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 TNA Reportedly Restructuring Key Talent Contracts

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PostSubject: TNA Reportedly Restructuring Key Talent Contracts   Thu May 05, 2016 11:39 am


According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, TNA is attempting to restructure the contracts of most if not all of their key talents. The restructuring would once again put all bookings under control of the company. The feeling is that they are moving to get these talents under exclusive deals to have control of the schedule. TNA is reportedly back to offering significant money to some, like they were a few months back, for these deals. They have to for some people, because talents like Matt and Jeff Hardy can do several thousand dollars a night on a good night in indies between their pay and photo and merchandise money (while also having their transportation and hotels taken care of). This move is said to be related to the investment/sale of the company.

Several of the top TNA talent who worked heavy indie schedules and were names coming in have deals where they are under contract to TNA but they book themselves on off days. The newer contracts with the guys most recently signed put TNA in charge of booking them on non-TNA dates, with the company getting a cut of the booking fee. The speculation is they want everyone (the key talents) exclusive so they can use that as asset value for the potential sale.

Talents have been asking questions as to why the deals are attempting to be restructured and not really gotten answers. They also haven’t gotten answers to the company’s situation regarding investors or a potential sale. One person close to the situation claims that when it came to the acquiring of a new investor/owner, it has been claimed that Dixie Carter and John Gaburick would still be in control.
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TNA Reportedly Restructuring Key Talent Contracts

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