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 Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE

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Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE Empty
PostSubject: Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE   Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE EmptySun Aug 11, 2013 11:47 pm

Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE MaestroHarvest_zps1f552ec8
Due: Saturday, August 17th at 11:59PM EDT (UTC -4 Hours)

Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE 8ac976ca6f8befeaa023cc0b0a1abb84
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Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE Empty
PostSubject: Re: Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE   Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 4:03 am

Deadbite by hollywood undead hits and Maestro Enters da Ring,Harvest Enters.
Maestro Offers A Handshake to Harvest,Who Accepts before hitting Maestro With A Clothesline,,Maestro Stands Up,He exits the ring and gets a Kendo Stick,And Attacks Harvest with it.Maestro gets blown up.

Dennis : Cedar,this match wont end well,Maestro leaves Injured,Or Harvest.
Cedar : Right.This Match Is Hardcore.
Cedar:Maestro Is A Heat Machine.
Maestro Was Hitting Harvest With a Kendo Stick But Harvest Gets It And Breaks It.He hits maestro with a DDT.1....2 Kick Out
Harvest Exits And Gets A Table,He fires it up,He Was Dropping Maestro To it but maestro reverses into a Neckbreaker,Maestro Powerbombed Harvest Into The Fired Table,1....2 Kick OutMaestro Was Going to springboard Harvest but he bumps

Cedar : This Is....
Dennis : Awesooome.
Harvest Retrieves,Clothesline,Powerslam And He Brings A Chair,Maestro Takes The chair from harvest,And he hits him in the stomach,Another Time,Another Time.
Harvest Knocks Maestro With A Kick To the face,Harvest Went to the turnbuckle and he was Going to jump on Maestro,He Jump But Maestro Got And Reversed it into a Roundhouse Kick.

1....2 Kick Out
Dennis And Cedar : WTF,This Match If Full Of Weapons.
Maestro Attacks Harvest From Behind While Harvest Was Talking With the referee,The Referee Interrupt Maestro While Harvest Rolls Him Up 1....2.... Kick Out
Harvest DropKicks Maestro,Maestro Throws Harvest to the fans,While Fans Cheer For The Match,Maestro LowBLows The Referee.
Dennis : This Is Hardcore,Ref.

Cedar : Hardcore Means No Rules,No DQ's.
Maestro Grabs A Mic And Says,What Ref?He throws the mic and Harvest LowBlows Maestro.Harvest Was Pinning Maestro But there Is no ref.Harvest Calls A Ref,While Maestro Retrieves,Harvest Turns To Maestro ,And Maestro Surprises Harvest With A Dynamic Powerbomb into the chair.
Cedar : Surprise Harvest.

Maestro Pins Harvest1...2...3
Laura Watt : Here Is Your Winner Maestro Punk
Maestro Grabs A Mic : Guys,Lets be serious,Last Week,I Lost on my debut match!But I will get my winning streak,and become one of the top guys here,In XWA.And Guys,Next Week On Vendetta 58,Maestro Will Lead A Revolution  .The Fans Cheer `Maestro'
So Guys,Harvest Will See Something he'll not like,Maestro Brings A Table ,He flames it,Maestro Punkbombs Harvest On the fired table
Fans Start Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Obey our master! Happy Happy Happy

Maestro : Thank You Guys for the support u showed.
Harvest Retrieves And DDTs Maestro.Harvest Strikes Maestro But Maestro No Sell
Harvest Was Going For his finisher but maestro reverse into The Edge Of Death Maestro throws harvest into the fans,Maestro And Harvest Fights,Maestro Breaks The Door Which Leads to Backstage,Maestro Shows No Mercy For harvest,Maestro Destroyed The set of  backstage,Maestro And Harvest arrived at the Entrance of the ring(Where wrestlers clme)Maestro Goes to the set and Turns Fireworks On,Fireworks Are on and harvest gets beatun up by Maestro And The Fireworks,Maestro Breaks the Entrance,(Juust LikeKane done to Zack Ryder)when he ddt Harvest Into it.Maestro Left As Doctors Carried Harvest With A Stretcher.
Dennis : What A Dusty Finish

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Maestro Punk vs. Harvest -- HARDCORE

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