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 M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship

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M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship Empty
PostSubject: M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship   M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship EmptyMon Oct 13, 2014 5:32 am

Due: Saturday, October 18th by 11:59 PM EDT

M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship MJFR42R
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Love Bites
Love Bites

Posts : 9444
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Age : 28
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M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship Empty
PostSubject: Re: M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship   M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship EmptyFri Oct 17, 2014 8:19 pm

This match has been given an 18 hour extension.

M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship MJFR42R
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M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship Empty
PostSubject: Re: M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship   M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship EmptySun Oct 19, 2014 1:38 pm

(I'm proud to say that this is my 100th match as Vladimir Strife. Best of luck, Alex. It's an honor to say it's against a former champion like you.)

In the middle of the XWA ring, surrounded by a sold out audience, Ryu Sanu stands between two men ready to tear one another to shreds, a title in his hands raised high into the air to remind them of the spoils of the war that will soon ensue. On one side of him stands Hitman Alex, the Man who steals the show. He warms up in the corner, limbering up in preparation of this bloody and violent contest where even a second of lapse in awareness will land either man in a world of pain. He watches his opponent carefully, eyes never bothering to set on the monstrosity he's transformed the Lionheart championship into. Regardless of it's prestige, it was not the World Heavyweight championship; not his championship and he wouldn't rest until and nothing shy of that would satiate his desire.

At the other end of the squared circle, the Czar of Scars stands imposingly, his tongue running across his lips in a show of his eagerness. The title between them held little meaning to him, but the same applied to the prize at stake for whomever would be crowned the King of Xtreme. Vladimir was going into this contest with two big motivators: claiming the distinction of King of Xtreme for a friend who failed to do so last year and passed away; and the chance to beat the hell out of people without restrictions.

TC: Ladies and gentlemen, if you have small children or anyone squeamish, now would be a good time for them to go to bed..

JM: What? And miss this fucking match!? It's going to be amazing, Ted! This is going to be so bloody that ISIS will use it as a training video! Ohh... I see your point now..

TC: Yeah.. We've gotten a good look in recent weeks of the extremity and ruthlessness Vladimir has been talking about bringing to XWA since he first arrived and God only knows what Alex will or won't do to get another chance at the World Heavyweight title. These men are going to be holding absolutely nothing back tonight and with all of this barbed wire, it's hard to imagine that both of these men will walk out of here tonight on their own.

The official clears the path between the combatants, walking over and carefully passing the Lionheart championship out through the barbed wire to Laura Watts. The bell calls out to signal the official beginning of the match and Vladimir starts strafing about the center of the ring, forcing Alex to do the same as they look one another over for any signs of weakness. As they circle the squared circle, a chant begins to go up from the crowd of "LET'S GO HITMAN!" with stomps and claps punctuating their rallying cry. The men take no note of this, each putting their full focus upon the opposition for this dangerous bout. Spotting no easy opening to start off, the men determine to create some, rushing in toward the center of the ring before colliding into a twine of arms, each jockeying to leverage the other into giving ground. The Romanian takes the the upper hand in the tie up, pushing Alex back toward the vicious barbed wire ropes step by step. Mr. Reasonable Doubt looks to instill some in the matter of who has the advantage, breaking loose from his position and stepping in behind the Behemoth, towing a wrist behind him and pressing it against the small of Strife's back and raising it, applying an expert hammerlock. He begins to walk him toward the ropes until the point of a sharp elbow catches him across the temple, backing him off. The Barbarian Lord follows after Mr. COA as he staggers away, but he has overestimated the effects of his elbow and catches a knee to the gut as he reaches out toward him. Hitman throws a bundle of knuckles into the cheek of the Hardcore King, whipping his head aside, then follows with another for good measure. Having worked him over a little, he applies a front chancery and pulls the Titan's arm up over his head, drapping it across this shoulders. He takes Vlad by the tights and quickly yanks him up into the air before allowing himself to fall back, slamming him down upon his back.

TC: A beautiful suplex there from Hitman Alex. He has absolutely been on fire since he returned.

JM: What? He's wrestled one match since he came back! How the fuck does that constitute being 'on fire'?

TC: He showed a different side in that match, Joey. Alex has really displayed that he's not only back, but absolutely determined to make his destiny a reality. Vladimir has shown himself that he's a great competitor, but I have to be honest and say that I think his luck runs out here.

JM: Luck? Where the hell is his luck? This is Vlad's fourth match in the King of Xtreme tournament. It's Alex's second after he got a free pass last week.

TC: Well, some would say that considering Vlad lost to Akira is the first of those matches, he's incredibly lucky to have this chance.

As Alex helps the Czar of Scars back to his feet, he quickly throws another right hand across his brow, keeping him groggy long enough that he can
take him by the arm and pull him in toward him. Mr. COA steps in behind the Behemoth as he whips him toward the match's dreaded namesake, but as he releases him, he feels a pull in return. Vladimir spins on his heel, coming back to face the former Heavyweight champion as he draws him in, rolling his shoulder forward and stepping in to meet the Hitman where his arm meets his torso. The Romanian maintains his hold upon the wrist of the Highlight as he raises it over his head and steps under, twisting it. He trades off his hands, taking the hold by the left as he draws back his right and pounds a heavy haymaker into the vulnerability his shoulder had created, turning Mr. Reasonable Doubt's wince into a full-blown grimace. While the Man Who Steals The Show reaches over, rubbing the throbbing connection, Strife now grabs onto his point of leverage with both hands, using his full strength to raise the arm and twist it over his head a second time. The strain is too much for the appendage, the Anti-hero rolling forward onto his back from the tension. The Barbarian Lord savagely drops down onto him, burying his knee into the midpoint of the arm and spreading out the misery. Alex grabs at his arm, holding it tight to his chest as he seethes with agony.

TC: And it looks like Vladimir is going to target the arm of the Hitman. Alex is going to have to be careful here to try to keep him from doing so, because all of the moves he's going to be looking for toward the end of this match to put Vlad away - the HKO, the Snake Bite, the Spotlight - all of them require the use of his arm. If Vlad succeeds in damaging that arm and taking it out of play, Hitman's odds in this contest are going to become very grim.

JM: What? Who needs the HKO or the Spotlight when you have barbed wire tables and chairs, Ted? Besides, let's not forget that Vlad is already worn down from his match with Mark last week, while Alex is nice and rested. I'm not saying Alex is going to win, but fuck me if a little boo-boo on his arm is going to keep him out of this.

