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 MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton

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MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton Empty
PostSubject: MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton   MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton EmptySun Jan 18, 2015 7:23 pm

DUE: Saturday, January 24th 11:59PM EDT.

MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton MJFR42R
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MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton Empty
PostSubject: Re: MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton   MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton EmptySat Jan 24, 2015 9:17 pm

The scene cuts back from a brief commercial break, showing an excited Oracle Arena audience cheering for this Vendetta show, as the camera shows the fans for a few seconds before the words "it's Britney bitch" hit the PA system. The ans start cheering as the rest of the Britney Spears' "Gimme More" lyrics continue on. After only a couple of moments Joey Jobberton comes out to the ramp, met by a mixed reaction, some happy because they admire the soul of this hard-working wrestler, while others booing because they know they're in for a match that surely won't win Match of the Week.

Miles: "Oh God, not another one of these awful wrestlers again."

Cedar: "Well Joey Jobberton may not be the best wrestler in the world, but he has earned his respect for always trying his best, and you have to give him that."

Miles: "The only thing I would "give" him is my penis. *This rather outrageous remark by Joey is met by a facepalm from his partner* Who is he facing anyways? No one even mentioned he was wrestling tonight."

Cedar: Well no one knows yet, Joey, but some fans on our website think someone is returning tonight, so we just have to wait and see."

Joey Jobberton appears in his classic black trunks, as he sprints across the entrance ramp leaning to his left, high-fiving some fans in his way before sliding into the ring, waiting for his opponent.

Fear in me so deep, it gets the best of me
In the fear I fall, here it comes face to face with me
Here I stand, hold back so no one can see, I feel these wounds

The Californian fans instantly pop in reaction to his familiar theme, as TRUSTcompany's "Downfall" continues playing throughout the arena, as a six foot nine brute comes out to the arena.

Cedar: "OH MY GOD!"

Miles: "It's E.G. motherfucking Deal!"

Yes, E.G. Deal has returned to XWA, as he comes out to a set of fireworks blasting off either sides of him. He emerges sporting a specifically-made black shirt, which has a picture of him raising the Rising Stars-Division's Title. Most of the fans are in a frenzy, excited to see the Egyptian return, with only a small part of them booing, not forgetting he didn't really get well with the fans during his last stint. He comes out with a microphone in his hands.

Cedar: "And what a reception he's getting. These fans certainly are happy to see him!"

E.G.: "I'm back.. I'm back everybody, I'm back right here in Oakland, California!"

What wrestling fans would say a "cheap pop" occurs, as the fans cheer loudly for Deal just for mentioning their city's name.

E.G.: "It's been a while, but I'm very glad I'm back. I missed XWA, I missed wrestling, I missed the hunt for glory and the feeling that comes along with every match I do here. However, what I missed most is this."

ُE.G. holds his shirt and highlights to the fans, with the camera helping him by zooming in on the picture on the shirt.

E.G.: "This is me holding the Rising Stars Title, over 2 years ago. This title was my only success here in XWA, and that's the main reason I came back. I'm looking for titles. I haven't finished my mission yet here, and it continues tonight."

Miles: "I was more excited about him five minutes ago. I thought he was the same as before. Now he's become another victim."

E.G. drops his mic and takes a run towards the steel steps, ascending them quickly and entering the ring, as he meets an energetic, enthusiastic and ready-to-go Joey Jobberton. "The Golden Eagle" takes his shirt off, hands it to the timekeeper outside the ring and stands by his corner, with his opponent doing the same. The referee checks with both of them before the timekeeper rings the bell, officially getting this match underway.

Right-away both men lock-up in a collar-and-elbow, as Jobberton tries to initiate a back-and-forth contest with the Egyptian, but the sheer strength of E.G. gets the better of the 2WWF Veteran, as Deal effortlessly pummels him down to the canvas. Joey acrobatically flips backwards, getting up quickly and firmly. Joey proceeds to run, trying to catch his larger foe by surprise as he leaps in the air, lashing out his arm and striking Deal's forehead with a Jumping Forearm Shot. Admirably, the hit does make Deal a little dizzy as he tilts back. Joey jumps back up and waits for Deal to turn around, before taking a sprint towards the ropes at the opposite side, this time ricocheting without leaping. This proves to be a costly mistake as Deal ducks down and lifts Jobberton on his back, before dropping him fluidly with a Back Body Drop. Deal doesn't give his opposition any time to breathe, as he turns around agilely, leaping up and bringing out his legs, performing a Leg Drop over Joey's chest, with authority!

Cedar: "E.G. has started a bit shakily but he's dusted off the rust and started doing well."

Miles: "I could watch the State of the Union and that would be more exciting than this."

Jobberton's whole body flings up off the ring like he was possessed, as he absorbs the pain of a 310 pounds slamming his chest. He holds his chest and yells painfully, as "The Real Deal" continues right to action, grabbing Joey's head and pulling him up with reasonable ease. Deal goes on to throw Joey towards the ropes, waiting for him to rebound before he tosses him high up in the air. The reaction from Jobberton shows how scared he is, as he opens his mouth wide open. He has every right to be scared, as he is welcomed by a huge uppercut right t his chin, the Very Egyptian Uppercut! Again, quite easily, Deal yanks his poor, poor opponent vertically. This time, however, Deal holds him and flips him upside down, holding him on his shoulder like a powerslam variation, before E.G. gets his head in-between Joey's feet, before smashing him headfirst into the ground with a Tombstone Piledriver, akin to the legendary Undertaker. He hooks Joey's leg up, getting the three count and racking up his first win of his return!

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MATCH 3.) E.G. Deal vs. Joey Jobberton

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