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 Lords of the Fallen 2 Coming in 2017

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Lords of the Fallen 2 Coming in 2017 Empty
PostSubject: Lords of the Fallen 2 Coming in 2017   Lords of the Fallen 2 Coming in 2017 EmptySat May 30, 2015 12:36 pm

The previously confirmed sequel to last year's Dark Souls-like RPG Lords of the Fallen is expected to launch in 2017, developer CI Games confirmed on Friday. The game, about which very little is known, is also leaving behind the original game's co-developer, Deck 13, CI Games studio head Marek Tyminski said.

"We are not working with Deck 13 right now," he told Eurogamer. "We are starting the project, we start from the concepting, but we definitely will be working with a lot of partners."

Pressed for more details on why Deck 13 won't be involved in the sequel, Tyminski replied, "We have spoken about certain things we could probably do after the release of Lords of the Fallen, but at the end of the day we came to the conclusion, both sides, that it won't happen."

The original Lords of the Fallen, which has now sold 900,000 copies, was developed by CI Games and Deck 13, along with other studios in China and the United Kingdom. For example, Tyminski pointed out that, at one point in development, more than 100 artists in China were working on Lords of the Fallen.

He went on to say that CI Games learned a lot from outsourcing some parts of Lords of the Fallen in this way. The studio plans to also take this approach with the upcoming Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

In addition to Lords of the Fallen 2, CI Games is working on a mobile version of the original.

GameSpot's 8/10 Lords of the Fallen review praised the game's combat system and atmospheric worlds. Reviewer Kevin VanOrd also enjoyed its grotesque creature designs that helped hammer home the dark setting.
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Lords of the Fallen 2 Coming in 2017

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