As the GodKing pulls his opponent back to his feet, the Hitman is quick with a punch to his solar plexus, doubling him over and giving him the opening to step up to Vlad's side and wrap his arm around his head. He tightens his grip, cranking up the pressure of the side headlock before slamming his knuckles down across his scalp. The Lionheart Champion reaches up toward his neck, grabbing at the arm entrapping him and begins to pull at it, but can't find any opening to pry it from as the Highlight reels him in and clinches down further until the Behemoth can begin to hear his heartbeat in his ears from the pressure of the blood rushing through his head. The Barbarian Lord presses his hand against his opponent's back and take a step forward, using the modicum of momentum to shove him forward toward the barbed wire, slipping his head out from Alex's clutches as he does. Mr. Reasonable Doubt is swift to escape the danger, dropping down and sliding out of the ring feet first under the wire ropes. The fans cheer his safe evasion as Mr. COA looks back into the ring at his ultraviolent opposition. This was the sort of environment the Hardcore King thrived in, but he would have to embrace it himself ultimately if he was to continue his path back to the World title. He lets out a deep sigh and bends down, grabbing the legs of a chair wrapped in yards of barbed wire, raising it up to the delight of the XWA faithfuls.

JM: Things are about to get messy!

TC: And we already saw earlier this night just how badly things can get with all this barbed wire in an absolutely vicious match between Akira Kobayashi and the Xtreme Icon. And whoever comes out of this match on top will go on to the King of Xtreme pay per view next week to fight for a shot at the world title on the grandest stage of all as they face off against the winner of that match, -

JM: Shut the fuck up already! Jesus, Alex is getting into the ring with a barbed wire chair and you're over here babbling on and on about the winner fighting -

TC: Well, excuse me for stressing the importance of this contest, but I happen to believe these fans are excited to see the 'I Quit' match that will conclude this tournament when either Vlad or Alex square off agains-


True to the words of Joey Miles, Alex is back in the ring now, letting fly with a swing of the barbed wire chair that would make any baseball fan proud. The Czar of Scars ducks low, allowing it to swing harmlessly overhead. When he pops back up to his full height, he quickly turns, shooting a back elbow into the front of Mr. COA's shoulder. The fresh, shooting pain scrambles the focus of the challenger to the Lionheart title and the weapons slips out of his hands, clattering across the canvas. Turning back toward the Highlight, Strife connects with a hard right, the unexpected force behind it turning the Hitman away with an audible slap of flesh. Vlad steps in beside him and crosses his leg over the nearest, then reaches over and grabs onto his shoulder, their backs turned to the chair. Before he can throw them onto it with a Russian Leg Sweep, the Man Who Steals the Show pulls away from the grasp on his shoulder, bending down and over toward the GodKing and taking him by the thighs. He scoops him up, bringing him horizontal before turning and slamming the Romanian's lumbar down across his knee. As Vlad rolls off and down to the mat with a plop, a small round of cheers goes up for Fate's Favorite.

Alex takes the Titan by the hair, bringing him back up to his feet before quickly turning in toward him, slamming his bicep up into Strife's chin and knocking him back toward the ropes. The Lionheart Champion is left mere inches away from the dreaded barbed wire and Mr. Reasonable Doubt decides to help him along, throwing another huge European uppercut. Vladimr's head rocks back violently, but he holds his ground, not budging and inch in his stance. Determined and frustrated, the Highlight takes to the air, stretching his legs out before him and planting them into the pectorals of Wrath Personified with a picture perfect dropkick, blasting him back into the vicious entanglement of wire. The sharp slivers of steel bite into the GodKing's back, sending a rasp, guttural cry up through him. The Man Who Steals the Show reaches out and grabs the chair, bringing it up with him. The Czar of Scars pulls himself off of what will surely be the source of a few new ones and stumbles forth, catching a shot from more barbed wire as the wrapped chair crashes down between his shoulders. He drops to his knees in misery as it slashes his flesh, another swipe catching him in the same location soon after to the delight of the fans. They rabidly cheer on the Highlight as he draws back a third time and lands a blow across the Romanian's temple, flattening him. Sensing opportunity, he tosses his weapon aside and rolls Vlad onto his back, covering him as Ryu drops down into place beside them.



Vladimir shoves the Brooklyn native off of him.

TC: OH MY GOD! How on Earth did he kick out after those horrific shots from that barbed wire wrapped chair!?

JM: Aw, come on, Theodore. You didn't really think a few shots from that was going to bring Vladimir down, did you? He's the Barbarian Lord. He probably keeps a spool of barbed wire in his travel kit.

TC: I don't care who he is, that is freaking barbed wire! There's a reason they use it to keep prisoners in prison, Joey!

Sitting up and looking over his resilient opponent, Alex rubs at his sore arm, the force he'd put behind the chair shots having taken their toll upon it. He rises up to his feet, but Vladimir is just behind him, sporting a half mask of crimson. He's still groggy from the series of shots and Hitman is quick to take advantage of this. He steps in front of him and reaches over his shoulder, taking the GodKing by the head before pulling him down to the mat with a snapmare. The Highlight quickly sits Strife up, burying a knee into his spine as he reaches forward and laces his fingers together under his chin, pulling it back to exert pressure on the ravaged back. The Barbarian Lord claws at the fingers reeling him back and manages to pull one away to alleviate his suffering. Mr. COA is more than happy to abandon the submission, however, more ideas already brewing in his mind as he rushes past the Romanian, stopping himself just shy of the ropes and resisting the instinct to throw himself into them for momentum. He turns and races back, planting a foot upon the champion's thigh and swinging the other in, pounding it into the bloodied brow of the Behemoth and leaving him crumpled over in the middle of the ring. He again flips Vlad onto his back and hooks a leg, motioning for the official to count.



Ryu never gets the chance to even start the three as Strife extends his arm toward him and jams a finger into his right eye. The referee abandons the call, attending to poked eye. Alex, confused, looks over to Sanu to find him rubbing his face, then looks back toward his opponent, who sits up suddenly, swinging his elbow forth into the Hitman's jaw. The Highlight rubs at his mandible as the men begin to rise up once more, Vlad wiping blood from his face to clear his vision. They stand before one another again and the GodKing lashes out, pounding a hard right across the former World Champion’s cheek. The New Yorker stumbles away, taken aback by the blow that carries far more force than he’d expect from a man of only 6 feet. The Barbarian Lord follows and seeks another, but Mr. COA refuses to grant him it. He ducks down, wrapping an arm about Vlad’s thigh before hoisting him up and grabbing his head. Instead of dropping straight down per usual, the Man Who Steals the Show has a more sadistic idea in mind, retreating a half step before flinging himself and his opponent back into the razor sharp barbed wire. Mr. Reasonable doubt comes away unscathed, but as he sits up, he looks back to find his opponent tangled up in the vicious wire, one of his legs weaved through two of the strands and a forearm hooked over the top. The agonized visage of the nearly unflappable Behemoth tells the tale of the woe he’s in as he struggles, trying to free himself from the carnage.


JM: Fuck that, somebody get a replay! That was awesome!

The Romanian continues to fight with the steel wire and the spikes tearing into his body, desperate to alleviate his condition. He looks over toward his opponent and begins to shake his head, dreading whatever he intends for the barbed wire chair he’s taken up once more. The first blow hits him across the chest, snagging and tearing bits of cotton away, drops of blood weeping from the flesh on the other side of the impromptu peepholes. Another follows in its path and the GodKing’s arm slips off of the wire, a rip in the fabric over the back of his forearm displaying a thin gash beneath. Somewhere between this and the twist of his leg as his upper body drops back toward the canvas, an animalistic cry escapes the Barbarian Lord. Alex, a grin stretched ear to ear, bends down and gently lays the chair against the champion’s face before backing up to the opposite side of the ring.

