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 M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles

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M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles Empty
PostSubject: M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles   M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles EmptySun Nov 02, 2014 6:39 pm

Due: Saturday, November 8th 11:59 EST
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Kasabian Stalker

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M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles Empty
PostSubject: Re: M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles   M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles EmptyThu Nov 06, 2014 11:42 pm

The cheesy synthesiser tones of "Bones" by the Killers was fading out by the time Kasabian Stalker joined his opponent in the ring. His newly won briefcase swung from his hand, clasped tightly around the handle. As per his custom, he whipped off his button-up trackpants, giving Kendrick Bayne and the match official more than enough of a show. Looking visibly relaxed and at peace, Kasabian could not help but crack into a smile as the referee went through his pre match inspections.

The Perverted One had shocked the world last week upon winning the 'Survival of the Sickest' match at King of Xtreme, securing a title match against Rob Chapman. Now, standing opposite him in the ring was an obviously unimpressed Bayne. His eyes shot daggers at the Butcher from his own corner and one could tell he was already plotting the ways that he could hurt the Perverted Stalker. Instructions from 'The Employer' fresh in his mind, aided with the frustration of his compadre Shade being eliminated early from the very same match Kasabian had so brashly bragged about winning, Kendrick Bayne looked ready to rip the oiled up prick limb from limb.

Ted Cedar: "Here is our chance to see if Kasabian's win was a fluke or whether he has the talent to actually compete with the Intercontinental Champion."

Joey Miles: "Can you imagine a bastard like that as champion? I just hope Bayne gets his hands on Stalker early and often. I want to see the bastard bleed."


Kendrick had not waited for the official start of the match, his blood boiling over and causing him to lurch forward. Practically pushing the referee out of the way, Bayne nearly takes Kasabian's head off with a Big Boot, knocking the self professed 'Sickest Bastard in XWA' down for the first time. Kasabian's body falls backwards into the ring ropes before crumpling to the mat. To his credit, Stalker is quickly scrambling up to his feet again after having his face rearranged, but only climbs straight back into the arms of Bayne.

A second barrage from Bayne sees him grab Kasabian by the wrist and begin to Irish Whip him across the ring. However, he pulls the whip short and pulls Stalker like a rag doll back towards his body. Swinging his free arm, the Manticore unleashes a Short-Armed Clothesline that spins Kasabian upside down. The Butcher lands awkwardly on his greased up chrome-dome of a skull.

Joey Miles: "Bam! Kendrick sends out quite the welcome wagon to Kasabian. He wasn't wasting any time in getting this thing started."

Ted Cedar: "He caught Kasabian unawares and now the Pervert is paying the price. If he cannot bounce back from a poor beginning, the Butcher may have an early shower."

Joey Miles: "Slow down there Cedar. I don't want to picture any part of that man in a shower."

Kasabian scrambles forward, clawing inch by inch in a commando crawl to get away from the assault, but Kendrick has other ideas. Pouncing on the escaping Pervert's back, he wrenches his torso upwards in a Camel Clutch. Kasabian's face contorts into a mixture of pain, his eyes hinting at a glimpse of pleasure underneath the agony. When the Pervert begins groaning in a low, guttural moan, Bayne simply assumes that his hold is causing the Butcher to cry out in agony. However, the longer the hold is applied for, the more animated Kasabian's eyes become. Before long, he is almost pleading for the pain to continue.


The cry escapes Stalker's lips loudly and proudly. It is enough to throw Bayne off his game somewhat. A momentary lapse in concentration is all Kasabian needs to struggle free of the hold. He turns around, excited by the shockwaves of pain now flooding over his back. Kendrick sees the lust in his eyes and wisely backs away while Kasabian looks on at him and licks his lips.

Joey Miles: "What the hell! Kasabian is pleading for more. How do you make a guy tap out who likes the idea of being hurt? He gets his rocks off from pain, the more you hurt him, the more excited he becomes!"

