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PostSubject: XWA: FROM THE VAULT - INTERVIEW WITH EDDIE KINGSTON (2010)   Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:36 am

This is a long one, lots of people asked questions! And he actually answered them all aswell most of the others gave up after a few questions or never answered any

So what mainly made you want to become a wrestler?

Eddie gilbert. He was the first guy that made me want to do this. How he had the crowd in his hands and the way he acted.

What are the goods and bads of wrestling?
The goods and some of the good people you meedt and livimg a dream the bads are some of the shady people you meet and you lose lot of money and well for me friends and girls because it becomes your whole life.

Most memorable matches youve been in?
ummmm... For me every match is a memorable one but all my matches wit hero and when I got to be in the ring wit guys I looked up too like Ian Rotten and Scorpio and Samoa Joe , Low Ki, Homacide and Fallen angle

What is your dream in the wrestling business?
To wrestle in japan that has always been my dream ever since I saw the Great Muta and Chono in the 1991 g1 glimax finals then I fell in love with all-japan when I saw Kobashi v's kawada in a 60 min draw.

What advice would you give to aspiring wrestlers?
Rember its a bizness and don't forget that.

What are your thoughts on mainstream wrestling?
I like some of it and other stuff I don't like. But i can't hate on it because there making money more money then me so I can't and don't hate.

If you had a tag team partner, who would it be?
I had alot of cool tag partners but I always loved teaming but wit my best friend black jack so him.

Worst Injury you ever received in a match?

When I broke my ankle at cod I think 8 or 9 I broke it three times.

Favorite match?

WOW. thats hard because I think I can always do better in ever match but off the top of my head I say my match wit hollowicked at chapter 11 at chikara.

Favorite match to preform in?

Straight up wrestling matches but I'll do any kind of match if it makes sense.

If you could face any wrestler, alive or dead, who would it be?
Thats a hard question but it would be a tag match wit me and Eddie Gilbert v's Bill Dundee and Jerry Lawler in Memphis.

Whats your favorite move from your moveset?
Backdrop Driver and Urange Suplex I like suplexs

Would you ever consider working in WWE?

Of couse I would its not my goal but the are the top so why not. But they wouldn't like me too much lol.

Can you share with us your tips for promos? Considering you're one of the top promo workers in the industry.
Thanks you first off for feeling like that. I always try to make every promo personal and i just throw myself into it but I study guys like jake roberts raven and shane douglas and christopher danles. But quck always told me rember three things the date who your wrestling and why then add your own spice to it.

Could you also share with us the way you've evolved your character from being a plain badass to becoming a psychotic badass?
I don't think I'm a badass at all I'm just me and its not a character really I'm a hot head in real life and I have alot of deamons that haunt me so I just acted out lol I guess.

What made your feud with people like Lince Dorado and Chris Hero so epic in the eyes of the fans?
I think because every time I'm in a feud I don't like the guys. Lince I still don't like because he had alot giving to him when he first started and he got a lil cocky about it so I wanted to show him up and let him know to be humble. Maybe I was wrong but its just the way I felt. With Hero its to real we have had fights verbal and it also came to blows outside of wrestling I rember once in Jersey it happen at a gas station . i can't stand him and I will take my hate for him to my grave.

Do you have any influences from other wrestlers that effect the way and the style you work?

yeah alot of guys from ECW and alot of guys from All-Japan/Noah and New Japan like Raven, Taz, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Kobashi, Akiyama, Kawada, Muto, Chono and old school guys like Terry Funk, Dick Murdok, Jake Roberts.

What was the biggest rib that was pulled on you or that you did to another worker?

Well one of the chikara guys had a girlfriend at the time and everyone told me that he ran away wit her and got married because he knocked her up. The kid didn't show up for training so I bought it and told him congrats when I saw him and went up to the girl and said the same and she was pissed because she told me no they didn't get married and she can't have kids so yeah that was fucked up.

What was the worst bump you ever had to take?

I say at japw v's drake younger (Who is a great wrestler and tag partner) a suplex from the apron to the floor.

I know you've worked at CZW, ROH, CHIKARA, IWA:MS (when they were open) and other independent feds. Which one do you prefer working at in terms of the guys you face, the number of bookings you get and which one overall is the better experience?

well I like all the places but I love working for chikara that is my home were I was trained and the first place to say fuck it we will give this kid a chance, CZW is cool at times ROH is great because I always wanted to work there IWA:MS was the first big spot I got and it helped me grow as a wrestler. Guys I face chikara, Number of bookings a tie between chikara and czw and all the places I work or have have worked for have there own special experience, I can't forget JAPW I get to chill wit a lot of my close friends there so thats always good scream at me D and Mack.

Youve competed in some deathmatch style matches like nrbw and a cage of death, what was it like fighting in such extreme matches and what injuries and effects etc did it have?
There all nuts but not many injuries just a couple of scars and stiches thats it really been lucky.

Do you ever see yourself becoming an ROH World Champion?
Yep. Every place I work for I see myself as champion

Do you wrestle for any british promotions?

Not as of right now maybe one day you never know

What do you think of people who call wrestling fake?


Weirdest/Funniest crowd member you've seen?
There is this one guy in philly who always takes off his shirt when you would laugh at him and he is a huge guy.

What is the funniest chant you have heard being shouted out during a wrestling match

Skid mark at tim donst

Are you a big fan of Botchamania?
I love them I watch them all the time when I was on one I was kind of happy lol

What are the owners of CZW & IWA MS like?

well the new owner for czw is DJ and I have known him since he started so its surreal that he is my boss but got to respect him he is the owner Ian Rotten is Ian Rotten thats all I can say about that I wish him so much luck getting iwa ms back up and running.