TC: Oh my god! No! Don’t do it, Alex! This is inhumane! It’s just wrong! It’s –

JM: It’s exactly what Vlad would be doing if the tables were turned. All’s fair in war, Theodore! BOMBS AWAY!

The Hitman races across the canvas before dropping down onto his side, heading feet first for the sadistic implement he’s battered the Barbarian Lord with. Unfortunately, he slips right out to ringside under the wires despite lacking his previous intent to do so. The GodKing, finally sensing a bit of opportunity, has grabbed onto the wire and pulled himself up toward it, fighting internally to ignore the barbs digging into his palm. He grabs at a wire crossing the expanse of the middle turnbuckles, yanking at it with all of his strength until he’s finally able to maneuver it enough to free himself. He flops onto the mat unceremoniously and grabs at the tortured limb, coddling it as though he feared he’d never see it again. Alex interrupts the happy reunion, taking a handful of the Titan’s hair and using it to pull him out to ringside, Vlad dropping onto the black padding with a heavy thud. As Strife rolls onto his back, a boot slams down across his face, blurring the world about him. Mr. COA climbs up the nearby steel steps and onto the ring’s edge, careful not to catch him upon the barbed wire. With his back to the Czar of Scars, the Highlight looks back over his shoulder before opting to create a highlight of his own. He bounds off of the apron, arching his back into a crescent and flipping over as he descends, crossing torsos with the downed champion as he slams down upon him. Alex covers him, calling for Ryu to step in and declare him victorious.

TC: Incredible! That was just a textbook definition of a moonsault!



The official’s count cuts off before the three once more, but no foul play is involved. The Behemoth’s arm is raised into the air, his shoulder off the ground. Some boos can be heard around the stadium in reaction to the kickout, but they are scattered, many fans more than happy to see this contest continue.

JM: YES! He lives!

TC: But for how much longer? Vlad has gotten in the odd damage here and there, but so far, Alex has really dominated this contest. I’m starting to wonder if Strife can come back or if facing a nearly completely fresh Hitman following such a brutal match against Mark Storey last week is just too much to overcome.

JM: Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. The only thing that’s for certain is that the match is continuing and it’s going to be insane. Frankly, that’s all I give a shit about anyhow.

Alex shakes his head in disbelief at the GodKing’s continued persistence in spite of his clear dominance. He begins to rise back to his feet, but his wrist is suddenly pulled out from beneath him and lifted into the air as Vlad shifts over and slams the pit of his arm down onto the Highlight’s shoulder, pressing it to the padding to create a fulcrum to torque the arm against. The Hitman comes alive the renewal of his arm’s misery, wildly trying to grab at a nearby barbed wire bat. The weapon is too far out of reach for the Highlight, whose face is becoming indistinguishable under the grimace he sports. Destiny is perhaps in his corner tonight, however, as the Czar of Scars’ blood covered hand slips off of Alex’s wrist due to the slick crimson. The men scramble to their feet, the former World Champion taking up the barbed wire bat as they do. He swings down at Behemoth, but catches the announce table as he dodges. The Barbarian Lord takes his opponent by the back of the head and swings him around in a semicircle, guiding him into a steel turnpost. The combatants take a moment to rest, Hitman limp against the post with the bat at his feet and Vlad finally getting an opportunity to catch his breath as he leans against the announce table.

TC: They’re recuperating a little and I can’t say I blame them. I feel exhausted just watching this one!

JM: Aw, come on, you pansy! You haven’t even tried the barbed wire yet! Just go give it a hug, Theodore. Then you’ll be able to tell everyone at home what it’s like! Do it!

TC: I think I’ll pass on that offer. I want no part of that stuff.

The men begin to stir after a few moments they desperately needed to go on, Alex bringing the bat in tow once more as he looks toward the defenseless Behemoth. He swings for the fences while the opportunity is right, but Vlad quickly raises a forearm, catching him at the wrist and mitigating the blow. He raises his other arm up before sharply bringing it down, jabbing his elbow into the inner arm and reigniting the storm of nerve cells crying out to the Hitman’s brain for mercy. The weapon drops to the padding as he grabs at his tender arm, but he quickly throws a punch for the Titan’s nose, direly hoping to keep the upper hand. The GodKing ducks under the half-hearted swing of the throbbing limb and moves in behind the Highlight, reaching over his shoulder and grabbing onto his forehead. He drops down to his knees, bringing the New Yorker’s cranium with him and slamming the base of it into his shoulder. Mr. COA’s head swings back forward harshly in whiplash before he drops down onto his frontside, but the Czar of Scars is in no position to capitalize, resting on all fours as the blood continues to drip from his face courtesy of the hell he’s endured so far tonight.

TC: SINNERPLEX! That move could really turn the tide here in the match up and Vlad needs it to badly. He’s finally starting to build a little momentum, but this may be too little, too late. He has lost a lot of blood.

JM: Oh, come on. I’ve seen this man’s matched before, Theodore. I’m thoroughly convinced that Vlad has some sort of shitty superpower where he has an endless supply of blood. This man can look like he just walked off of the set of a SAW movie and still beat the shit out of half of the lockerroom.

TC: Even the most legendary of stars are still just men, Joey. Vlad may seem impervious at times, but no one is immune to reality. And we’re seeing that right here as Alex stands back up, while Vlad has yet to do so and that does not bode well for the Lionheart Champion.

Things look even more hopeless for the Barbarian Lord as Alex raises the barbed wire wrapped bat up before him once more, looking it over before turning toward his opponent. Vladimir is almost back to his feet when the bite of steel is felt between his shoulder blades, a massive force behind it. He arches his back as the crowd starts cheering on his attacker, who relents the savage device only for it to remain in place, clinging onto the Hardcore King’s flesh. The Czar of Scars is helpless to defend himself as the Highlight takes him by the arm and raises it, poking his head in beneath before hoisting him up into the air. They turn and careen into the announce table as they drop back, the structure buckling under their weight as they crash, the spikes burying deeper in the Titan’s back. The Hitman quickly goes for the cover, the referee positioning himself to get a clear view of them through the wreckage.




Even Ryu’s screams are muffled under the roaring crowd.



The Romanian finally wraps his fingers around the side of a small monitor that was just moments ago resting upon the desk and slams it across the side of Alex’s head, breaking the count in style.

TC: NO! Vlad’s still in this! He’s not done yet! How the hell is he still moving!?

Alex staggers over to the side of the ring, using it for support as he pulls himself up. He looks back over toward the Behemoth, who is somehow getting up to all fours. As Vlad crawls out from the debris slowly, the Hitman walks over to it and again arm himself with the slugger that has come loose in the chaos. He stalks the Barbarian Lord, waiting and allowing him to get his mangled leg back under him before slamming the bat across the back of it and sending him back to his knees. The Romanian claws at it, screaming out at the pain.

JM: Holy fuck, Alex just Tonya Harding’ed him!

