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 Vendetta #107 Grades

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Vendetta #107 Grades Empty
PostSubject: Vendetta #107 Grades   Vendetta #107 Grades EmptyMon Apr 06, 2015 6:26 pm

Xtreme Icon vs Saul Goode vs Bob Savage vs Doc. Superfly M.D.
Fatal Fourway Match (Jobber match)

Jobber match.

Ryan Quill vs Dante Cross
Singles Match

Ryan Quill

Just a small tip: don't have both commentators be the same color if you choose to give them colors. It makes it a little more difficult to read. Of course, not grading you on that.

You didn't really have a match here. It was just an extended intro, in my opinion. So the only thing I can really critique is your description, wording, and characterization. There was no real psychology either. I see you tried to make Ryan play some mind games, but since there was no true action, the psychology didn't go anywhere. As for the wording, it was decent. Characterization, couldn't say too much about that either. You touched that Ryan is crazy, so that's good. And your description was alright. Again, couldn't say too much because it was more of an extended intro.

Dante Cross

Good description. Could have used more characterization on Ryan's part though. There was no crazy factor like it was previously set up. Your action was decent for a small post. My only real complaint is that you essentially made it a jobber match by wtf-pwning Ryan.


It's going to Dante Cross because it was more of a post than Ryan's was. I appreciate you both of you showing, although of course I would have liked to see more.

Prince Alex III vs Shaker Jones
Singles Match

Shaker Jones left the fed. Prince Alex III wins by default/no-show.

Vertigo vs James Best
Singles Match

Vertigo left the fed. James Best wins by default/no-show.

Azrael vs Razor Xtreme
Singles Match


E.G. Deal vs Matthew Bradley
Steel Cage Match

Matthew Bradley wins by no-show.

Michael Astin vs T.K.
Singles Match
GRADER: Maestro, Broski, & Moose

I asked for one grader... I got three. So it's best two out of three votes here.


T.K: I loved the beginning as your highlighting of how the two never faced, the match flow is really good, lovely back and forth with great description, Ruro you used a few spots organized, I loved how the match went and how Michael Astin pushed Jack. Good work and enjoyed reading your match.

Michael: The continuation of how the knee injury went was sold good, Michael Astin mocking Jack was solid, I loved how Jack cheated to let T.K win, the description was good, same like Ruro. The back and forth was cool. How you showcased the domination of TK in the last paragraph was really cool. Good match.

Verdict: As this is one of my first matches to vote on here, It's really hard to grade the Main Event, both matches were solid, but... Michael Astin's match edged it for me. It was quality over quantity but both of you produced two good matches.


Your post was quite a good read, it was good to see you had Michael go for the ankle of T.K. Action wise, I thought it was pretty good with the pace you had it set in. Description was good as well. I was very entertained by your post, it's good to see your still as good as you once were.

Michael Astin;
Your post was enjoyable, it was a great continue on from T.K.'s post. I thought your action was well executed and kept up with what T.K. provided. Description was also pretty good. I thought your post was also entertaining and was a good one.

As a result; The action and pace of the match was evened out. Description was a tie. So it's a hard decision to choose, however I'll go by the post I thought was better. I'd have to go T.K., the match was quite even, I just thought T.K. had the better post. Great read and match between you 2.


I'm voting for Myke here. He had a lot better description in his match. I was able to get into his post more because of it. Myke would describe a camel clutch move, even though most of us probably know what it is. While Ruro used one of his signature move but didn't describe it what so ever. All I know is TK hit an impact move on Astin.

Total Result:
Michael Astin - 2
T.K. - 1

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Vendetta #107 Grades Empty
PostSubject: Re: Vendetta #107 Grades   Vendetta #107 Grades EmptyThu Apr 09, 2015 2:10 am

Maestro grading a ruro match. Oh how times have changed
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Vendetta #107 Grades

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