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 ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III

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ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III Empty
PostSubject: ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III   ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III EmptyWed May 27, 2015 12:01 am

Word Limit: 2,000
Due: Tuesday April 9th, 2015 at 11:59:59 pm EST
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ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III   ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III EmptyMon Jun 08, 2015 10:53 am

With the two competitors ready to start this match, the bell rings and the match is underway. The two competitors approach each other in the middle of the ring, PA3 smirks as Razor glares at his opponent; the two grapple each other. Prince with a smart move, as he quickly downs Razor and starts to jab, uppercut, and elbow the champion, UFC style.
Each hit, Razor responds with screams; as the elbows seem to be very powerful. But the champion blocks a jab and answers with an uppercut of his own. Prince backs down, shouting to the fans that there will be no more Razor Xtreme after this match. But the trickful champion, connects with a reversed DDT to the British Guy; as Razor, raises his hands up in the air before pinning his opponent.

kick out!

Razor, grins as Prince gets up, only to spit in Razor's face and shouting: "Not that fast, bitch." , after that Razor removes the saliva off his face and kicking his opponent to the gut, that lets Prince lose his balance. Which allows Razor to give his opponent a spectacular dropkick! And Prince falls hardly on his face.
The British Monster, tries to get up but his attempt ends with a failure as Razor starts to kick him to the leg, as soon as he had enough of Prince, he gets him up and gives him an impact-full suplex, then he drags him to the turnbuckle, puts Prince's leg between the two turnbuckles and he starts to damage the leg, with kicks and standing on it; but the referee stops him.

Prince tries to get up, he is filled with pain, as presses on his leg trying to forget the pain that Razor just gave.


Razor clotheslines Prince, who just got up, and as soon as Prince falls! He looks in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! Prince is screaming in pain and trying to get out of this hold; Xtreme pressures more and Prince starts to overcome the pain.


Prince struggles to reach the ropes, he closes his eyes. Only to remember what his father told him.

Prince Alex's memory:

Prince was 10 years old, his father, Prince Alex II: is sitting with him in the living room.

[Prince Alex III]
Dad, how can I become a warrior in this royal empire of the Alexes?

[Prince Alex II]
Son, I am going to tell you. That you have to forget the pain; and all you have to do, is just gain.
Fight, like a warrior.
Be yourself, and never.. ever.. ever! Give up.

Back to the match

Razor is still locking the hold, Prince fights all his way to the ropes! He finally gets up, and overcomes his pain!

[Prince Alex III]
Never feel the pain! GAIN!

Prince, attacks Razor like a Lion that just pounced on an unsuspecting prey! Grounding him with lefts and rights and elbows to his face! Prince gets up and stomps Razor with his fit leg, but the fallen Razor, kicks Prince on his injured leg. But Prince, falls right on Razor. The referee covers!


The referee gives a big X as the doctors come to check on Prince, he is holding his leg in pain. While Razor appears to be all good, as the doctors and the referee are checking Prince's leg; Prince's manager, Albert gets to the ring and slams Razor with a chair to the head, then another shot to the stomach and again to the gut! Razor is down as Albert gets back out and hides the chair. [b]

[b] The referee turns in order to see Razor, but he sees Razor down.

The second competitor is down too!

The doctor team have healed Prince Alex's injured leg with pain spray, they go to check on Razor. But he quickly gets up and pushes the doctors out of his way, he gets out of the ring and tries to throw Albert to the barricades, but the manager was a former pro wrestler and a current mafia leader. Not knowing that, Albert gets his own knife and tells Razor to go away, or he will deal with him on his own. Razor goes to attack Albert, but from behind. Prince Alex comes and gives him an inverted DDT, as he gets him back up and throws him hardly to the ring post and back to the ring.

Back in the ring, Razor is sent in to the ropes harshly as he falls and PA3 quickly locks in a sleeper hold. But Razor wriggles out quickly, but looks shocked whilst rubbing the feeling back in his jaw.

PA3 pushes Razor against the ropes and catches him in a big spinebuster. He covers.


The Champion gets up and women slaps PA3, then follows with a full-nelson, then continues with a full-nelson hold wearing PA3 down. He refuses to quit, and tries to overpower this hold by making his way to the ropes and he does. Razor removes a cover from one of the turnbuckles, ref warns him if he does that again he will be disqualified, but PA3 comes running up from behind and slams him chest first hardly into the exposed metal! PA3 with the Powerbomb City! He covers! The fans join, but unfortunately the referee is pre-occupied with fixing the corner.
The fans count but the referee is still fixing the turnbuckle.
PRINCE ALEX WON CHANTS GO OVER, the referee finished fixing as he turns to cover!

