulls out the common and always effective, steel chair. “The Jackal Valentine” starts slamming the chair all over Shade’s body: his legs, his arms, his torso, and his head. Eventually, Robert gets bored and drops the chair to the side.

*The audience members, even though hating both superstars, begin to want a more violent match by cheering “WE WANT TABLES!”*

Adam Dennis: “Oh yes! Please bring out the tables. Let’s see some blood!”

Ted Cedar: “These are two human beings and –”

Adam Dennis: “Save the shit! BLOOD!”

Whether Robert is catering to the fans or not, he grabs a table from underneath the ring as Shade starts to recuperate. Once the table is fully set up, Shade slams his fist against Robert’s masked-face. The New York-native grabs ahold of Robert’s head and runs towards the steel post, slamming his head right onto it. Not letting up, Shade slams his rival’s head against the post two more times before Irish whipping Robert into the barricade. Seemingly pissed off, Shade lets out an audible yell before marching over toward the barricade and grabbing someone’s beer bottle. That particular audience member looks so terrified that he probably left a brown stain in his pants. With a big swing of the bottle, Shade smashes the bottle over Robert’s head before kicking the shards against Robert’s chest. Shade looks over at the table and concocts a cruel plan. He hoists Robert up and drags him over to the table before placing him in between his legs. “The Self-Proclaimed Master of Triple Threats” then lifts his adversary over his shoulder and holds both his arms in a cross position. Shade finally falls to his knees and throws Robert onto the table with his finishing “Holy Damnation” crucifix powerbomb! Shade rolls Robert into the squared circle and pins him. ONE… TWO… THREE!


*Not getting enough action, the crowd shows their displeasure for this match by booing loudly. Not even because Shade won.*

Laura Watts: “Your winner of this match… Leon…?”

Shade leaves the ring and grabs the microphone from Laura.

Shade: “No no no. Your winner of this match… Samael.”

Adam Dennis: “What in the flying fuck?”

Ted Cedar: “I’m just as confused as you are.”
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KOX: Shade vs. Robert Howlett

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