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 National Pro Wrestling Day Results 2-1-14; CHIKARA Returns

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PostSubject: National Pro Wrestling Day Results 2-1-14; CHIKARA Returns   Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:04 am

Credit: pwponderings.com:

Gavin Loudspeaker coming to the ring getting the crowd ready for the action. He really is one of the best at that.

(Best 2 Out of 3 Falls) Colt Cabana def Drew Gulak:Loud Colt Cabana and CZW chants for the talents. Starting things off hot with this match. Was a great match to start the show off with. First fall went to Drew Gulak via submission via the Gu-lock. Second fall to Colt Cabana via submission via the Billy Goat's curse. Third fall went to Colt Cabana with a variation of a camel clutch.

Maria Kanellis cuts a promo and reminds us to donate.

(Six-Man Tag Match) The Baltic Seige (Estonian Thunderfrog, Lithuanian Snow Troll, Latvian Proud Oak) def Bloc Party (Brown Morning of Belarus, Proletariat Boar of Moldova, Mr. Azerbaijan): The Baltic Siege get the win with a roll up from Snow Troll on Brown Morning. Post show beat down. There is a new Thunder Hammer. Pretty good match with the Bloc Party isolating LPO but a lot of fun triple man spots as well. Crowd enjoyed it and with the whacky characters involved how could you not.

Colt Cabana, the 2013 NPWD Ambassador comes out and presents the 2014 Ambassadorship to Mike Burns (owner of SMV) and 2014 Independent Wrestling Award.

Hallowicked def Mike Bennett with the Chikara Special #NPWD

Maria came out to let us know that they hit their goal for donations.

Dasher Hatfield def Eddie Kingston with an inside cradle: During the match, a child started kicking at Kingston who had come around. Afterwards Kingston complained to Atlas security. Great heel moment. Dasher really held his own against Kingston. Post match, Kingston gets angry and says CHIKARA is dead as the crowd is chanting for CHIKARA.

Eric Corvis def Sonjay Dutt after Dutt missed a moonsault

(No Disqualification Match) Shynron def Juan Francisco de Coronado with a second rope 630

(For Wrestling is Heart's La Copa) Heidi Lovelace vs. Joe Pittman is interrupted by Dr. Cube, BDK, GEKIDO, Cubes'c crew, Colony Xtreme Force, Odditorium and Wrecking Crew. Submission Squad stands up for CHIKARA. Rudo team is being lead by Jimmy Jacobs. Icarus, Colony, and others are coming to defend CHIKARA.

Dr. Cube's crew were CHIKARA guys in disguise and they went after the rudo faction. Los Ice Creams, Baltic Siege, Mantis, Batiri. ETC. Archie and 3.0 came in a delorian type car. The rudos retreated. Everyone celebrates. Icarus holds up a 5/25/14 sign and says we're coming back. LFC says CHIKARA is coming back on commentary.

We get a bonus match! The Colony/Osirian Portal/Icarus def Batiri/Los Ice Creams when Icarus submits El Hijo de Ice Cream with the CHIKARA Special.

Read more at http://www.411mania.com/wrestling/news/311865/CHIKARA-Returns-at-National-Pro-Wrestling-Day-%E2%80%93-Full-Results-.htm#5UWlUHPfaJ60I4Yq.99
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PostSubject: Re: National Pro Wrestling Day Results 2-1-14; CHIKARA Returns   Sun Feb 02, 2014 2:20 am

Didn't know they were doing this again.

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National Pro Wrestling Day Results 2-1-14; CHIKARA Returns

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