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 Batista Explains Why He Left WWE in 2010

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PostSubject: Batista Explains Why He Left WWE in 2010   Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:23 pm

Former WWE star Dave “Batista” Bautista recently appeared on MLW Radio’s “Writer’s Room”, and during the interview Batista had the following to say on why he left WWE back in 2010:

“Basically, kind of mirror images of each other on our respective shows, but I’m getting afforded a lot less opportunities and that didn’t sit well with me and I wasn’t okay with that. I wasn’t content with that. And so, when they said no, I wasn’t going to be afforded those opportunities, I said, ‘well, I’m going to leave then’ and that was kind of it. It’s funny. I do a lot of things because I get pissed off and I really hate when people tell me I can’t do stuff. And when WWE had started on films and commercials, and I noticed that everything more and more was going to Cena, but at the same time, he’s main eventing one series of shows…I’m main eventing the others, but he’s getting all these opportunities that I’m not getting. It just seemed a little unfair to me that I’m still out there busting my ass to do these shows while he’s making movies and getting paid a butt load of money to make these movies. So I simply asked a question, ‘is there any opportunity for me to do films?’ and there wasn’t. They had no interest in me doing that, so I said, ‘well, if I’m not afforded the opportunity here, then I should be afforded the opportunity to go outside the company and audition.’ And the answer was, ‘you’re our property – get dressed for the house shows and get to work’. I just thought it was unfair, so I thought it’s just really unfair. It’s unfair career wise and it’s unfair to me financially.”
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Batista Explains Why He Left WWE in 2010

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