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 Melina said she was raped

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Melina said she was raped Empty
PostSubject: Melina said she was raped   Melina said she was raped EmptySat Dec 23, 2017 6:16 am

She's not saying when or where though.

Here's what she said on Facebook:
Melina Perez wrote:
Been raped, been grabbed, been cornered and told things that a guy wants to do even though I told him to stop. All unwanted. All made me feel helpless, uncomfortable and scared of what’s going to happen next. Different levels but all wrong regardless. Granted, being cornered to get harassed and being grabbed didn’t make me to want to commit suicide like rape did, but all were life altering. All made me feel like I had no power, I wasn’t safe, I had no value and I wasn’t a human being, that I was simply a thing, my worth, my purpose, my existence altered. If I say anything, I’m a liar, exaggerating or looking for attention. So many suffer this helplessness in silence, which I dif for ears. I’m not looking to point fingers. I want to educate people on the subject, be here for victims and get those suffering in silence on the path to recovery. Sexual assault doesn’t just happen to women.
I got this information in the new Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Melina said she was raped Sig
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Melina said she was raped

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