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 ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex

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ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex Empty
PostSubject: ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex   ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex EmptySun Nov 16, 2014 10:05 am

DUE: Saturday November 22nd, 11:59PM EDT.
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ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex   ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex EmptySat Nov 22, 2014 10:34 pm


As soon as the bell rings chants for Hitman Alex start up, and very quickly it becomes clear who the crowd favourite is, although there are pockets of support for Akira. The two men square of in the centre of the ring, staring each other down as the crowd's volume grows and grows. They lock eyes in a death stare and slowly edge closer and closer, as though trying to scare the other man. After a good ten to fifteen seconds of staring Akira starts the match proper by throwing a knife edge chop into Hitman's chest, creating a loud clapping sound as flesh meets flesh. Hitman takes a step back and winces, but gives up little ground as he returns in kind with a chop of his own across Akira's chest. Akira seems almost happy that Hitman has engaged him, and he throws three machine gun chops into his chest as a thank you. Hitman grimaces as he grabs Akira by the back of the head with his left hand and then slams a European uppercut into Akira's jaw, sending him staggering back a few paces. Hitman follows and lays in another uppercut, forcing Akira back into the ropes. Mr COA grabs Akira by the wrist and whips him across the ring into the ropes, which Akira manages to hook his arms over as he goes into them back first to prevent rebounding back towards Hitman. The two wrestlers once again stare each other down as the crowd cheers and applauds, and slowly they make their way back to the centre of the ring to square up. Akira yells something at Hitman and points at the ropes, prompting his opponent to run, rebound off the ropes, and come back with a shoulder block that knocks Akira backwards, although not off his feet. Akira yells at Hitman again and then charges off the ropes himself, allowing him to imitate Hitman and slam a shoulder block into his opponent's chest. Hitman stumbles back slightly, although not as much as Akira did, and responds quickly with another uppercut. Akira takes a step back and grabs his
jaw but recovers quickly, allowing him to fire off an elbow smash into Hitman's skull.

Cedar: This is like an arm wrestling contest - both men want to prove they're the toughest right here!

Miles: Fuck that, kick him in the dick and roll him up for three!

Akira keeps slamming his elbow into the side of Hitman's head, dropping him down to one knee. With Hitman lower down Akira drives a kick across his chest, slamming his kickpad into the pectoral area with enough force to make Hitman lean over forward slightly and grab the targeted area. Akira looks down at Hitman for a second before running away from him towards the ropes to pick up some momentum. He bounces back and starts to raise his arm up for a lariat, but gets cut off by Hitman pulling himself up and nailing Akira in the gut with a huge spear! The spear hits with enough force to make Akira's legs leave the mat as Hitman drives him down to the canvas onto his upperback, ending up with his legs strewn backwards over his body as Hitman kneels up next to him, looking fairly proud of himself. He grabs Akira's ankles to try and pin him while he's still folded up but only gets a one count before the Cruiser-X champion kicks free to a small pop. Hitman grabs a handful of Akira's hair and forces him up to his feet, at which point Hitman backs him up into the ropes. He steps backwards and turns, whipping Akira across the ring at the ropes. With Akira returning Hitman ducks down to grab him for a flapjack but receives a kick straight up into the face for his efforts, jolting him upright. As Hitman flails his arms out to his side and tries to prevent himself from tipping over backwards Akira nails him with a right handed palm strike to the jaw, followed by a solid left elbow into the other side of the jaw. Naturally Hitman staggers back a bit while clutching his jaw, allowing Akira to continue his offence with a dropkick that sends his opponent flying out of the ring between the middle and top ropes down to the floor. Hitman manages to land on his feet, giving him time to gather his composure as Akira exits the ring to join him on the floor. Hitman walks away from where Akira is to around the side of the ring near the entrance ramp, causing Akira to eagerly follow him. The Black Heart Warrior grabs his opponent from behind and spins him around, allowing him to lay in a knife edged chop across his pecs once again. Hitman winces and recoils back, allowing Akira to fire off five more rapid fire chops that start to turn the skin being hit a nasty shade of red and back Hitman up into the crowd barricade as Ryu Sanu yells at the wrestlers to bring it back into the ring. Akira takes a step back, winds up, and goes to unleash a huge overhand chop, but gets side stepped by Hitman, causing Akira to nearly chop the shit out of a fan in the front row. Akira turns to try and get after his opponent but as he starts to pivot Hitman Alex, who seemingly didn't take kindly to having his chest chopped, throws a closed fisted right hook into his face!

