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 Booker T Says James Ellsworth is Getting Old

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PostSubject: Booker T Says James Ellsworth is Getting Old   Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:33 pm

– On the latest edition of his podcast (transcript via wrestlezone.com), Booker T spoke about his run as WCW TV Champion, his thoughts on James Ellsworth, and more…

On Raw Talk: I think that is what is really cool, to get the real side of what these people are going through. It’s easy to talk about nothing, it’s easy to make up something to talk about, but when it’s something that already there, it’s nice to be real. When I asked Charlotte on the show last week, and talked about Reid, it’s real talk, it’s stuff people out there really want to know about, and want to know how they deal with it and how they cope with it. Me, myself, personally I’ve gone through a whole lot, people can talk to me about anything, and I believe I can relate with them in some form of fashion.

On His Run as WCW TV Champion: I had a chance to wrestle all the Cruiserweights. Ultimo Dragon challenged me for the TV Championship. It was good, going against Finlay, guys like Disco Inferno, Rick Martel, Chris Benoit in the Best of Seven series for a shot at Finlay for the TV Championship. I mentioned Disco Inferno in my Hall of Fame speech because he’s not only a good wrestler, but a good friend. That time in my life, and I encourage young people, if you don’t think you can do it, still go out there and try. You don’t know how well you’ll do unless you put yourself in that situation. You have to sink or swim. I put myself in a situation where my brother got hurt and I stepped up, and had a couple of singles matches. I didn’t only want to be in singles matches, I wanted to be the best. A springboard to take my career off was going through the TV Title run. I challenge guys to be that way; be a leader and not a follower, raise your hand to step up, and I believe that the TV Title run was the launching pad to my Hall of Fame career

On One More Harlem Heat Match: Man, I’m going to tell you. I think you can see it now on 2K17. I’ll tell you, to actually put the boots on one more time to go inside a WWE ring, the only thing it can happen would have to be with my brother. It would be awesome, they’d have to give me a six month advance because I have to get in shape for something like that. My thing is I’m a flavorful individual, I like to wear new stuff, so definitely I wouldn’t mind going back in there for one last match with my brother Stevie Ray, but it’d have to be at Wrestlemania. Put us up against the Headbangers or something like that, or the Spirit Squad, or James Ellsworth and anybody else.

His Thoughts on James Ellsworth: It is old. I’m tired of seeing James Ellsworth. This kid had one hell of a run, but send him back to the independents. I’ve seen this guy at a convention, I was appalled, but this guy is going to live this run for quite some time. He’s probably getting a good price out there on the Indy show. They’re probably bringing him in as an attraction, but the thing of it is, me personally I’m not a hater, but you must ride it for as long as you can. Look at Hornswoggle, he worked with WWE for 6-7 years, you can’t hate people like that, but you wonder how James Ellsworth fit into the WWE mold? It just makes you wonder. There are people in my Reality of Wrestling just scratching at the door, so when I see Ellsworth, there’s just gotta be a way, but you have to wait your turn, but it’s definitely getting a little old.
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Booker T Says James Ellsworth is Getting Old

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