The Man Who Steals the Show walks around the downed GodKing, raising the bat once more as he lines it up with champion’s skull. Before he can bring it down, Vlad tilts his head back and spits at him, spraying a mist of his own blood that has collected in and around his mouth from the wound over his brow. Alex steps back and wipes the biohazard from his eyes, more shaken by the action than harmed. When he clears his vision, he spots the Titan stumbling away and gives chase, ready to put him away with the deadly weapon in his hands. Strife suddenly flings himself out of the way, slipping a foot in front of the Highlight’s ankle before slapping the other across his calf and tripping him. The former World Champion falls face forward, the barbed wire implement providing the last substitute for a pillow he could want as he lands. The protruding metal claws at his countenance, the Man Who Steals the Show at last getting a taste of what he’s been dealing to the Czar of Scars.


JM: There goes his photo sales for the night!

Vlad, knowing he can’t afford to let this opening pass him by, tries to rush to his feet, but his damaged leg forces him to take it nice and easy, threatening to give way under every step. He hobbles over to Mr. Reasonable doubt and bends down over him, grabbing him by the head before yanking it side to side, rubbing his face into the barbed wire as he tries to even the odds. The fans don’t approve of this, however, and aren’t shy in voicing it, jeering the champion as he continues to rake Alex’s forehead across the spikes. The GodKing abandons his project abruptly, the stinging sensation of his own blood in his eyes getting to him. He grabs a cloth out of the hands of a teenage boy in the front row and unfurls it, looking over the image of his opponent and shaking his head disapprovingly before using it to wipe the blood from his face. He bunches the now bloodied shirt back up before tossing it at the fan, who seems none too happy about the impromptu use of his $20 piece of XWA gear.

The GodKing can now see clearly again and what his vision beholds is the glorious sight of his opponent rising up to his knees, the blood now running down his face in a series of streams that seem to come together and separate without rhyme or reason. He throws a hard right into the bloodied visage, muddling the rivulets and rocking the Hitman back. He bends in toward him, applying a front chancery before bringing Alex’s arm up across his shoulders. He takes him by the waist of his tights and pulls him up to his feet before raising him up off of the ground completely. The former World Champion doesn’t go far, however, hooking his foot across the back of Vlad’s calf to ensure this. The Behemoth grunts with frustration at the block, but let’s the Man Who Steals the Show back down, not expecting what comes next as Alex drops to the floor and pulls him down as well, rolling him over onto his shoulder in an attempt to steal the match.



The battle-hardened veteran bursts out of the roll-up like it were a wet paper bag, driving an elbow down into the jaw of Mr. Reasonable Doubt as punishment for trying to take the win in such a sneaky manner. The GodKing pulls Alex back up to his feet by his weakened arm, then pulls him forward twice, slamming their shoulders together the first time and then whipping him hard toward the barricade. The second half of this plan goes awry, however, the Highlight proving he still has more fight in him as he clings to Vlad’s wrist and uses the momentum of the whip to reverse it, flinging the Behemoth into the guardrail with a loud thud that sends cheers through the crowd like a shockwave.

With Vlad down for a moment, the Man Who Steals the Show checks under the apron, finding a small, white hand towel among the items stashed away. He wipes away the gore from his face, nearly turning the entire piece of terry red in the process, before tossing it aside and going back to work. Strife is hunched over next to the barricade and he bends over, taking a handful of hair to leverage him by. A nearby table set up, the middle of it wrapped in the match’s namesake, catches his attention and this momentarily lapse in focus is all that it takes for his opponent to make him suffer. Barbed wire slashes at his scalp again, a hard mortar slab behind it knocking him off of his feet. Alex falls onto his hands and knees, struggling to see straight as he begins to claw for ground to put distance between himself and the brick-wielding Barbarian Lord. To his surprise, the brick drops onto the padding beside him. Before he can question the whereabouts of what was previously spooled about it, the unfurled length of wire slaps across his bare back, barbs from the makeshift whip burying themselves to his chagrin. As quickly as it catches him, however, the wire is ripped free, tearing the wounds further. Vladimir steps over Mr. COA and bends down, slipping the length of barbed wire over his head and across his throat. The Hitman quickly grabs at it, his livelihood on the line in a game of tug and war as the Czar of Scars begins to strangle him with it.

TC: DEAR GOD! Somebody stop this! This is enough! He’s going to kill him!!

JM: Hey, if he does, I bet he’ll have no problem getting his opponent to quit at the pay per view! That, of course, bein-

TC: This isn’t a damn joke!! He could slice his damn jugular or his windpipe! This is dangerous, damn it!

When Alex begins to go limp, Vlad finally lets him take in a breath of fresh air. His motives prove to be less than altruistic, however, as he pulls the Highlight over to the barricade and sets his back against it, propping him up. He takes several large steps away, his body hunching toward the right with every use of his injured leg and turns back toward his target. With no regard for the hurt limb, Strife rushes in toward him, leaping and slapping his boots onto the Hitman’s pectorals and holding onto the top of the rail. He pushes off, bringing his knees up as high as he can before dropping back down, planting them into the ground as the New Yorker rushes out of the way. The Titan quickly grabs his patella, screaming in pain. Mr. COA gets up to a kneel beside him, grabbing the Romanian by the skull and whipping it forward into the barricade to a round of applause. It takes him a moment to rise back to his full standing, but once he does, the former World Champion is given a hero’s welcome, the fans calling out his name in support.

TC: Alex just narrowly avoided a Heart Starter there and as broken and worn down as these men are, I think that would have been the end of this match if Vlad had hit it.

JM: No doubt. Alex would have been utterly fucked if he took that on top of everything.

The Anti-Hero waits patiently, massaging the muscles of his tender arm as Vlad gathers himself and tries to get his sore leg under him, it wobbling like the legs of a newborn fawn. When the Czar of Scars at last turns around, Alex turns in toward him, reaching back over his shoulder with both hands for the Barbarian Lord’s head. The GodKing has done his homework, though, and already has a gameplan for the HKO. He quickly enacts it, grabbing the New Yorker by the wrist to keep him from reaching his skull. Strife raises his free arm, slamming his bicep into the Highlight’s elbow, undoing any recuperation Alex was able to gain by the sluggish pace. As it torques, Mr. COA turns back toward the Behemoth, who swiftly wraps an arm around his neck and swings him up into the air and falls back. The former World Champion’s lumbar slams down across the top of the barricade, nearly folding him in half as he lands on his shoulders. When his lower body nearly crumples down on top of him, the Hitman finds it held there, Vlad reaching over and hooking an arm over the back of a knee. The referee gets into place and begins to count, but takes his time in doing so, not forgetting or forgiving the poke to the eye he suffered earlier.




Alex, afforded some extra time by the elongated count, powers out of the predicament. Vlad, unhappy with this, shoots a single finger toward Ryu and expresses to him where he can put it.

JM: Aw, such bullshit! What kind of a count was that!?

TC: I’m not condoning it, but it serves Vlad right for attacking Ryu Sanu before!