Cedar: That was a closed fist!

Miles: Memphis style!

Akira's legs turn to jelly immediately as Ryu Sanu climbs out of the ring down to the floor, still not having started a count, to yell at Hitman about the closed fist. The New Yorker ignores the senior official and keeps his fist clenched as he follows Akira, who is now leaned against the ring apron after stumbling backwards into it. Akira tries to pull himself up to his feet but gets nailed with three more rapid fire closed fists, two left jabs followed by a right hook which drops him down to the floor. "ONE MORE AND I'M DISQUALIFYING YOU!" Sanu yells at Hitman while waving his own closed fist into his face, making the self-obsessed superstar chuckle before grabbing Akira by the hair and throwing him into the ring. The crowd, who's allegiance is still with Hitman, cheer as he slides in and covers Akira with a lateral press. Ryu Sanu takes maybe a second to slide into the ring and then gets a one count before Akira manages to throw a shoulder up, breaking the pin. Hitman grins as he stands up, pulling Akira to his feet as he does. He cockily slaps Akira, who is clearly still dazed from the punches, before lifting him up by around the waist and planting him down onto his back with a sidewalk slam. As Akira writhes on the mat Hitman confidently and calmly walks over to the turnbuckle and starts climbing it, his back to Akira. He gets up to the second rope before Akira gets his head up off the mat and rolls away out to the apron. Hitman gets a foot up onto the top rope as Akira grabs a hold of the second rope to pull himself up, knocking Hitman off balance slightly. He puts his right foot back down onto the second rope and grabs the top rope with his hands to avoid toppling out of the ring, but this offers him no defence when Akira runs along the apron and lands a full force head-butt into the side of Hitman's skull. Both men hold onto the ropes for dear life as their legs go underneath them and they struggle to regain their balance, but Akira manages to regain himself first as he pulls himself into a standing position on the apron, while Hitman remains doubled over on the second rope. Akira turns to face the ring post Hitman is stood on and uses his right hand, the one furthest from the ropes, to lift Hitman's head up a little bit. With his head up Hitman finds his chest exposed, and once again Akira goes back to unleashing rapid fire chops into his pectoral region. Hitman yells out in pain but refuses to fall off the turnbuckle, willing himself to stay in position to prove to Akira that he's tougher than him. At least a dozen chops bombard Hitman's chest, breaking the skin in one particular spot and allowing a trickle of blood to make its way down his chest. Seeing Mr COA still stood on the turnbuckle the crowd starts a loud "HITMAN" chant, egging him back into it. Hitman's resilience along with the crowd's chanting proves to be enough to
anger Akira, as he proceeds to grab the top rope with his left hand, take a step back, and then jump in with a high boot that slams into the side of Hitman's head. Instantly Hitman's legs give way and he falls backwards into the ring, slamming down to the mat like dead weight.

Cedar: You've got to give him credit, Hitman Alex made Kobayashi work for that!

