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 ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley

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ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley Empty
PostSubject: ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley   ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley EmptyWed Apr 22, 2015 12:22 am

Due April 27 11:59 pm EST
Word Limit: 2,000
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ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley   ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley EmptyMon Apr 27, 2015 7:31 pm

There is a certain air of awkwardness between the competitors standing in the ring currently. The atmosphere is flooded with tension as the wide-eyed behemoth in the returning Matthew Bradley stares face to face with one of the most formidable XWA stars in history; Razor Xtreme. The XWA World Champion shows no bias towards his equally-as-disrespectful opposition, only judging him as his next victim to add to a long-compiled list. The bell tolls from ringside, and both men are set into motion, pivoting left around the ring's center focus point. They engage in a traditional manner, interlocking their fingers in a Greco-Roman knuckle lace. In this proverbial test of strength, Razor Xtreme doesn't show any surprise to see that his larger adversary is not a push over. However, this doesn't stop the World Champion from using his guile to simply trip Bradley down onto the mat and press his shoulders down. The referee begins to count the fall, but the powerful returnee uses his unrivaled power to thrust Razor off of him and immediately get up, only to be subsequently captivated by a side headlock from Xtreme. Showing skill in his prowess, Bradley shoves the veteran forward into the far eastern set of ropes to escape the headlock. "The Rated Y2X Superstar" ricochets off of the tightly-wound rubber and flows into a brilliant display of athleticism with a captivating cartwheel before levelling his opponent with a huge Leg Lariat! Xtreme rises from the canvas with a profound expression of amazement on his face, impressed with himself after such a complicated maneuver. Even after all of his years in the ring, it is still such a pleasure to achieve.

The former XWA Tag Team Champion approaches his arising opponent and immediately pressures him to the corner of the ring with no remorse. XWA's self-proclaimed savior positions himself accordingly, before practically ripping the flesh of his prey with a ferocious knife-edged chop. The hard-chiseled pectoral muscles of Bradley's provides a slight resistance, at least, but not enough to prevent the stinging sensation that's reminiscent of one thousand needles piercing his breast. Razor lights him up against with a second chop, causing him to fall forwards whilst clutching his chest in agony. The Californian presses his foe back into the corner and draws back for another chop. This time however, the rookie is prepared as Matthew ducks his towering frame to roll under the incoming arm of his opponent and returns to his feet to backflip and catch the befuddled Razor with a lightning-fast Pele Kick! Fans can't help but cheer for the less-fancied Bradley following his impressive display of athleticism, even more remarkable considering his size. but the undefeated superstar wastes no time and goes on the offensive. The momentum of the maneuver knocks Xtreme into the corner now, where Matthew raises him onto the second rope without a second warning! Razor is slightly dazed following the Pelé counter, and Matthew sees this as the perfect opportunity to pounce. Bradley cusps his arms around his adversary before arching backwards to the canvas, releasing an elevated Razor Xtreme with a thunderous Belly-to-Belly suplex! The impact hears the canvas roar as Razor splats spine first in the middle of the ring, with fans seemingly cheering Matthew's powerful offense.

Going straight back on the attack, Matthew slightly lifts the downed Razor between his legs, doubling the World Champion in a familiar Powerbomb predicament. Bradley hoists his foe up onto his broad shoulders, but Razor rolls over - and rolls his adversary over onto his back - as the latter goes for the roll-up pin: "ONE! T-!" Bradley powers out of the pinning predicament as Razor rolls back up to his feet and Matthew follows to his feet, although he is struck by Xtreme's swiveling arm via European Uppercut. The strike sees Bradley ricochet off of the southern ropes, as he returns - albeit in a daze - to be met by a stiff dropkick! After knocking his foe down, Razor covers the shoulders of his adversary: "ONE! T-" "The Rated Y2X Superstar" is hoisted off of his opponent's towering frame and returns to his feet; again Matthew rises, albeit sluggishly, holding his skull. The staggering Bradley approaches his experienced foe.. and he is hoisted up onto Razor's shoulders, in pole position for the Razor's Edge! This should signify the end of Bradley's fight, but it is not. The bigger man flails his arms around - catching the cranium of an unguarded Razor - as the struggling sees Matthew escape and fall on his feet, right behind Razor. Matthew hammers Razor in the back of the head with a clubby forearm strike, before dashing westwards to the ropes. Xtreme anticipates his incoming foe well as he sends Bradley doubling with a stiff kick to the abdomen, though immediately the World champion follows up with a Swinging Neckbreaker that twists Matthew inside out! Bradley's head thuds off of the canvas, as Razor Xtreme hooks the legs for a pin fall cover; sensing that victory could be close by.  

