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 ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best

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ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best Empty
PostSubject: ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best   ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best EmptyWed Jun 10, 2015 1:18 am

Word Count: 3,500
Due: Tuesday, July 23rd, 2015 at 11:59:59pm EST
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ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best   ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best EmptyTue Jun 23, 2015 8:26 pm

Samuel slides his entrance coat off his shoulder as his theme song fades out. He then drops the coat out of the ring to a gentlemen standing outside, all the while not unlocking his eyes from his opposition across the ring. Samuel then runs both his hands through his hair, brushing it back and out of his face as he continues to stare at James Best, who is reciprocating, neither man showing any emotion. With something as big as a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, both of the combatants are focusing on bringing their best game to this main event. Ryu Sanu, the official for this match checks both men’s attire, making sure there are no hidden foreign objects. After checking, Sanu calls for the bell to start off the main event.

TED CEDAR : “Here we go, main event time, Greg Samuel, James Best, time to determine a new number one contender to face Razor Xtreme at Summer Sanitarium. Davey, who’s your pick?”

DAVID MICHAELS: “Honestly, how do you pick a winner here? Samuel, an XWA veteran, around since 2010, we’ve seen this kid grow tremendously. James Best, a veteran of the squared circle all around the world. Both men are 6’2”, Best has Samuel bested, pun intended, by a little more than 20 pounds. Samuel will fly around the ring, Best will keep him grounded. I’m not picking a winner for this once, I’m sitting back and watching.”

TED CEDAR : “Alright, here we go!”

Both combatants take a few slow steps out of their corners and look to get this match under the way. Neither man is looking to make the first move and risk making a mistake. The crowd is buzzing in anticipation of this match. Finally, as both men meet in the middle of the ring, “The Narcissist” offers a collar-and-elbow tie up. Samuel hesitantly sticks his arms up, looking to accept. Before they can lock up, Best lifts a boot up, looking to connect with a boot to the midsection. Samuel is quick on his feet, and is able to catch the Aussie’s foot. Best is wide-eyed and shakes his head, trying to convince “The Maine Attraction” not to capitalize. The former Intercontinental Champion pushes Best’s leg to the Australian’s left, causing him to spin in that direction. After the former #1 Contender has done a 360-degree spin, Samuel leaps up and swings his right leg up, connecting square to the temple. Best falls to the mat, grabbing his head as the pain rushes. Knowing he can’t stay down, Best gets to his feet, only to be met with a boot to the midriff. The Maine native grabs Best’s wrist, before charging into the corner closest to the timekeeper’s area. Samuel runs up the turnbuckles before turning and leaping into the ring, grabbing his opposition’s neck and falling back to the mat, planting him with a Tornado DDT. Best lays on the mat, cringing while he favors his head. Samuel quickly scrambles over to Best before hooking the leg, looking to get the win early. Best kicks out at one, not nearly drained enough to be kept down.

TED CEDAR : “All Samuel early! Let’s see if he can keep the momentum.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “I have to say, I’m impressed with Samuel’s expansion to his moveset in his return to XWA! He’s looking real good here!”

Greg pushes back to his feet, and Best isn’t too far behind, as neither man is extremely groggy this early in the match. Samuel grabs the Aussie’s arm and whips him into the ropes. Best comes charging back at Samuel with a vendetta as he sticks out an arm. “The Maine Attraction” ducks the clothesline, sending “The Narcissist” into the ropes again. When best comes running back, Samuel doesn’t even have to turn around to drop down to his belly, sending Best into the ropes one more time. Samuel’s agility is on display as he is up to his feet on a moment’s notice, and is up in plenty of time to be ready to greet his opposition. Samuel bends down and grabs Best by a leg and lifts him up before dropping down to his back, slamming Best face first on the mat with a flapjack. Best again finds himself favoring his face as Samuel gets back to his feet. “The Maine Attraction” looks out at the crowd who is buzzing as their favorite is in control. Greg sticks a fist up in the air and gives a shout of nonsensical embrace to his people. The crowd cheers louder to return the embrace. Samuel adjusts his tights a little while Best gets back to a vertical base. “The Maine Attraction” charges at his opposition before leaping up and connecting with a stiff shot to Best’s face with his calf, connecting with an Inazuma Leg Lariat. Best falls to his back, this time clutching his face as it throbs in pain. Samuel charges over to the Aussie, looking to keep momentum in his favor. As if he realizes the imminent danger, “The Narcissist” roles out of the ring, onto his feet on the outside of the ring. The crowd disapproves of Best’s tactics, and they are not afraid to let him know. Breathing heavily, Best whips his face, but he can’t whip away the pain that he is feeling. Samuel shakes his head along with the crowd, but only for a second. Best groggily faces the entrance ramp, and in his peripheral vision, he sees the former Million Dollar Champion bounce off the ropes. Samuel charges towards Best on the outside, before leaping through the middle rope. Before Greg gets all the way through the ropes, Best takes a step towards the ring, rotating and driving his right fist through the nose of Samuel. “The Maine Attraction” gets tangled up in the ropes before falling back into the ring while clutching his face and kicking around on the mat.

