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 Poopy Reviews: Roommates (Steam)

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PostSubject: Poopy Reviews: Roommates (Steam)   Poopy Reviews: Roommates (Steam) EmptyFri Nov 28, 2014 2:42 am

Steam (PC)

Poopy Reviews: Roommates (Steam) Zegamepc+-+The+Roommates+Crack

I was looking for a dating sim on Steam for laughs and came across this. This game is a visual novel. There's no game play. Just a lot of reading but you do get to choose your dialog.

So you're going to collage for the first time and your goal is to try and get into someone's pants. Even if you don't you'll get an ending... it just won't be as sexy.

You build a relationship with your roommates by choosing the right dialog. You pick sides so at times making a positive points with someone could get you negative points with someone else. To really build a relationship you gotta do after school activities that will build traits that your partner likes. Like if you're going out with the bookworm you're going to want to play chess.

Something unique about this game is the ability to plan out your week. You have a budget for after school activities and you have a energy level. You have to work to get money. Of course school and work drain your energy and you have the option to nap, sleep early or skip class and sleep. Of course you need to keep your grades up. It certainly makes this more interesting than other visual novels.

There's a good number of unique events. You get to go to parties, trips, class, ect... If you want you could skip most of these events and gain 5 energy for the day but what fun would that be?

The worst thing about this game is the repetitive music. They used something really upbeat but man it's really annoying after awhile. It changes but man do I hate it.

I thought this game was enjoyable for visual novel. It took over half a day to beat it on normal. I give it a 6/10.

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Poopy Reviews: Roommates (Steam)

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