"ONE! TWO! T-" It's a mild shock for Razor and the fans, as the crowd murmur in surprise and the wide-mouthed snarl from the "Rated Y2X Superstar" suggests discontent. In cruise control of this battle, Razor stands up and pays attention to the fans in attendance. He confidently raises his arms before exclaiming "I am the King of Your World!" For the first time in this battle of egos, the fans put indifferent feelings aside to jeer the overconfident veteran as he notices that Bradley is scraping up to his feet. Xtreme darts eastwards - once a dazed Bradley makes it to a vertical base in the centre of the ring - and Razor rebounds, as he hurls his bodyweight at his adversary via a Diving Crossbody! Unfortunately for Xtreme, he is caught in the robust arms of Bradley. Fans cheer in amazement at the display of strength on Matthew's behalf as he carries Razor horizontally, across the ring as he is southbound. MB leans forward and arches as he flings Razor over the top rope with a Fallaway Slam! Fans groan in disapproval though not because any awkward landing, in fact the landing is perfect as Razor clings to the ropes and is footed on the apron. Matthew spaces out - looking at the fans around him - before turning to see Razor springboarding from the top rope, and vaulting at him with a velocious clothesline! Razor knocks his foe down onto the canvas, and covers once more as Bradley lays supine: "ONE! TWO! TH-" Bradley gets the shoulder up, to the surprise of a few who are present; especially Razor. who screeches "WHAT?" in disbelief, as the champion has pretty much dominated the recent stages of this bout.

Xtreme springs to his feet to yell at the referee Ryu Sanu - who tries confirming what we just witnessed, Bradley getting the shoulder up - but an irate Razor continues to yell, showing perhaps a hint of frustration. Fans are actually chanting "Matthew Bradley" before the succession of claps, and it appears as if the usually brash rookie is getting respect for his endurance. Resilience has seen Matthew go toe-to-toe with the World Champion and truly force the latter's hand, as Razor grabs both legs of his opponent, perhaps setting for the last resort Xtreme Walls! Razor's attempt fails to come to fruition, as Matthew uses leg strength to kick back and send Xtreme toppling through the eastern ropes and onto the ringside floor. The veteran lands on his feet but refuses to allow his emotions distract him, as he rushes back into the ring to notice Matthew rising to his feet, slowly. Xtreme is back in the ring and Bradley is still standing up, but the rise is prolonged as the latter is groggy. Eventually, Bradley does turn around into a premeditated Roundhouse Kick attack- but Matthew ducks!? Razor spins back around to an immediately concentrated Bradley, who hoists the champ' by the waist and drops him groin-first onto his knee! Razor tenses up following the Atomic Drop, but the attack doesn't stop there, with Matthew immediately hoisting "XWA's Saviour" up into the air and executing a Spinebuster!