Hitman lies on the canvas, his feet almost beneath the turnbuckle, while clutching his head. Seeing this, The Pacific Rim Nightmare starts his slow ascent from the apron up to the top rope, where he perches like an owl looking down at Hitman. Akira does everything slowly, clearly not being used to going up top. He stands up tall, straightening out his legs, and then after a slight pause jumps off the top rope wit a double stomp aimed at Hitman's head. With Akira having taken his sweet time getting up top, Hitman is able to throw both of his own feet up while moving his upperbody around, resulting in him not only dodging Akira's stomp but planting the bottom of his boots into the Cruiser-X Champions throat, sending him stumbling back into the turnbuckle. Hitman rolls backwards and up to his feet as Akira tries to charge out of the turnbuckle at him. Akira raises up an arm for a lariat, but before he can get close enough to make contact Hitman blasts him with a huge spinning wheel kick, also known as the attention seeker! Akira throws his arms up as he crumples face down to the mat next to Hitman, who lands in a sitting position. The crowd roars out, with some even yelling at Hitman to cover Akira as loudly as they can. Hastily he rolls Akira over onto his back and hooks his leg for a cover. "ONE...TWO..THR-" Akira breaks Sanu's count by kicking his leg free and yanking his shoulder up off the mat, to the dismay of the crowd who let out sounds of disappointment and disbelief. Not one to be deterred, Hitman grabs Akira by the hair as the two men get back to their feet and slams an elbow into the side of his throat, making the Cruiser-X champion splutter and cough as he struggles to breath. Hitman forces Akira back into the corner and then sends him flying across the ring with a big Irish whip, resulting in him slamming into the turnbuckle at full force. After composing himself for a second Hitman sprints across the ring, leaps up, and plants his leg across Akira's throat with a big leg lariat. Akira starts to crumple down as Hitman flips backwards off of him and lands on his feet, but before he can hit the mat his opponent grabs him and pushes him back up into the turnbuckle. Mr CAO grins at the crowd, who respond with cheers and a loud "HITMAN" chant once again. He turns and runs into the opposite turnbuckle, then once again sprints at Akira. He jumps into the air looking for a second leg lariat, but this time Akira manages to drop down to the mat in time. Having already committed himself to the move before Akira moved Hitman sails into the turnbuckle with his legs up, crashing and burning with so little control that he ends up rolling backwards off the ropes and down onto his head. The fans go quiet as Hitman spasms around on the mat in pain while folded up with his legs over his head. Akira wastes no time in diving on him, pinning him down. Ryu Sanu gets a two count before Hitman uses his ring awareness to throw out a hand, grabbing a hold of the bottom rope to break the count!

Cedar: Close call there, it'd have been a shame for this match to end like that!

Akira gets up to his feet and stomps down on Hitman's hand, making him release his grasp on the bottom rope. With Hitman no longer grasping anything Akira crouches down, grabs him around the thighs, and then steps back, pulling him up into a wheelbarrow style position. Hitman uses his hands to press himself up off of the mat, but in doing so leaves himself an easy target as Akira throw a kick up into his abdomen. The strike jolts Hitman, making him drop down face first into the canvas with Akira still grasping his legs. The Black Heart Warrior drags Hitman back to the centre of the ring before rolling him over onto his front and dropping an elbow down into his left knee. Hitman yells out in pain as Akira puts his back against his knee, grabs his lower leg in both arms, and starts to wrench at the limb, trying to debilitate his opponent with a submission hold. Akira sits up as he yanks at his opponent's leg, so in response Hitman cocks his right leg back and boots him in the base of his neck from behind, making Akira release the hold before he can do too much damage. Akira rolls away while clutching his neck but doesn't spend too much time down on the mat. Akira scurries up to his feet as Hitman crawls along on his hands and knees, clearly still dazed from having flipped over onto his own head not too long ago. Akira takes advantage of this by running in behind him and planting a double stomp into the back of his knee, bringing all his weight down on the joint. Hitman drops into a prone position as Akira drives the bottom of his boot down into the left knee of Hitman repeatedly and without mercy. With the strikes raining down thick and fast Hitman crawls on his stomach to the corner and grabs the middle rope, which he starts using to try and pull himself up. Akira back off slightly, allowing his opponent to get up to his feet, before blasting him in the back of the knee once again with a soccer kick! Hitman screams out like a wounded animal as the crowd loudly boos Akira, who pays them no mind and instead ducks down to tuck his head under Hitman's arm. Akira wraps his arms around Mr CAO's stomach and with a big heave bridges over backwards, lifting Hitman up and then planting him down on the top of his skull once again with a sickening backdrop driver hold! Akira keeps his arms wrapped around Hitman, causing Ryu Sanu to drop to the mat and start counting the fall. "ONE...TWO..THR-" kickout! The crowd's roar is thunderous as they continue to get behind Hitman Alex, who is now laid face down on the mat panting loudly. Akira slams his fists down into the mat before crawling over to Hitman, straddling his left leg at around the knee area with a knee on either side of it, then grabbing his ankle and pulling it up towards him in a move that looks halfway between a single legged crab and a calf killer! Hitman yells in pain as Akira once again works over the knee area, trying as hard as possible to either make him tap or cut off his mobility so he can get back to dropping him on his head.

