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 News on today's TNA Conference Call

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PostSubject: News on today's TNA Conference Call   Wed May 27, 2015 7:14 pm

- TNA talent has begun tweeting about Ring of Honor’s deal with Destination America, promoting the fact that ROH will be the lead-in to Impact Wrestling. This is reportedly something that TNA is doing on their own, as opposed to acquiesing to a request from Destination America. TNA and ROH do not have a working relationship; it is possible (though not confirmed) that TNA asked talent to do so during the conference call today.

– While specifics around the conference call have not yet come in, it reportedly ran over ninety minutes. Some of the TNA talent on the line were not particularly happy with all the developments over the past week.

– While some are questioning how TNA could not have had an exclusivity clause with Destination America, it must be said that UTA — the talent agency the company came on board with last year — negotiated the deal with the network and not TNA. UTA is an overall entertainment talent agency and genre exclusivity is obviously not a commonplace clause in general television contracts.

– Samoa Joe’s contract with WWE NXT allows him to work ROH dates, although previous reports said that his deal did not allow him to work nationally-televised dates.

Credit: PWInsider

Part 2

- The Wrestling Observer reports that, distressingly for talent, TNA’s future on Destination America was not addressed during the conference call today. During the conference call there was nothing really said except that they could not currently address the company’s future on the cable network.

The site notes that no one at Destination America has been told nothing different since the decision was made that TNA would cease airing on the network in September. As previously reported, Ring of Honor will serve as a lead-in into Impact Wrestling and there are unconfirmed reports that ROH could also get an 11 PM replay after Impact goes off the air. It’s always possible that, if the lead-in improves TNA’s ratings, Destination America could keep Impact Wrestling on the air past September but at this time there is no indication that any change in the show’s status has been made.

The full details of the meeting still haven’t gotten out and the exact phrasing that Dixie Carter used in regard to the Destination America update isn’t known, but the fact that Carter didn’t address the company’s status with Destination America is concerning, to say the least.
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News on today's TNA Conference Call

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