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 This plug & play system by dreamGEAR is trash!

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PostSubject: This plug & play system by dreamGEAR is trash!   Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:45 am

The controller itself is okay. It's small but I don't have any problems other than sometimes I reset the system when I mean to press Start. That pisses me off.

I'll also say the battery life is very good. This thing runs on three AAA batteries. My friend and I played with this thing for hours and it didn't die on us.

There's only a few decent games out of the 220. My favorite is Archery and honestly that's good for a few minutes before it gets boring.

A lot of these games are bootleg NES games. Like they changed the sprites for Balloon Fight and Urban Champion. And several of the titles have a Player 1 option without showing a player 2 because there's just the one controller. They just took out that option. I honestly don't know why Nintendo isn't suing dreamGEAR over this thing and it's other plug and play systems that are the same thing.

Most of the game are boring and/or play bad. Honestly I'm going to play more of it but just to see if there's a diamond in the rough somewhere.

One more thing is that the select screen sucks. A different plug and play system like The NES Classic had an amazing select screen. The one on this one sucked. The background is ugly. And it's a pain in the ass to look through the games.

I get this thing is like $15. But all you have to do is pay an extra $5 for a plug and play system that has games like Pac-Man and Dig Dug. SPEND THE MONEY IT'S WORTH IT!!!

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This plug & play system by dreamGEAR is trash!

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