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 M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match)

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M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) Empty
PostSubject: M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match)   M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 8:27 pm

Due April 13th @ 11:59 PM EST

First Blood Match

A First Blood match is a no-disqualification match where in order to win a wrestler has to make his opponent bleed.

Word Limit: 2,000

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M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match)   M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) EmptyMon Apr 13, 2015 11:57 pm

The bell tolls three times and both men get right to it in the middle of the ring, shifting from boot to boot as they slowly circle one another.  The smiling crowd favourite Claudio licks his lips at the challenge and  lowers his stance accordingly to grapple James, edging closer and the two very different opponents clash, only for Luis to plant James on his back within seconds with a fierce shove!  “The Brand” returns to his feet and scowls at his Peurto Rican foe, aggressively clapping to himself and slapping his own face around as both men engage once again only for “The Brand” to break away from the stand-off, shaking his head.  The crowd begin to boo loudly as James backs away from the readily waiting Luis, turning to referee Ryu Sanu and telling him “I don’t wrestle those people.”  Luis Claudio’s eyebrows raise in surprise as the audience respond with a clear “OOOOOH!!” and James casually exits the ring, leaving Luis behind to watch him on with a smirk before Claudio sprints forth and chases James to the ringside, James anticipates this and shoots back into the ring at almost exactly the same time, tapping his temple with his index finger!  Luis Claudio, feeling suckered, chuckles with his hands at his hips, pointing his finger at James in a ‘You got me’ gesture, his chuckle wiped clean into a serious expression he bursts into a charge toward the ring apron only to double back, James already making a beeline for the ringside once again only makes it out Claudio blasts him to the floor with a Powerslam!

Ted Cedar:   OHH!  Luis Claudio just knocked the wind right out of James with a big time Powerslam

David Michaels:  I know exactly what that feels like, Ted.  That’ll give you a hernia in no time!

Ted Cedar: James thought he could play games with Luis Claudio but Luis clearly outplayed him and it is go time, here come the punches!

Just as Cedar had mentioned, James is doubled over on the mat and “El Diablo” is all over James with punches,  pulling James up by the head and neck with both hands before flinging him into the side of the announce table like a paperweight and James smacks against the panels hard.  The big guy peels James up only to eat a stiff elbow in the face, knocking Luis into a sidestep and James Best seizes the opportunity, and Claudio, pushing the Puerto Rican big man off and into an Irish-whip yet power prevails and Luis turns the tables on James with a ferocious counter, sending James into a violent crash with the steel steps!  The fans cheer like savages crying “Blood!  Blood!  Blood!” and Luis Claudio nods along with them, ripping off the top layer of the announce table to the immediate annoyance of David Michaels, grabbing his hat as it is flipped off the top.  With the steel edges and things exposed, Luis Claudio pulls James onto his feet and takes him for a walk from the steps and toward the announce table, scooping him up in a military press yet James thumbs Luis right in the eye, the slippery villain finding his feet behind Claudio and shoving the two hundred and sixty pound Peurto Rican toward the tables edge yet Luis holds back, nudging James off into a back-step, James clinging onto the bull by the horns with a clinch at the neck, coming back with a Muay-Thai styled knee lift in the abdomen, swinging Claudio’s head at the bare steel of the table yet again Luis resists, grabbing James and taking a step only to violently swing him into the floor with a Russian Legsweep!

David Michaels:  Ouch!

Ted Cedar: So much for our announce table, it’s been pulled apart!

David Michaels:  Screw the announce table, they could have crushed my hat?!

Best clutches his head and kicks his head wildly whereas Luis sits upright momentarily, James recovering quick enough to loop his leg around Luis’ neck in a Headscissors however Claudio swats him aside.  James Best persists, fighting off his own injuries in an effort to inflict more on Luis however Luis gets up swinging with heavy left hands.  “The Metrosexual Predator” takes a licking but as always is unafraid of the challenge with a left handed offense of his own and both men grunt it out, swinging blow for blow, Luis comes out on top, dazing James who comes back in a rush yet Claudio grabs hold of him and throws him into the crowd barricade, James bouncing off coming right back with a superman style punch!  Having surprised Luis, Best puts his best foot forward and drives Luis into the ring apron, brutalizing the Puerto Rican’s abdomen with knee lift after knee lift before backing up for a clothesline yet Luis pops him up with a flapjack, forcing James to shield his face to prevent smacking on the ring apron, landing awkwardly sideways and Luis rams James into the edge of the announce table with a running shoulder thrust, repeating the blow, one more time only James sidesteps and Luis rams right into the table instead!  The cruel and wicked “Narcissist” folds a chair shut as Claudio stumbles, bringing it down hard over the back of “El Diablo”, Best grunting with escaped breaths and he stumbles out of the immediate area, finding space to set up the chair shot for a blow right between the eyes yet Claudio ducks around it, James turns and Luis looks right at him like a crazed maniac, tackling James firstly on his back before dragging him over to the turnbuckle post, roaring intensely before catapulting James right into it!!