JM: What? He didn’t attack him! Ryu had something in his eye. Vlad was just trying to help him out.

TC: Oh, I’m so sure..

Determined to bring an end to this once and for all, Vlad gets back to his feet, pulling the Hitman with him. He turns the New Yorker away from him and wraps his arms around his waist, pulling him back toward the table wrapped in barbed wire, looking to give him a taste of what he missed out on last week. Summoning his strength, the GodKing hunkers down before shooting back, flinging Alex overhead. The wily Highlight uses the momentum and his athleticism to tuck his legs up and go into a full flip. He lands on the other side of the table, soles planted to the padding, unharmed by the macabre twist to an already brutal implement. Strife pulls himself up, initially confused that the table is not broken. When he looks across, the confusion turns to shock at the sight of the unharmed Hitman. Mr. COA suddenly leaps toward him, turning himself over with his back to the table as he reaches over his shoulder and grabs onto the head of the Titan. The pair crash down through the barbed wire table as the fans leap out of their seats, screaming their approval.


JM: Holy fucking shit… I think you’re right..

The overwhelming chants of “HOLY SHIT!” ring through the ears of the Hitman as he lay in the wreckage. Spikes seem to stab into his body from all directions and the tedious process of pulling himself off of them only brings more agony. He finally frees himself after a minute, blood running down his back as he reaches over the Barbarian Lord and rolls him over onto his back to bring this nightmare to an end and himself one step closer to his destiny of a World Championship shot at Xtrememania. He covers the blood-drenched GodKing and Ryu makes the count, ready himself to see the carnage and slaughter over with for the evening.





JM: There’s absolutely no way ANY man could, Theodore.. Only a GodKing..

TC: I don’t give a damn what he calls himself, there is no godly way anyone could survive that!

The Barbarian Lord somehow rolls in toward his opponent, lifting his shoulder to spare himself at the last possible moment. The opinion of the crowd quickly sours, jeers and boos filling the stadium in response to their dashed hopes. Alex is not so quick to be disheartened, however, going right back to work to keep the momentum in his favor. He pulls Vladimir up, this proving to be no easy task as the Behemoth is practically dead weight, and rolls him back into the ring, following him inside. When he rolls him over to look over his work, a red impression of the Czar of Scars remains behind, fresh gore from the his most recent run-in with the barbed wire staining the fabric. The Man Who Steals the Show stands tall in the center of the ring over the motionless Titan, grabbing him by the wrist and towing him up. Once this is achieved, he ducks down and raises his shoulders into Vlad’s torso, lifting him into the air as he takes hold of his thigh with one hand and the back of his head with the other.

TC: Alex is going for the Spotlight! This is going to be the end of the road right here, folks!

JM: Fuck yes, it is. Alex just debuted this move a few weeks back in his return against Dante Cross and what a move it is.

While the Highlight is ready to give the fans another taste of his newest finisher, the GodKing soon realizes the situation he's in and begins to struggle. Alex tries to maintain his hold on the champion, but Vlad manages to slip out of his grasp, landing back down on his feet and falling back into the barbed wire replacing the ropes. The Man Who Steals the Show, furious at yet another protest from the champion, take a few steps back before bursting into a sprint. He hunkers down, bringing it to line with the Behemoth's gut, looking to drive him even harder into the wire at his rear. Before the spear can connect, the Romanian drops to the mat, collapsing onto his front without warning. The Hitman is unable to put on the brakes, slamming into the crosses wires and bowing them out as they slip in different directions around him. He comes to a halt, caught by the net, chest resting upon a length of wire. Another runs up the front of his shoulder and behind his ear, lodged in the crevace. The most painful of the strands for Mr. Reasonable Doubt, however, is one that crosses the length of his face, one of it's spikes visibly stuck into his skin below the apex of his hairline.
He tries to pull back away from the agony, but finds himself unable to, his pain worsening as barbs on the strand behind his ear begin to sink in. Fans begins to try to rally him back into the fray, screaming "HITMAN! HITMAN! HITMAN!" at the top of their lungs.

TC: Oh my god! Spear into those barbed wire ropes and I'm not sure if Vlad meant to get out of the way there or if it was the product of the toll this match has taken on him.

JM: Fuck me, can they count these guys out or something? I don't think either of them have anything left at this point. Wait... holy shit, I think Alex is stuck in the barbed wire!

Ryu Sanu makes his way to the bellkeeper's station, retrieving a pair of wire cutters and confirming Joey's suspicion. He begins to clip at the steel strands, freeing the Man Who Steals the Show so that the contest may continue. As he works at this, the Barbarian Lord slowly gets himself up to his hands and knees, at last showing signs of life. He gets a leg under him, the worse for wear of the pair, but it buckles and his knee comes back down to the mat. He crawls for a moment, gathering himself before he tries again, this time leading with his good leg and managing to rise up fully. Jeers pour out from all around at the sight of him towering over the trapped Hitman, bringing a weak smile to Vlad's face. He holds up his middle finger, expressing to all of them how greatly he values their opinion, then reaches out and takes a clipped length of barbed wire attached to his opponent at the shoulder. The GodKing rips it away, Alex wincing as he does, and begins wrapping the vicious substitute for the ropes around his right hand. He clenches it tightly, grunting in pain as he does so and stumbles back a step. Mr. COA, finally free of his confines, pulls himself back up to his feet. As he turns to face the Czar of Scars, his eyes go wide in shock as his brain processes what's happening before his body can react. His poor leg planted firmly behind him, the Titan twists forward, directing the energy up through his legs and torso toward his right arm, which snaps out like a whip toward the Highlight. Knuckles clad in barbed wire plow into the cheek of the former World Champion and all semblance of consciousness leaves him. He crashes to the canvas with a hard thud, but the Romanian isn't far behind, collapsing beside him from his exhaustion and bloodloss.


TC: That was a devastating shot, Joey, but it didn't look to me like Vlad really got all of that. That said, I suspect that even a half-hearted one of those debilitating punches is more than enough to put most men away.

The Barbarian Lord is in prime position to punch his ticket to the KoX finals, but doesn't follow through, seemingly unable to register the moment. He lays there in the middle of the ring, inches away from Alex, only the occasionally flicker of an eyelid under his mask of gore hinting at cognizance. Nearly a full minute passes before either man stirs, the Czar of Scars finally raising his arm and dropping it across the Hitman's chest before going still again. Ryu slips into place beside them, dropping his previous grudge for the Behemoth and giving an unbiased count, hoping to wrap the contest up so they can receive the medical attention they desperately need.





TC: KICKOUT!! The Hitman still has some fight in him and, by god, he's not quitting as long as he does!

JM: Vlad would have easily had this won if he just would have covered him instead of taking a goddamn nap first.

The Lionheart Champion wastes no time lamenting the pinfall that escaped him, rolling to the outside of ring closest to the entrance ramp. He crouches down beside it, pulling the apron up enough he can access the items underneath. He's quick to find exactly what he was looking for, revealing his brutal cudgel, it's thickest part wrapped tightly with barbed wire in the spirit of the contest. Vlad slips back into the ring as Alex gets up to one knee and pulls at the barbed wire from the Lights Out that is now stuck into his cheek. The flesh stretches, clinging to the spikes that skewer it and a grimace takes over the Highlight's features. He wiggles it and it at last pulls free, but he is oblivious to the greater threat at hand as the Barbarian Lord rises up behind him, a white knuckle tight grip upon the club. .