TED CEDAR : “Samuel’s nose could be broken! And to think, if he hadn’t taken the easy way out by sliding out of the ring, Samuel may still be in control.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “So… now it’s illegal to roll out of the ring?”

A sly smirk crosses Best’s face as he slides back into the ring. Without getting back to his feet, The Australian crawls over and mounts Samuel before driving punches to the forehead. After a flurry of punches, Ryu Sanu pulls Best off of Samuel and gets in his face, telling him that he isn’t afraid to disqualify. The Australian pushes Sanu off to the side, taking a few running steps before jumping off the mat and bending his knee and dropping it down on Samuel’s forehead before rolling forward. Samuel kicks his legs as his hands shoot up to cover his forehead. Best gets back to a vertical base and quickly assists Samuel up to a vertical base and then wraps his arms around the former Intercontinental Champion’s waist from behind, making sure that Samuel can get any space to fly around. Best lifts his opposition off the map and then proceeds to drop to his back, slamming Samuel’s back of the neck on the mat with a German Suplex. The former #1 contender keeps his hands locked and proceeds to turn his hips, rolling Samuel over onto his stomach. Greg’s face is clenched in pain as Best gets his feet under him and then lifts The Maine resident back to his feet. Without missing a beat, “The Narcissist” again lifts Samuel up and over with another German Suplex. This time, Best bridges and keeps Samuel’s shoulder to the mat, looking to win the match. Samuel is able to power a shoulder up at to, much to the relief of the fans in attendance.

TED CEDAR : “Best with two German Suplexes, but Samuel is not done yet.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “If we learned anything last week, it’s going to take a lot more than that to keep Samuel down. But Best has it in him!”

Both men quickly work back to a vertical base, Best beating Samuel slightly. The Aussie approaches Samuel, who is near the ropes, before wind milling his right arm around and driving a forearm square into his opposition’s back. Samuel arches his back in pain, sticking his arms back, doing anything he can to alleviate the pain in his back as he staggers into the center of the ring. Best allow no space, looking to keep on his opposition, who he takes into a side headlock. Best locks his hands, doing anything he can to wear down Samuel. Sanu checks the headlock to assure there is no choke. The crowd begins to clap their hands, trying to get “The Maine Attraction” back into the match. Samuel is slapping at Best’s midsection, looking for a way to escape the headlock. “The Narcissist” smirks as the fans try to get their favorite back into the contest, and then lifts his right knee into the midriff of his opposition. The knee lifts Samuel off his feet and causes a grunt out of the former Intercontinental Champion. As soon as Samuel’s feet reconnect with the mat, Best lifts another knee into the stomach. Lather, rinse and repeat for three more knees into the midsection, effectively bruising “The Maine Attraction’s” abdomen and taking life from the crowd. Best unlocks his hands and uses his left arm to grab Samuel’s and then whips him off into the ropes. As Samuel bounces off the ropes and comes darting across the ring, Best takes a step at him before grabbing “The Maine Attraction” by the neck and thigh. In one swift motion, the former #1 contender swings his body, using Samuel’s momentum to swing him down and slap him on his back with a scoop powerslam. As the Maine native’s back collides with the mat, Greg again finds himself arching his back and wincing in pain. With his back in agony, Samuel finds himself being pushed down to the mat by his opposition, looking to gain a victory via pinfall. A little after two, Samuel is able to force a shoulder off the mat, keeping his chance at the World Championship alive. Slightly disappointed to not get a pin, Best gets to his knees before grabbing the back of Samuel’s neck and driving four shots into the fan favorite’s forehead. “The Narcissist” gets back to a vertical base, and rubs the back of his head, showing the signs of some of the earlier offense from Samuel.

TED CEDAR : “Best with two German Suplexes, but Samuel is not done yet.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “If we learned anything last week, it’s going to take a lot more than that to keep Samuel down. But Best has it in him!”