David Michaels:  So there’s a pole there!

Ted Cedar: And James darn near kissed it!

With James on his back, Ryu Sanu checks him over and with the all-clear gives the nod that the match can continue.  The two hundred and sixty pound Puerto Rican brings himself to a stop, raking both hands back through his oiled locks with a maniacal grin, snatching the steel chair from the floor and bashing it on the thin rubber mats watching his foe like a Great Dane about to lunge for the jugular.  James can see what’s coming next, stumbling to his feet and shaking his head in refusal, stumbling away from Luis however “El Diablo” will not have it, rushing James from behind and striking the chair over James shoulders, knocking him forward and against the far end of the ring apron.  Claudio prepares for the kill-shot, yet James ducks only inches away the chair as it slams into the ring-post and James rolls inside the ring for dear life, Luis rolls into the ring behind him only to be curb-stomped on his neck!  James gingerly hops to a stop at the ring ropes, a malevolent grin stretched across his face as he turns back to Luis and takes his time, hunching forwards with his hands on his knees, recovering whilst plotting his next move, straightening up and casually stomping Claudio’s hand, moving on to his hand, rotating around the Puerto Rican star with deliberate stomps on the joints until he has reached Luis’s head, dropping on his belly and snaring Luis up in a front facelock.

Ted Cedar: James is enjoying this slow pace, he’s clearly as methodical as they come David.

David Michaels:  Wat.

James can only grin, licking his lips as he keeps Luis down, the big man trying to push from the ring mat but James has the hold on tight, grinning as Luis’ squirms of defiance begin to slowly decrease into submission, James smirk is wiped clean from his face with a sudden jolt from the burly Mexican foe and Claudio plants his arms down and pushes his chest out like a bulldog!  James shakes his head, throttling Luis with the facelock still applied but Claudio pushes forward and James finds his feet on the mat, only to grin with delight as he straightens out, realizing he is in the perfect position for his devastating Welcome To The Brand DDT, pulling Luis out through the bottom rope yet Claudio grabs hold of the ropes, using them as leverage to swing and drill James in the chest with a battering ram, James staggering backwards clutching his chest in bewilderment and Luis climbs to his feet, scraping the chair up at the same time and holding it in his gloved hands, turning and running the ring to bounce back and come flying over the top rope his arms outstretched with a dramatic Suicida denied as James Best lands a last-minute Pelé kick, slogging the steel chair back in Claudio’s face with a dramatic-



David Michaels:  *Sprays beer* HOLE-LEY SHIT!!!

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Superkick Party

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M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match)   M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) EmptyWed Apr 15, 2015 7:29 am

The cataclysmic impact leaves the audience on the edge of their seat as James Best kicks his heels into the floor in a spasm, grabbing at his leg and rolling from shoulder to shoulder on the floor.  Meanwhile… back by the barricade… Luis Claudio, not too far off in the condition department, groggily slips on his own co-ordination in his attempts to stand.  The Peurto Rican’s complexion is paled with his mouth busted open, spitting blood from his possibly cracked teeth, pulling a bandana from out of nowhere and shielding it over his mouth, tying it around his nose with his back turned to the referee, turning back to “The Best Seller” and glaring at him with the eyes of the devil.

"That is one scary fella, even if he has cat eyes he hardly looks like a pussy!" cracks David Michaels.

"Ryu Sanu is letting the match go on I guess, Luis has that bandana tied on tight, not taking any chances.  I’m pretty sure our general manager Michael Astin wants bloodshed in any case." Says Ted, watching on with his eyes glued to the escalating chaos.

James already snapping shut a steel chair from the surroundings and using it as a crutch to find his feet before uncomfortably pushing forward. Luis stumbles desperately towards the villainous Australian, James with the chair cocked high however Luis all but collapses to the mat and the chair smacks upon the barricade, Luis taking advantage of his lowered state to snatch James leg and elevate him  dropping James into a bone-crunching impact on the ring apron, Luis roaring a muffled roar through the bandana as he further lifts James across his shoulders in a fireman’s carry, physically straining to push him up into a military press before staggering over and powerfully planting James across the top of the announce table (which doesn’t break) with a Spinebuster and the audience lose their minds!

"What the hell are they feeding that thing?!" Shouts a blown-away David, jumping back startled, already standing having been able to see what was coming... literally.

"James just dumped on our table hard, the power of Luis Claudio is just unbelievable!  I can’t even tell you how this man is standing right now and he just spinebustered the… well…" Ted Cedar utters out.