Prince Alex argues with the referee that he won! [b]

I fucking won, but you was fixing that shitty turnbuckle! Ask the fans!

[B] Prince connects with a Leap Of Faith, but Razor reverses the move into a guillotine headlock! Alex struggles free but looks tired. He fights as he gets out of this hold, Razor connects with a figure four leg lock on the injured leg of Prince Alex, but he kicks him and quickly gets out of the submission, He spins Razor 360° until Razor is dazed and then hits a big powerbomb into the corner! Razor is practically folded in half! Unbelievable move by shocker Prince performance in this match!

Prince covers Razor as the referee drops in for the count! The fans join in.

No way! That was absolutely amazing!

Prince Alex gets up, he climbs on top of the turnbuckle as he gets ready to hit Razor with his newly introduced signature move,
The Royal Destroyer, also known as the double axed jumping punch. But Prince's leg is stuck between the turnbuckle's ropes, unfortunately, the leg is the weak one. Razor sees his chance as he starts to stomp the leg hardly, but is stopped by the referee, Albert tries to remove Prince's leg, but his client screams in pain. The referee gets Prince's leg out but he suffered a lot when doing that.

Razor, awaits his fallen opponent to get up; to waste time, he does Jericho's famous "King of the World" taunt. As he turns, Prince Alex is back on his feet but is a little dazed. The XWA champion connects with an impressive Roundhouse Kick, that knocks Prince Alex out. The XWA's savior raises both his hands up in the air and shouts "Finish him... Fatality!" The Champ then locks the Beast into the Xtreme Walls! Prince has no choice but tap out!!!


Albert tries to encourage Prince not to tap out, the Beast is turning red like a tomato. Prince fights to nearly reach the ropes. But The Greatest Of All Time drags his opponent back to the middle of the ring. Prince starts to elbow his way out, and he successfully does.

Prince goes to the outside to retreat, he lends on the commentary table, Razor tries to do an outside dive but Albert pulls his leg and Razor falls hardly on the commentary table! The British Hitler gets in the ring as the referee starts to count. The fans are shouting: REF IS BLIND.

Razor gets up on his feet

But as soon as Razor entered the ring, Prince starts to stomp The Rated Y2X Superstar everywhere. Alex then gets Razor up and body slams him, to follow by a German Suplex. Before shouting: "YOU'RE FUCKING DONE, RAZOR." He throws Razor in the air as soon as Razor lowers he hits him with a super uppercut.



Albert throws a brass knuckle to Prince and he distracts the referee, not knowing the result; Razor kicks Prince Alex to the gut, then he takes the brass knuckle! AND LOWBLOWS PRINCE ALEX WITH IT! Before slamming him with a painful brass punch to the nose!

Prince Alex's nose is bleeding.

Razor throws the brass knuckle out of the ring, and the referee announced that Albert has to be ejected out of this match.

Don't you ever think of doing that to Albert! I will call my mafia and you won't wake up alive tomorrow, haha!

Security men come as they carry Albert out of the area as he is shouting at them and telling them to leave him he can go home alone.

Prince Alex is rolling in pain, Razor is laughing at him and he points at the XWA Championship saying: "Don't you ever think you will hold that, bitch." He gets Prince up, and a STEP UP ENZUIGIRI! He wants to try everything to defeat Prince! He then gets the bleeding British guy up! And THE RAZOR's EDGE! Could this be how we end this Vendetta? Razor covers!

NO WAY, Razor could've won by a millisecond!

Back to Prince Alex's memory, he continues to remember what his father told him and it echoes in his mind many times. He stands up in pain. He then runs and a big boot right to Razor's face! Y2X quickly stands up but The Hardcore Machine replies with a body slam! He roars like a Lion! Razor gets up! AND THE SPEAR! WHAT A SPEAR! Prince just connected with his signature move! Razor is down! What a match!!


Prince then lays down on one leg, he whispers to Razor: "Hush little baby, Go to sleep." And the UK Lock on Razor! Razor struggles to find a way to the ropes! Prince did put all his pressure and power on this move. Razor is red now! He taps one time, he shouts: " NO! FUCK!" Then taps out many times!"



Prince Alex refuses to stop, Albert makes his way to the ring and orders PA3 to let go of his prey. He stands up, with a blood filled face; smiles as Albert raises his hand victorious! Razor is rolling in pain, he looks at PA3 shocked about the outcome, how he tapped was something he did not control.

