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 TNA news

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PostSubject: TNA news   Sun Dec 11, 2016 12:44 am

(Maniac Mike) Anir Ahmed Khan-Mr Aak with Priyanshu Patel and 3 others.
9 hrs

No word when Anthem Media will announce they have officially purchased Impact Ventures/TNA but obviously that is coming at some point. Anthem are completely backing the company 100% financially at this point and Ed Nordholm is working out of the TNA Nashville office. For those who have asked about Dixie Carter's status, she was working in the office as of Friday.

The Tribunal are gone from TNA as their deals have expired. It was described to me as a situation where the pair are welcome and will be used down the line, but with one living in Canada and the other living in France, it wasn't easy logistically to bring them in regularly.

The company is working on putting together a schedule for 2017 right now, including yes, house shows and even the long-delayed India tour. The plan for the tour is (tentatively) to have that finally go down in the summer of 2017.

In an update on TV taping, the current plan is to film in January as we have already reported. The Wrestlemania week plans are going to be pushed up several weeks, so there will be tapings at Universal sometime in early March as well. That would explain why company sources denied the Mania week taping plans, something that had been in play as early as September. The company, as we noted earlier, intend to have some sort of live event in the Orlando area over Wrestlemania weekend.

For those who have asked, no update on a new UK TV deal.

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TNA news

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