Ted Cedar: "Clearly that tactic needs some fine tuning. I imagine that there is a point where the pain simply becomes too much. But who knows? Kasabian Stalker is not the easiest man to analyse."

Joey Miles: "A bloody psychologist's paycheck. That is what Kasabian Stalker is."

The short break gives Kasabian a chance to find his feet. He is soon swanning over in the direction of Bayne, who watches the incoming Pervert with a weary eye, braced and ready to reverse any prospective attack. As he approaches, Kasabian rotates his battered neck, tenderised first by the clothesline and secondly by the impact of him hitting the mat. He smiles as he closes in, making no attempt to hide his tactics. His plan is simple, grab the bull by the horns. As a result, the pair soon wind up in a Collar-and-Elbow tie, each one trying to get the upper hand on their opponent.

Kendrick is close enough for Kasabian to smell as the pair embrace and tango about the ring. To him, it is all some elaborate foreplay and he up's the ante by breathing in a deep breath of the nape of the taller man's neck. As he exhales, the same twinkle fills his eyes and the seedy smile fills his face. Shocked, Bayne pushes Kasabian away before drilling him in the chin with a Discus Elbow Smash. Kasabian is sent reeling as a result, his back bouncing into the ropes once more, but the Butcher remains on his feet.

As he rebounds off the ropes, Kasabian utters his first flicker of offense in the match. He lines Bayne up and flattens him with a Lou Thez Press, taking him off his feet and down to the mat. Stalker has the wits about him to remain in contact with Bayne's body as the pair fall and winds up mounted on top of the Manticore's chest. Stalker unloads with a swift left elbow strike, following it up with a right to even out the sides. A third strike sees him open up his palm and slap Kendrick Bayne across the cheek, a Bitchslap hard enough to turn Bayne's head to the side and redden his cheek almost instantly.

The sound of the slap echoes out around the arena, causing a gasp from the crowd in response. It also leaves Bayne groggy and dizzied, his eyes spinning as his vision cmes in and out of focus. Ever the opportunist, Kasabian reaches out and runs a hand through Bayne's hair, almost lovingly. His red and black locks tussle in between the Perverted One's fingers, before Stalker runs the very same hand down his opponent's cheek once more, tracking the now reddened outline of his handprint.

Joey Miles: "Surely this has got to be illegal. Something that Kasabian is doing has got to get him disqualified... Nobody wants to see the guy violate his opponents."

Ted Cedar: "I don't think there are particular rules around this sort of thing. We have never really had a reason to need any before. Disturbing as it is, I don't think that Kasabian Stalker is technically doing anything wrong."

As lovingly as he had stroked Bayne's hair, Kasabian's mood soon swings once more. His eyes narrow and he unleashes with another vicious slap before standing to his feet. The slap leaves the 'Jack of All Trades' on his back wondering what had just happened, while Kasabian proceeds to warm up the crowd, rubbing his own baby-oiled chest and tweaking his nipples for good measure.

Bayne is soon shaking off the effects of the slap and struggling to his feet, but Kasabian doesn't let him get far. Assisting him by grabbing the very same red and black hair he had been stroking earlier and yanking Kendrick to his feet, he soon locks his opponent's head under his own arm and drops him viciously back to the mat with a High Angle DDT that sees the Manticore's skull driven face first with venom.

Kasabian's smile that follows is filled with bad intentions as he lifts Bayne's body and drags it to the corner, resting his head on the second turnbuckle. Stalker then takes a pam full of the sweat, baby-oil mixture that has wettened his chest and flicks it at the groggy Manticore before reversing across the ring. As he reverses to the opposite corner, he slaps the buttocks of his purple and pink polka-dotted tights, warming himself up for a Kasabian Stalker trademark.

Joey Miles: "Oh God, what now? Kasabian has that look in his eyes once more. That can only be bad news."

Ted Cedar: "I have seen this in some of his tapes from EVPW, I think he is lining him up for his own version of a Bronco Buster, and one can only guess what flavour or twist a man like Kasabian Stalker would put on a move like that."

Joey Miles: "Enough to make one feel sick. I want none of that flavour."