Best looks out at the fans condescendingly before ducking under the top rope and slips out to the ring apron. With little wasted time, the former #1 Contender climbs up to the top rope. The crowd is booing the Aussie, but that doesn’t discourage him from leaping out and connecting with a Diving Headbutt on Samuel. “The Maine Attraction’s” arms shoot up to his head to try and aid his throbbing skull. Best pulls Greg’s shoulders down to the mat and hooks a leg, looking for the victory. Sanu’s hand slaps the mat twice before Samuel manages to get a shoulder off the mat. Best doesn’t waste a second after the failed pinfall attempt to grab Samuel’s hair and work him back to a vertical base. Ryu Sanu is right in “The Narcissist’s” face about hair grabbing. Best ignores him and continues on, whipping Samuel into the corner. Greg arches his back as his opposition backs into the corner across the ring. Best massages his right elbow for a second, as if he was warming it up, before charging across the ring. Before colliding in the corner with Samuel, the Australian rotates his body to the left and swings his elbow up through the jaw of “The Maine Attraction.” Greg staggers out of the corner groggily and Best is quickly back on him. The former #1 contender grabs Samuel by the wrist and whips him into the ropes. Using some quick thinking, Samuel leaps up onto the second rope and leaps off, still facing backwards. “The Maine Attraction” then shifts his weight backwards, swinging his right foot through the skull of his opposition. Best falls to his back and clutches his skull and Samuel’s momentum carries him to his stomach. The crowd erupts, hoping this is a chance for some extended offense from Samuel.

DAVID MICHAELS: “If we’ve learned anything from Samuel, it’s that you can never count him out. That Springboard Pele is just another example of exactly that!”

TED CEDAR : “With a Number One Contendership on the line, I don’t think you can expect either of this men to have any quit in them..”

Samuel rolls onto his back, and the agony that runs through his body is clear. The crowd is chanting “SAM-U-EL!” With the crowd’s support driving him, Samuel pulls his legs up to his stomach before quickly whipping them forward, kipping up to his feet. The crowd goes nuts for their hand-picked guy while the Australian pushes to a vertical base. After reaching his feet, Best charges at Samuel but is met with an elbow to the side of the head. Samuel turns his back to Best and then reaches over his shoulder, grabbing Best around the head. Samuel then falls forward to the mat, driving “The Narcissist’s” head to the mat with a Snapmare Driver. The impact causes Best to flip onto his back as he holds his forehead in agony. Samuel gingerly gets back to a vertical base, feeling the effects of his opposition’s attacks. Looking to keep momentum in his favor, “The Maine Attraction” faces out towards the audience before leaping into the air and doing a backflip, landing all his weight on the midriff of Best with a Standing Moonsault. As Best’s leg pops up off the canvas, Samuel grabs his outer leg and hooks it, looking to get the victory. Right at the two count, the former #1 Contender gets a shoulder off the mat. Greg gets to his knees and runs his hands through his hair, showing a the mental wear this match has taken on him.

TED CEDAR : “Samuel is rolling now, but can he keep it going?”

DAVID MICHAELS: “Back and forth action here from these two wrestlers! Neither man wants to lose, obviously.”

“The Maine Attraction” pushes to a vertical base and backs into the corner, taking a few moments to rest. Best slowly comes to and begins to work on getting back to a vertical base, showing the soreness in his midriff. The Australian rolls over to his stomach and begins to use his arms to push up. Best pushes up to his one knee before straightening his spine. Samuel sees an opportunity and charges into the center of the ring. Upon reaching the center of the ring, the former Intercontinental Champion puts his left foot on the knee of Best and then rotates his hips, driving his right foot through the back of “The Narcissist’s” skull. Best falls forward to the mat, clutching the back of head and rolling around in pain. Best settles on his back as Greg slowly pushes back to his feet, showing the effects of the onslaught he has taken. After arriving to his feet, “The Maine Attraction” walks over to the corner slowly before climbing up the turnbuckles and then turning around and facing the middle of the ring. Samuel wastes no time before leaping out and dropping an elbow on the chest of his opposition. The crowd chants “Macho Man” as Best rolls around, clutching his chest. Samuel pushes back to a vertical base, grabbing the Australian by the back of the next and bringing him up as well. The former Million Dollar Champion leaves Best in the middle of the ring. Samuel takes a few steps back before shaking his hips and waving his arms all around, replicating the dance of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Samuel then raises his arm up before dropping an elbow down on the forehead of Best. The crowd chants “Dus-ty” as Best falls into the ropes. Samuel takes a moment to smirk at the crowd before running into the ropes adjacent his opposition. The Maine native charges across the ring at Best, but “The Narcissist” also comes charging into the center of the ring. The two competitors meet in the middle and stick out an arm, knocking each other over with a double clothesline. Both men roll around on the mat in agony, showing the toll this match has taken on them.