Fans pop for Bradley as Razor's spine forces the canvas to roar thunderously, and immediately Matthew hooks the leg for the cover: "ONE! TWO!" Unsurprisingly, Razor kicks out as the audience quietly groan. Matthew stands up - not looking fazed by his foe's kick out - and grabs a handful of Xtreme's hair, as the veteran is forced up to his feet. Razor is in a daze but is immediately awaken as Matthew wraps his fingers around the throat of the former IC Champion's! There is a echoing murmur in the arena for a Chokeslam, but that doesn't last as Razor uses his free arms to yank Bradley down to the mat with an Armbar! Another twist in this match as Xtreme recaptures momentum, but perhaps applies too much elbow grease as Matthew slips out and rolls forward, out of the submission and the World Champion's legs for a cover! "ONE! TWO!" Both men roll up to their feet as if the cover-cum-counter was a non-event, and it is Razor who strikes first as he catches Matthew cleanly in the skull with the Roundhouse Kick. Bradley goes cascading into the western ropes before rebounding and somersaulting forward as he hits a Running Senton Strike! Matthew's unique attack sees Razor taken to the mat, and the atmosphere is one of excitement as Bradley scurries to his feet. MB stumbles - feeling the after-effects of the Roundhouse Kick! A baffled and winded Razor takes to his feet, feeling the aftermath of the previous bump and is kicked in the abdomen before being doubled over into the Powerbomb predicament! Matthew lifts Razor... And this time Xtreme rests onto the shoulders of MB's.
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ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley   ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley EmptyMon Apr 27, 2015 11:50 pm

Bradley then powers forward as fast as he can and shoves Razor down right into the turnbuckle back-first, hitting a Bradley Bomb! Xtreme groans loudly as his spine meets the lightly-padded steel after being thrown by a monster of animal proportions. Razor takes a breather, as he hangs on to the top rope with both hands for dear life, but Matthew Bradley is already on the attack, as he sprints to the ropes on the opposite side, charges forward, and drives his enormous right shoulder into the sternum of Razor, hitting a powerful corner spear – and executing his full combo that he usually uses. Razor moans in pure agony. He stumbles forward, not letting the pain force him onto the ground, but that was a mistake. Bradley takes advantage of the situation as he quickly wraps his hand around the throat of the Rated Y2X Superstar and he quickly raises him up into the air before slamming him down onto the mat really hard right onto his back and neck with a powerful Chokeslam! Bradley instantly plants his enormous figure on top of the world champ, executing a pin.




Razor manages to get a shoulder up, much to the fans' dismay – as well as Bradleys'. The XWA rookie doesn't allow this to get to him, as he realizes that with an opponent like Razor Xtreme – you can't allow yourself to lose focus. He remains on the attack as he quickly grabs the World Champ by his long hair and he pulls him up to his knees. Bradley takes a second to breathe, as he has endured through his first ever main event, and he's facing none other than the World Champ! He then grabs Razor and pulls him up to one feet. Anyone else would have strapped on a headlock and used it to take a longer breath, but Bradley is known for not being a big fan of submissions. Once he is up on his feet, Bradley quickly turns over and raises him onto his shoulder, ready to hit his “Mark of Disdain” - but it seems that he took way too much time to take a breath, and Razor has recovered some of his energy. Xtreme quickly throws big elbows, hitting the big man square in the face. Bradley loosens up a bit, and the Champ drops down behind him, and as soon as 'The Littlest Big Man” turns around to face the crafty champ, he feels a foot on his hip, as another one hits him square on the left cheek – with Razor hitting a perfect step-up enzuguiri! Matthew stumbles but doesn't fall. Razor quickly gets back up, charges to the ropes behind the big man, sprints back at full speed, and then grabs the back of his head with his right hand and slams him face first with his ever-so-famous running bulldog facebuster! Bradley's head bounces off the mat and he rolls onto his back, square in the middle of the ring.

Cedar: “Oh my! Razor just hit Bradley with that facebuster, and now Bradley is square in position for that Xtremesault!”

Michaels: “I have taken both of those moves several times, and I know better than anyone else how much that hurts.”

Razor runs to the ropes as some of the more nostalgic fans give a small cheer, knowing what is coming. The champ leaps up onto the middle rope and then does a full backflip, landing square across the body of the XWA newcomer with a beautiful Xtremesault, a move that has taken out several of Xtreme's opponents. He rolls off of Bradley as soon as he makes impact, showing the pain that it delivered to him as well, but then he quickly drops forward, landing across the body of the rookie – and hoping that this was enough to get him the win.




