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 TNA "Slammiversary" Results (6/12/16)

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PostSubject: TNA "Slammiversary" Results (6/12/16)   Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:55 pm

Eddie Edwards def DJ Z, Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee to win the TNA X Division Championship

The Tribunal def Mahabali Shera & Grado

Sienna def Gail Kim and Jade to win the TNA Knockouts Championship

"Cowboy" James Storm def Braxton Sutter

Eli Drake def Bram to retain the TNA King of the Mountain Championship

Ethan Carter III def "The Miracle" Mike Bennett

Jeff Hardy def Matt Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match

Decay def The Bromans to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship

Lashley def Drew Galloway to win the TNA Heavyweight Championship
-The only way to win the match was by knockout or submission
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PostSubject: Re: TNA "Slammiversary" Results (6/12/16)   Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:30 am

watched some of it

Eddie Edwards winning the Xdivision title is cool

EC3 and Mike Bennett had a great match

Matt vs Jeff, as stupid as the build up has been the match was good

And Lashley and Drew had a good match

most of the show was meh to ok.

I give it a B-

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PostSubject: Re: TNA "Slammiversary" Results (6/12/16)   Mon Jun 13, 2016 1:55 pm

NXT_CorrespondENT wrote:
I was there last night. And as good as the wrestling was, the way they ran the event was shitty.

Online it says there are no general admission tickets and that it is first come, first serve. I arrived super early to make sure I had a seat and was one of the first in line. One line turned into a disorganized mess of people but I was still in the front for no big deal
Then, they start saying things like "anyone have A or B tickets?" And letting people in. I asked what was going on and was told they give tickets away in the parks and that they get let in before everyone else.

A lot of those people were tourists who looked to be taking advantage of a free event.
I ended up waiting an hour and a half a after "doors opened" (over 2 and a half total) to get in but a lot of people were not so lucky. After all the people who got tickets in the park were let in, a lady came out and told the long line of actual TNA fans that they would only be taking the first 50 people.

I saw a kid crying his Jeff Hardy make up off and a lot of fans walking away pretty deflated.
On a funny side note, they had TNA employees handing out really badly made signs to people in the crowd.

It was disappointing to see how disorganized the event was.

TNA clown

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PostSubject: Re: TNA "Slammiversary" Results (6/12/16)   

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TNA "Slammiversary" Results (6/12/16)

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