TED CEDAR : “Greg Samuel is 6 feet 2 inches. James Best, 6 feet 2 inches. They are identical in height, therefor their clotheslines both met at the same level, and took the other out.”

Sanu checks with both men before starting a count. The crowd begins with a “Let’s Go Greg-gy” chant proceeded by five claps. Both men are out on their backs as Sanu reaches a two count. Sanu yells three, as Best rolls onto his side. The crowd is doing everything in their power to get Greg back into the competition. At four, Samuel begins to show signs of life, while Best is pushing back to a vertical base. At five, “The Maine Attraction” rolls over onto his stomach and begins to crawl to the ropes while his opposition begins to push back to a vertical base. At six, Best is on a knee and swaying a little. It is at the seven count where Best gets back to his feet, but immediately tumbles into the ropes to keep himself up. The eight count sees Samuel reaching the ropes and beginning his way back to his feet. As Sanu reaches a count of nine, Samuel is on a knee and the crowd is biting their nails. Right before Sanu yells ten, the Maine native gets up to his feet, keeping his World Championship aspirations alive. Best speedily walks over to his opposition, looking to take control of the match. Out of nowhere, Samuel throws his right fist forward, landing with a punch to the forehead. Best wobbles back a few steps, allowing the former Intercontinental Champion to get off the ropes and more into the center of the ring. Best takes a step forward and fires back with a punch to the forehead. Samuel staggers back a step, before returning that step and firing back with another punch. After that Best steps forward and pushes Samuel to the left, as if to send him into the ropes. As Samuel stumbles toward the ropes off of the weak push, he bumps into Sanu, sending him off guard and down to his butt. Best knew exactly what he was doing, as he then closes the gap between him and his opposition and then sneakily gouges the eyes of the fan favorite. Sanu did not seen anything as he was getting up after the bump from Samuel. The crowd gets very angry and voice their opinion on the matter. Samuel staggers around the ring, unable to see.

TED CEDAR : “What a dirty son of a gun!”

DAVID MICHAELS: “Desperate times call for desperate measures Teddy. Number One Contendership on the line, and James Best is not going down without a fight!”

With his newly gained advantage, Best grabs Samuel and whips him into the ropes. As Samuel comes charging back, “The Narcissist” picks Samuel up, rotates 180 degree before slamming Greg down on the mat with a Spinebuster. Samuel arches his back as his spine pulses with pain. Samuel is breathing heavily, grasping for air. The Australian pushes back to a vertical and charges into the ropes. Best whips back toward Samuel before leaping into the air and dropping a knee on Samuel’s forehead. “The Maine Attraction” grabs his head and kicks around on the mat. Best smirks as he looks out at the crowd, who is starting to lose hope for Samuel after seeing Best’s dirty tactics time and time again giving him the advantage. The Australian grabs his opposition’s hair and begins to pull “The Maine Attraction” back to a vertical base, much to the chagrin of Ryu Sanu. Upon Samuel being back up to his feet, he then drags the semi-lifeless high flyer over towards the corner before tucking Samuel’s head between his legs. Best lifts Samuel up onto his shoulder and it immediately becomes clear that Best is going for a turnbuckle powerbomb, similar to the one Samuel was on the receiving end of last week by Matthew Bradley. The crowd is horrified to see Samuel suffer another turnbuckle powerbomb and are making a lot of noise, trying to will Samuel to counter. Luckily, somehow, “The Maine Attraction” gets the message from the fans and throws multiple punches to his opposition’s forehead before pushing off of Best’s shoulders and landing on his feet behind Best. Without turning around, “The Narcissist” swings an elbow backwards connecting to the back of the former Million Dollar Champion’s neck. Samuel staggers forward a few steps but Best turns around and doesn’t allow the separation. Best swings the Maine native around before whipping him off into the ropes yet again. This time, as the worn down Samuel comes barreling across the ring, Best lifts him up and drops him down on the top rope neck first. “The Maine Attraction” locks his hands onto the top rope, which is the only thing keeping the fan favorite on his feet as his eyes tell the full story. Best, angered that Samuel was able to stay vertical grabs “Mr. Match of the Night” by the wrist and whips him into the corner. Samuel’s back slams into the turnbuckle, and the pain seems to serve as a wake-up call for Samuel, as he comes charging out of the corner before leaping up and taking Best down to the mat with a Thesz Press. With his opposition down, the former Intercontinental Champion delivers lefts and rights in rapid succession. The only thing that stops Samuel is Ryu Sanu prying him off of Best.

