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 Ring of Honor TV Tapings *Spoilers*

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PostSubject: Ring of Honor TV Tapings *Spoilers*   Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:31 pm

Source: PWInsider

Here are the ROH TV tapings from San Antonio, TX:

Dark Match:

Washington Bullets vs Pretty Boy Killers

A very entertaining match with PBK going over after about 8 minutes.

Nigel comes out to greet the crowd and recap All-Star Extravaganza and preview the card for tonight.

Jessamyn Duke, Shana Baszler and Marina Shafir are in attendance tonight, 3 out of the 4 Horsewomen of MMA.

Show #1

ACH vs Matt Sydal

Very good match. Saw Matt Sydal go over in a fast paced match.

Post match the Addiction attacked both men and cut a promo about wanting their titles back and taling down to the San Antonio crowd. They repeated they didn’t get pinned for the titles and out comes ANX. King says they never lost their titles either. And said the road to the tag titles goes through them.

Silas Young w/ the boys and Beer City Bruiser are out and Silas says the first order of business is to learn to take a whoopin’. Bruiser attacks both men. Very quick squash match with Bruiser going over.

Main event: Takaaki Watanabe vs Jay Lethal for the TV Title

Cheap shot off the code of honor by Lethal for the early advantage. Lethal stays on top for a good while until Watanabe makes his comeback blocking an attempt at the Lethal Injection for 2. Lethal with with a low blow while Todd Sinclair was distracted and then hit the Lethal Injection to retain. Loud A.J. Styles chant breaks out as Lethal celebrates and leaves.

Show #2

The Addiction w/ Chris Sabin vs All Night Xpress.

Adherence to the code of honor and we are underway. Sabin tried grabbing Kings leg early on and gets kicked out. Now we are 2 on 2. Addiction work over Titus until he gets the hot tag to King where he hits a few big moves to both members of the Addiction. A KRD masked man comes out leading to a distraction of Daniela as he calls for the BME and ANX picks up the win.

The Kingdom out to explain what happened at All-Star Extravaganza. Each member says their piece. Adam Cole says he turned on Kyle O’Reilly cuz he doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the world title.

reDRagon makes their way out but officials get between them before anything happens. Bobby Fish says it’s just a matter of time before they get the titles before calling The Kingdom a “Piece of s**t.”

Out comes Michael Elgin to even the teams at 3 a piece and he takes out the Kingdom single handedly. Then he challenges the Kingdom to a 3 on 3 match and the Kingdom leaves.

Main Event: Adam Page w/ BJ Whitmer vs Jay Briscoe in a No Holds Barred Match

Early on Jay goes for a suicide dive but eats a chair shot from page on the outside, prompting Page to set up a table. BJ goes to give Adam his crutch but Mark runs out and takes it away and goes to the ba k with it. Back into the ring we go and it’s back and forth. Page charges Briscoe and ends up hitting the post and falling onto the table followed by a double stomp through the table by Briscoe. Back in the ring, Jay hits a neck breaker on Page with his head in a chair. Very interesting spot here. Jay teases a Jay driller through the timekeepers table but it get countered into a backdrop on the apron. Jay finally hits a Jay driller from the apron to the floor! ” You just killed hkm” chant breaks out as he fills him back in and gets a 2! He hits another Jay driller in the middle of the ring for the 3. “That was awesome.” Chant breaks out as Whitmer gets into the ring and hits Jay with a crutch a few times until STEVE CORINO gets in and hits him with a loaded punch.

What a great match! Must see.

Show #3

Donovan Dijak w/ Truth Martini vs Moose w/ Stokely Hathaway

Sloppy match but Moose picks up the win with a spear.

Cedric Alexander w/ Veda Scott vs Dalton Castle

Very weird seeing him come out without the boys and in a t-shirt.

Dalton is really playing up the confused part well without his boys. He’s much more aggressive now and early on it worked but as the match went on it hurt him causing him to miss a boot in the corner. Veda held his leg while Cedric hit a running kick to Castle. He eventually fires back and picks up the win over Cedric.

