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 Complete 26/3 TNA Impact Wrestling Results *SPOILERS*

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PostSubject: Complete 26/3 TNA Impact Wrestling Results *SPOILERS*   Mon Mar 17, 2014 8:44 pm

The following are complete taping results for the 3/26 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling, taped from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.

-MVP came out and said that it was his intention that every wrestler would rise and fall based on their skill alone. He quoted Randy Savage, saying "the cream always rises to the top". However, it was time to make an executive decision – Magnus and Abyss cut him off, warning MVP not to do anything irrational. MVP books a triple threat match between Magnus, Samoa Joe and Abyss next week for the world title.

-Samoa Joe came down and complained that he was basically just in a handicap match now. The heels beat down on Joe, but EY comes out to make the save. Young says that he wants in the title match to even the odds, but MVP is hesitant because he's not sure EY deserves that spot yet. Young runs down the laundry list of things he's done in TNA over the last decade, and reminds MVP that he's only been around for 10 minutes. Joe tells him that nobody doubts him, but he's just not at the top of the list. MVP makes the 4-way match, and neither Joe or Magnus is happy about it.

(1) Tables Match
Bobby Roode & EC3 def. Willow & Bully Ray

-Rockstar Spud came out in a wheelchair, but got attacked by Willow, who then…carried him to the back. Kind of creepy. Bully Ray tried to fight 2-on-1, but Roode ended up putting him through a table with a spinebuster.

(2) No DQ, No Count-Out
Gunner def. James Storm

-Angelina Love came out and called out Velvet Sky. They talked about Madison Rayne, There was probably a backstage segment not shown to the live crowd, because Angelina's aggression towards Sky and Madison isn't making a ton of sense.

(3) Samoa Joe def. Eric Young

-Joe got the win with a rear naked choke, but there was some issues as EY may have been pinning Joe at the same time.

(4) Angelina Love def. Madison Rayne in a non-title Knockouts match. Velvet Sky came out and hit the DDT on Madison, before rolling her back in the ring for Love to get the win. Looks like the lady band is actually back together.

(5) The Wolves def. Magnus & Abyss

-The show ends with Abyss taking the World Heavyweight Championship, putting it on his shoulder, and walking away from the ring.

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Complete 26/3 TNA Impact Wrestling Results *SPOILERS*

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