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 S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"

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S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" Empty
PostSubject: S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"   S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" EmptyWed Jun 10, 2015 1:13 am

One Post by @Snoopz
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S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" Empty
PostSubject: Re: S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"   S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" EmptyMon Jun 15, 2015 5:22 am

XWA Vendetta returns from a commercial break and heads, immediately, to the commentary table.

Ted Cedar: "Welcome back to Vendetta, folks! We're on the final stop before Summer Sanitarium, where World Heavyweight Champion Razor Xtreme will face the winner of tonight's number one contender's match."

David Michaels: "That should be a good match between Greg Samuel and James Best. I just hope whoever wins is able to shut Razor up. He's just so damn—"


A big explosion goes off on the stage, as David Michaels is again cut off by Thomas Barnez, following his return last week. With Disturbed's "Down With The Sickness: beginning at the first chorus, Thomas' silhouette is seen standing in the midst of the smoke, as the fans cheer wildly.

David Michaels: "One of these days I'm going to finish my statement before he comes out."

Thomas emerges from the smoke, a grin on his face as he does so. "Thomas" chants build up throughout the arena, as the crowd is clearly excited to see the seven foot two maniac. Barnez makes his way to the ring.

Ted Cedar: "After surprising the world two weeks ago, Thomas is back tonight to talk to the fans. Unfortunately, he isn't scheduled to make his in-ring return just yet, but these fans are just excited to see him."

Thomas walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, asking the ring announcer, Laura Watts, for a microphone. Laura hands him hers. "Down With The Sickness", as well as the chants from the fans, die down as Thomas begins speaking.

Thomas Barnez: "A few weeks ago, on the last Vendetta, I came out to the ring and made a statement. I said that I'm back to become the World Heavyweight Champion here, in XWA, for the very first time. I'm not here to do that for my own success. I'm a damn WWA Hall of Famer. My career has enough highlights. I want to become the XWA World Heavyweight Champion for one sole reason. I want to bring prestige back to it. I want to bring the 'Xtreme' back to Xtreme Wrestling Association. I thought I could help XWA as its general manager. I thought I could mold the wrestlers into something worth watching. I was wrong. There's talent here. Potential. But it's not being utilized. I realized that the only way I could truly help XWA become great once again is if I stepped in the ring and teach all of these young guns what wrestling is really about. It's not about the fancy holds or the corkscrew dives. It's about fighting. It's about two crazy sons of bitches kicking each other's asses."

The audience cheers, Barnez responding with a nod to them.

Thomas Barnez: "In two weeks is Summer Sanitarium. For those who aren't aware, Summer Sanitarium comes from a company known as Two World's Wrestling Federation."

A "2 Dub" chant goes off through the crowd, whom are clearly aware of where Summer Sanitarium comes from.

Thomas Barnez: "So you are aware. Excellent. 2WWF was my home for a while, before it finally closed down for good. It was actually my idea, back when I was running things here, to bring Summer Sanitarium to XWA as a way to pay tribute to one of the greatest wrestling companies to ever exist. So, I think nothing would be more fitting than for me to make my return to action at Summer Sanitarium. I've shed blood, sweat and tears for that place. In 2010, I had what I thought would be my retirement match against my best friend, Jeff Chandler. That's Ace Acid, for those of you unaware. It was, by far, the greatest match of my life, even though I didn't come out victorious. Jeff and I gave it our all. Two best friends inside a gigantic cage, entwined with razor wire, for sixty minutes, just beating the hell out of each other. That's what this business is about, putting on a show for all to watch. It's not about accomplishments. It's about the ride. So, in two weeks, at Summer Sanitarium, I lace up my boots again. I do that for myself, for my family and, most importantly, for all of you."

The audience, once more, cheers loudly, showing respect to a man who shows it back.

Thomas Barnez: "Heh, it's gonna be one hell of a—"

"He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the paaain of bein' a maaan."

The audience lets out a loud, but very mixed, response as Avenged Sevenfold's "Bat Country" hits the PA System and the two-time XWA World Heavyweight Champion Danny Diamond steps onto the stage.

Ted Cedar: "Danny Diamond? We haven't seen him since he was scheduled to take on T.K. in a Street Fight that never happened, because Danny didn't show."

David Michaels: "Figures he'd back out of a fight. I can't believe this guy got inducted into XWA's Hall of Fame."

Diamond, dressed casually and holding a microphone in his hand, stands on the apron. Thomas looks on from inside the ring, confused to see Danny.

Danny Diamond: "What the hell happened here? Has the once great Thomas Barnez gone soft? Right, I'm just out here to say a couple things. I was in the back, visiting my good friend Razor, when I see you on the television. You come out here, spewing all sorts of bullshit, and then you actually claim that you do what you do for the fans? For them? What the fuck, Tommy?"

Danny begins making his way to the ring as the audience's mixed reaction grows colder.

Danny Diamond: "First of all, don't act like you were some big shot in 2WWF. You won, what, one or two of the lesser championships? Your most known roles there are being me and Dominik Diveraz's bodyguards and you did a horrible job both times. There's a reason I fired your arse, with a baseball shot to the face, at that. You want to see a 2WWF legend? You're looking at one."

By now, Danny has reached the ring, which he enters through the ropes.