TC: Oh god, not this! Vlad's got that heinous club he used to take out Maddox Paine at ENDURE and it's even wrapped in barbed wire!

JM: And just when I thought it couldn't get any better..

The GodKing stomps his heel, getting the attention of the Man Who Steals the Show. Alex's head whips over toward the sound, preparing to defend himself, but entirely unable to do so as the now spike riddled club slams into the side of his skull, slapping him down to the canvas in one quick motion. Vladimir goes down to a knee as his leg buckles with the swing. He throws his weapon aside, it's purpose served for now. The Barbarian Lord rolls the fallen Hitman over onto his back and collapses onto him again, his victory assured. Throughout the arena, fans begin to voice their displeasure once more, furious that the Czar of Scars has not been routed by the Anti-Hero.




The bell rings out as the madness is finally over. As the GodKing's music begins to play, alternating chants of "THAT WAS AWESOME!" and "SCREW YOU VLAD!" rise above its volume.

TC: And that's it, folks. Hitman Alex put on a hell of a performance tonight. He wrestled with all of his heart, but in the end, the brutality of Vladimir Strife was just too much.

JM: Dat brutality though, Teddy... Oh, my god. I'm not even sure if the finals will be able to compare to that..

TC: Well, I'm certain they'll try. It's going to be a blockbuster match this Sunday, folks don't miss it as we find out who will go to Xtrememania to fight for the Heavyweight Title when 'The GodKing' Vladimir Strife takes on-

A commercial cuts in a few seconds sooner than expected, cutting off Ted Cedar midsentence.
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M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship Empty
PostSubject: Re: M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship   M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship EmptySun Oct 19, 2014 5:51 pm


Both men start off the match by stepping closer to one another as the referee backs up and gives both competitors space. This match is not only to move closer into the finals of the King of Xtreme tournament, but it's also for the XWA Lionheart Championship belt. The fans evenly split against both men, as half are cheering for the current Lionheart champion, and the other half cheering for the former World Heavyweight Champion. Alex swings with a strike, connecting across Vladimir's face, as Vlad returns with a strike of his own. Both men are starting out this match with strikes, as they're trying to see who gets the advantage thus far. Alex swings, Vlad swings, but this time Alex counters with his left arm as he swings with his right one again. Vlad swings back with a Clothesline, knocking Alex down to the mat, but he rolls back up. Vlad going for another clothesline, but this time Alex ducks and gets behind him. Alex connects with an Uppercut that sends Vlad onto one knee, but he gets back up. Alex trying to Irish Whip Vladimir towards the barbedwired ropes, but Vlad is standing strong and tall, not allowing Alex to connect with the irish whip. Alex gets tired, as he quickly goes for a backup move, a headlock. Alex has a headlock on Vlad, as Vladimir raises both of his arms up letting the referee know he's not tapping out. Vladimir with not a lot of room to go, he wraps his arms around Alex's waist and quickly runs towards the barbed wired ropes right behind Alex, Alex doesn't see it coming as his back connects with the barbed wire, as Vlad steps away and Alex's face can tell you the whole entire feeling of being thrown against barbed-wired. The crowd goes crazy as Alex has his eyes closed and his mouth open as his back feels the pain in that one. Vlad pulls Alex right off as he brings him to the center of the ring, as he sets up and connects with a Snap Suplex. Alex's back arches a little bit after connecting with the mat, as Vlad quickly covers Alex. The referee slides next to the cover and begins to count. "One"......"Two"....but Alex raises his arm up, allowing the cover to be broken.

Ted Cedar: These men not wasting no time to hurt one another

Joey Miles: This isn't fair. Some of the greatest wrestlers didn't have to go through some bullshit match like this. What kind of match is this shit? This is garbage

Vlad quickly picking Alex back up, slaps him across the face, to continue to wear him down. Vlad tries to throw Alex towards one of the sides of the ropes, but as Alex is running towards them, he quickly stops himself as he realizes what he's about to run to, and quickly turns around, but Vlad is already a step ahead as he stands right behind Alex to jump in the air and extend his feet to connect with a Dropkick, that sends Alex back against the barbed-wired ropes. Alex's back takes the fall again as Alex is screaming in pain, but this time he can come off of it. Alex quickly drops to his knees, before dropping onto his side and rolling under the bottom barbed wire rope to get outside the ring near the entrance ramp. Alex is now outside, still laying down, as Vlad is trying to go outside, but the referee tries to tell him not to. The referee tries to prevent Vlad from going outside and to let him do his job to get Alex back in the ring. Vlad is getting distracted, meanwhile Alex is pulling something out from under the ring, but the cameras are not showing what it is. Alex takes the thing from under the ring, as he stands back up, and Vlad sees him. Vlad quickly runs towards Alex as he jumps over the top rope and onto Alex, but Alex quickly pulls up the weapon he brought out, which was a Bardbed Wire board, and he places it right in front of him as Vlad jumps and lands right onto the Barbed-wired board on the outside. The fans stand up to see it as they begin to chant "HO-LY SHIT" multiple times as Alex feels relieved on the outside. The referee can't believe it either as a highlight replay is showing. Vladimir is jumping over the top rope, but when he thinks he's going to land on Alex, Alex pulls up the board and Vlad lands right on it. Vladimir was going for what it seemed like a Over-The-Top-Rope Body Drop, but landed right on the board. The referee rolls from under the ring to check on Vladimir as the cameras begin to show Alex's back, and they are showing the entire crowd that Alex is bleeding from his back.

Ted Cedar: What a surprise from the former World Champ, Hitman Alex

Joey Miles: There's a reason why he was a former 3 time World Champion. Call him whatever you want, but this man right here is one of the smartest in the locker room.

Ted Cedar: Let's not forget last week, Alex landed on his back in the big pile of thumbtacks, now his back is being punished with barbed wire.

Alex is on his knees as he's getting back up, as Vlad is still down laying on that barbed wire board that Alex brought out from under the ring. Mr. COA is standing back up as he walks over to Vlad and the referee, and Alex tells the referee to let him handle it from here. The referee backs away as Alex bends down to grab Vladimir by his head. Alex is pulling Vladimir off the board as he manages to do so, as the fans are amazed by all of this. Alex sets up Vlad in a suplex position, and when he lifts him up, instead of sending him over his own shoulders, Alex drops him back down forward onto the top of the barbed wire ropes. Alex connecting with a Front Suplex, sending Vladimir onto the bardbed wired ropes as he's hanging from the ropes. The referee runs inside the ring and begins helping Vlad by pulling him off the barbed wired ropes and back to inside. Alex drops down to one knee as he begins to look for another weapon under the ring. Meanwhile back inside the ring, Vladimir is not hanging from the top rope, he is laying down on the canvas as the camera gets a good shot of him and they show that he has blood across his chest and near his stomach. Alex pulls out a barbed wired baseball bat, one of his favorite weapons, as he throws it right under the bottom ropes, and inside the ring. Alex turns around and picks up the same barbed wire board that he took out earlier and he sends it inside the ring. Alex enters the ring through under the bottom ropes, and he crawls towards Vladimir to at least cover him. The referee slides next to the cover and counts. "One"....."Two"....but Vladimir kicks out. Alex gets mad as he picks himself up, as well as Vladimir up by his head, as he yells in his face and says "Let's see what you got Ironman", as Alex sets Vladimir in a suplex position, he lifts him up in the air, and sets his feet hanging from the top ropes. Alex then quickly turns and drop Vladimir on his head as he connects with a Rope Hung Whiplash.