Which match you've been in have you been most nervous about?
I'm nervous about my upcoming two matchs wit dramer and corino but my match wit samoa joe and the fallen angle I could not stop walking back and forth in the back.

How long will you wrestle?

Until my body tells me to stop

What current wrestlers would you want to face? (top 5)
1)Kenta Kobashi
2)Mashiro Chono
3)Keiji Mutoh
4)Koji Kanemoto
5)Yuji Nagata

Who, in your opinion, is the future of WWE? TNA? RoH?
WWE I have no idea I guess C.M. Punk I really haven't watched in a while,well they do have some guy named  Bryan Danielson  lol. TNA is a couple of guys like Samoa Joe, Homicide , Desmond Wolf .

Which ones usually gets blown up in the ring first? You or your opponent?

Me oooo yeah me without a doubt.

Which gimmick is more over? Brodie Lee's Beard or Necro Butcher not wearing shoes?
Fuck! That has to be the hardest question ever but I go wit necro but Brodie knows he is my boy.

How was your experiences with UWA Hardcore back in the day when they were open?
it was great one of the best times I have ever had in wrestling real good guys who run it it was sad to see it go.

If you were booked at the Tokyo Dome for New Japan, what would you dream match be?

Me and Chono v's Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Yuji Nagata I can't just pick a singles match got to be kind of selfish.

Do you feel that being a bigger guy on the indy scene, that you shouldn't be bumping as much to smaller guys to give the match a more legit feel? Or do you feel that your job should be giving the rub to younger guys even if you go over in the match?

I feel you can do both just if you tell the story right and thats how I try to do all the time.

Who could take more Kobashi chops? You or B-Boy....or Chuck Taylor?
Me! Fuck Chuck Taylor much love to B-Boy

On Botchamania you, along with many other CZW Talent where featured in it in a ladder match, cant remember exactly when it was, but what was it like wrestling in that match with many things going wrong?

That match was the most anger I ever gotten in a match nothing was going right and the ladders all sucked and just everything that could go wrong did go wrong. But i was happy it got on botchamania.

How succesfull, Indy wise do you think Team Blckout have become?

Very, almost everywhere I go someone always ask about blk out or want to see blk out but I truly belive it ran its course in czw but it doesn't mean it can't happen anywhere else.

-Have you ever toured in japan, if so, what was it like?
No I have never but that has been my goal since day 1

-Worst opponent you've ever faced?

-Have you done any wrestling shoot interviews?
Yes for the DOI and Smartmarkvideo.com

-Do you sometimes think ROH is being overrated as being gods gift to wrestling?
I never herd anyone say that but I do think ROH is a great promotion but I like to think I'm gods gift to wrestling lol joking

What was it like wrestling Tommy Dreamer at Chikara?

It was surreal I was in there wit one of my heroes it was crazy.

-What do you think is the main reason why Indy promotions stay Indy promotions and not go mainstream?

Well its money if you want to compete wit vince getting to lose alot of money and I think its dumb to compete wit vince do you thats all indy's should worry about.

-If you retire from wrestling, would you consider making a training school?
I don't know maybe but I'm the kind of person when I'm done wit something I'm finished.

-Some people think ROH is mainstream as it now has a TV deal, some think its an Indy, what do you thnk/consider it is?
I think ROH is ROH everyone wants to label shit just let it be. I understand people want more then what they see on tv now but just let things be what they are and try and enjoy it to me roh is neither mainstream or a indy

-Worst Indy promotions you've been in?
To many to list.

-Worst ring you've worked in?
Iwa mid-south on certain nights.

-Ever wrestled at a show where a teenager was a promoter?

Yeah I forgot were but yeah it was funny. I wish I had that kind of money back in the day to run a show.

-Who would you say is your favorite WWE Diva and TNA Knockout?

I like them all

-What is it like Wrestling for full time?
Fun and stressful

-Is there anything you regret when you Wrestle? (Leaving Promotions, Fighting someone etc.)

I don't regret anything in life because it don't matter if we chose a or b we are all going to end up at c sometime in our lives I do what I feel is right at the time.

-Have you ever gotten into nan argument with another wrestler?
A couple of wrestlers a couple of bookers and promotors it just happens

Who got you into wrestling?

My mom did. I was a hyper kid and there were only a few things that kept me sitting down and calm and that was wrestling.

Do you remember the 1st wrestling match that you watched, and the 1st show you went to?

I rember watching wrestlemania three on tape over and over again. The first show I went to was at msg I can't remember but i know Hogan and Slaughter were in the main event.

What is your opinion on people saying that WWE isn't entertaining because of it being PG?  
Well i can see what there saying and understand it but when i was a young kid it was pg and I hated it when i got older thats why I fell in love wit ECW but everything goes in cycles so sooner or later it willl come back to the rated r stuff if you will no pun intended

ask him if the kid promoter he was talking about is mikey from fight sports midwest
Nah i was wasn't talking about him he was cool.

also at the fight sports midwest show were you took on s joe did you miss a spot or give joe a reason to work you extra stiff because you didnt really get in much and it looked like joe was shoot mad at you.
Thats for me and him to know and for you not too lol

How do you feel about the passing of trent acid and how will it affect the indy scene?

When me and Trent first met we hated each other but as time went on we started to respect each other and bust each others balls. Its so sad to see a talent like that pass away. I don't think it will bother the indy scene because people are so fake in w4restling that they will forget about him but his real friends won't.
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