Cedar: Hitman Alex's knee is being damaged more and more, how much can he suffer through?

Miles: He's getting tortured like a Gitmo inmate with a bad appetite!

Hitman digs his hands into the mat and tries crawling away, but Akira forces his weight down on him so much he can't move. Out of desperation Hitman lifts his right leg up and uses it to get some leverage before pushing off of the mat, allowing him to roll over and throw Akira off. Like Hitman Akira rolls over, and the two men end up on their knees facing each other. Immediately they start trading forearms, caving in each others faces with shot after shot until Hitman manages to gain the advantage with a big European uppercut. The crowd comes alive as Hitman rallies a comeback, landing uppercut after uppercut to Akira's jaw. The Pacific Rim Nightmare starts to collapse forward but Hitman doesn't allow it and pushes him back up to his knees before slamming his bicep into the underside of his jaw once again, making Akira fall backwards onto the canvas like a rag doll. Hitman doesn't cover Akira and instead gets back to his feet, slapping his left knee as he does to try and get some feeling back into it. He leans down and grabs Akira by the arm, using it to drag his opponent back up to his feet. Deciding to one up Akira's backdrop driver Hitman goes behind his groggy opponent, ducks his head down while hooking an arm and a leg, and then lifts him up while dropping down backwards, driving him back first into the mat with a beautiful Death Note (Olympic slam)! Hitman quickly rolls over and drapes an arm over Akira, managing to get a close two count on the big impact move. Hitman adjusts his left knee pad slightly to put less pressure on the joint at the back of his leg as he gets up to his feet. He waits for Akira to get up patiently and grabs him by his hair, yanking him up and shoving him into the corner. He then grabs the Cruiser-X champion by the wrist and goes to whip him across the ring, which Akira manages to reverse into a whip of his own. Hitman is sent running into the corner with Akira following him but when he reaches the turnbuckle he slides down to the mat and under the bottom rope, leaving a confused Akira to slam chest first into the turnbuckle and stumble back. With Akira dazed Hitman rolls back into the ring and nails him with an enziguri, knocking him even more loopy. Akira staggers back into the ropes as Hitman gets up and uses a combination of the ropes momentum and fighting spirit to do a full turn and throw his elbow up, clattering his opponent with a rolling elbow! The strike floors Hitman and allows Akira to collapse on top of him. Sanu drops down and starts counting but at 2.9 Hitman manages to pull a shoulder up, to the delight of the crowd. Akira yells at Sanu in Japanese and holds up three fingers, causing Sanu to respond by holding up two. Akira slowly stands up while clapping his hands together at Hitman and yelling at him in English, daring him to stand up. Hitman takes him up on the offer, getting up to his feet and then staggering across the ring as he tries to keep his balance. Akira charges towards him and throws his entire body into a low dropkick which connects with the damaged left knee, dropping Hitman down onto one knee. With his opponent stunned and on shaky ground Akira pulls himself up, charges at the ropes behind Hitman, and comes back with a big sliding enzui-lariat which flattens Hitman!


