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 ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match

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ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match   ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match EmptySat Sep 05, 2015 10:06 pm

Due: September 15th, 2015

Word Limit: 4,000

Singles Match
The singles match is the most basic of all professional wrestling matches, which involves only two competitors competing for one fall. Victory is obtained by pinfall, submission, countout, or disqualification.
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ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match   ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match EmptyTue Sep 15, 2015 7:15 pm

[Me and Storey decided to just throw something quick out together since he was busy and I procrastinated.]

A debut match for both superstars involved: the man who attacked the World Heavyweight Champion, Logan Wilson, and the hired bodyguard for the Million Dollar Champion, Michael Sufferin. With Logan’s manager Bryce Baker as well as Mark Storey ringside, the two men meet in the centre of the ring as the bell rings. Logan is just tall enough to look over Michael’s head, he is taller by 7 inches, whereas Michael weighs 81 pounds more. Turning to Bryce, Logan starts to laugh and holds his hand out, taunting Michael’s size and receiving a huge shove in return. The “Northern Irish Nightmare” looks none too pleased as he steps towards Logan, only to receive a shove from “The Grizzly Cheetah”. Forced to step backwards, Michael stops and looks down to where he was pushed. He then looks back at his opponent, who is somehow completely unafraid of Sufferin and has no problem showing his own strength, which is considerable, seeing as how he just pushed the behemoth back. Sufferin runs towards Logan with a forearm, which Logan sidesteps and plants a hard one of his own into the side of Sufferin’s head. Michael puts his arm up as if to block, which allows Logan to quickly butterfly both of Michael’s arms and scoop him up and over with a snap suplex! The crowd seem to perk up as he was able to lift Sufferin almost with ease before the camera shows a massive smile on Bryce’s face. “The Inflictor” hits the mat and looks somewhat perplexed, but not deterred as he gets to a stance quite quickly and connects with a European Uppercut. Intent on showing his own strength, Sufferin boosts Logan up into the air as he runs at him, flipping him over with a back body drop! Arching his pain from the impact, Logan uses this momentum to follow through into a stance. Seeing as he’s facing away from Sufferin he sprints to the opposite side of the ring and rebounds off of the ropes, just as Michael turns around. Looking for another back body drop, Michael doubles over, which allows “The Grizzly Cheetah” to easily pounce over and stop dead behind him. Logan then pivots on the spot and wraps his two arms around Michael’s huge gut (or under it, around his big waist). Then, in a huge showing of power, Logan hauls the Northern Irishman up and over with a Deadlift German Suplex as the crowd cheer and watch on!

Ted Cedar: “How is he doing this?! Suffering is a behemoth of a man!”

David Michaels: “He is showing exactly why he is called what he is. Sufferin is exactly the person Logan needed to face tonight.”

Sufferin looks out at Mark who stares back wide-eyed, potentially questioning his decision to hire Sufferin. Giving Michael no chance to get to his feet of his own accord, Logan grabs him by the hair and pulls him up into a front chancery. Wasting little time, Logan extrudes even more energy and strength to lift Sufferin into the air with a Stalling Suplex, much like Michael’s own finisher. With Sufferin in the air, Logan’s legs start to buckle and he begins to bend them, only to straighten them back out and complete one full squat before slamming Sufferin down on the mat! The crowd cheer once again as Logan shows off his strength, even with that last one now showing its toll, due to the sheer size of Sufferin. The Million Dollar Champion, dressed in his gear, t-shirt and his championship draped over his shoulder, looks at Sufferin and receives a nod. Suddenly Mark lifts the apron and pulls out a steel chair, sliding it into the ring towards Sufferin’s hands. Instantly, Bryce starts to climb the ring apron whilst yelling to the referee, bringing his attention to the foreign object. Unaware of what’s going on, Logan looks towards the referee and Baker allowing Mark to slide into the ring, hitting Logan with the championship! The crowd boo as Mark slides the championship into the corner of the ring for safety as he and Sufferin pull Logan towards the ropes and to the outside! The official returns back to the action, his ears still bombarded with Baker’s words, but the steel chair removed from the ring. Bryce runs round the ring but is cut off by Mark who stands in his way. The referee watches from the ring and warns the competitors before starting his count. The “Northern Irish Nightmare” heaves Logan into the air but Logan comes to life and starts to battle his way back. A large yell from Sufferin catches Mark’s attention, who then runs towards the corner of the ring retrieving his belt. The champion then sprints back towards his bodyguard and smashes the championship across Logan’s face as he tries to break free. Then, in one swift motion, Sufferin drives Logan straight through the commentary table; cover, laptops and all with a massive spinebuster, DTOR, as the bell rings signifying the disqualification. The crowd boo as Bryce looks irate, yelling at the referee and also towards Mark. Laura Watts explains that Logan Wilson wins due to the disqualification as Mark celebrates, title tightly grasped, beside Sufferin as they walk around the ring and towards the ramp. They walk towards the back as medical personnel run to the broken commentary table, instructing Laura, Ted and David to step back as they try to help Logan up. They pull him by his arms but the Ohio-native pushes them away and stands on his own terms, holding his lower back in pain. Bryce checks to see if Logan's okay. After confirming that his client is indeed alright and able to stand on his own, Bryce demands a microphone.

Bryce Baker: "Great job, Mr. Storey. Absolutely incredible! You were given the opportunity to step into the ring tonight with the absolute greatest and you sent your new lap dog after him. Once you realized he wasn't getting the job done, then, and then only, did you get involved. But guess what, Mr. Storey, Logan is still standing! Logan manhandled your so-called bodyguard and, even after taking not one, but two shots to the head with your faux championship and being driven through the commentary table, he is STILL standing! This is why Bryce will be the next XWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. No matter what you do, no matter how you try to take him out, he's always going to push on. Heed my warning, Mr. Storey. You WILL face Logan at one point or another, especially if you plan on trying to cash in that Heavyweight Championship shot. And when that time comes and you go one on one with Logan, you'll learn very quickly that this ain't RIW, this ain't 2WWF, this ain't even the XWA you've come to know. This is Logan Wilson's God damn kingdom!"

Bryce tosses the microphone as the audience cheer, having gotten considerably behind Bryce and his client after this showing. Baker checks, once more, on Logan to see if he's good to go and the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship nods. The two walk off, Logan showing almost no pain, despite him clearly feeling a lot of it.

Ted Cedar: "Well, folks, I'm not sure what to say about that. This was shaping up to be a great main event and then Mark interjected himself in what I can only assume was the plan all along. But, you have to figure, even if his win was by disqualification, Logan impressed tonight."

David Michaels: "He definitely did. He was tossing Michael about like a lightweight and that's a man who weighs three hundred plus pounds. I don't know if Logan will be able to defeat Razor at King of Xtreme, but he made a statement tonight."

Ted Cedar: "Absolutely. Goodnight folks, we'll see you next time!"

The camera gets a final shot of Bryce and Logan making their way to the back before Vendetta comes to a close.

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ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match   ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match EmptyTue Sep 15, 2015 7:17 pm

Just confirming that Justin and I did this together. Smile
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ME) Michael Sufferin vs. Logan Wilson - Singles Match

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