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 WWE Smackdown TV Taping Results For 10/15 *Spoilers*

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PostSubject: WWE Smackdown TV Taping Results For 10/15 *Spoilers*   Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:02 pm

The following are WWE Smackdown TV tapings results and contain spoilers from tonight’s Smackdown tapings in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our report is courtesy of Ed from WrestleCrate:

Reigns defeated Bo Dallas

- Dallas on the mic talking about Reigns coming up short all the time. Dallas says that he survived his trip to Suplex City unlike Reigns. Reigns hits a Samoan drop, super man punch, and then finishes him off with the spear. Reigns victorious.

- After match Reigns calls Wyatt the devil and says he is pure evil. Says the only way to stop the devil is to ride into hell. Lights go out, Wyatt cuts promo says he will deliver Reigns something next Monday night on Raw. (Kind of hard to understand Wyatt)
Cesaro and Neville defeated King Barrett and Sheamus

- Sheamus pins Cesaro. Sheamus and Barrett victorious

Backstage segment with Byron Saxton interviewing Dean Ambrose. Ambrose just ignores him as he searches for something. It ends up being a candy bar.

Kevin Owens defeated Zack Ryder

- Ryback at ringside. Owens wins in a squash with the pop up power bomb. Ryback gets in the ring as Owens slowly walks up the ramp holding the IC belt.

Backstage segment with Paige and Natalya. Paige apologizing to Natalya saying she wants to make it right and misses her being her friend. Natalya says Paige has a long way to go but this is a start and walks away. Paige is left by herself looking sad.
Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev

- Summer Rae is guest referee, who clearly shows favoritism to Ziggler. The end sees Rusev with a nasty super kick and Rae slowly counts, and Ziggler kicks out at 2. Rusev gets up, kicks the ropes yells at her. Summer smacks Rusev, and he gets hit with the Zig Zag from Ziggler, and Ziggler gets the win.

- Summer gets the mic and says she was devastated by Rusev and Lana’s cheating. Summer says she and Ziggler have chemistry, but Ziggler says he has chemistry with a lot of girls and that he isn’t playing her games. He drops the mic and walks out.

Renee Young interviews The Dudley Boyz and Ambrose. Dudleys talk about winning the tag belts at HIAC. Ambrose says Dudleyville reminds him of his home sweet home Cincinnati.
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WWE Smackdown TV Taping Results For 10/15 *Spoilers*

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