Miles: Jeeesus!

Akira wastes no time in rolling Mr COA over onto his back and covering him with a lateral press, putting all his body weight onto his opponents shoulders. Just before Sanu's hand slaps the mat for three Hitman manages to kick out and get a shoulder free, once again making the crowd rally behind him. Akira slams his hands down into the canvas once more as he bares his teeth, showing more and more frustration with every kick-out. He gets up to his feet and walks down to Hitman's foot, grabbing the left leg once again. He steps inside and over the leg to try and set-up the figure-four, but Hitman manages to get his other foot up and push Akira off and towards the ropes. Akira uses the momentum of being kicked to bounce off the ropes and come back at Hitman, who manages to get to his feet fast enough to step forward, grab Akira around the leg, and then lift him up to bring him back down face first with a flapjack. Akira bounces off the mat and rolls onto his back while holding his face, causing Hitman to get to his knees and dive onto him with an elbow which cracks against his jaw and flattens him out on the mat, allowing Ryu Sanu to start his count. Akira kicks out bang on two, which doesn't seem to cause Hitman much frustration as the pin was more to tire him out than a genuine attempt to win the match at this point. Before Akira can get up to his feet Hitman scissors his left arm with his legs and quickly rolls him over onto his front, allowing him to lock in a crossface! Akira yells out in pain as Hitman Alex uses the same move that caused Akira to quit against Vladimir Strife, sans the cheese grater. Hitman cranks back on Akira's head, but thanks to his injured knee finds The Last Warlord of Osaka snaking his arm free of the leg trap and grabbing a hold of the linked up hands wrapped across his face. Akira yanks at Hitman's hands, managing to loosen his grip enough to relieve some of the pressure and eventually slip his face out after thirty seconds or so of being trapped in the painful hold. He rolls away from Hitman and lies down on the mat, trying to catch his breath. Hitman does the same, laying backwards on the mat for a few seconds before rolling over onto his front and climbing to his feet, prompting Akira to do the same. The two men walk to the centre of the ring, where Hitman throws a knife edged chop into Akira's chest. Akira responds in kind, firing Hitman up and causing him to throw two more chops. Akira winces and backs away for a second before throwing a hard shoot kick into Hitman's left knee, making his leg buckle slightly and leaving him open to six machine gun chops that turn his chest a dark red and bursts more blood vessels beneath the skin. Akira throws another kick into his opponents knee and stalks him, backing Hitman back into the corner where Akira throws a third kick into the knee. With his opponent trapped Akira once again starts firing off strikes, alternating knife edged machine gun chops with open handed slaps that send a searing pain throughout Hitman's body. The crowd boos as Akira keeps going, tanning Hitman's chest and turning his chest a dark red. With Hitman writhing in pain Akira cuts out the slaps so he can fire off faster machine gun chops into his opponents chest, once again drawing a trickle of blood that runs down Hitman's chest as Akira keeps going.

Cedar: Chop after chop! They might not be match winners, but you've got to know that it's hard to wrestle when your chest feels like it's been hit with a flame thrower!

