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 Sia feels 'hunted' by the paparazzi

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Sia feels 'hunted' by the paparazzi Empty
PostSubject: Sia feels 'hunted' by the paparazzi   Sia feels 'hunted' by the paparazzi EmptyTue Apr 21, 2015 10:37 am

The 'Elastic Heart' singer hates the harassment she gets because she's a famous pop star and says her friends were shocked when they got a taste of what her daily life is like dealing with the unwanted attention from the snappers.

Speaking on Australian TV network Seven, Sia - who is famous for covering her face in public - said: ''It's unpleasant. It makes me feel hunted. My friends were with me the other day when the paps were at the airport and it was like they all got diarrhoea and I had to explain ... you go into fight or flight (mode). You feel like prey and they're the predator and you're being hunted.

''Would you like to spend your life feeling like prey? Probably not.''

As well as being a successful solo artist, Sia has also written hits for a galaxy of stars, including Rihanna, Flo Rida and Rita Ora.

The 39-year-old songwriter has always been determined to try and live a ''regular life'' while working in the music business, but accepts it's tough.

She mused: ''It's just wanting to have a regular life, just like a regular person but still be able to make music and sing. But to do that without having to sacrifice having just a regular life, that's all (I want).''
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Sia feels 'hunted' by the paparazzi

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