Ted Cedar: Holy Shit, Joey. Alex has just connected with his own version of Vladimir's old move that he used to do, he called it overkill.

Joey Miles: Alex just did it ten times better than Vladimir has ever done it.

Alex goes for a cover, as the fans are cheering. The referee slides next to the cover and begins to count. "One"......"Two"......but Vladimir kicks out once again. Alex gets frustrated as he rolls away from Vladimir and looks towards the Barbed wired board, and he picks it up from the floor and sets it at one of the corners inside the ring. Alex then turns around to pick Vladimir back up as he leaves him standing. Alex quickly turns around for one second to bend down and grab that Barbed Wired Baseball Bat. Alex turns around and he swings it towards Vladimir's way, but Vlad ducks down and quickly goes behind Alex, wraps both of his arms around his waist, and he lifts him up connecting with a German Suplex. Alex was holding onto the weapon, and it looked like he accidentally connect with the weapon face-first. That wasn't supposed to happen but the barbed wired baseball bat connected against Alex's face. Alex turns onto his stomach as the referee begins to check on him. Vladimir is also down, but he's trying to use all of his energy to roll from under the bottom ropes to get to the outside. Vladimir makes it to the outside while Alex is being checked on. Vladimir pulls out a chain whip. The camera gets closer to the weapon, and is not his usual chain whip that he likes to use, the chain whip is actually wrapped in barbed wire as well. Vladimir is coming back inside with a Barbed Wire Chain Whip. The fans are going nuts as Vladimir is standing back inside the ring with this weapon. Alex remains flat on his stomach laying down, but Vladimir gets closer and he doesn't wait to use it. Vladimir swings and strikes Alex's back with the barbed wire chain whip. Alex feels both the barbed wire and the chain against his back so that makes him lift himself up on his knees as he begins to walk away, using his knees, from Vladimir, but Vlad follows him. Vlad swings that barbed wire chain again against Alex's back, and the former World Champion releases a yell so loud that you can kinda hear it over the crowd's cheers. The camera gets a close up of Alex's forehead, as it's busted wide open because of the barbed wire baseball bat. Vladimir swings the barbed wire chain whip again towards Alex's back as the third time, Alex jumps up on his feet and tries to run away, but he gets reminded that he's surrounded by barbed wire ropes. Vlad drops the weapon as Alex turns his way, and Vlad kicks him in the mid-section, before setting him up in a suplex position, lifting him up and over to connect with what he calls "SinnerPlex", or also known as an Inverted Stunner. Alex is laying down flat on his back with both of his arms spread apart. The Hardcore King is sitting up as he's also trying to recover and heal up before continuing.

Ted Cedar: What a Sinnerplex from Vlad. This could be it, but Vladimir isn't covering Alex. He's just sitting there.

The Godking begins to crawl backwards towards The Highlight's body, as he is getting closer and closer. After all the crawling, Vlad reaches Alex's body and he grabs his left foot, and makes sure his shoulder is down, as the referee slides next to the cover, and begins to cover. "One"...."Two"...."Th-" but Alex somehow someway found a way to kick out. Vlad can't believe it as he turns onto his knees and begins to get back up by himself. Vladimir is trying to finalize his next move, as he bends down to grab Alex by his head to pick him up. Alex has Spaghetti legs as he's being picked up, as Vlad decides to run with him and throw him against the barbed-wired ropes, as Alex's stomach gets the best of it. Alex yells a little bit, as Vlad helps him get out of the barb-wired, as he runs with him to the opposite direction and throw him against the opposite side of those ropes, against the barb-wired ropes once again, this time Alex's back taking the fall. Alex screaming in pain as the crowd is loving Vlad throwing Alex around at every side of the barb-wired ropes. Vlad gets Alex out from the ropes as he turns into a 90 degrees angle to throw him towards the other pair of barbed-wire ropes, as Alex's side gets the best of him. Vlad helps him off of it and sends Alex towards the last set of ropes, right across where they're at, as Vlad throws Alex, Alex's back takes the fall and Alex is officially bleeding from his forehead, forearm, middle & lower back, and above the stomach area. Alex comes back to Vlad as he drops to his knees, but Vlad picks him back up one more time. Vladimir sees the Barbed-Wire Board that Alex set up, and wants to throw Alex into that, as some sort of revenge. Vlad picks Alex up and as he runs to throw Alex towards there, Alex counters it and sends Vlad instead. Vlad's front area gets stuck again, but the referee helps him out of it once again. Vladimir happens to be bleeding on his stomach, above his stomach, in the chest area, and his palms. As the referee helps Vlad come off the Barbed-Wire board, Alex walks over to Vlad, turns him around and Alex quickly lifts Vladimir's right arm up as he grabs across Vladimir's chest to go go & connect with the Snake Bite (Rock Bottom) Finisher. The crowd is shocked as Alex connects with the finisher, and he quickly covers him. The referee slides next to the cover as Alex is covering the Lionheart Champion."One"......"Two"....."Thre-" but at the last second Vladimir raises his arm up to not only break the cover, but to get the crowd fired up.

Ted Cedar: Vladimir showing that he still has fighting left in him.

Joey Miles: How can this be? This is impossible.

Alex is getting mad as he looks up towards the referee, while being on his knees, he begins to question the referee. The referee is telling him that Vladimir kicked out and that it was a two, but Alex is trying to double check, and to make sure. Alex believes that it was a three, but the referee is trying to explain to him that it was otherwise. Alex is slamming the canvas with his arms as he is angry for not winning right there and there. Alex gets back up as he is walking around the ring angry as Vladimir is on his stomach, laying down without any intentions of getting back up. Alex walks over to the Barbed-Wired Baseball Bat as he begins lifting it up and slamming the canvas with it over and over, because he's angry that Vladimir kicked out. Alex lets go of the weapon as he turns around towards Vladimir, as he fast-walks towards him to bend down to pick him up by his head. Alex is having trouble picking Vladimir up, but he manages to succeed at it as Vlad is now standing up, but for how long. Alex lets go of Vlad, as he is standing, but looks like he might fall back down to the mat, as Alex spreads his arms apart right in front of Vlad before turning and trying to go for his finisher, the HKO (RKO). Vlad playing possum or reaction quickly, quickly pushes Alex off of him towards the Barbed-Wire Ropes, but before reaching the ropes, Alex realizes that he can't touch them unless he wants to bleed, so he stops himself and turns around. When he turns around, he runs towards Vladimir trying to get revenge because Vlad reversed it, but Vladimir's rear foot drives backwards into the ground as he twists and swings connecting with his finisher "Lights Out" ( Full force, closed fist punch to the face). Vlad's fist connects against Alex's face, that as soon as it connects Alex's eyes get big, his jaw drop, and he quickly falls back against his back with his arms spread apart and his eyes closed. Meanwhile Vlad, still trying to recover from the Barbed-Wire Board and finisher from Alex, falls onto his knees before falling onto his stomach to rest. The crowd are cheering for that last-second move by Vlad, fully connecting against his opponent.