Akira backs up after having laid in over thirty chops to his cornered opponent and then runs in again, landing a jumping knee into Hitman's jaw. Akira manages to land on his feet and bounces backwards a few steps as Hitman drops down to a sitting position, his head leaned back like he's not even awake. Akira steps forward and grabs his left leg, which he then lifts and places on the bottom rope. With the leg now exposed Akira jumps onto the second rope and then drops down, plating his feet onto the injured knee area and once again sending Hitman rolling away and out to the apron as he grabs the injured knee. Akira walks over to the ropes and leans over to grab Hitman, who manages to get his feet on the ground and limp away before Akira can do any more damage. With his opponent out of reach Akira climbs down through the ropes and to the outside, looking to pursue Hitman. He walks over behind Hitman, who is leaned over the barricade, and connects with another low kick, albeit one to the right leg this time. Hitman hops forward to get away from Akira, prompting The Black Heart Warrior to grab him and turn him around. For the second time Hitman throws the role book out of the window and manages to change the tide of the match by slamming his knuckles into Akira's jaw with a big closed fist punch, sending him staggering backwards to the joy of the crowd. He follows Akira and starts throwing forearms into his face, driving him back into the barricade where Hitman gets the chance to cash in his receipt. The crowd cheer loudly as Hitman holds up an open palm and manages a grin, before unleashing a barrage of chops across Akira's chest. As Akira did to him, Hitman punishes his opponent with sharp knife edged chops which bruise and redden the flesh, and after over a dozen chops follows up with a disrespectful slap across the face. Ryu Sanu's ring-out count reaches five as Hitman grabs Akira and drags him back over to the ring before climbing up onto the apron and pulling Akira up with him. The two men stand on the apron, with Akira still dazed, as Sanu yells at Hitman to take the fight all the way back into the ring. Hitman turns Akira to put his back to the ropes and slams his open palm across his chest once again before grabbing him by the hair and pulling his head down. Hitman drapes an arm over Akira's head and around his neck and locks in a front facelock, keeping Akira's head between his own body and the ropes. After raising a hand up to the crowd, which receives a chorus of cheers, Hitman drops backwards and plants Akira head first onto the apron with a disgusting spike DDT! A "holy shit" chant breaks out as Hitman collapses on the floor with a grin across his face and Akira lies motionless on the apron, one leg dangling down to touch the floor.

Miles: That's it, he's dead!

Cedar: This match has just been flipped on its head!

Miles: Just like Akira!

Hitman pulls himself up using the apron and shoves Akira further into the ring, allowing him to clamber inside himself. Exhaustion and the pain in his leg and head force Hitman to move slowly, and it takes about twenty seconds from the DDT for Hitman to get in and cover his opponent, giving Akira some time to recover. At the count of two and a half Akira manages to get a shoulder up, and now it's Hitman Alex yelling at Ryu Sanu to count faster. After cursing at the official Hitman gets to his feet and stomps down onto Akira's shoulder a few times with his right foot, prompting his opponent to roll away and scramble up to his feet while still clearly dazed. Akira staggers into the ropes and then bounces back to slam a forearm into Hitman's mouth, causing him in turn to bounce back into the ropes. On the rebound Hitman jumps up and uses his right foot to hit Akira with a single legged dropkick into the gut, once again sending him staggering back as he doubles over. Hitman manages to land without coming down on his left leg, allowing him to quickly stand up, grab Akira by the back of the head, leap up, and leg drop the back of his head down into the mat, executing Dynasty (Fameasser). Akira's face once again gets driven down into the canvas, this time under all of Hitman's weight. Akira rolls over onto his back on impact, allowing Hitman to quickly make the cover. The crowd jump to their feet as Hitman hooks both legs in a deep cover, but quickly let out sounds of disappointment as Akira manages to wriggle free at the count of two. He lies panting on the mat as an angry Hitman covers him yet again with a lateral press, once again only getting a two count. Hitman catches his breath and once again adjusts his knee pad to take pressure off of his knee. He starts climbing up to his feet at the same time as Akira, but slaps on a headlock as he does so to ensure he remains in control. With Akira in the headlock Hitman drives him backwards to the corner of the ring, slamming him back first into the turnbuckle pads, and then runs out to plant him face first into the mat with a bulldog. Once again Hitman rolls him over and covers, and once again Akria stays alive by pulling a shoulder up just before three. Hitman stands up and walks over to Ryu Sanu, yelling at him to count faster and even accusing him of being biased towards Akira. With his opponents back turned Akira pulls himself up to his feet and quickly fires off a dropkick into the back of Hitman's lft knee, making his leg buckle and putting him off balance. With blood running down a small cut on his lip from the bulldog and dynasty Akira recovers from the dropkick and gets up to his feet, watching as Hitman tries to stand up. He walks forward and grabs him around the waist, clutching his hands together tightly. Hitman panics and starts trying to get free as Akira steps backwards and barely manages to bridge over, planting Hitman down on the back of his neck with so much force his head whips back and hits the mat. Akira rolls over onto his side while maintaining the waist lock, as though planning to roll through into another German, both instead manoeuvres Hitman onto his chest, releases the hold, and falls backwards while grabbing his left leg. As Mr COA tries kicking him away with his right leg Akira cinches in a knee bar, once again allowing him to stretch away at and injure the damaged left knee of his opponent.

