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 The Latest On ‘Final Destination 6′

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The Latest On ‘Final Destination 6′ Empty
PostSubject: The Latest On ‘Final Destination 6′   The Latest On ‘Final Destination 6′ EmptyThu Aug 21, 2014 6:53 pm


Bloody reader ‘Kool Red’ sent us over to The Calvert Journal, which appears to be a legit site, with information about the long gestured Final Destination 6. Unfortunately, none of it is true.

The site had claimed that the sixth Destination would be filmed in Russia, according to Alexei Ryazantsev, CEO of Russian distribution company Karo Premiere. Speaking at the Window onto Europe film festival in Vyborg last week, Ryazantsev said his firm was negotiating the details with Warner Bros., Final Destination’s US distributor, and that the film had garnered considerable interest from foreign investors.

While they may be talking distribution with foreign investors and distributors, we put a call into one of our sources close to the franchise who refuted this story immediately.

What I’ve been told, though, is that New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures are still considering making a sixth film, but a story has yet to be nailed down. To say this is premature is an understatement.

We’ll keep you updated when we have more info to share.

Final Destination 5, directed by Into the Storm‘s Steven Quale, opened in theaters in 2011 and made more than $150M worldwide. The franchise is quite popular and successful overseas, so a sixth wouldn’t come as a shock.

Death will return…
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The Latest On ‘Final Destination 6′

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