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 WWE 2K19 Universe Mode: 2WWF Reborn (Ft. XWA)

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Love Bites
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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K19 Universe Mode: 2WWF Reborn (Ft. XWA)   Sun Oct 21, 2018 5:34 am

May Week 1, 2018

Dragon's Blood vs. Clown Town, Canada - Tag Team Match

It was Drachen and Canadian Bacon starting things off. "The Big Pig" took Drachen to task, forcing him to tag out to Kanimaniac. He fared better against Bacon, forcing him to retreat and tag in Clown Smurf. The fight between Smurf and Kanimaniac immediately went off rail, spilling to a brawl outside of the ring. Once they get back in, Clown Town, Canada find themselves firmly in control, having constant tags to remain fresh while Kanimaniac gets worn out. Kani managed to get a reprieve long enough to tag Drachen back in. Drachen came in with a vengeance, taking it to Bacon and hitting him with his Somersault DDT finisher, but Smurf managed to make the save on the pin attempt. This allowed Bacon to turn things around and Powerbomb Drachen with the force of a thousand pigs, but this time, it's Kanimaniac coming in to stop the pin. Bacon remains in control, despite this. After destroying Drachen for a few more minutes of unbridled ham rage, Bacon landed a spinning variation of his Powerbomb. Clown Smurf was able to intercept Kanimaniac, allowing Bacon to get the pin, giving Clown Town, Canada the big debut win.

Match Rating: 3.5 Stars

Kaida Kagome vs. Samantha Claudio - Singles Match

The match got off to a quick back-and-fourth start with Kaida trying to ground Samantha and Samantha refusing to be grounded. No one can seem to take control for more than half a minute. Eventually, Samantha tries to surprise Kaida by attempting to out-wrestle her. It doesn't go well for her. Not long after Kaida makes her regret this decision, Kagome lands the Curbstomp, looking to follow up with her Shining Wizard finisher, but Samantha reversed it, proceeding to hit her own Codebreaker finisher instead. Kaida kicked out, though, because of course kick out of a finisher in the second match on the weekly show. Learn to sell, Kaida. Samantha doesn't need a lesson in selling, though. Or maybe Kaida's just genuinely beating the shit out of her at this point. It gets violent. After beating the everloving fuck out of Samantha for a few minutes, Kaida puts her in the Dragon Sleeper. Instead of letting her tap, she releases the hold. This isn't mercy, though. Kaida just wanted to hit her Shining Wizard, which she does immediately afterwards, this time successfully. Unlike Kaida, Samantha doesn't kick out.

Match Rating: N/A

Skye Sapphire vs. Precious - Singles Match

The last match was very back-and-fourth before ending in a brutally one-sided finish. This match, however, is one-sided out the gate with Skye out-wrestling Precious instantly. Precious briefly has enough of that shit and lands a stiff Clothesline to Skye, but Skye apparently went to the Kaida School For Selling. Skye continues to dominate with Precious getting momentary comebacks that don't last long. That is, until Skye went to the top rope and Precious Enzuigiri'd her right off it, dropping her to the floor outside. A brawl outside of the ring commences, with Precious finally getting some good offen--wait, no, Skye's killing her again. Skye rolls Precious back into the ring and ascends the turnbuckles for a Phoenix Splash getting a close near fall. Skye dominates for a bit more, yet, but Precious mounts another attempt at a comeback. This leads to a Houston Hangover, followed up with Precious' Double Underhook Codebreaker finisher for the win--excuse me, Precious won after all that? But she got her ass beat--alright.

Match Rating: N/A

HHH619 vs. Thomas Barnez - Singles Match

This one starts out as a straight up slugfest. HHH619 takes the early advantage, hulking out on Thomas and even knocking over the referee in a blind fit of rage. TJ on Sundays I guess that referee is Thomas' friend though, because now he's pissed. The match continues with as much testosterone as possible. A lot of punches, not a lot of selling. HHH619 with the latter half of his name, though! Thomas kicks out, however. At one, might I add. Not a sell to be had. This is just Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman but with a roided luchador. HHH619 gets a near fall off of a Frog Splash. He then unleashes ALL the lucha kicks. Thomas almost mounts a comeback but takes an elbow to the forehead that busts him open. Apparently HHH619 was out for blood. The bloodied Barnez is taken down with a Pedigree and HHH619 gets the win.

Match Rating: N/A

Frank Lawson vs. Xtreme Icon vs. T.K. vs. El Hijo de Camello vs. Greenboii vs. Shade vs. Sean Young vs. JHalc - Battle Royal for the 2WWF LionHeart Championship

Our main event of the night is set to decide the first LionHeart Champion; a champion who will have to defend the title every week. Here's a hint: It won't be Frank Lawson, who got eliminated seconds into the match by Clothesline from JHalc. After that, chaos breaks out with everyone fighting everyone. Icon busts T.K. open with a straight up punch to his face. People are thrown left and right. T.K. Pedigrees Greenboii in the middle of all the people. The second elimination doesn't come for quite a while, surprisingly. It comes when Greenboii Clotheslines Sean Young right over the top rope. The third elimination wasn't far behind, however, and it was again Greenboii Clotheslining a man right out of the LionHeart title picture; this time, El Hijo de Camello. While that happened, JHalc also get eliminated, but I didn't see who it was by because I was focusing on the Son of Camel being taken out. Shade then tosses T.K. out and we're down to the final thr--we're down to the final two, as Shade throws Greenboii out in the middle of that senten--Xtreme Icon is out. Shade is the LionHeart Champion.

Match Rating: N/A

Clown Town, Canada get an early lead on the tag division, HHH619 gains a huge upset and Shade is the new LionHeart Champion. What will happen next? panic

(Some of the matches get ratings, some don't. Idk why.)
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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K19 Universe Mode: 2WWF Reborn (Ft. XWA)   Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:19 pm

Clown Town, Canada Baby

clown pig

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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K19 Universe Mode: 2WWF Reborn (Ft. XWA)   Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:19 pm


Almost mirrors how Tyler's career started Funny
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PostSubject: Re: WWE 2K19 Universe Mode: 2WWF Reborn (Ft. XWA)   

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WWE 2K19 Universe Mode: 2WWF Reborn (Ft. XWA)

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