Cedar: It could be all over here!

A "please don't tap" chant starts up as Hitman screams out in pain, desperately trying to crawl to the ropes as he does. He claws at the mat, dragging his bruised and bloodied chest across the canvas as he does so. Sanu gets to his knees in front of Hitman and starts asking him if he wants to quit, but as expected the New Yorker refuses and simply keeps crawling. Bit by bit he drags both his and Akira's weight from the centre of the ring to the ropes, his left hand outstretched as he tries to reach the safety of a rope break. Akira yells out and grits his teeth as he wrenches back, trying his hardest to tear the lower portion of Hitman's leg out of the socket. He tucks the leg under his right armpit, allowing him to wrap both his arms around the leg and get as much leverage as possible, focusing entirely on rehabilitating his opponent rather than preventing him from getting to the rope. Bit by bit, inch by inch, Hitman gets closer and closer, until at long last he manages to wrap his fingers around the bottom rope. The fans cheer and whoop as Ryu Sanu starts a rope break count that Akira takes full advantage of, but when the hold is eventually released the damage becomes clear. Hitman rolls over onto his back and grabs his leg, screaming out wildly as he clenches his eyes shut to try and block out the pain which is now burning away at his knee. Akira throws a leg out, landing another kick on the injured knee from a sitting position for good measure before getting back up to his feet. With Akira looming over him Hitman tries to roll out of the ring but gets grabbed by the arm as he does so. Akira aggressively stomps down onto the side of his head before pulling him towards the centre of the ring, cutting off his plan to escape. With Hitman still nursing his knee Akira paces around him while untying his wrist tape, discarding it down to the canvas as he does so. Hitman slowly and carefully gets back to a vertical base and turns to face Akira, who mockingly enters a boxing stance with his fists closed and then slaps his cheek, as if daring Hitman to throw a closed fist punch again. Not one to back down from a challenge Hitman does so, but being off balance, tired, and hurt, the punch barely connects. Akira shimmies backwards and then comes back with a punch of his own, cracking Hitman on the side of his jaw and dropping him to his knees. As Ryu Sanu admonishes Akira he grabs Hitman and drags him up to his feet once again, throwing in a light kick to the knee as he does so for good measure. With Hitman unable to fight back Akira loops his hand around him, down through his legs, and grabs Hitman's wrist. With the wrist clutched Akira wraps an arm around Hitman's neck and hoists him up and over, dumping him on the back of his neck and head with a vicious wrist clutch exploder. Hitman goes limp as he sprawls out on the mat behind Akira, who ends up sat down with a grin across his face. He rolls over and grabs Hitman, who is now dead weight, and drags him up to his feet again. He throws a knee up into his abdomen before leaning him over and hooking him up in position for a brainbuster. The crowd boos as slowly and deliberately Akira lifts Hitman upside down, pauses for a brief moment, and then drops down to spike him on top of his head once more. Hitman folds up like he's weightless, his legs draped down over his head. Akira rolls over and presses his hands down onto Hitman's ankles, keeping him folded in place as Sanu counts the pinfall. Hitman makes some attempt to kick out, but with his injured leg being pinned down by all of Akira's weight he is unable to power out before the fall is counted.

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ME. Akira Kobayoshi vs. Hitman Alex

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