Danny Diamond: "You really think anyone from 2WWF gave a shit about you? I'm the man who broke records. Three-time Internet Champion, never done before and never done again. Longest reigning LionHeart Champion. I won the only ever Blood Stained Open, defeating fourteen other superstars. I would've been the 2WWF World Champion if I actually got my deserved title shot from winning that match before the company closed down. The closest you ever came to becoming World Champion was getting your arse beat by Rob Chapman."

Thomas Barnez: "Heh, that's cu—"

Danny Diamond: "I'm not done talking."

The audience boos the disrespect shown by Danny, as Thomas looks a bit taken back. He keeps his cool, however, smirking and motioning for Danny to continue.

Danny Diamond: "You only claim accomplishments don't matter because your accomplishments don't. A true champion, a true legend, has accomplishments that are worth something. You joined the Hall of Fame of a company you helped create, a company that lasted, what, two years? How does that even warrant having a Hall of Fame? Now, in case you didn't hear the news, XWA's 2015 Hall of Fame inductees were announced a few days ago. You know who's been inducted? Let's see, who was it? Oh, right. DC Hennig."

The fans cheer for the mention of the great DC Hennig.

Danny Diamond: "JHalc."

They cheer some more.

Danny Diamond: "And the third and final inductee into the class of 2015 Hall of Fame ... Danny Diamond."

The arena quickly changes to boos as Danny showcases his signature arrogant grin, though Thomas appears less than impressed.

Danny Diamond: "I am in the Hall of Fame of a real company, a place that matters. I mean, maybe not anymore, but that once mattered. It damn sure mattered when I was the World Heavyweight Champion, not to say that Razor isn't doing a good job. He just has zero competition. You sure as hell aren't going to change that. Do you really think some washed up has-been, scratch that, never-been is going to stand a chance against a guy like Razor Xtreme? You're nothing, Thomas, just some over-sized loser, living off of past glories that shouldn't have even been considered glories in the past."

Thomas Barnez: "Are you just out here to talk trash or is there a purpose?"

Danny chuckles.

Danny Diamond: "Of course there's a purpose, ol' Tommy. This isn't talking trash when I tell you that you don't belong here. This is a warning. Tuck your tail between your legs and leave, while you still have the chance. If you don't, you won't have to imagine all of the pain you're in for, because you'll be experiencing it, first hand."

Thomas Barnez: "Is that a threat?"

Danny Diamond: "Oh, no, of course not. I don't threat anyone. If I'm going to kick someone's arse, I just do it, I don't play around first."

Thomas Barnez: "Well, unless you plan to kick my 'arse', I suggest you turn around and walk out of here before things get messy. And that is a threat."

Danny puts his hands up to signal that he doesn't want to fight.

Danny Diamond: "Alright, calm down. I'm not here to start ahything. If you want me to leave, I'll leave."

As Thomas looks on, Danny begins to turn towards the ropes to exit the ring, when, suddenly, he shoots his foot up, attempting to land the Sudden Death Superkick, but Barnez catches Danny's foot! Both men drop their microphones and the audience pops for the catch, as Danny's eyes widen. Barnez grins, whilst holding onto Danny's foot, as the Englishman desperately tries to get free.

Ted Cedar: "That plan didn't go too well for Danny."

David Michaels: "Just like Danny to try and get a sneak attack in. Seems he's about to pay for that mistake this time, though."

Danny quickly pushes his foot as hard as he can, causing Thomas to stumble backwards and let go. Before Barnez can get his hands on the weasely Danny, he exits the ring and rushes half way up the ramp. Thomas picks up one of the microphones.

Thomas Barnez: "I don't know what the hell you were thinking when you came out here, but here's how this is going down, son. I need an opponent for Summer Sanitarium and I just found that opponent. Thomas Barnez versus Danny Diamond, one on one. I'll do 2WWF proud by beating the living hell out of one of their biggest jackasses of all time."

Thomas drops the microphone on the ground, as he grins at Danny. The Englishman stands on the entrance ramp, upset at what just happened. He shouts out at the Detroit-native, "you're on!" The fans cheer wildly as the match is official.

Ted Cedar: "Woah! Did Danny just accept Thomas' challenge?!"

David Michaels: "He did, Ted, and it may be the biggest damn mistake of his life."

Thomas continues grinning sadistically, almost salivating at the thought of getting to tear Danny limb from limb as the man from England makes his way to the backstage, wanting to get as far away from Barnez for now as possible. The camera gets a close up of Thomas' face before the show cuts to a commercial break.

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S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" Empty
PostSubject: Re: S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"   S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" EmptyThu Jun 18, 2015 6:38 am

"It's not about the fancy holds or the corkscrew dives. It's about fighting."

Thomas suddenly becoming Bull there.

Also, yay at Danny's return, as well as Danny defending Razor. Cool


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S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" Empty
PostSubject: Re: S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"   S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" EmptySat Jun 20, 2015 3:08 pm

Sorry for not commenting sooner, I missed it because I didn't see it in the last post column.

Good work! Pretty much the quality of work I expect to see when you post a promo! Can't wait to see what you do at Summer Sanitarium.
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S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" Empty
PostSubject: Re: S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"   S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold" EmptySat Jun 20, 2015 11:14 pm

Intense promo! The Sudden Death standoff was badass
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S3) Thomas Barnez - "A Road Block On My Way To Gold"

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