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 Triple H Conference Call Highlights

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PostSubject: Triple H Conference Call Highlights   Triple H Conference Call Highlights EmptyWed Sep 10, 2014 6:58 pm

Triple H hosted a conference call with WZ and the wrestling media earlier today, and fielded questions on a variety of topics relating to NXT, the Performance Center and the WWE Network series “The Monday Night Wars.”

Below are highlights of the call as well as audio of his opening remarks where he touches on the state of NXT and his excitement for NXT Takeover 2 this Thursday on the WWE Network:

- Triple H opened with a joke about he was the one playing the piano music we heard while on hold waiting to begin.

- He says he doesn’t really like to use the term “developmental” anymore with NXT because it’s become its own brand.

- Triple H compares NXT to what ECW was. He noted how it’s a feeder system for talent to move up in the business. He repeated this comparison several times throughout and also stated if NXT is ECW right now, his goal is to make it to the level of what WCW was.

- Compliments were given to the Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd for their recent performances and his excitement for what they are going to do Thursday night in the main event title match. He spoke on each of them.

- Zayn has been impressing Triple H and he’s proud of how much more Zayn has grown as a performer going from wrestling under a mask on the independents to the facial expressions and stories he tells now.

- He said Tyson Kidd is using this as an opportunity to catapult back to being a regular on the main roster.

- Praised Charlotte and Bayley and how at a recent NTX live event they had a women’s match for the main event.

- Promised someone will be bald by the end of Thursday night after the hair versus hair match involving Enzo Amore and Sylvester Lefort.

- Puts over the debut appearance for Kenta Thursday night

- He was asked about recently signed guys like Kevin Steen, Kenta and Prince Devitt being referred to by their names they used outside of WWE and if they will get to keep them. Triple H noted it’s likely we’ll hear changes but there’s a lot of factors. He talks about intellectual property business and branding them as WWE guys. He notes that he feels it’s pointless to pretend like people don’t know who they are and he wants to embrace their past that got them to NXT.

- Talks about the Performance Center when asked about possibility of working with NFL or other organizations. He said talent is talent and talked about how they will find talent anywhere as long as they have something to offer.

- He told a funny story about he was ringside for a live event not long ago at Madison Square Garden where Bray Wyatt wrestled John Cena in the main event. Triple H said he leaned over Wyatt’s shoulder during his entrance, Wyatt was still in character but Triple H asked him, “So, have you ever been in the main event at MSG?” He said Wyatt’s facial expression had a big change and it was like a kid at christmas because he realized how cool of an opportunity and experience this was.

- He talked about enjoying the Monday Night Wars series on WWE Network. He spoke when asked about Mick Foley and said how important he was to the time period, as well as Foley was one of his favorite opponents ever.

- Triple H talked more on the growing following for NXT. He said they can run live events at 300 person armories or civic centers and sell the place out. He noted how NXT talents have their own merchandise now and it’s become a legitimate place to be and still grow.

- He closes with a nice thank you to us for taking part in the call. He says it’s important for these open forums with him and would rather us communicate than assume the answers or the worst.

- His final remarks were condolences to Sean O’Haire’s family and had some genuine words to say about O’Haire and his unfortunate passing.
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Triple H Conference Call Highlights

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