“Shit?” David quips casually, grinning as he chews away on gum.

"Let’s just say he sent James Best to hell!" Ted corrects, ever the improviser.

“You know… James Best should have a broken toe in the very least realistically but hey what do I know… oh look, it looks like mister Peurto Rico has lost his mind!” David gasps, taking a good two steps back; making sure his headset is still functional.

Why?  Because Luis Claudio was already in the ring and clambering up the turnbuckle one pad after another, to the building roar of the Boston crowd.  The camera pans out putting James Best’s outstretched body in one corner of the view, with the tattooed Luis Claudio stabilizing himself in the other, Luis takes a breath, holding his arms out in front of him and lets the moment stew some more for dramatic effect.  The crowd going absolutely nuts with excitement knowing something bat-shit epic was about to happen and Luis takes flight with his beautifully angled Estrella Fugaz, flipping through the air and the announce table decompresses dramatically with a panel-popping, earth-shattering body-bludgeoning Shooting Star Press!!!


"GOOD GOD?!! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY OUR ANNOUNCE TABLE AND EVERYTHING ON IT IS DESTROYED?!!" exclaims Ted Cedar at the top of his lungs, the crowd erupting into an absolute frenzy.

“MY HAT?! MY GOD DAMN HAT!!  SON OF A BITCH!” David Michaels cries out aloud, his jaw to the floor.

Having plummeted through the table and onto the floor in a dramatic crash, Claudio and James Best remain immobilized, sprawled across the freshly created disaster zone.  The first to make a movement, "El Diablo" pushes himself up onto both knees, groggily reaching for his bandana and discarding it to the floor, flashing the world a bloodied set of teeth as he grins, having appeased his destructive mentality.  The Peurto Rican powerhouse uses whats left of his surroundings to rise to the occasion, plodding over behind the announce table and pulling up a steel chair and the bloodthirsty crowd roar in approval, Luis holding the chair high in one hand, clutching his presumably shattered abdomen in the other, parading around to turn and face James when Eric Badman steps into the line of fire with a wicked grin on his face, causing Ryu Sanu to confront him, blocking the officials view and…


“GORE!  GORE!  GORE!!!” The voice of Ted Cedar screams in astonishment, darn near breaking his voice in the process as Maddox Paine, out of nowhere, absolutely decimates Luis in half with a thunderous spear!

“What in JHalc is going on here?!! Maddox Paine’s out here?!!” David Michaels gasps but it was already too late, Luis putting on a brave front to stand as Maddox Paine picks the steel chair off the floor and absolutely plants Luis right between the eyes with it, sliding the chair across the floor to James Best?!

"SWEET JESUS!  WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!!" Ted Cedar shouts in an absolute panic.

Eric Badman continues to block Ryu Sanu, doing his despicable best to prevent him from having an absolute panic attack trying to determine what’s going on.  The Japanese official finally pushes past Badman, spots Luis absolutely caked in bloodshed, looking back at him in wide-eyed bewilderment, as surprised as he is, his face clawed by crimson talons, leaving fresh streams of blood lining down the bridge of his nose and that was all Ryu needed to see, calling for the bell!

Ding Ding Ding!

The bell rings and Maddox Paine grins like he’d won the lottery as the arena boo him mercilessly.  “The Titan” turns his attentions to James Best, excavating him by the wrist from the table debris and raising his hand into the air, James grinning sheepishly in confusion, yet steps on Luis anyway and celebrates his triumph as his music blares through the PA.  

“Here is your winner… JAAAAMES BESS-“

Maddox Paine suddenly kicks James in the stomach, cutting the celebrations short, shoving James with full force right into an oncoming chair shot from none other than Razor Xtreme?!!!  James drops like a rock and Razor stands over him, belting out a medley of despicable chair strikes over and over like a man unleashed, the champion, chair in hand slamming James back, his shoulders, his kneepads, everything in a wild frenzy!





"FOR CRYING OUT LOUD RAZOR STOP!" Ted Cedar practically begs.

The audience boo Razor on like he’s Satan himself, Luis eating another tremendous spear in the background and being brutally pummeled senseless by the self-professed “Titan” and having left the ring in an absolute train wreck, the violence finally ends with Maddox, Badman and Razor standing tall, joined hand in hand with the biggest of grins on their faces.

"Well then!" David Michaels adds.

“These three are the damn unholy trinity, absolute fiends.  I can’t even… I cant even commentate any more.  This is disgusting, David… just disgusting.”

And the show goes on.
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M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) Empty
PostSubject: Re: M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match)   M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match) Empty

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M4) James Best vs. Luis Claudio (First Blood Match)

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