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 A co-worker offered $100 for my Nintendo 64

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PostSubject: A co-worker offered $100 for my Nintendo 64   Sun May 20, 2018 6:17 pm

He wanted the play the original Smash Bros. so he had me bring over my Nintendo 64 over to where he's living at. We were joined by two other co-workers and I dominated most of the games we played.

It was a different story with Goldeneye. I thought the same thing was going to happen so I picked Jaws to give myself a handicap. Well we were playing with Golden Guns and I got killed a lot while only getting one kill. We only played one game so I didn't get to play as a normal sized character.

After everyone else left he offered $100 for the console. I think that's a great price he's willing to pay and I should just give him some games for it as well. I did give him a copy of Smash Bros. since I have two cartridges already.

I do have two Nintendo 64s but one have a resent button that's stuck in. If I can fix that I'll sell him the other system for sure.

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A co-worker offered $100 for my Nintendo 64

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