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 Footage Shot for 12/5, 12/12 Impact Wrestling & Xplosion Shows *Spoilers*

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PostSubject: Footage Shot for 12/5, 12/12 Impact Wrestling & Xplosion Shows *Spoilers*   Sat Nov 23, 2013 1:17 pm

December 5, 2013 Impact Wrestling Episode:

* Kurt Angle/Magnus promo. They spoke about why it is important for each of them to win. Roode interrupted them and made his case as did Hardy shortly after. This segwayed into the first of the two semifinal matches.

* In a Semifinal Tables Match, Jeff Hardy defeated Bobby Roode in a tables match. Both guys went through a table at one point and the match was restarted. Roode was on the apron and Hardy kicked him off trough the table on the floor to win the match.

* In a Gail Kim open challenge, she defeated Cherry Bomb. She and Tapa went to attack her after until ODB made the save and the two of them bailed.

* In a Semifinal Last Man Standing Match, Magnus beat Kurt Angle. Ref bump led to Roode coming out and laying out Angle. Magnus made it to his feet to win the match. Roode put the boots to Angle until Hardy made the save. He and Magnus had a stare down after.

December 12, 2013 Episode:

* A graphic is up for Final Resolution on December 19th. There was a table set up in the ring with a wheel and four briefcases. They are about to spin the wheel to find out what the stipulation would be for the finals. Angle interrupted and called out Roode for a fight. Roode said he is the one who should be phased off. He said he can beat him any day of the week. He has nothing left to prove. Angle says right now and the two got into a brawl at ringside until refs broke it up. Roode broke through and kicked Angle low. He said that if Angle thinks he can beat him twice in one night then at Final Resolution it will be Angle vs Roode 2/3 Falls.

* Dixie came out and spoke. Said AJ Styles is a major headache to her. There were heavy boos again so couldn’t quite make out what she said. She said next week she will get a new world heavyweight champion. Magnus comes out followed by Jeff Hardy. She wanted to see if they had any final words for each other. Hardy said he won the BFG Series last year and the world title. Called 2012 his year. In one week we the creatures will take the heavyweight championship again. Magnus said he might be young but he is not stupid. He says these are his people. He is the top guy. Next week he is nothing besides the final obstacle. If he is going to be the #1 guy he has to beat the #1 guy. He intends to do that. They shake hands. Dixie says there is a special match. “Dixieland”. Whichever one wins they will travel the world with her in her private jet and whatnot. She said a few more things and the segment was done.
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Footage Shot for 12/5, 12/12 Impact Wrestling & Xplosion Shows *Spoilers*

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