Veda gets on the mic and asks if we enjoyed it, followed by a loud “yes” chant. Veda blames Nigel for Cedric being hurt for sanctioning the no DQ Match against Moose. She threatens a lawsuit for unsafe working environment and says they won’t be work under these conditions.

Jay Lethal w/ Truth Martini come out for a promo. Truth talks about Lethal greatness until Roderick interrupts them. Roddy congratulates Truth on making Lethal the champ he is. String asks for another match, Lethal says no and Nigel agress. But then says there is no #1 challenges get for the TV Title and names Roderick Strong the #1 contender for that title, much to Lethal and Truth’s dismay.

Main event: The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Michael Bennett & Matt Taven) w/ Maria vs Michael Elgin & reDRagon.

Bobby Fish takes a beating once the bell rings as the Kingdom cuts off the ring. Michael Elgin finally gets the tag and does some very impressive power spots. Buckle bomb followed by chasing the dragon on Bennett for the win.

The Kingdom jumps O’Reilly post match and leaves him in the corner. As they leave O’Reilly gets on the mic and calls Cole a snake and son of a bitch. Kyle asks Nigel for a match with Cole and Nigel says he can’t do that, but he can add him to the match Cole has next week against AJ Styles. So next week it’ll be a 3 way: AJ Styles vs Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly.


Cheeseburger & Americos vs Dirty Outlaws

This is a dark match coming off intermission. Decent match with Cheeseburger and Americos winning.

Show #4

Silas Young w/ the boys & Beer City Bruiser vs The Young Bucks

Mark Briscoe is out for commentary. Quick start by the Bucks but Silas Young slows the pace down and cuts the ring off as he and Bruiser work over Matt Jackson on their side of the ring. Nick tags in and clears house. After a few usual Young Bucks spots Silas says this match was originally the boys vs the Bucks. The boys got in some good looking offense but the Young Bucks hit more bang for your buck for the victory.

Post match, Silas and Bruiser get into the ring and bruiser gets superkicked and Silas rolls out before he could. Then the Bucks raised the boys hands and then yes, superkicked them as well.

BJ Whitmer came out and got in Nigel face before Mark Briscoe stood up causing Nigel to get involved and separate them before Whitmer goes to the back. No mics so couldn’t hear what was said.

Will Ferrara out next while Mark sits back down. Roderick Strong comes out and we have our next match.

Will Ferrara vs Roderick Strong

Roderick controlled about 95% of this match and kept yelling out Lethal name, to play up his upcoming TV Title match. He won with the Stronghold.

Briscoe leaves the commentary table and Jay Lethal makes his way out to the table.

Main Event: Kyle O’Reilly w/ Bobby Fish & Michael Elgin vs Adam Cole w/ Michael Bennett, Matt Taven & Maria vs AJ Styles w/ The Young Bucks

Lethal and Styles face off before AJ gets in the ring. Before the match even started Nigel sent everyone to the back citing he wanted to see who the best man was and that wouldn’t happen with everyone at ringside.

Starts off with Cole going to the outside only tk be chased by O’Reilly. Once they got underway they hit a nice fisherman suplex belly to back suplex combo with all 3 men involved. Cool spot. After a few dives to the outside, Cole and O’Reilly slow the pace down some while AJ recoups on the outside.

AJ applied a calf killer to Cole until O’Reilly applied an armbar to AJ causing him to let cole go and then Cole applied a figure four to AJ at the same time as the armbar. O’Reilly gave him a what are you doing look, which was pretty funny and got a laugh from the crowd.

The finish came when O’Reilly had AJ in an armbar which Cole broke up as AJ stood up. Then Cole hit a brain buster on O’Reilly for the win.

Post match all the teams hit the ring and the Bullet Club stood tall. Couple superkicks from the Bullet Club to Cole and Taven and then Lethal and Styles face off to close out the taping.
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Ring of Honor TV Tapings *Spoilers*

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