Nope! Bradley manages to get a shoulder up at the last second, even if he barely manages to do so – rather than powering out like usual. He begins to cough, showing the pain he was just dealt. Razor slaps the mat – he doesn't take this match as seriously as Bradley does, so it infuriates him that it's not over yet. The intelligent world champ quickly sits the bigger man up on his ass and then wraps his right arm around Matt's neck, locking in a headlock to do what the rookie wouldn't – get a rest hold in. The fans find themselves unusually on the big man's side as they pound whatever obstacle is near them to make a joint clap, trying to motivate the newer competitor so that he has a chance of winning this match. Bradley doesn't like submissions – and this applies to being in them as well, so he tries his best to find the quickest way out of it. He quickly sits up onto one knee and then throws an elbow backwards to hit Xtreme right in the gut. Razor doesn't loosen his grip even one bit, but Bradley uses this to get up on his feet even more. Once he is up, he quickly shoves Razor into the ropes while Xtreme keeps him in the headlock, he bounces him on the ropes and then launches him across the ring, using the momentum to free himself from the headlock. As soon as Razor comes back from the ropes, Bradley swings a big lariat but the champ ducks right under him. Both men stop in mid run, turn towards each other, and both have the same idea in mind, as both of them toss their respective right legs into the air – and both hit their mark as they hit equally powerful big boots right to each others' faces. Both men fall flat on the ground, as referee Jack Hammer begins to count to 10 to count both men out!

Cedar: “Both of these men hitting simultaneous big boots! Great minds think alike!”

Michaels: “So do stupid minds! Both of em ate crap and now they're both floored!”




Razor manages to get some sort of recovery going, as he reaches out and grabs the bottom rope.




Bradley follows suit and grabs the ropes perpendicular to the ropes Razor's using. Both men are up on their feet now, and they are quick to dish it out! Razor throws a big right fist, smashing Bradley square in the cheek. The fans yell “boo!” - but they change that tone as Bradley fires back with a big-man's fist right to the face, and the fans yell “WOO!” Razor fires back with a forearm, square to the face. “BOO!” - A fist from Bradley. “WOO!” - “BOO!” - “WOO!” - “BOO!” “WOO!” - “BOO!” - “WOO!” - “WOO!” Bradley begins to get the upper hand, as he begins to drive hard right hands repeatedly, out-fighting the brawler that is Razor Xtreme. But he begins to get carried away and drops his guard for just one second, and then Razor quickly throws a big right roundhouse, hitting him square in the face with his signature kick! Bradley falls like a tree that was just chopped down, and he lands on his back flat in the middle of the ring. The self-proclaimed 'Greatest of All Time' then quickly uses whatever energy he has left to sprint off towards the ropes and exit onto the ring apron. Razor quickly walks over to the turnbuckle and begins to climb up onto the top rope, not wasting any time. He is up on top and takes every valuable second in, as he quickly works his way up onto his feet, he stands over the world on the top rope.

Michaels: “Uh oh. I know what's coming. I've taken his elbow drop, it's not pretty.”

Cedar: “None of his moves seem to be pretty, Michaels!”

He then screams “I'M THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!” - before raising both hands into the air. He then leaps across the air off the top and drives a signature elbow drop right into the heart of the big man. He quickly bounces up and then hooks the leg, trying to end this here and now!




No! Once again, Bradley kicks out of Xtreme's onslaught. The world champ is furious, as the fans begin to chant, “This is Awesome!” followed by claps. Razor doesn't seem to think so, as he begins to furiously pound the mat and yell out in frustration. He puts the frustration to work, however, as he marches up to his feet and then, in a surge of adrenaline, yells out, “IT'S OVER!” and begins to cross his hands in the air, before putting both hands together and pressing them against the side of his head, signaling for the Razor's Edge! But will he hit it? Michael Bradley's about to find out, as he slowly works his wait to his feet in front of an awaiting Razor Xtreme!


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ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley   ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley Empty

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ME.) Razor Xtreme vs Matthew Bradley

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