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 3 Weeks Worth of Detailed TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings Through 9/1, Plus One Night Only & Xplosion Results *SPOILERS*

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PostSubject: 3 Weeks Worth of Detailed TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings Through 9/1, Plus One Night Only & Xplosion Results *SPOILERS*    Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:05 pm

TNA tapped three weeks of television results this weekend that will air through September 1st, as well as several matches for future One Night Only pay-per-views and several episodes of Xplosion.

Xplosion Matches:

(1) Eli Drake def. Braxton Stutter

(2) Eddie Edwards def. Marshe Rockett

One Night Only Matches:

(1) Moose def. DJZ

(2) Mahabali Shera def. Rockstar Spud

(3) Bobby Lashley def. Eddie Edwards

(4) Tyrus def. Crazzy Steve

(5) Marti Belle def. Madison Rayne

8/18 Impact Wrestling Results

Note: This is in addition to the partial taping results that TNA did after the most recent live edition of Impact.

(1) Gail Kim vs. Jade ends with interference from Sienna. There was a bit from Maria Kanellis too saying that Gail doesn’t get a title shot.

– Aron Rex is here. He does an in-ring spot with Drew Galloway and EC3 to set up the main event for this show. It’ll be Galloway vs. Carter with Rex as the special guest referee.

– Bobby Lashley comes down with all his titles, and teases a unification. Billy Corgan isn’t happy about that idea. There’s a lot of tension between the two and Dixie Carter is out to try and calm them down. Lashley trashes the King of the Mountain championship and the X-Division championship, basically saying they’re defunct and that his world title is the only one that matters.

(2) Knockouts Championship Match
Allie def. Marti Belle, Jade, Madison Rayne & Sienna (c) to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion.

(3) Battle Royal
Mike Bennett won in a match with most of the male guys at this taping. Lashley being the obvious exception, as he was on commentary. Bennett is now the #1 contender to the world title.

(4) Abyss def. Broken Jeff Hardy. They officially announce The Broken Hardys against The Decay for the tag titles for Bound for Glory, which I’m pretty sure was already a thing.

– They do a big in ring segment with pretty much everyone in the X-Division. They’re going to crown a new champion on the next show.

(5) Ethan Carter III def. Drew Galloway with Aron Rex as the referee. This was a match for Carter’s title shot at Bound for Glory. They ended the episode with Galloway attacking Rex, so that looks to be the next BFG match.

8/25 Impact Wrestling Resutls

(1) Ultimate X Match for the Vacant X-Division Championship
DJZ def. Rockstar Spud, Mark Andrews, Braxton Sutter, Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee.

– The Miracle Mike Bennett is out to hype his match against Lashley for the world title. He calls out Moose, but instead he gets the champ. Lashley demands their match be made No DQ. He goes on trying to convince the Miracle that Moose doesn’t care about him anymore, and that he’s moved on, but Bennett won’t believe him. Moose finally shows up and says he’s still on Team Benett, and that he’ll be the one to decide who leaves as world champion tonight. I guess because it’s No DQ?

(2) Ethan Carter III def. Eli Drake

– Drew Galloway does an in-ring segment to discuss why he turned heel on Arox Rex last week. He trashes rex for being an outsider, and runs down the fans for caring about him. Billy Corgan is out and is all upset, saying he almost suspended Galloway but there was someone who talked him out of it. Galloway assumes it was Dixie, and calls Corgan her bitch. Rex comes out and says it was him (it was him Austin) and they brawl around until security separates them.

– Allie is out to celebrate winning the Knockouts Championship last week. Sienna wants her title back, but Maria Kanellis comes out and trashes Allie. Not exactly sure what happened, but Maria ended up pinning Allie and now she’s the champion? Okay.

(3) TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Bobby Lashley (c) def. Mike Bennett. Moose was out there and Bennett got pissed off and started talking trash about him. Moose ends the show taking out the Miracle.

9/1 Impact Wrestling Results

– Billy Corgan kicks off the show and makes the official announcement that he is the new TNA President. Given that they already announced this on social media, I’m not sure why they’re waiting three weeks to do it on TV, but whatever. Corgan retires the King of the Mountain championship and reveals a brand new Impact Grand Championship with some new rules – all matches will be fought using three, three-minute rounds, and there will be a panel of judges on hand to award victories if need be.

– Drew Galloway is out demanding a shot at the new title, but Corgan tells him the first champion will be crowned at Bound for Glory, with a single-elimination tournament taking place heading into the PPV.

(1) Grand Championship Tournament Match
Drew Galloway def. Braxton Sutter

– Rockstar Spud made his return and attacked Sutter after his match.

– The Miracle Mike Bennett is here. He blames Moose for costing him his title match against Lashley last week. He says that he and Moose are done, and this his focus is on becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening, as Dixie Carter comes out and announces it’s Bennett vs Moose at Bound for Glory.

(2) Jade & Gail Kim def. Allie & Sienna

(3) Grand Championship Tournament Match
Eli Drake def. Jessie Godderz

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3 Weeks Worth of Detailed TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings Through 9/1, Plus One Night Only & Xplosion Results *SPOILERS*

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