TED CEDAR : “A fire has been lit under the rear end of Samuel after repeated dirty antics in this match from our former Number One Contender.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “Here is the burst of life that we’ve come to expect from Samuel. When the going gets tough, there is no doubt that Greg Samuel man’s up and delivers his A game.”

TED CEDAR : “You are right. Samuel is either going to win the match or go down fighting.”

Not knowing what hit him, all Best can do is get back to a vertical base, out of instinct. Before he can completely straighten out his body, Best is met by Samuel’s lifted knee to the temple, sending him straight back down to the mat. The crowd is blowing the roof of the building with their excitement as Samuel is rolling. Best grabs his head, but fights to his feet as quickly as he can because he feels he needs to stop his opposition’s momentum. “The Narcissist” charges at Greg, sticking out an arm. The former Million Dollar Champion ducks the arm and grabs his opposition’s head before falling to the mat, bringing Best down with him, connecting with a neckbreaker. Samuel clutches his back, showing that his own offense hurt him after all the offense Best has gotten in during this match. Best is clutching his neck as Samuel reaches his feet. “The Maine Attraction” charges into the ropes before leaping up to the second ropes and using it as a launching pad. The former Intercontinental Champion does a backflip in midair, before landing down on Best with a picture perfect Lionsault. A gasp is heard as the air leaves the Australian’s lungs. Samuel hooks a leg, looking to gain a victory. At two-and-three-quarters, Best somehow manages to get a shoulder up, despite battling to get air back into his lungs. Samuel’s facial expression tells the whole story, as he can’t believe that he hasn’t gotten the victory yet. “The Maine Attraction” works his way up to a vertical base, bringing Best with him, which proves to be a task as gravity proves to be in effect. After getting his opposition back to his feet, “The Maine Attraction” whips the Australian into the ropes. Best comes barreling back at Samuel and in his last effort attempts, the former Number One Contender swings an arm at the neck of Samuel. The former Intercontinental Champion ducks the arm and grabs Best before lifting him up and rotating to his left, then slamming Best flat on his back with the Blue Thunder Bomb, which he has branded the Rinse Cycle. After hitting the mat, both men lay flat on their back, feeling the effects this match has taken on them. After a few seconds, Samuel slowly gets back to his feet. Seeing the opportunity, Samuel slides out onto the ring apron and then climbs up to the top rope gingerly, favoring his back. Upon reaching the top rope, “The Maine Attraction” stabilizes himself before standing up. Samuel takes a deep breath before leaping out and doing a backflip, then landing down on the midriff of Best with the Shooting Star Press. The crowd explodes as “The Maine Attraction” hooks a leg. 1! 2! 3!


TED CEDAR : “Samuel has done it! He is the new number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!”

DAVID MICHAELS: “There you have it, Summer Sanitarium will feature Greg Samuel vs. Razor Xtreme for the XWA World Heavyweight Championship.”


Samuel rolls off Best, and Sanu checks on “The Maine Attraction” before pointing down at the Mainer and raising his hand in the air, signifying that Samuel won the match. Breathing heavily, Samuel is able to get the words out that he wants a microphone. Sanu gets Greg a microphone and then goes to check on James Best. Greg struggles up to a sitting position before lifting the microphone up to his mouth.


Samuel takes a second to breath.

GREG SAMUEL: “If we’re going to do this at Summer Sanitarium, and we’re going to do it for the World Heavyweight Championship, we’re doing this in a ladder match!”

Samuel drops the mic and slides out of the ring, using the ring apron to keep him up as he raises his hands in the air.

TED CEDAR : “There you heard it! If Samuel has his way, and Razor and GM Weaver agree. At Summer Sanitarium, we will see a ladder match between Greg Samuel and Razor Xtreme for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

DAVID MICHAELS: “I hope we see it. These two men are legends in our company and they could tear the house down with some ladders!”

TED CEDAR : “Thank you for joining us tonight! There you see your new Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Champion! See you at Summer Sanitarium! Goodnight!”
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ME) WHC #1 Contender's Match - Greg Samuel vs. James Best

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