Ted Cedar: That was Lights out!! Barely anybody gets away from this one. Vladimir connected with this move out of nowhere, and he knocked the former World Champion down.

Joey Miles: As long as the bell hasn't ringed and there is no winner being announced, the match is still going on, Ted. Alex still has a chance. How many times have we seen where Hitman Alex looked like he was going to lose, but came back? Always. He's that damn good.

Vladimir trying to wake himself up and trying to use all of his energy to manage to at least cover Alex for the win. The fans begin to cheer "Let's Go Strife", while half of the other fans are chanting "Let's go Alex" as they continue to go back and forth, trying to not have the match be dull and quiet. The referee looking at both men and he sees Hitman Alex flat out and down, as Vladimir raises his head up and trying to remember where he's at. Vlad turns his head to his right to see Alex's body there as he realizes where he's at and what he has to do again. Vladimir using all of his energy, all of his strength, all of his momentum to crawl as fast as he can towards Alex's body. Vlad has probably moved about a foot closer, as he continues to crawl. The fans cheering back and forth, louder and louder. trying to get Vlad some support, and the former World Champ some support too. Vladimir crawling and crawling as he gets closer and closer towards Alex, as he finally reaches his feet. Vladimir continues to crawl as he gets above Alex's knee level, and finally reaches toward Alex's stomach area as Vlad extends his arm across Alex's chest. The referee quickly slides next to the cover as the fans stand on their feet to see if Vlad has it won right here or not. "One"..........."TWO".........."Thre-----" but Alex somehow someway kicks out of the Lights Out by Vlad. Vlad can't believe it as he turns around on his back, right before lifting his upper body up, sitting on the canvas. Vlad is shocked as he sits next to Alex, who is still trying to recover from that punch straight to the face. Vlad begins rolling away from Alex, towards the outside from under the bottom of the barbed-wire ropes. Vlad lifts the apron covers and begins to look for a weapon and he pulls out a table out from under the ring. The fans go crazy.

Ted Cedar: What is Vladimir thinking here?

Joey Miles: Well let's see here; he's getting a table, he's most likely bringing it inside the ring, I guess that means he plans to use it, you stupid fuck.

Vlad fixes the apron cover before picking up the table and setting it on top of the apron. Vlad slides the table inside the ring as he slides back inside as well. Vladimir lifts himself back up and sees the Barbed-Wire Board right behind him, as he grabs it and sets it right in the middle of the ring. Vladimir turns his attention towards the table he brought inside and picks it up and opens up the legs to set up the table right above the Barbed-Wire board, as the fans get excited. Vlad has the table set up right above the barbed-wire board as he smiles looking at his little creation. Vlad turns his attention towards Alex, who remains down, as he walks over to the World Champion and bends down to pick him back up. Vlad drags Alex by his head towards the table, making him walk around the table, on the other side. Vlad drags Alex to bend down and put his head right in-between his legs. Vlad is grabbing both of his arms as it looks like Vlad is setting up Skesis Driver, The Sit-out Tiger Driver, but Alex quickly gets his arms released by wiggling his arms out of Vlad, as Alex grabs onto Vladimir's legs and lifts up to counter the move and send Vlad flying over Alex's shoulders. Alex drops on his knees as Vlad goes over Alex's shoulders and goes through the table he set up and lands right on the Barbed-Wire board once again, but this time his back takes the fall.

Ted Cedar: Vladimir goes through the table he set up!

Joey Miles: This is why he's the former World Champion!

Vladimir has his eyes closed super tight as he is yelling in pain, as Alex tries to crawl towards the ropes right in front of him. Alex using the ropes, begins to lift himself back up. Alex turns around and is now on his feet, as he moves the broken table pieces away from the center of the ring, as he bends down to pick Vladimir back up. Alex has Vladimir standing back up on his feet as Alex looks around the arena and sees that fans are standing up from their seats. Alex drags and throws Vladimir towards the Barbed-Wire Ropes, making sure he connects face-first against the ropes. Vlad's side of his face takes the fall and gets stuck between the Barbed-Wire ropes. Vladimir is bleeding from different parts of his face, like his ear, cheek, lip, and forehead. Alex lets Vladimir be stuck for a few moments before helping him get away from the ropes, and Alex lifts Vlad up on his shoulders, in a fireman carry position. Alex walks over towards the Barbed-Wire Board while carrying Vlad, as he throws him over. While throwing him over (in an Attitude Adjustment form), Alex grabs onto Vladimir's head as he connects with his finisher he calls "The Spotlight", or also known as Roode Bomb. Both men land on the Barbed-Wire board, but Vlad lands on it more, as both men yell out in pain. Vladimir doesn't yell this time as he remains silent with his eyes closed, looks like Vladimir might be out of it, might of lost too much blood. Alex tries to get away from the Barbed-wire board as his upper back break his fall. Alex manages to get out of it as the fans are cheering. Alex sets his arm over and cross Vladimir's chest for the cover. This is to advance to the finals and for the Lionheart championship. The referee slides next to the cover, and he begins to count. "ONE".............The crowd begins to count along with the referee....."TWO................"THREE!!!"......as the referee signals the timekeeper to ring the bell and end the match.


Ring Announcer: Here's your winner!!...And your NEW LIONHEART CHAMPION!!!!.....And Advancing in the Finals of the King of Xtreme Pay-Per-View.............HITMANNNNNNNNNNNNN ALEXXXXX!!

Joey Miles: I told you!! He did it!!

Ted Cedar: What a brutal match from both men. Whether you like both men or not, or only one, you gotta admit they both put their body through hell tonight. They both risked everything to put a hell of a match.

(This match didn't go as planned. It actually might be sloppy, but the main point of this idea was to make sure both men look strong kicking out of each other's trademark/signature/finisher moves while Alex being a great challenger to Vlad, and Vice-Versa. I tried to make sure Vlad gets put over as well even tho he's losing the match. Good Luck to vlad, I honestly don't feel confident into this match, so I can see Vlad winning. And if he does, I look forward to face you soon down the road, on a match less hardcore lol not my type of matches tbh)
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M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship Empty
PostSubject: Re: M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship   M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship Empty

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M7.) Hitman Alex vs. Vladimir Strife © - Barbed Wire Massacre - King of Xtreme Semi-Finals - LionHeart Championship

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