You're a fucking great competitor and you gave me everything you got. But may the best man win, and the best man is fucking standing here, right here! I have secured my no.1 contender-ship match next week! *raises his hand*

Vendetta comes to an end.

1 word over the limit.
Good luck big lad Razor.
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ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III   ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III EmptyTue Jun 09, 2015 10:58 pm


As the bell rings three times, Razor instantly darts from his corner towards the hulking Prince Alex and throws a huge flying knee, trying to get in some offense on the bigger man right off the bat. He manages to deck him in the chin with his knee and Alex stumbles back into the corner. The XWA veteran quickly capitalizes by throwing hard right-forearms straight to the jaw of the much bigger man while he holds the back of his head with his left hand to bring him down a bit. Alex takes two, then three stiff forearms to the jaw - but that only makes the big man angry, as he quickly shoves the world champ backwards with one powerful hand. Razor stumbles back but then charges right towards Alex again and leaps into the air, driving yet another knee right to the face, not wanting to let the Prince get any sort of offense in, as it could get ugly. Alex knows this, and the more rookie competitor quickly ducks down and raises Xtreme up onto his shoulder before he turns over and runs him into the turnbuckle. He backs up a bit and then drives a quick and powerful shoulder right to the sternum of the champ. He drives one, two, three, before Razor - almost out of instinct - blows out of the corner and begins to drive some quick right knees to the ribs of the big man. One right knee to the gut, and another, and another.

Cedar: "This match is physical right off the bat!"

Michaels: "Well, did you expect anything else? Razor - as much of a twat as he is - is crafty. He has to be in this match especially, facing a guy who's around 80 pounds bigger than him!"

Razor then tries to go for a quick right-roundhouse kick to the face of Prince Alex, but Alex catches his leg. It is way too early for this right now. Alex grabs Razor by the other leg and then raises him up and then throws him over for a release T-Bone Suplex! Razor rolls onto his side, as Alex goes for a rookie move and goes for the early pin.


"2" --

ALMOST a 2 count, but Razor kicks out. Alex grabs the champ by his long hair and almost forces him up to his feet. But as soon as he gets some sort of leverage, Xtreme wraps his palms around the bigger man's head and places his forehead under it before jumping down onto both knees to hit a neat Jawbreaker. Alex bounces back and he falls into the ropes before bouncing back towards Xtreme. Razor jumps up and catches him with yet another knee lift. Alex drops backwards onto one knee and then Xtreme charges at him before hitting one more knee, right to the jaw. Alex stumbles backwards and he falls through the middle rope as he lands outside the ring!

Michaels: "This is what Razor has to do to keep Alex down!"

Cedar: "Razor knows he can't out-power the big man, so he is keeping his arsenal on speed!"

Prince Alex rolls onto his feet outside the ring as he groggily stands up. Razor quickly runs to the ropes on the opposite side and then he charges back to the ropes and dives in between them, flying right into Alex with a suicide dive through the middle rope! Alex, however, catches the world champ in mid-jump right onto his shoulders! Alex is trying to go for the UK Pride right off the bat, he has him on his shoulders for his version of the F-5! Razor panics and jumps off his shoulders by wriggling out of it. He lands on his feet behind Prince Alex and as soon as Alex turns around, Razor swings a big right leg and decks him right in the face with a signature roundhouse kick! Inside the ring, the ref has already started the count.



Razor knows he may just have an opening, so he quickly grabs a hold of both of Alex's huge legs and tucks them under his arms before turning him onto his belly outside the ring for the Xtreme Walls!

Michaels: "Razor just locked in those Xtreme Walls! He took advantage of Alex's rookiness and he has that painful lock in!"

Cedar: "You've been in this before, Michaels, I imagine it huts a lot!"

Razor keeps the hold on as Alex begins to shout loudly.




Razor is relentless as he mercilessly wrenches on the legs of the big man. He pulls and pulls on the legs, wrenching him back in immense pain. Alex is screaming and tapping, but it doesn't matter when you're outside the ring!




Razor releases the hold and charges back into the ring, as he slides under the bottom right before the...



Michaels: "That crafty son of a..."

Cedar: "Razor knew he wouldn't be able to keep that big man down for too long inside the ring, so he won via the only way he could - by count-out!"

Razor raises both hands into the air as he grabs his title away from referee Jack Hammer. He yells "YOU THINK YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS? YOU'RE NOT! NO ONE IS BUT ME!" He holds the title high above his head with both arms as the show comes to an end.


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ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III   ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III Empty

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ME) Razor Xtreme vs. Prince Alex III

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