True to the word of Ted Cedar, Kasabian soon stops reversing. He lines up his opponent, mimicking the lens of a video camera with his hands before charging across the ring at Bayne. He collects his opponent, hitting him clean in the chest in a Bronco Buster. But as he bounces off his chest, he flicks his hips forward and catches Kendrick in the chin with the crotch of his trunks. He aims a second pelvic thrust and once more catches his poor opponent with crotch to face contact. Two shots prove to be enough for Kendrick Bayne, who instinctively pushes Kasabian as he rises for the third strike. The push causes Kasabian to lose his balance and a simple palm to the chest is enough to send the Pervert toppling backwards onto the mat.

Kendrick quickly pulls his battered frame to a vertical base using the ring ropes to assist himself. As Kasabian too reaches his feet, he is ready for him and hoists the Pervert into a Fireman's Carry position. With all the rest of the strength in his body, he swings Kasabian forward and lets him crash into the canvas in a Fireman's Carry Slam. Kasbians body bounces, then rolls clean out of the ring and falls do the lightly padded concrete of the ringside area.

Ted Cedar: "Centaur's Fury! Perfectly executed, but Kasabian Stalker wisely rolls out of the ring before Kendrick Bayne has a chance to pin him."

Joey Miles: "Crafty little bastard. Still, it is only a matter of time now. That had got to have softened him up somewhat. I swear I saw him bounce off the canvas."

Frustratedly, Kendrick soon follows his opponent out of the ring, but only to collect him. He pulls the figure of Kasabian Stalker to his feet, unable to support its own weight, and rolls his carcass back into the ring. Once inside, the Manticore is quickl to cover for the pinfall and the match official gladly slides into position, hoping to rid himself of the Pervert for the night.



No such luck. Kasabian kicks out son after the two count and the match continues. The rage is beginning to boil in Bayne's blood by now and he grumbles to himself as he pushes himself back to his feet, dragging Kasabian up with him. With Kasabian still groggy, he lines him up and looks to lock in a Fisherman's Suplex hold. He gets Kasabian's feet just a few inches off the canvas before the Pervert wakes up enough to bring himself back down again. A second attempt proves even less fruitful and sees Stalker take matters into his own hands. He reaches up and grabs Kendrick Bayne by the right nipple, twisting it until he receives a howl of agony for his efforts. It is enough to break the hold, long enough for Kasabian to take advantage of the situation himself.

Wasting no more time, Kasabian wrenches Bayne forward into a Double Pumphandle, before hoisting him into a Cradle. This time, he does not stop to smell the nape of the Manticore's neck before executing the remainder of his trademark move. Kasabian hurls Bayne into the air, driving him into the mat to finish with a Sit-out Powerbomb. The Pervert's personal fan club erupt into a frenzy as the move connects, knowing how few people kick out of the modified Double Pumphandle Orange Crush Powerbomb.

Ted Cedar: "Pervert's Plunge... Just when we thought Kasabian was at his weakest! What a move!"

Joey Miles: "The Sickest man in XWA just pulled off one of the sickest moves I have seen all night. What an impact. I could feel the ring shake with that. Cover him... Cover him, you bastard."

Cover him he does. Kasabian slaps his opponent on the behind as he falls on top of him to cover for the pin. The referee once more slides into position and counts the pinfall, Kasabian's Perverts count along with him.





"Your winner... Kasabian Stalker"

The announcement is met with a mixture of jubilation and disappointment as the match official manages to finally drag Kasabian's hands away from the buttocks of his downed opponent and raise them into the air. A message had been sent tonight, from out of a poor beginning, Kasabian Stalker pulled out the victory. He looks directly into the camera, knowing that Rob Chapman would be watching backstage. Kasabian Stalker proved that he is more dangerous than anybody gives him credit for. His last message is one of action, not words; he simply makes the shape of a belt across his waist, wiping sweat and baby oil from his navel in the process.
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M6.) Kasabian Stalker vs. Kendrick Bayne | Singles

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